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外研版 选修六 mudole3 考点突破

Module 3

Interpersonal Relationships—Friendship

1.regret v.后悔,悔恨 n.遗憾;悔恨

If you don't do it now,you'll only regret it.

I felt great regret about what I had said to him.

regret doing sth.


regret to do sth. 遗憾地要做某事 I regret that... (委婉表示因不能做某事)很遗憾 I regret to say... 很遗憾地说…… It is to be regretted that... 真可惜……;使人遗憾 的是…… with great/deep regret 非常遗憾地

express one's regret 表示遗憾

I regret to inform you that your contract will not be renewed. 我很遗憾地通知你,你的合同不能续签。 It is much to be regretted that you can't join us in the trip.你 不能和我们一块去旅行,真是很遗憾。

She refused their help and she didn't regret it(对此不后 悔).

2.confront v.面对(危险、困难),面临

We try to help people confront their problems.

confront sb. with sb./sth. 快的)人/物


be confronted with... 面对……

At the beginning we were confronted with many difficulties. 刚开始我们遇到了许多困难。

学以致用(完成句子) She knew that she had to confront her own fears(正 视她自己的恐惧).

3.count vt.数;计算;包括;认为 有重要意义


The little boy can count from one to fifty. 那小男孩能从一数到五十。

count down


count in 算入,把……算在内
count out 不把……算在内

count on 依靠,指望

I count on you for help.我指望你帮忙。
If you're going out tonight you'll have to count me out.假 如你们今晚要出去就别把我算在内。

学以致用(单项填空) It doesn't matter where the charity gets the money;what really________is how to deal with the money for them. A.displays B.applies C.assesses D.counts

【解析】 句意:这个慈善组织的钱是 从哪儿得来的不要紧,重要的是他们怎 么处理这些钱。count“算数;有重要意 义”,符合句意。display“展示”, apply“申请;应用”,assess“评估;评 价”,均不符合句意。

【答案】 D

4.tear (tore,torn) v.撕破,扯破,戳破;(猛烈 地)撕扯;拔掉,掀掉n.眼泪(常用复数)

I tore my jeans on the fence. 我的牛仔裤被篱笆弄破了。



tear down 拆毁
tear up 把……撕毁 tear...off 把……撕掉 tear...away 使……离开;把……扯下来 tear...into pieces 把……撕成碎片 burst into tears 放声大哭

The contract lay on the ground,torn into pieces.

学以致用(翻译句子) 这些老房子被拆了。 These old houses were torn down.

5.forgive v.原谅,宽恕

Forgive me,but I'm busy at the moment. I can't go out with you. 对不起,我现在很忙,不能和你外出。

forgive sb.


forgive sth. 原谅某事,宽恕某事
forgive sb.for (doing) sth. 原谅某人做了某事

She would never forgive him.

Can you forgive me for forgetting your birthday?



(1)forgive侧重指在感情上原谅了某人的过错,不再 愤恨或不满。
They forgave us our rudeness.他们原谅了我们的无礼。

(2)excuse侧重指原谅轻微的过错、失礼等,不涉及处理 或惩罚。 Please excuse me for interruption.请原谅我打断一下。

学以致用(翻译句子) 我绝不会宽恕你昨晚对我说的话。

I'll never forgive you for what you said to me last night.

6.raise v.举起,提高;饲养;筹措(金钱);提出

I wanted to raise a question to the chairman but didn't have the courage.我想向主席提一个问题,但又没有这个勇气。 We have no plans to raise taxes at present. 我们目前没有增税的计划。

(1)raise (raised,raised) vt.“举起,抬高”。

He raised his hat and smiled.他举起帽子,笑了。

(2)rise (rose,risen) vi. “上升,升起”。主语自身移向更 高的位置。是不及物动词。
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.太阳东升西落。

(3)arise (arose,arisen) vi. “出现”,常用于事物或问题出现。 New problems arose then.新问题也随之产生了。

学以致用(单项填空) Hearing the old man's reports,the officer________from his seat and said that something must be done to ________people's living standards. (2011· 南平阶段性考试) A.raised;rise B.rose;raise

C.raised;raise D.rose;rise

【解析】 句意:听了这位老人的报告, 这位官员从他的座位上站起来说必须要 做些事情来提高人民的生活水平。rose为 rise的过去式,意为“站起”,是不及物 动词;raise“提高”。故选B。

【答案】 B

7.close adj.亲密的,亲近的;接近的 v.关闭,结束 n. 结束 adv.紧紧地;仔细地

Our new house is close to the school. 我们的新房子离学校很近。 She is very close to her father. 她和她的父亲的关系很亲密。

be close at hand


be close to 接近于;与……密切的

close down 停业,停产;关闭(永久性的)
close up 歇业,关门(暂时性的) close to 接近,大约 come close 几乎达到,差不多

We didn't win but we came close.



(1)close adv.“靠近地,接近地”。表示具体的距离、时 间等“接近,不远”。
He lives close to the station.他住在车站的旁边。

(2)closely adv.“严密的,密切的”。表示抽象的概念。 The police were watching him closely.


Three men were standing very close together(紧挨着站在) on the corner.

8.I remember the first time I met Roy.


He looked much excited the first time I saw him. 我第一次见到他时,他看起来非常兴奋。

类似the first time引导时间状语从句的短语有:

every/each time
the last time 最后一次


next time 下一次

Every time I come to see her,she is surfing the Internet. 每当我来看她,她都在上网。

学以致用(完成句子) Next time you come(下一次你来),do remember to bring your daughter here.

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