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M4,U1 Women of achievement

1.一位…方面的专家 a specialist in… 2.专注于 be specialized in

3.降低比率 cut rate 3. inspire -inspiration

1. worth, worthy, worthwhile The Guangzhou Asian Games are worth watching. 广州亚运会值得一看 = The Guangzhou Asian Games are worthy of being watched. = The Guangzhou Asian Games are worthy to be watched. = It is worthwhile to watch the Guangzhou Asian Games. = It is worthwhile watching the Guangzhou Asian Games. 2. observeThis law must be strictly observed(遵守). 4.intend(2)这份礼物是专门为你准备的。This gift is intended for you.

1.Only when you spare no effort can you make great achievements. 只有当你不遗余力时,你才能获得大的成就 2. It hit me that the danger is just in front of us. 我突然意识到危险就在我们面前。 4.It was yesterday that I bought this dress in a shop nearby. 我是昨天在附近的商店买的这件衣服。(强调句) Module 4 Unit 2

除去…的… rid sth. of sth./get rid of sth. 传播知识 circulate knowledge 给某人/物配备…以. . equip sb./sth. for…

怀着…的希望 为了某个目的 需要帮助

with the hope of for a certain purpose in need of help

1. Struggle for, struggle with/against, When I fell into the water, I screamed and _struggled for__ help. He struggled against_ cancer for two years. 2. Regret After the car accident, the driver regretted _driving(drive) too fast that day. We regret to tell__ (tell) you that we couldn’t help him. 3. export 出口We __exported__ all kinds of cars ___to___ other countries.

He promised to rid the house of mice. _他答应要除掉屋里的老鼠。 (rid…of…) 1. In 1974, he became _the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice__ in the world. 农业先锋 2. At that time, hunger was _a disturbing problem_ in many parts of the countryside. (一个严重问题:disturb) 3.Reading English aloud__(大声朗读英语) is a good way to learn it well. 注意-ing 形式 4.Have you finished __skimming the news__?(浏览这篇新闻) 注意-ing 形式 Module 4 Unit 3

Be convinced that … (某人)相信…convince sb. of sth. 使某人确信/明白某事 convince sb. that … 使某人相信…convince sb. to do sth. 说服某人做某事 entertain sb. (to sth.) 宴客,招待,款待某人 Be content with sth Content oneself with sth 1. React vi. 做…满意 满足于某事 entertain sb. (with sth.) (用…) 使某人快乐 …感到满意 Be content _with sth

1) The eye ________light. 眼睛对光做出了反应 reacts 2)Applause ________ a speaker. 掌声对演讲者有影响。reacts 2. Whisper v. ;n. 低语,耳语,私语 in a whisper Jane leaned over to ________ something ________ Mike. 简俯身过来对迈克嘀咕了几句。whisper , to Don’t speak _________ in class. 上课时不要嘀嘀咕咕。whispers / a whisper

Module 4 Unit 4 二、重点单词、句型 1. approach 1) a new approach to teaching languages 一种新的语言教学方法 2) With winter approaching (随着冬天的临近), many animals are storing food. 3) As I approached the house (当我走近房子时), I noticed a light on upstairs. 2. likely (adj. & adv.) 1) He is likely to arrive a bit late. 他可能会晚到一会儿 2) It is likely that he will arrive a bit late. 3. They tried to defend themselves against the enemy with all their might. 他们竭尽全力抵御敌人 4. Her warm welcome soon put him at ease. 她的热情欢迎很快使他安心下来 5.Not all cultures greet each other the same way. 各种文化背景下的人互致问候的方式不尽相同 5. They couldn't understand it at the time, and nor could we (我们也不能). Module 4 Unit 5
一. 词组中英互译

experience doing / sth 体验做某事 at the bottom of 在底部 sky down 空降,从天空降落于 the most advanced technology 最先进的技术
二. 重点词汇再现

on the edges of 在边缘,在边界 up-to-date information 现代/及时资讯 be available online 可以网购 is within easy reach of sth 在… 附近,容易达到….

amusement 1. To my amusement, he lost the game. 令我感到好笑的是,他竟然输了游戏。 2. She explained the history to me with / in amusement. 她饶有兴致地向我讲解历史 admit – admission 1. We are admitted into the university. 我们被大学录取了 2. Whoever has smoked here should bravely admit having done it. 无论谁在这吸了烟,都应该勇敢承认做错了 various – variety – vary 1. There are various styles to choose from. 有各种各样的风格可供选择 2. The variety of nationalities means different backgrounds of culture. 多样化的国籍意味着不同的文化背景 3. The sizes of computer screens vary from 9 inches to 18 inches. 电脑屏幕的大小有从 9 寸到 18 寸的 If walking, ten minutes is enough. 如果走路去,十分钟就足够了

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