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成大附中高二英语十一月份考试试卷 第一部分:听力练习(共 20 小题,满分 20 分) (略) 单项选择题,共 15 小题,每小题 1 分 21. I used to sit as quiet as ____________ mouse by my mother for ____________ couple of hours, listening to her story. A

. a; 不填 B. 不填; 不填 C. 不填; a D. a; a

22. Customers are asked to make sure that they ____________ the right change before leaving the shop. A. will give C. have given B. have been given D. will be given

23. Millions of pounds? worth of damage ____________ by a storm which swept across the north of England last night. A. has been caused C. will be caused B. had been caused D. will have been caused

24. ——Don?t you think it necessary that he ____________ to Miami but to New York? ——I agree, but the problem is ____________ he has refused to. A. will not be sent; that C. should not be sent; what B. not be sent; that D. should not send; what

25. ——What do you think of the speech? ——The speaker said almost nothing worth ____________ . A. listening C. listening to B. being listened to D. being listening

26. The car which ____________ my cousin was lost last week. A. was belonged to C. was belonging to B. belonging to D. belonged to

27. ——According to the agreement, you must finish the work by this month. ——Don?t worry. We?re trying hard and it ____________ that long. A. doesn?t last C. won?t be lasted B. won?t last D. isn?t lasted

28. The bank is reported in the local newspaper ____________ in broad daylight yesterday. A. being robbed C. to have been robbed B. having been robbed D. robbed

29. ____________ that he would make greater progress in his study of French. A. He was hoped C. He is hoped B. It was hoped D. It is hoping

30. A library with five thousand books ____________ to the nation as a gift. A. have offered B. has offered C. is offered. D. are offered

31. ____________ is no need for us to attach too much importance to some small mistakes in the work. A. There B. That C. It D. As

32. I have no idea ____________ the result of the competition will be, but I will try my best. A. which B. what C. whether D. that

33. Human keep exploring the universe because they have always been ____________ about what is out there beyond our earth. A. terrified B. anxious C. curious D. interested

34. Please, Becky, don?t play a trick ____________ me —— I don?t feel ____________ the mood for it.

A. on; like

B. of; in

C. on; in

D. of; like

35. ——____________ I ?m afraid we?ll miss the plane. ——We should have taken a taxi! A. Hang on a minute. C. That?s a good point. B. Get a move on. D. I don?t get it.

第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A.B.C 和 D)中选出 可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 Kristina Nelson remembers being a third-grader. The girl who sat next to her had a box .She loved to 37 36 box of crayons, and Kristina had only a small 38 to use

.She had no idea then that she would

crayons to create colorful drawings. After she finished college , Kristina traveled to Mexico to teach 39 at an elementary school. She wasn?t sure if her 41 40 would have art

supplies, so she took an entire suitcase of clothes; she borrowed other teachers?. 42

with her. she didn?t bring many

it turned out that Kristina?s students didn?t need all the 43 44 crayon drawings. home in the United States, her mom saw 45 .

crayons .So one day, she decided to When Kristina

her artwork."You should make more crayon drawings!" her mom Kristina?s mom introduced her to a(n) 46

crayon artist named Don Marco, 47 to give

who had been working with crayons for more than 25 years.He Kristina lessons. Kristina 49 48

it."Sometimes I worked with him six days a

!"she says."I practiced and practiced and practiced what he taught me."After a


year and a half, Kristina sold her where she draws, displays, and 51


crayon drawing. Now she has a studio

her crayon art. 52 ,and she believes in education.The 53

Kristina believes in

road to becoming a better artist is to “read many books on art,” she says." yourself.Take art classes and 54

museums.Other artists and their art will teach 55

you to make your artwork better.” But, she adds, “Even if your artwork is sold, that is just fine. Just the joy of making artwork is what counts.” 36. A. big 37. A. write 38. A. get up 39. A. art music 40. A. friends 41. A. clothes 42. A. But 43. A. use 44. A. called 45. A. ordered 46. A. kind interesting 47. A. offered 48. A. accepted believed 49. A. year 50. A. first 51. A. copies B. season B. special . B. shows C. month C. last C. sells

B. beautiful B. teach B. grow up

C. full C. draw C. set up B. physics

D. wooden D. read D. put up C. math D.

B. classmates B. crayons B. And . B. returned

C. employees C. shoes C. Or B. change C. missed B. complained B. old

D. students D. pencils D. So C. create D. left C. suggested C. professional D. D. begged D. learn

B. studied

C. pretended B. doubted

D. avoided C. hated D.

D. week D. important D. enjoys

52. A. practice 53. A. Care 54. A. know 55. A. ever

B. magic B. Educate B. open B. even

C. skills C. Value C. build C. always

D. intelligence D. Appreciate D. visit D. never

第三部分:阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选 项。 A The English translations of the names of traditional Chinese dishes on menus( 菜 单 ) across the country have caused public discussion about the precision(准确) of the translations. Since more and more foreigners come to China every day, many restaurants around China are providing English translations of their menus. They want to make it easier for foreigners to order Chinese dishes when they travel. Some restaurants also hope that the translations will increase foreigners? knowledge of Chinese cuisine(烹饪). But an article in China Youth Daily says the English menu translations haven?t live up to public expectation (期望) It argues most of the English names of Chinese . dishes lack the cultural meaning and attraction of the dishes they describe. Instead, the translations only provide a list of each dish?s ingredients 配方) the article notes. ( , For example, one English name of a Chinese dish appears as “stir-fried mutton slice with Chinese onion and green scallion(葱爆羊肉)”. Because the English translation focuses only on the ingredients, it fails to describe the dish?s rich cultural meaning and charm(魅力). The dish?s beautiful Chinese name, “Fo Tiao Qiang(佛跳墙)”, has a story behind it. Buddhist monks (和

尚) are required to eat vegetables only , but they can?t resist(忍住)the delicious dish. So they jump over the temple walls to get a taste of the dish. The article suggests that translators provide more beautiful translations of the names of Chinese dishes. It also notes a more vivid(生动的) English translation is very important to provide international visitors with a better understanding of Chinese cuisine. 56. Why do many restaurants provide English translations of their menus ? A.Because they want to show their ingredients in dishes. B.Because the public expect them to do so. C.Because Chinese dishes are popular across the world. D.Because it is convenient for foreign travelers 57. According to China Youth Daily, what is the main problem of the English menu translation? A.They are too long to remember. B.Many of them are not correct. C.They lack cultural meaning. D.They are too difficult to understand 58. What would be the best title for this text? A.Measures to attract customers B.Ways to translate Chinese menus C.Better menu translations are needed D.Are English menu translations necessary?. B I am a zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo in Texas.One of my jobs is to care for Suma tran tigers.These tigers live in the wild on the island of Sumatra and in some others p arts of Asia.They are endangered,and their number are declining ( 下 降 ) .

But zoos around the world keep a few of the big cats to teach people about tigers and to let the tigers have cubs(幼兽). When a zoo wants a new tiger,it tries to get one from another zoo.That way,more tigers can stay in the wild.When moved one of our tighers,a female named Skylar, to the San Frinciseco Zoo in California,she went by plane.I went along to help keep her safe. When moving day arrived,we put lots of meatballs in side Skylar”s crate(板条 箱).Once Skylar was inside,the crate was loaded onto the back of a truck.Skylar tur ned around in the crate to see what was happening,but she was quiet and calm the w hole way to the airport. Upon arriving, Skylar lived aways from the other animals for 30 days to make su re that she didn?t give any diseases to the other animals at the zoo. I told Skylar?s new keepers that Skylar liked to take a dip in her swimming pool and to play with plastic barrels,giant plastic ball,empty plastic flowerpots,and ice. I also told them that Skylar was already trained to do many things. I knew I would miss Skylar,but I hoped that she would like her new zoo and teach the people of San Francisco about the wildlife of Asia. Months later,Skylar gave birth to three male cubs.She is a good mom,and she brought more Sumatran tigers into the world. 59. From Paragraphs 3 and 4,we can know Skylar A. was unwilling to go into her crate in the plane. B. was easy to look after on the way to the airport. C. was arranged to live with the other animals at the new zoo. D. had caght diseases before she got to the new zoo. 60. Which of the following is NOT one of Skylar ?s favorite toys ? A Plastic barrels B Giant plastic balls


C Meatballs 61. What can we infer from the text ?

D Ice

A. The cubs of Skylar will be put in the wild. B. The San francisco Zoo will send Skylar back someday. C. The author stayed with the San francisco Zoo. D. Zoos play an important role in protecting the endangered tigers. 62. What”s the text mainly about ? A. Endangered Sumatran tigers C. Transfer of Skylar B. Skylar?s living habits D. Life of a zookeeper C Visitors to the Big Apple(纽约) will soon be breathing in cleaner air after Mayor(市长) Bloomberg extended(延长) the city?s smoking ban(禁令) to some of New York?s most popular outdoor spaces. Car free areas of Times Square, parks, beaches and boardwalks will now all be ash free. Smokers will not be allowed to light up when hanging out along sidewalks across the five districts, in all parts of Central Park or along the famous Coney Island boardwalk. “The science is clear: Long-time exposure to second-hand smoke----whether you?re indoors or out----hurts your health. Today, we?re doing something about it.” Mayor Bloomberg said in announcing the widespread injuction. Violators(违反者) of the new law could face a fine for as much as $250, but City officials say they expect New Yorkers and tourists to observe(遵守) the new law. Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe said, “By introducing this law, we welcome the chance to improve the beauty and health of the city?s public outdoor spaces. Tens of millions of visitors --- New Yorkers and tourists alike---enjoy our beaches and parks year round. We hope this new law makes it even safer

and more pleasant for our children and adults to play sports and for visitors of all interests to enjoy healthier and cleaner parks and beaches. ” The ban also extends to 29,000 acres(英亩) of parkland in the city and 14 miles of public beaches. Smoking was already banned in some parks? facilities including playgrounds, but not in most open recreational (娱乐的)areas. Several other cities across the U.S. have similar bans, including Los Angeles which saw its law change in 2007. Councilwoman Gale Brewer who introduced the law said, “New York is the national leader in creating healthy cities, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.”[来源: http://wx.jtyjy.com/] 63. What is the meaning of the underlined word “injunction” in the second paragraph? A. Forbiddance C. Praise B. Encouragement D. Doubt

64. What is the attitude of Adrian Benepe towards the law? A. Supportive B. Unconcerned C. Disappointed D. Interested

65. What can we know from the text? A. The smoking ban will be carried out in every place of New York. B. New York is the first ash free city in the U.S. C. Most other cities across the U.S. have similar bans. D. Los Angeles had a smoking ban in 2007. 66. The purpose of the text is to _______.

A. advise the readers to give up smoking B. praise New York for its smoking ban C. introduce a new law in New York D. criticize(批评) people smoking in public outdoor places

D A quick look at an e-reader. New, High-Contrast(高对比度) E-Ink Screen 50% better contrast than any other e-reader. The clearest text and sharpest images. Read in Bright Sunlight Unlike LCD screens, its screen reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. Lighter Than a Paperback Weighing only 8.5 ounces and of an inch thick, it is lighter than a paperback and thinner than a magazine. Holds 3,500 Books We doubled its storage so you can carry up to 3,500 books. Battery Life of Up to One Month A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off. Keeping wireless always on, it can go for up to three weeks without recharging. Books in 60 Seconds With fast, free wireless delivery, you can start reading books in less than 60 seconds. No computer required. ______ Over 670,000 books, including 107 of 111 New York Times Best Sellers, plus audiobooks, periodicals and blogs. For non-U.S. customers, content availability varies. Free, Out-of-Copyright Books Over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books are available such as Pride and Prejudice.

Low Book Prices Over 550,000 books are $9.99 or less, including 73 New York Times Best Sellers of the present time. Free Book Samples (样品) Download and read first chapters for free before you decide to buy. 67. If you want to use the e-reader longer, you should A. charge it frequently B. keep wireless off D. read in a quiet .

C. use it in bright sunlight room

68. Which of the following can best fill in the blank in the text? A. Large selection. C. Reasonable prices. Interesting content. 69. With the e-reader, you can A. store 107New York Times Best Sellers B. read the first half of each book for free C. read books published before 1923 for free D. download any part of a book before you buy it 70. What is this text mainly about? A. What an e-reader is. C .How to use an e-reader. B. Who needs an e-reader. D. The advantages of an e-reader. 第二卷 第二部分:阅读表达题(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) Human beings act in a different way from that of animals just because they can speak while animals cannot. Even the cleverest animals cannot do things which to us B. Excellent service. D.


seem very simple and which small children, as soon as they learn to talk ,would be able to do . A German scientist, who made experiments for many years with big apes, found that his apes could use sticks as tools to pull down bananas which they could not reach. But they only used the stick to get a banana when both the stick and the banana were in view at the same time. If the banana was in front of them and the stick was behind them, they could not use the stick. They could not bear the banana in mind long enough to look around and pick up the stick and then use it. The reason for this is clear. We have words for banana and stick which help us to think about these things when they are not in sight. Even a small child knowing the words "banana "and "stick" has an idea of their relationship(关系)and is able to think of "stick" together with "banana" and to remember this long enough to pick the stick from behind and use it on the banana. Unable to speak, animals cannot keep their knowledge of things for long. That is why they often interrupt one line of action to do something else and later forget it completely. Human beings, on the other hand, use language and are able to go after one thing continuously and do it with a definite aim. 71. Do human beings and animals act in the same way? Why?

72. What did the German scientist do to find out that some animals could use tools to get food?

73. Under what conditions could the apes use the stick to get bananas?

74. We have words for banana and stick which help us to think about these things

when they are not in sight(将此句改为条件状语从句)

75. Unable to speak, animals cannot keep knowledge of things for long(将此句翻译 为汉语)

从下面的框中选择合适的单词, 并用其正确形式填空。 从下面的框中选择合适的单词,并用其正确形式填空trade, determine, dramatic, Confusion, dress, consist, pretend, free, transport, mark 76. ——What means of ____________ do you have? ——I go by car. 77. The company has been ____________ in cotton with a foreign one. 78. Women have gained the ____________ to decide whether to marry or not. 79. ____________ to get the first place in the final exam, he studied hard every day. 80. His feet left dirty ____________ all over the foor. 81. ____________, he should pass the exam, although he even didn?t prepare it. 82. The two words have a lot in common in meaning, and as a result, we often ____________ the two when using them. 83. A committee ____________ of nine members has been sent there to look into the matter. 84. Little Tom stood up, opened his note-book and ____________ that he had understood everything. In fact, it was quite difficult. 85. He was ____________ in Corean clothes, looking like a sailor. 翻译填空 86. 像哈克一样马克.吐温也曾有过冒险生活。 Like Huck, Mark Twain ______ ______ ______ ______. 87. 他身无分文地来到新奥尔良时却发现那里没有开往南美洲的船了。

He arrived in New Orieans without a penny ______ ______ ______ ______there were no boats for South America. 88. 迫不得已他只好改变了计划,在一艘汽船上当了好几年领航员。 ______ ______ change his plans, he ______ ______several years as a pilot on a steamboat. 89. 它们(面具)的使用受到法律的限制, 最早可以追溯到 14 世纪。 Their use was limited by laws, the first use of ______ ______ ______ ______ the fourteenth century. 90. 如果它们违反了法律,就要被判处长达两年的监禁。 If they broke the laws, they ______ ______ ______ ______ 第二节:书面表达 你校将在 9 月中旬举办一次英文演讲比赛,请根据下表中所提供的信息, 写一篇题为 It is important to work with others 的英文演讲稿。 合作的好处 1.节约资源、提高效率 2.互相学习、取长补短 合作的对象 1.与喜欢的人合作:心情愉快、增 强友谊。 2.也不喜欢的人合作: 学会容忍人 别人的缺点。 你的看法 ? for up to two years.

注意: 1. 词数 100 左右; 2. 演讲稿的开头和结尾已给出,但不计入总词数。 Hello, everyone! The topic of my speech today is “It is important to work with others”.

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

参考答案 一. 单项选择题 21-25 DBABC 26-30DBCBC 31-35 ABCCB 二. 完形填空 36-40 ACBAD 41-45 BACBC 46-50 CAADA 51-55CABDD 三. 阅读理解 56-58 DCC 59-62 BCDC 63-66 AADC 67-70 BABD 四. 阅读表达 71. No, they don?t. Because we can speak while animals can not. 72. He found that his apes could use sticks as tools to pull down bananas which they could not reach. 73. When both the sticks and the banana were in view at the same time. 74. We have words for banana and stick if they are not in sight to help us to think about these things 75. 由于不能说话,动物们对事物的了解不能保持太久。 五. 选词填空 76. transportation 77. trading 78. freedom 79. Determined 80. marks 81. Dramatically 82. confuse 83. consisting 84. pretended 85. dressed 六. 翻译填空 86. led an adventurous life 87. only to find that 88. Forced to, worked for 89. which dates back to 90. were put into prison 七. 阅读表达范文 In this busy, modern world, if we want to complete our work effectively and efficiently, we must all learn to work with others. If we lose our partner, then we will

fail. Working with others can save us a lot of resources and improve efficiency. Additionally, we can learn much from our partners by working with them. When we work with someone we like, we will feel very happy. And we can share our pleasure and sadness with him, which can strengthen the friendship beteen us. But it can be difficult to be work with someone we dislike. In such a situation, we may focus on our work and stand his mistakes. Perhaps in working together with him for a long time, we?ll learn that he is a man to get along well with. In my opinion, we should try to listen to others? opinions when working with them. If they makes mistakes, we also try to point them out. We mustn?t beat others to make them in unfavorable position. Thank you for your listening!


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