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Unit 1 1. The bus ______(离开,出发) just as I got to the bus stop. 2. She ________________________(过平静的生活) in the village. 3. Today police launched a _______ (运动)to reduce road accidents. 4. They

______ very badly towards their guests. 5. The trees provide ______ for the animals in the summer. 6. To realize your dream, it is ________ to work hard. (值得的) 7. I felt he was _______ everything I did. (观察) 8. She has always been honest with me, and I ______ her for that. 9. They’re always _______ with each other about money. We had an ______ with the waiter about the bill. 10. He pushed his way through the ______. Thousands of people ______ the narrow streets. Happy memories ___________ on me as I looked at the pictures. Memories came __________ her mind. 11. If you raise it at the meeting, I’ll ______ you. (支持) 12. We ______ go to Australia next year if all goes well. (计划,打算) 13. She is always polite and ________ towards her employees. (考虑周到的) 14. Do you have your milk _______ ? (递送) 15. She _____________ people who haven’t been to college. (蔑视;瞧不起) 16. You may _______ your notes if you want. (参考;查阅) 17. I found the book ________ at a book sale. (碰巧;凑巧) 18. I _________ some children sleeping under bridges. (遇见;碰见) 19. ___________ with your work while I’m away. ___________ the good work! He _________ peeling the potatoes. 20. The more learned a man is , the more _____ he usually is. (谦虚的) She is very ______ about the prizes she has won. 21. The Collection of Short Stories is said ______________________(被翻译成) at least five foreign languages in the past five years. (translate) 22. Being chairman of the Students’ Union ____________________________(对他的学习有一 定影响). (effect) 23. Do you mind ________________________(指出) your mistakes in your composition? (point) 24. I won’t wait_____________________________(如果那意味着耽误一周左右时间). (delay) 25. Only in this way _________________________(我们才能按时完成任务). (finish) 26.Only after her mother came to help her for the first few month________________________(她 才被允许开始自己的项目).(allow) 27. __________________________________( 按照简研究黑猩猩的方法 ), our group are all going to visit them in the forest. (follow) 28.Jane has helped peple understand ____________________________________________(黑猩 猩和人类的行为是多么的相似). (behave) 29. _________________________________(观察黑猩猩一家醒来) is our first activity of the day. (watch) 30. The smile on her face__________________________(使得这一切都是值得的). (worthwhile)

第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出最佳选项,并在答题卡上涂黑。 As my wife greeted me one evening, her voice came through the door, “Guess what?” I always take a deep breath on this very leading “I just won a sales contest at work and the restaurant down by the riverfront!” She was so would be a 33 . We knew the restaurant was extremely good. “See? I told you there 31 . “What?” I asked. 32 is a dinner for two at the new fancy

34 for me to wear my new spring outfit,” she shyly reminded me. 35 at that game,” I responded. “I will wear my gray suit, my Borsalino 36 .”

“Two can

imported straw hat and a new silk tie. We will be well It was early 37

and nearing dusk as the waiter took us to a table by a window, with a 39 set, with a smoke-gray tablecloth and bright colored

38 of the river. And the table was napkins(餐巾). A delicious meal

40 in such an atmosphere (气氛) should be remembered a long time. As 41 .

it turned out, this will probably never be As the shadows lengthened, the take a walk?”

42 rocking by the riverbank, I murmured, “Why not

Hand in hand, we walked by the stores. People smiled and nodded. “I were so many 44 people as we have seen this evening, dear,” I observed. 45 ,” she said. 46

43 realized there

“Probably your new straw hat or your After receiving many smiles, we ourselves in the

ourselves back at the restaurant, looking at 48 for all the smiles. 50 from

47 . It was then that I saw the

Caught in the fly of my trousers and the restaurant! 31.A.sight 32.A.chance 33.A.nervous 34.A.restaurant 35.A.play 36.A.mannered 37.A.spring 38.A.bank 39.A.orderly 40.A.tasted B.question B.choice B.interested B.place B.watch B.built B.summer B.feeling B.strictly B.enjoyed

49 down for all to see was a bright red

C.news C.praise C.excited C.time C.win C.dressed C.autumn C.picture C.beautifully C.served

D.performance D.prize D.serious D.party D.cheer D.fed D.winter D.view D.cleanly D.prepared

41.A. forgotten 42.A.lights 43.A.almost 44.A.humorous 45.A.kindness 46.A.found 47.A.moonlight 48.A.answer 49.A.running 50.A.napkin

B.discovered B.chairs B.surely B.joking B.handsomeness B.saw B.face B.expression B.hanging B.tablecloth

C.known C.trees 2 C.never , C.funny 4 C.strangeness , 6 C.took C.seat C.reason C.looking C.cup

D.followed D.boats D.seldom D.friendly D.carelessness D.showed D.window D.effect D.falling D.fork

第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答 题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Every one would like to be a millionaire but can you imagine having over $30 million and only being 20 years old? Britney Spears from Kentwood, a small town in Louisiana, is only 20 years old ; she is an international pop superstar with not only $30 million but also a $2 million house in LA. At her young age, she can look after her family financially (经济上)all her life. This year is a big year for Britney, she is currently on a 31 date tour of the US and every concert is a sell out. That means she plays in front of a crowd of around 18,000 every time. It’ s tiring schedule but brings great rewards. When touring, she goes to bed around l a. m. and then has a lie-in until l p. m. or 2pm the next day. Her philosophy(人生观)is to take care of the body and relax but always make sure you work hard and have fun. Spears is not satisfied with only touring and selling nearly 40 million records so she decided to branch out into the movie business and try a bit of acting. She made an appearance in “ Austin Powers 3” this year and she is filming a teenage comedy that will be released in March 2003. In this movie, she has a starring role. The movie was her own concept and she picked the writer. For Britney, acting is another way to express herself and she is enthusiastic about it all. If her movies are successful, her bank account is sure to grow by another few million dollars but she has been quoted as saying she does it for the love, not the money. 51.We can infer from the text that most millionaires are. A.older than 20 B.around 20 C.in their 30s D.in their 40s .

52.The underlined word “you” in the second paragraph refers to A.the reader C.Britney Spear herself only B.a particular person D.a person in general

53.According to Britney Spear, she works A.for the money C.for the enjoyment

. B.to be more famous D.to be more famous B

Happy birthday The China Nation Opera (CNO)will give a concert to celebrate its 50th birthday. Different generations of CNO vocalists(歌手), like Li Guangxi, Yao Hong and Ma Mei, will present the concert which will feature both songs from famous Chinese operas like “The White-haired GM “and “The Hundredth Bride”, as well as, arias (咏叹调) of such Western opera classics as “Madame Butterfly”, “La Traviata” and “Rigoletto”. Time/date : 7:30 pm, September 7, 8 Location : Tianqiao Theatre Tel : 6551-4787, 8315-6170 Tickets : 60—50 yuan (US $7.2-60.2) Folk music A concert will be held to feature some recently-composed traditional Chinese music works. The concert, given by the Folk Orchestra of the China Opera and Ballet Theatre, will include such pieces as “Memory of Childhood”, “Memorial Ceremony for God” and “Wine Song”. Time/date : 7:30 pm, September 13 Location: Concert hall at the National Library of China Tel: 6848-5462, 6841-9220 Tickets : 30-200 yuan (US $ 3.6—24.1) Moon music A concert of traditional Chinese music will be given on the eve of the Moon Festival which falls on September 21st this year. The concert will feature a number of famous pieces centered on this theme of the moon, such as “Moonlight”, “Spring Night on a Moonlit River” and “Lofty Mountain and Flowing River.” A number of established traditional Chinese music performers, like Zhou Yaokun and Fan Weiqing, will play solos(独奏)as well as collaborate(合奏)with the folk music orchestra. Time/ date: 7:30 pm, September 21st Location: Grand Theatre of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities Tel: 6606-8888, 6606-9999 54.If you want to buy tickets for listening to the music “Memory of Childhood”, you will dial . B.6848-5462 C.8315-6170 D.6606-9999


55.Which statement is right according to the passage ? A.Li Guangxi, Yao Hong and Ma Mei are of the same CNO generation. B.“Rigoletto” is a famous piece on the theme of the moon. C.“Moonlight” belongs to traditional Chinese music. D.Zhou Yaokun and Fan Weiqing will only play solos. 56.“Madame Butterfly” is . C.a piece of music D.a Western opera

A.a Chinese opera B.a song

57.The passage will most probably appear in the column “ A.Culture B.People

”of a newspaper. D.Sports


1. moved off 2. led a quiet life 3. campaign 4. behaved 5. shade 6. worthwhile 7. observing 8. respect 9. arguing; argument 10. crowd; crowded; crowded in ; crowding into 11. support 12. intend to 13. considerate 14. delivered 15. looks down upon 16. refer to 17. by chance 18. came across 19. Carry on; carried on 20. modest 21. to have been translated into 22. has some effect on 23. pointing out 24. if it means delaying more than a week or so 25. can we finish it on time 26. was she allowed to begin her project 27. Following Jane’ way of studying chimps 28. how much they behave like humans 29. Watching a family of chimps wake up 30. made it all worthwhile 第二节:完形填空 31—50 BDCBA CADCB ADCDB ADCBA 第三部分:阅读理解 51—57 ADC BCDC

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