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1. be afraid of doing 害怕,不情愿 to do 不敢 that… being beaten (beat) 1. He is afraid of ______________ by his father. to touch 2. He is afraid ________(touch) the snake.

2. go through
? 经历,审查,浏览,穿过,完成,花完 ? get through ? 穿过,通过(法律),做(读)完,接通(电话) ? go ahead 先走;开始做,着手干 ? go by 逝去,过去 ? go over 检查 ? go out 熄灭

got through (1)Two months later,the law _____ ______. (2)The dictionary has _____ _________ ten gone through editions. (3)As time ________, went by China is not what it used to be thirty years ago. ahead and do what you like. (4) Go _________

3. set down
? 写下,记下 ? set about doing sth.开始着手做某事 ? set out to do 开始,出发 ? set off 出发;引爆 ? set up 建立 ? set free 释放 ? set aside 留出;把… 放到一旁

1. What time are you planning to set off tomorrow? _______ was set up 2. A new government _________ after the war. has set down everything 3. He ____________ that happened. about learning Chinese at 4. He set ________ age ten.

4. series
? series 单复同形,作主语时谓语动词根 据 series 单复数概念决定,不根据 of 后的名词决定。
is scheduled. 1. A series of lectures ___ 2. Two series of new stamps _____ have come out.

5. on purpose
? 故意地, 特意地 by chance/by accident 偶然地, 意外地 ? in order to do/ in order that ? so as to do/ so that ? 否定形式 ? in order not to do = so as not to do

1.He went to the town ________ selling one of his paintings. A.on purpose B.on purpose to C.for the purpose of D.on purpose of 2. _____ do the work well, he first made a careful plan. A. So as to B. So that C. In order to D. In order that

6. power
? 权力,动力 ? strength 体力,内力 ? force 武力;警力;劳动力; 效力 ? energy 精力,能量

7. join/join in/take part in/attend
? 指“参加,出席(会议,聚会,讲座,宴会, 典礼,仪式等)” join ? (1) Would you like to ________ us ________ playing football? in ? (2)He ________ joined the Communist Party at the age of 25. took part in ? (3)She ____ _____ ____ the music competition. attend school ? (4)He didn’t ________ yesterday because of his illness.

silent (1)It’s bad manners to keep ________ when the teacher asks you a question. (2)The sky is blue,and the sea is calm _____. (3)Although she was frightened,she answered with a ________ voice. calm peaceful (4)We are glad to live in a ___________ environment. quiet (5)He had a ________ life.

9. dare

? 情态动词:dare do dare not do ? 行为动词:dare to do don’t dare (to) do

1. She is shy and ___ stand up and answer the teacher’s questions. A. dares not C. dare not to B. doesn’t dare to D. dares not to

2. ---Dare he go through the desert?

--- No, he ____.
A. don’t B. doesn’t

C. dare not

D. dares not


vt.& vi.

? 增加,加上,补充说 ? add up 合计,加起来 ? add up to 总计达 ? add to 增加了 ? add…to… 把A与B相加,把A加到B 中去

adding they ? The couple left, _______ were very happy at the lady’s home. added to our ? The bad weather __________ difficulty of finishing the work. ? 3 _____ 5 is 8. A. add to B. added C. added to D. added up to

11. happen to do
? happen to do 碰巧做某事 ? sb happen to do ? it happens (happened) that ? She ____when your phone came. A. happened to sleep B. happened to be sleeping C. happened to have slept D. happened to be slept

12.suffer 遭受
? suffer from 因…而受苦 ? He suffered much (pain) because of a bad cold. ? He suffered from a bad cold. ? As a result of the severe earthquake in Yushu,the whole city ________ great losses. A.have suffered from B.suffered C.have suffered D.suffered from

13. concern
(1) be concerned about/for sb关心某人 be concerned with 与…有关 (2) as far as I am concerned 在我看来(=in my opinion) (3) concern oneself with/in sth 忙于某 事;

? (1)她很为你担心。 about you. ? She showed great concern ____________ ? (2)我们忙着完成手边的这项任务。 concerned ? We ___________ourselves________ in/with accomplishing the task at hand. ? (3)就我个人而言,我不反对你们的婚事。 As far as I am concerned ,I _______________________ cannot object to your marriage.

14. recover 恢复,重新获得
? recover from 从……中恢复过来 ? (1)那个年轻人手术后很快就康复了。 soon after ? That young man recovered _____________ the operation. ? (2)学生们还没有从震惊中恢复过来。 ? The students have not yet recovered from the shock ______________________


adj. 疯狂的,着迷的

? grow/become/be crazy about sb./sth. 对…着迷/狂热 ? be crazy to do sth. 疯狂地做某事 ? like crazy 拼命地;发疯似地 ? go crazy 发疯

(1)天这么冷你出去,你简直疯了。 are ____ crazy____ to go out in this You ____ cold weather. (2)你必须努力把工作作完。 like _____ crazy You’ll have to work ______ to get this finished. (3)这些孩子们对电脑游戏着了迷。 The children are crazy about computer games.

16. be good to , be good for , do good to
1.Sports __________ your health. 2. The newly-coming teacher ____ her students and is popular with them. 3. Enough sleep ____ your study the next day. A. is good for B. is good to C. does good for D. is friendly to

句式1 should
? should have done 本应做而未做, should not have done 本不该做而做了 ? 我本该早点告诉你真相. I should have told you the truth

? 你昨天晚上不应该熬夜到那么晚。 You shouldn’t have stayed up so late
last night.

1.Jones was worried about her test . You _____ her the good result yesterday. A. would tell B. must have told C. could have told D. should have told
2.Johnson didn’t pass the English exam. He _____ harder before. A. could have studied B. may have studied C. must have studied D. should have studied

when,while,if ,unless,though, until 等引导的从句,省略从句中主语和 be动词。
1. When (he was)asked,he gave heated 1.when ________ (heat), ice will good advice. melt. begun 2.Once ________(begin), the plan 2. I won’t go to the party,unless can never changed. ( I was )be invited. eating (eat). 3.Don’t talk while ________

? 1.When first _____to the market,these poducts enjoyed great success. A.introducing B.introduced C.introduce D.being introduced ? 2.Although____after the Civil War,the blacks still took no important role except servants and labourers. A.no lnger being slaves B. were no longer slaves C.no longer slaves D.no longer being slaves

句式3:the first time 作连词
? for the first time 作状语 ? 当我第一次来到这个学校的时候我就 爱上它了。 ? The first time I came to the school, I fell in love with it. ? When I came to the school for the first time, I fell in love with it.

? 第一次跟她面对面交谈,我就知道她 是个有决心的人。(face-to-face) The first time I had a face-toface talk with her, I knew she was a determined person. ? --- The last one _____ pays the meal. ---Agreed A.arrived B.arrives C.to arrive D.arriving

句式4:it is/was … that(who)…
? It is / was + 被强调部分+ that … ? It is / was + sb +that/ who… ? 强调句型+not until ? It is /was not until +强调的时间 +that+句子剩余部分(除去否定词) ? It +is +the +序数词+time +that+… ? + have/has done ? It +was +the +序数词+time +that+… ? + had done

? 你没有去上学,是因为你病了么?(强调句) Was it because you were ill that you didn’t go to school? ? 妈妈不回来,宝宝就一直哭。(强调) ? It was not until the mother came back that the baby stopped crying. ? 这是我第一次听到这样的话。 It was the first time that I had heard such words.

1. ____ he made up his mind to take a trip to Europe? A. When was it that B. That was it that C. That it was when D. When it was that

2. It was not until 11:00 ____ the experiment. A. did he finish B. that he finished C. when they finished D. that did he finish

? I didn’t go back until the library had to be shut. 改成强调句: ? It was not until the library had to be shut that I went back.

1. Be on the point of doing sth when… = be about to do when 2. The reason why … is that… = the reason for doing/one’s doing sth is that… 3. Have difficulty/ trouble with sth (in) doing sth 4. it’s no pleasure/use doing sth 5. I think/find it difficult to learn english.