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2014 高考英语完形填空基础练习题(9)及答案
完形填空(记叙文).(2012 山东) Whenever we hear about “ the homeless ” , most of us think of the Developing World. But the 1 is that homelessness is everywhere. For example, how many of us would expect to see people living on the streets of a 2 country like Germany?

Kurt Muller and his wife Rita have spent eleven years making 3 for the homeless of Berlin, Germany’s capital. They first 4 one long hot summer when most Germans were 5 on holiday. Kurt and his wife stayed at home, made sandwiches, 6 a table in the street and gave food to the homeless. The Mullers soon realised that food and clothing weren’t also need is warmth and 8 7 . “What these people

, " says Rita. The Mullers didn’t 9 to give their phone

number to the street people and told them to phone anytime. Rita 10 there was somebody at home to answer the phone and their home was always 11 to anyone who couldn’t face another night on the street. The couple were soon 12 all their time and money, so Kurt visited food and clothing companies to 13 donations. Today, over thirty companies 14 donate food and other goods to the cause and volunteers help to 15 them to the homeless. The public also give clothes and money and a shoe producer 16 new shoes. Kurt and Rita receive no 17 for their hard work. “We feel like parents,” says Rita, “and parents shouldn’t 18 money for helping their children. The love we get on the streets is our salary. ” Though Rita admits she often gets 19 , she says she will continue with her work because she likes the feeling of having made a 20 in the world. 1. A. resultB. truthC. reasonD.idea 2. A. traditionalB. developingC. typicalD. wealthy 3. A. preparationsB. housesC. mealsD.suggestions 4. A. beganB. metC. calledD.left 5. A. asleepB. aloneC. acrossD.away 6. A. brought upB. set upC. put asideD.gave away

7. A. enoughB. necessaryC. helpfulD. expensive 8. A. fameB. freedomC. courageD. caring 9. A. hesitateB. agreeC. pretendD.intend 10. A. made senseB. found outC. made sureD. worked out 11. A. openB. crowdedC. noisyD. near 12. A. costingB. wastingC. takingD. spending 13. A. pay forB. ask forC. look intoD. carry out 14. A. completelyB. calmly C. regularlyD. roughly

15. A. advertiseB. sellC. deliverD. lend 16. A. donatesB. producesC. designsD. collects 17. A. permissionB. paymentC. directionD. support 18. A. borrowB. raiseC. saveD.expect 19. A. surprisedB. excitedC. tiredD. amused 20. A. profitB. differenceC. decisionD. rule


(一) He has been called the “missing link.” Half-man, half-beast. He is supposed to live in the highest mountain in the world-Mount Everest. He is known as the Abominable Snowman. The for 1 of the Snowman has been around

__2 . Climbers in the 1920s reported finding marks like those of human feet 3 this creature

high up on the side of Mound Everest. The native people said they and called it the “Yeti,”and they said that they had occasions 5 4

caught Yetis on two

none has ever been produced an evidence(证据). 6 . In 1951, Eric Shipton took

Over the years, the story of the Yetis has

photographs of a set of tracks in the snow of Everest. Shipton believed that they were not 7 the tracks of a monkey or bear and 8 that the Abominable Snowman

might really

9 .

Further efforts have been made to find out about Yetis. But the only things people have ever found were than 11 10 footprints. Most believe the footprints are nothing more 12 as the melted(融化)and

animal tracks, which had been made 13

refroze in the snow. Snowman was 14

, in 1964, a Russian scientist said that the Abominable 15 .

and was a remaining link with the prehistoric humans. But, 16 been produced.

no evidence has ever

These days, only a few people continue to take the story of the Abominable Snowman __17 . But if they ever put it in a 1. A. event 2. A. centuries 3. A. heard from 4. A. even 5. A. as 6. A. developed 7. A. entirely 8. A. found 9. A. exist 10. A. clearer 11. A. huge 12. A. strange 13. A. In the end 14. A. imagined 15. A. so 16. A. rightly 17. A. lightly 18. A. succeed in 19. A. decision 20. A. zoo 20 18 catching one, they may face a real 19 : Would they

or give it a room in a hotel? B. story B. too long B. cared for B. hardly B. though B. changed B. naturally B. declared B. escape B. more B. recent B. large B. Therefore B. real B. besides B. actually B. jokingly B. insist on B. situation B. mountain C. adventure C. some time C. knew of C. certainly C. when C. occurred C. clearly C. felt C. disappear C. possible C. ordinary C. deep C. After all C. special C. again C. normally C. seriously C. depend on C. subject C. museum D. description D. many years D. read about D. probably D. until D. continued D. simply D. doubled D. return D. rare D. frightening D. rough D. However D. familiar D. instead D. particularly D. properly D. join in D. problem D. laboratory

答案与解析: 1. B 后文叙述的是关于 Yeti 的传说故事,故选 story。 2. D 从 1920 年开始被发现,至今应有“许多年了”。 3. C 当地人称这种生物为 Yeti,肯定是“知道”它以及关于它的事。 4. A “抓住”比“知道”更进一步,用 even 表示强调程度的加深。 5. B “曾经抓到”与“没有证据”之间为转折关系,即“虽然??但是??”。 6. D 第二段讲述了关于 Yeti 的一个传说故事, 后文中将有新的介绍。 故可知“故事”在“继 续”。 7. D Shipton 相信这些“脚印”不简简单单为“猴子”或“熊”的脚印,故选 simply。 8. C felt 与 believed 是并列的谓语动词,意为“感觉到”。 9. A Shipton 感觉这种动物可能真的存在。 10. B 人们发现的仅仅是“更多”的脚印。 11. C 许我人相信这些脚印只不过是那些普通动物(比如猴子或熊)留下的。 12. B “普通的脚印”看起来不“普通”,是因为其在雪里融化而变“大”了。 13. D 前文介绍了一些人脚印的判断,而后文是一位俄国科学家的新发现。故判断出两部分 之间应用 however 转折。 14. B real 意为“真的,存在的”。 15. C 前面提到过,当地人的发现和传说没有证据可依,这一次“又”是如此。 16. B 没有证据被实际记载。 17. C take ? seriously 意为“把??当回事(严肃认真对待)”。 18. A succeed in doing 意为“成功地做成某事”。 19. D face a problem 意为“面临问题”。 20. A 前文提到这种生物“半人半兽”,那么如果人们真的抓住一个,将面临的问题是:把 它放到动物园(当它是动物?)还是在旅馆里给它一个房间(当它是人?)

(二) An eight-year-old child heard her parents talking about her little brother. All she knew was that he was very sick and they had no money left. When she heard her

daddy say to her


mother with whispered desperation(绝望), “


a miracle

(奇迹) can save him now”, the little girl went to her bedroom and took out her piggy bank. She she 4 3 all the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Then

her way six blocks to the local drugstore(药店).

“And what do you want?” asked the chemist. “It’s 5 my little brother,” 6 the girl answered back. “He’s really,

really sick and I want to buy a

. His name is Andrew and he has something 7

growing inside his head and my daddy says only a miracle can save him.” “We don’t 8 miracles here, child.I’m sorry,” the chemist said, smiling

9 at the little girl. In the shop was a 10 customer. He stooped (弯腰) down and asked the little 11 ?” 12 .

girl, “What kind of miracle does your brother

“I don’t know,” she replied. “He’s really sick and mommy says he needs But my daddy can’t pay for it, so I have brought my 13 “How much do you have?” asked the man. “One dollar and eleven cents, quietly. .”

14 I can try and get some more,” she answered

“Well, what a coincidence(巧合),” smiled the man. “A dollar and eleven cents — the 15 price of a miracle for little brothers. 16 me to where you live. 17 your parents.”

I want to see your brother and

That well dressed man was Dr Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon (外科医生) The operation . was completed without doing well. The little girl was happy. She knew exactly how much the miracle cost ... one dollar and eleven cents ... plus the 1.A.tearful 2.A.Simply 3. A.drew 4. A.followed 5. A.to B.hopeful B.Just B.pulled B.made B.as 20 of a little child. C.helpless C.Only C.put C.took C.for D.kind D.More than D.poured D.found D.on


and it wasn’t long before Andrew was

19 again and

6. A.hope 7. A.bad 8. A.have 9. A.gently

B.doctor B.small B.offer B.sadly

C.favor C.extra C.sell

D.miracle D.impossible D.store D.coldly


10.A.well dressed

B.kind hearted

C.well behaved D.good looking 11.A.have B.need C.care D.like D.a kindness D.suggestions D.but

12.A.a doctor B.a surgeon 13.A.savings 14.A.since 15.A.same 16.A.Show 17.A.help B.wishes B.as B.exact B.Help B.encourage B.delay B.well B.faith

C.an operation C.ideas C.after C.proper C.Take C.persuade

D.necessary D.Follow D.meet D.result D.home D.devotion

18.A.difficulty 19.A.happy 20. A.cleverness 参考答案及解析

C.charge C.strong C.courage

1.A 看到儿子病重,家里又花光了钱,因此母亲伤心,选 “眼含泪水的” 符合逻辑。 2.C 下文有提示,只有出现奇迹才能救孩子的命。此处是 “只有”,而不是 “仅仅”, 故不选 A 或 B。 3.D 从储蓄罐里把零花钱 “倾倒” 出来符合语境。 4.B make one’s way to... “向??走去”。 5.C 此处表示目的或对象,故用介词 for。 6.D 前后文都有提示,小孩用自己的零花钱去买 “奇迹”,符合小孩的性格特点。 7.A 弟弟病重,因此是头里长了 “坏的”东西。Extra “额外的”,不符合小孩的语 言特点和认知水平。 8.C 药店里是 “卖” 药,而不是卖 “奇迹”。 9.B 笑。 10.A 下文有提示,这儿刚刚出现这位 “穿着体面的” 顾客,不能马上断定他是 “好

药剂师已经了解了小女孩弟弟的情况,但不能帮助小女孩,因此 “伤心地” 微

心的”,故不选 B。 11.B 这位顾客不明白小女孩的弟弟需要什么样的奇迹,故有此问。 12.C 前面出现了小女孩的弟弟头中长了 “坏” 东西的信息,后面有提示,因此小女 孩知道需要 “手术” 才能救弟弟的命。A 项 “医生” 太笼统,B 项 “外科医生”,概念 太专业,超出了小女孩的认知水平。 13.A 从后面这位顾客问小女孩有多少钱,可得出答案,小女孩告诉对方把自己所有的 “积蓄” 都带来了。 14.D 前后应该是转折关系。 15.B 此处这位顾客了解了小女孩的用意,故幽默地说:1 美元 11 分钱 “正好” 是买 一个奇迹的钱,说明这位顾客决定帮助小女孩的弟弟。 16.C 这位顾客要到小女孩 “带”他去她家里去。 17.D 这位顾客要去“见见”小女孩的父母,以便进一步了解情况。 18.C 说明 Dr Carlton Armstrong 富有爱心,无偿地为小女孩的弟弟做了手术,因此 是没有收费。其他选项不合题意。 19.D 小女孩的弟弟不久就回了家痊愈了,注意此选项与后面 doing well 的并列关系, 其他三个选项与 doing well 在意义上重复。 20. B 用 1 美元 11 分钱买来奇迹,反映了小女孩的 “信念”,其他的不合题意

完形填空(记叙文).(2012 全国Ⅱ) Around twenty years ago I was living in York. and a Master’s degree, I could not find I was 3 2 1 work. 4 with a friend of mine, for I had a lot of experience

a school bus to make ends meet and

I had lost my flat. I had 5

five interviews(面试) with a company and one day 6 the job. “Why has my life

between bus runs they called to say I did not become so 7 ? ” I thought painfully. 8

As I pulled the bus over to should keep it 10

a little girl, she handed me an earring



somebody claimed (认领) it. The earring was painted black

and said “BE HAPPY”.

At first I got angry. Then it what was going wrong with my there to make a 14

11 13

me—I had been giving all of my



rather than what was right!I decided then and 15

of fifty things I was happy with. Later, I decided to 16 18

more things to the list. That night there was a phone call for who was a director at a large 17 . She asked me if I would

from a lady a one- day

lecture on stress (压力) management to 200 medical workers. I said yes. My 19 there went very well, and before long I got a well- paid job. To this day 20 that I completely changed

I know that it was because I changed my way of my life. 1. A. AsB. ThoughC. IfD. When 2. A. successfulB. extraC. satisfyingD. convenient 3. A. drivingB. repairingC. takingD. designing 4. A. workingB. travellingC. discussingD. living 5. A. prepared forB. attended 6. A. loseB. likeC. findD. get 7. A. hardB. busyC. seriousD. short 8. A. wave atB. drop offC. call onD. look for 9. A. orderingB. promisingC. sayingD. showing 10. A. in caseB. or elseC. as ifD. now that 11. A. hurtB. hitC. caughtD. moved 12. A. feelingsB. attentionC. strengthD. interests 13. A. opinionsB. educationC. experiencesD. life 14. A. listB. bookC. checkD. copy 15. A. connectB. turnC. keepD. add 16. A. herB. a passengerC. meD. my friend 17. A. hospitalB. factoryC. restaurantD. hotel 18. A. listen toB. reviewC. giveD. talk about 19. A. planB. choiceC. dayD. tour

C. asked forD. held

20. A. operationB. speakingC. employmentD. thinking




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