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2011届英语一轮复习课件:Module 4《Great Scientists》(外研版必修4)

Module 4

Great Scientists 基础落实

1.This company is more concerned with quality than with quantity ________(数量). 2.He was the outstanding political _______(人 figure 物) of his time.

3.The _________(受害者) of the explosion were victims buried last week.
4.____________ (农业) plays a very important Agriculture part in the world.

5.The soldier escaped _______(逃脱)from the enemy’s prison on a snowy night.
6.The car should be returned to its ________ original (原来的,最初的) owner. 7.Scientists have made a major _____________ breakthrough (突破) in the treatment of cancer. 8.We’ve __________(改变;转换) from coal to converted gas central heating. 9.It is reported that the terrorists exploded ________ (爆炸) a bomb in a store,causing five deaths and twenty injuries.

10.________ (个人的) cleanliness is important Personal to health as well as to appearance.

1.bring __ 培养;培育→bring ______导致;引起; up about 造成→bring _____ 使恢复;使记起 back 2.as a result of因为;由于→__________ to因为 ______ owing/due →result in 导致;引起

3.___ brief简洁地→in ______详细地 detail in 4.__________ a living→谋生→_________ a(n) make/earn live/lead
...life过着??生活→live up to 符合;不辜负 __ →live _____忍受,容忍 with 5.come to ______掌权;上台→____ office上任,就 power take 职→_____ power夺权 take

6.in every ___________ 朝四面八方→______ of direction sense direction方向感→in the direction of朝?? ___ 方向 7.send...into ______ 把??发射到太空→__ space in

8.throw _____ 投身于→throw _____ 抛弃;扔掉 away into →throw sth. ___ 呕出(食物);使显眼 up 9.convert ___ ...转变为?? to 10.__________!干得好! Well done

1.He thought that the key to feeding people was to have more rice... 他认为,解决人们吃饭问题的关键在于拥有更多的 稻米?? 考点提炼

the key to doing sth.做某事的关键

句子仿造 读书是打开知识宝库的关键。 Reading is the key to the treasure house of knowledge.

2.First Yuan Longping experimented with different types of rice. 首先,袁隆平对不同品种的水稻进行试验。 考点提炼 experiment with...对??进行试验 句子仿造 小型企业都急于试用计算机。 Small businesses are anxious to experiment with computers.

3.Researchers were brought in from all over China to develop the new system. 全国的研究者都被召集来开发这个新的体系。 考点提炼 动词短语bring in表示“召来;召集” 句子仿造 更多的著名科学家被召来以找到解决 这个问题的方法。 More famous scientists were brought in to find out a solution to this problem.

4.Moving in a wheelchair and speaking through a special computer,he has become the voice of science. 在轮椅上移动,通过特殊的计算机说话,他已经成

考点提炼 句子仿造 v.-ing短语作方式状语 我们已经乘车游览了许多地方。

Travelling by car, we have been to many places of interest.

5.But not everybody wanted to use rockets in
battles. 但是并非所有的人都想在战争中使用火箭。 考点提炼 部分否定

句子仿造 并非每一个人都赞成这一计划。
Not everyone is for the plan.

重点单词 1.quantity n.数量

The printing firm buys papers in quantities.
那家印刷公司成批买纸。 Great quantities of fish are caught at this time every year.= A great quantity of fish is caught at this time every year.


It was a bad year for films, in terms of both quantity and quality. 今年的电影无论从数量上还是质量上都说不上好。 归纳拓展

a quantity of 许多;大量
quantities of许多;大量 in large quantities 大量地 in quantity大量地 in large amount大量地


a quantity of和quantities of既可修饰可

数名词复数,也可修饰不可数名词;其作主语时,a quantity of+名词,谓语动词应视名词的具体情况而 定,即:跟可数复数应用复数动词,跟不可数时应用单

活学活用 As a result of the earthquake, a large ____ B of earth ____ blocked several rivers there. A.number;has C.number;have 解析 B.quantity;has D.quantity;have

a number of 只修饰可数名词复数形式,而


2.brief adj.简短的;简洁的;短暂的
His book A Brief History of Time was
published in 1988 and is still a best? seller.他的书《时间发展简史》于1988年出版,



Could I have a brief word with you, sir? 先生,我能和你说几句话吗? In brief, we should invest heavily in

digital system.

归纳拓展 in brief简单地说 to be brief简单地说,一句话(用作插入语) be brief with sb.简单地和某人说几句话

in brief/in short (1)in brief “简单地说”,着重于重点突出,不拖 泥带水。 (2)in short“总之”,多用来指在较长的叙述后,长



He stood up and made a ____ speech, short but B to the point.
A.simple B.brief

解析 brief表示“简短的”。


根据句中的short but to the point知应用

3.escape n.& v.逃跑;逃脱;逃避
The Chinese discovered that the gas
escaping from the tube could lift it into the air.中国人发现从竹筒里漏出的气体可以使



The party was boring—we couldn’t wait to make our escape. 聚会很无聊,我们迫不及待地要溜走。 Four prisoners who escaped from the jail in Mongolia have been caught. 从内蒙古监狱逃出的四名罪犯已经被抓住。

The dog escaped through/from the back window of the bus.狗从公共汽车的后窗逃走了。 归纳拓展 make one’s escape逃跑

have a narrow escape九死一生
a fire escape紧急出口;安全门 have one’s escape cut off被切断逃路 escape (doing) sth.逃脱(做)某事 escape from (out of)+sp.从??逃脱/逃走

escape from reality逃避现实
注意 escape后常接动名词作宾语。

易混辨异 escape/escape from/flee 三者都含有“逃,逃跑”的意思,但侧重点有所不同。 (1)escape强调“逃避,逃脱(不愉快的事)”,含有成

(2)escape from指“从(监禁,管制中)逃脱,逃走” 或是指“(气体,液体等)漏出,泄漏”,也含有成功逃 脱的意味。 (3)flee“逃离”,不表示逃跑的结果成功与否。

—How did your father deal with you? —We were lucky to ____ being punished. B A.admit B.escape C.consider D.stop



escape doing sth.。

4.clear v.(烟雾等)消散;清除;adj.易懂的;明

When the smoke cleared Wan Hu and his chair had disappeared.当烟散去时,万虎和椅子都不见 了。 ?观察思考 After supper,my younger brother often helps mother clear away the dishes. 晚饭后,弟弟经常帮母亲收拾碟子。 (回归课本P39)

They cleared up the misunderstanding and
made up.他们消除了误会,和好了。

I made it clear to him that I rejected his proposal. 我清楚地告诉他我拒绝了他的建议。 We spent all Saturday morning cleaning up.

归纳拓展 clear away把??清除掉;收拾 clear up整理,收拾;天气放晴;消除(疑虑,误会等) clear off迅速逃离 clear out除掉;整理 clear one’s throat清嗓子 make...clear讲清楚;弄明白

易混辨异 clear/clean 二者都含有“使干净”的意思,为同义词。 (1)clear adj. clear water清澈的水;v. clear the

(2)clean adj. clean water干净的水;v. clean the table擦干净桌子。

活学活用 The mystery was ____ when he admitted he had C been there all the time. A.cleared out B.cleared away

C.cleared up

D.cleared off

clear up消除(疑虑,误会等);clear out除

掉;整理;clear away把??清除掉;clear off迅 速逃离。

5.bring in请来;引进;赚钱;收割庄稼
Researchers were brought in from all over China to develop the new system. 全国的研究者都被召集来开发这个新的体系。

?观察思考 They’ve brought in experts to advise on

the project.
他们已请来专家对该项目提供意见。 They have brought in some advanced equipment.他们引进了一些先进设备。

He was out all day in the rain yesterday and this brought on/about a bad cold. 他昨天一整天都在外面淋雨,因此患了重感冒。 归纳拓展

bring on导致,促成;使??发展/进步
bring out阐释;出版(书籍等);发挥 bring up教育;养育;提出;呕吐 bring about引起;导致 bring back归还;使记起;使恢复

bring down使落下

活学活用 (1)His idea of having weekly family meals together,which seemed difficult at first, has ____ many good changes in their lives. D A.got through B.resulted from C.turned into 解析 D.brought about 句意为:他的每周一次的家庭团聚的主意,一

开始似乎困难,但现在已给他们的生活带来了巨大变 化。get through通过,完成;result from (作为原

因)产生,发生;turn into变成;bring about导致。

(2)The policeman ____ a thief caught ____ in B the supermarket. A.brought up;stealing B.brought in;stealing

C.brought out;stolen
D.brought on;stolen 解析 bring in带进来;catch sb.doing sth.抓住 某人在做某事。

6.come to/into power (开始)掌权;上台
Albert Einstein left Germany when Hitler
came to power and went to work in the US. 当希特勒上台后,爱因斯坦离开德国到美国工作。

?观察思考 The masses put the Labor Party into power. 群众让工党上台执政。 The communists seized/took power in 1962.


归纳拓展 in one’s power为某人力所能及 in power当权的,掌权的 beyond one’s power力所不能及

within one’s power力所能及
do all in one’s power尽力,竭尽全力 fall from power下野,下台 take/seize power夺取政权 put...into power使执政;使上台

活学活用 Which political party _____ in France C currently? A.came to power B.comes into power

C.is in power

D.was put into power



7.Its yield is much greater than the

yield of other types of rice grown in
Pakistan.它的产量比巴基斯坦所种植的其他 水稻的产量都要高很多。
句式分析 本句是一个用much修饰比较级的句型。much修饰

还有:a little,a bit,a lot,rather,by far, far,even,still,any,no等。

She is feeling a lot better today.

The patient looked still worse today than yesterday. 病人看上去比昨天状态更差。 She speaks English far better than her


活学活用 (1)—What did you think of your visit to the museum? —I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was ____ than C I expected. A.some more interesting B.a lot interesting C.far more interesting D.even much interesting




(2)After several years’research, scientists now have a ___ better understanding of the B HIV. A.very 解析 B.far C.fairly D.quite

far better understanding更好的理解。

8.Or was he carried miles into space,

becoming the world’s first astronaut?
或者他被带到数英里的太空,成为世界上第一 个宇航员?
?句式分析 句中的becoming the world’s first astronaut

语常表示一种自然结果或意料之中的结果。 He beat all the other players, winning the

first award.

The fire lasted nearly a week, leaving nothing valuable. 大火持续了近一周,没剩下什么值钱的东西。 归纳拓展

然的结果,特别是和only连用时。 He lifted a rock only to drop it on his own feet. 他搬起了石头,结果砸了自己的脚。

Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year,____ record US $57.65 a B barrel on April 4. A.have reached C.to reach 解析 B.reaching D.to be reaching


9.2/3 of the world’s population

regularly eat rice.世界人口中有三分之
?观察思考 Three quarters of the workers are young. 工人中的四分之三都是青年人。 Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water. 地球表面的三分之二被水覆盖。

归纳拓展 (1)分数或百分数修饰名词作主语时,谓语动词的单 复数由名词决定。若是不可数名词作主语时,谓语动 词要用单数;若主语是可数名词复数,则谓语动词要

(2)表达分数时,分子用基数词,分母用序数词。分子 大于一时,分母的序数词加s。 one/a half二分之一 one fourth/a quarter四分之一 one fifth五分之一 four fifths五分之四 three fourths/three quarters四分之三

活学活用 Dr.Smith,together with his wifeand daughters, ____ visit Beijing this summer. A A.is going to B.are going to

C.was going to

D.were going to

当主语后出现together with/as well as等

介词短语时,谓语动词的数与介词短语前的主语保持 一致,故可排除B、D两项;根据时间状语this summer 可知应用一般将来时态。

【例1】A great man shows his greatness ____ D the way he treats little men. (福建高考) A.under B.with C.on D.by




He thought there was only one way to do this— by crossing different species of rice plant,...

【例2】—Did the book give the information you needed? —Yes.But ____ it,I had to read the entire A book. (北京高考) A.to find C.to be finding 解析 B.find D.finding


词不定式形式。由于不表示正在进行,故不用进行 时态。

Researchers were brought in from all over China to develop the new system.

【例3】The government plans to bring in new
laws ____ parents to take more responsibility B

for the education of their children. (江西高考)

C.to be forced 解析

D.having forced


new laws之间是主动关系,故可排除A和C;又因为 force表示的动作和谓语动词plans是同时发生的,


课文原文 The Chinese discovered that the gas escaping from the tube could lift it into the air.

【例4】The house I grew up ____ has been B taken down and replaced by an office building. A.in it C.in that 解析 B.in D.in which (江西高考)



填介词in,且其后不能再有宾语。 课文原文

Today rockets are very advanced machines
which we can use to send astronauts into space.

【例5】It is often ____ that human beings are A naturally equipped to speak. (全国Ⅱ高考) A.said C.saying B.to say D.being said



力。It is said that...为固定句式,意为“据 说??”。 课文原文 ...it is possible that they introduced them

to Europe.

1.A large _________(数量) of air? quantity conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high. 2.Surgeons have made a great _____________ breakthrough (突破) in the kidney transplantation. 3.We suggest that Smith be told about his _________ (身体的) condition as soon as physical possible. 4.With the development of modern agriculture ___________ (农业) and industry,more and more waste is produced.

5.He needs a high income to ________ (养活) support such a large family. 6.None of the passengers on board ________ escaped (逃脱) before the plane exploded.

7.As the ________ (主要的) role in this leading
play,he advertised it on TV. 8.The public should be educated ________(教育) in how to use energy more effectively. 9.The system will have to be tested before it goes into ___________(产量). production 10.She was one of the _______(受害者) of the victims road accident.

bring up,as a result of,earn one’s living,come to power,come into being,in search of,escape from,be known for,in case,a quantity of 1.She was brought up by her aunt in a fishing village.
2.Scientists are working hard in search of a cure for the disease. 3.Small children are always thinking about ______________ mothers’ control. escaping from 4.Tom earns his living as a journalist. ____

5.It’s beyond my power to know how computer ________________. came into being 6.She took an umbrella with her in case she _______ should be caught in the rain. 7.The organization finally ______________ came to power after a long period of fight. 8.The two persons who ______________ economy are known for research won the Nobel Prize for economy in 2009. 9._____________ fireworks were hunted down at A quantity of Xiamen Customs last week. 10._______________ the pilot’s strike,all As a result of flights have had to be cancelled.

1.如果经常练,你就会成为一个更好的钢琴家。(if 从句) You’ll become a better pianist if you practice often.

one’s living) Painters earn their living by painting

while teachers by teaching.
3.大雨过后,天空立刻放晴了。(clear up) The sky cleared up just after the heavy rain.

4.众所周知,努力工作可以通向成功。(lead to) As we all know,hard work can lead to success.

5.The party took some strong measures to
prevent pollution after coming into power. 这个政党一执政就采取了许多强硬措施制止污染。

1.____ from Columbia University,Obama went to C Harvard University for further study. A.Graduating B.Graduated

C.Having graduated
D.Having been graduated 解析 句意为:从哥伦比亚大学毕业后,奥巴马去 了哈佛大学继续深造。graduate的逻辑主语是 Obama,为主动式,因此排除B、D两项,又因毕业发


2.—Why was John arrested by the police?
—It is said that ___ drugs were discovered D hidden in his house. A.a great amount of C.a large quantity B.a plenty of D.quantities of


当“a quantity of+n.”或“quantities

of+n.”作主语时,谓语动词的单复数和quantity 一致。A项只修饰不可数名词;B项应用plenty of, 谓语动词的单复数和名词一致,故选D项。

3.If immigrants are given the right to stay
in Britain,some say it would ____ up to A £1 billion in extra tax revenue. A.bring in C.bring up 解析 B.bring about D.bring out

bring in赚得(钱);bring about引起,造

成;bring up抚养;bring out拿出。

4.In the end,the ____ prisoner was caught in C
the desert. A.escape C.escaped 解析 B.escaping D.escapes



5.The old lady came in,____ herself with a B walking stick. A.raising C.lifting B.supporting D.rising



支撑;支持;lift举起;rise升起。句意为:老妇人 拄着拐杖进来了。

6.He didn’t pass the exam ____ his long C absence from school.
A.as a result C.as a result of 解析 C项正确。 B.after all D.because


7.The survey shows that driving under the influence of alcohol ____ many traffic D accidents. A.results from B.brings out

C.answers for

D.leads to


交通事故。lead to导致;result from由于;bring out生产;拿出;answer for得到??的报应。

8.At the sight of her mother,the surprise in her face was ____ by joy. B A.taken place B.replaced C.in place of 解析 D.instead of replace替代;take place发生;in place

of代替;instead of代替。但句中空处需一个动词 的过去分词。

9.Mr. Wang has written some short plays,but
he is better known ____ his paintings. A A.for B.as C.to D.with


be known for以??而出名,为固定搭配。

be known as作为??而出名,as后常接表示职业 的名词。

10.The fox was lucky enough to escape ____ A the hunter. A.from C.from catching B.catching D.being caught


escape from sb.“从某人那里逃脱”。

D项后若加by也正确。 11.Here again are today’s headlines ____. C A.in advance B.in trouble C.in brief D.in total


in brief简洁地。in advance提前;in

trouble陷入困境;in total总共。

12.Last week I saw a movie adapted from The Arabian Nights,which ____ by children. B A.were especially loved B.is especially loved

C.especially was loved
D.are especially loved 解析 定语从句的先行词The Arabian Nights是 书名,为专有名词,表示单数意义,故从句的谓语动 词用单数;“受孩子们喜欢”是一个事实,故用一


13.A ____ road goes ____ from our village to D the center of the town. A.straight;straightly B.straightly;straightly

D.straight;straight 解析 分析句子知第一空需形容词;第二空需副 词;而straight副词和形容词一样都是straight。

14.Tom has just graduated ____ first-class A honours in psychology ____ the University of London. A.with;from B.in;with

解析 业了。


graduate with...from...,从??毕业带


15.If they ____,they would change the whole B system of the local government.
A.comes to power C.is in power 解析 态。 B.came to power D.has been in power


用的是would change...,故从句应用一般过去时


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