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外研社高二英语必修 5 module 3 周测
班别__________姓名_________分数__________ 选择题答题卡 单项 完形 1 1 11 阅读 1 2 2 12 2 3 3 13 3 4 4 14 4 5 5 15 5 6 6 16 7 7 17 8 8 18 9 9 19 10 10 20

一、单项选择 1. The elder of the twins_____ her sister in appearance but not in character. A. looks B. compares C. resembles D. equals 2. She knows that as a secretary she must be pleasant and helpful no matter how busy she is or what kind of _____ she may be in. A. mood B. mind C. form D. thought 3. He couldn’t continue to live such a poor life, so he left home, ______ not to come back if he couldn’t get rich. A. determining B. determined C. determine D. being determined 4. If you get up early tomorrow, try ______ your father, because he stayed up late nearly every night this week. A. not to disturb B. not interrupt C. waking up D. to awake 5. As a child, Johnson would sit on the steps alone, _______ the sun ______ down. A. watched; going B. watching; went C. watching; go D. watched; went 6. She got into______ when she thought she’d forgotten the tickets, and this _______ her husband, too. A. panic; panic B. a panic; panicked C. a panic; panic D. panic; panicked 7. The boy asked me curiously whether I could tell him ____ be like in the future. A. what life would B. what will life C. how life would D. how will life 8. People are warned _____ in that city because there is some virus going around the city. A. to not tour B. touring not C. not to tour D. not touring 9. The meat is so rotten and ______. You must have forgotten to put it in fridge. A. smells terribly B. smells terrible C. is smelling terribly D. is smelling terrible 10. Travelling on the bad mountain roads is a ____ experience and I will never risk my life like that from now on. A. terrifying B. terrified C. astonishing D. astonished 二、单词拼写 1. The police want to find if he has any ___________ (联系)with the murder case. 2. Look, how the twins ___________ (与…相似)each other! 3. I tried to persuade him to stay, but he was __________ (下决心)to leave. 4. Many people went to Shenzhen with the purpose of making a big __________(财富). 5. These students seemed __________(好奇的) about everything in the lab and kept asking me questions. 6. Her tears were just a __________ (骗局) to cheat others. 7. In the past few years, this actress has _________ (塑造)many new figures in his movies.

8. This book has given us a vivid __________(叙述) of the life in the desert. 9. The Health Department issued a __________ (警告) against eating fish caught in the river which was polluted by chemicals. 10. Recently Mr. Wu has been in a bad __________(情绪) because he is out of work. 三、根据课文完成句子(中译文的斜体字提示要翻译的部分)。 1. There was a big storm after midnight and the rain ____________________. 后半夜来了一场暴风雨,大雨倾盆而下。 2. Suddenly, by ______________________________, we saw something in the middle of the river. 突然间,借着闪电的光亮,我们看到河中间有东西。 3. "I don't want to board __________________," said Jim, " 我可不想上一条要沉的船。"吉姆不同意。 4. So we paddled over and climbed on to the steamboat, _______________________________. 于是我们划了过去,躁手镊脚地,像老鼠一样悄无声息地爬上了汽船。 5. ________________________________, there was a light in one of the cabins. 令我们大吃一惊的是,有间船舱里还亮着一盏灯。 6. But although I was frightened, I also _____________________, so I put my head round the door. 而我尽管害怕,但也感到十分好奇,于是就把头凑向了那扇门。 7. It was quite dark, but I could see a man lying on the floor, _______________________. 船舱里面很黑,但我能看见一个人被绳子捆着,躺在地板上。 8. "I've had enough of you. I'm going to ________________ now," this man said. "我受够你了!我现在就要毙了你。"那个高个说道。 9. "He sounds as if he's going to _______________________!" 听起来他就要吓死了 10. We climbed quietly in and as we ____________________ we heard the two men shouting. 我们悄悄地爬上了小船,就在我们划着小船离开了那艘要沉的汽船时,我们听到那两个人的吼叫声。 四、完形填空 When I was a kid, my dad worked in a shop. Sometimes, I went to the shop with him. I would spend the day just 1 , doing nothing and not paying much 2 to all the people around me. One day, as my dad and I were 3 to the shop, I looked out of the car window and saw an old man at the street corner. Our 4 met and held for about twenty seconds. There was 5_ fearful about this man but it was a significant encounter(意外 的相遇)for me. 6 that point, I had given no 7 to anyone I saw on the street. My life was my family and friends. I had no interest in anyone else. 8 for the first time I had an interest in what that person was all about. Over the years I had long 9 that man, but he came to my mind recently and I remembered the twenty 10 that I looked into the eyes of a stranger and 11 what he was all about. It seems that we are all 12 these days. There are so many things to look after that we 13 have time for sincere interest in others. Great thinkers 14 us to “stop and smell the roses”. But it has taken me decades to really appreciate the 15 of these words. When I have the opportunity to 16 a young person, I do my best to convey this message. But 17 , young people are too busy to 18 the advice. I would tell young people to stop what they are doing and 19 . I would tell them to try as 20 as they could to understand what is in their line of sight and what is in the range of their hearing. 1. 2. 3. A. sitting around B. working around C. disturbing D. helping A. money B. interest C. attention D. respect A. carriedB. ridden C. walking D. driving

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

A. eyes B. hands C. bodies D. feet A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything A. Since B. After C. Not until D. Up to A. thought B. fear C. greeting D. glance A. So B. Instead C. But D. And A. remembered B. forgotten C. reminded D. recalled A. years B. seconds C. days D. minutes A. surprises B. learned C. wondered D. doubted A. busy B. stupid C. lazy D. puzzled A. never B. hardly C. even D. always A. persuade B. prove C. force D. encourage A. wisdom B. beauty C. meaning D. creativity A. describe to B. blame on C. speak to D. quarrel with A. Luckily B. unfortunately C. Immediately D. Astonishingly A. agree to B. think highly of C. keep in mind D. take notice of A. look around B. hang about C. think over D. go round A. soon B. hard C. possible D. far

五、阅读理解 A Around the World in Eighty Days is a classic adventure novel by Jules Verne. The story starts in London in 1872. One day in the Reform Club, Phileas Fogg, a wealthy gentleman, accepts a wager(赌注) for ? 20,000, which he will receive if he travels around the world in 80 days. Phileas Fogg sets off immediately, with his servant Passepartout. They reach Suez(苏伊士) quickly. While landing in Egypt, he is watched by a British detective named Fix, who is in search of a bank robber. Because Fix mistakes Fogg for the criminal, he follows secretly, as they are getting on a ship to Bombay. After more than 20-days of travelling, they arrive in San Francisco, and then get on the train to New York. During that trip, the train is attacked by Indians, who take Passepartout away. With some soldiers’ help, Fogg succeeds in freeing his companion. To make up for the lost time, Fogg and his companion hasten on to New York, and catch the steamer for the crossing of the Atlantic. They arrive in Ireland in time to reach London before the deadline. However, once on British soil again, Fix arrests Fogg. Although the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up—the actual bank robber had been caught several days earlier. Fogg has missed the train and returns to London five minutes late, sure that he has lost the wager. However, the next day Fogg learns from the priest that he is mistaken in the date, which he thinks Sunday but which actually is Saturday, due to the fact that they gained a full day on their journey around the globe, by crossing the International Date Line. Fogg immediately sets off for the Reform Club, where he arrives just in time to win the wager. 1. The reason that Fix wants to arrest Phileas Fogg is that . A. Phileas Fogg is the bank robber whom Fix is trying to catch B. Phileas Fogg doesn’t have a passport for his travels C. Fix mistakenly takes Phileas Fogg for the bank robber D. Fix intends to prevent Fogg from winning the wager 2. During his time in America, Phileas Fogg spends a lot of “unexpected” time


A. travelling across the continent of America B. rescuing his companion from the Indians C. waiting for the ship back to London D. getting rid of the pursuing of Fix 3. Does Phileas Fogg win the wager at last? Why? A. No. Because he doesn’t get to the Reform Club before the deadline. B. Yes. Because he is not the bank robber; it’s a misunderstanding. C. No. Because he wastes too much time during his trip. D. Yes. Because he arrives at the Reform Club before the deadline.

B A good amount of sleep is as important to health as diet and exercise. Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Less than that can interfere with mental and physical abilities. However, a study recently done by researchers shows that sleep disorders are not recognized enough by the general public and the medical community. The study examined why we need sleep, the effects of sleep loss and other sleep disorders. The final report says that too few researchers are studying sleep disorders; too few health care workers are trained to identify and treat the problem. Every year, American businesses lose more than one thousand million dollars because of tired workers. Some employees are too tired to report for work. They have accidents or are less productive at work. Other costs include increased visits to doctors. The study found that twenty percent of injuries caused by serious car accidents are linked to sleepy drivers. Other studies have linked poor sleep to an increased risk of health problems like severe sleeplessness, heart disease, depression and unhealthy amounts of body fat. For teens, sleep shortage affects their ability to pay attention in class. Research shows that 20% of high school students fall asleep in class, and have poorer grades because of lack of sleep. Researchers involved in the study are suggesting a number of steps to help prevent sleep disorders including a campaign to inform the public about the problem, increased education and training among health care workers. And they are calling for new technology to identify and cure sleep problems. 4. According to the passage, sleep disorders can cause many problems EXCEPT . A. low spirits B. low efficiency at work C. difficulty concentrating in class D. serious mental illness 5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. If we have less than 7 hours of sleep each night, we may feel sleepy in class. B. Generally speaking, it is easier for people with sleep disorders to get sick. C. Too much sleep each night may also interfere with mental and physical abilities. D. More training about sleep disorders among health care workers is necessary.


参考答案: 单项 CABAC BACBA 单词拼写 (1. connection 2. resemble 3. determined 6. trick 7. created 8. account 9. warning 10 mood 完成句子 (略) 完形 ACDAB DACBB CABDC CBCAB 阅读 CBD DC 赋分说明 1. 平行班 单项 每题 2 分共 20 分 单词拼写 每题 2 分共 20 分 完成句子 每题 2 分共 20 分 完形 每题 2 分 共 40 分 2. 重点班 单项 每题 1 分共 10 分 单词拼写 每题 2 分共 20 分 完成句子 每题 2 分共 20 分 完形 每题 2 分 共 40 分 阅读 每题 2 分共 10 分。

4 fortune 5. curious


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