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模块6第一单元 Art 第一课时vocabulary and warming up

Module 6

Unit 1 Art

vocabulary and warming up

Unit Art

? ? ? ? ? 任务A: 3个即可以当动词也可以当名词的单词 aim, attempt, appeal 3个即可以当形容词也可以当名词的单词 abstract, impressionist, post-impressionist

1. abstract ________adj.抽象的;n.摘要 abstraction ________n.抽象;抽象概念 abstractly _________adv. 抽象地;理论上 faith n. 信任 ________ faithful adj.忠实的 2. _______ ________ adv. 忠实地 faithfully 3. _______v. 瞄准/n.目标 aim aimless _________adj. 无目的的,无目标的 evidence 证据 evident adj. 明显的;明白的 ________n. 4. _______ 5. _______ _______ adj. 被收养的, adopt v.采用,收养 adopted 被采用的 adoption ________ n.采用,收养 possessions possess ? 6. _________v. 拥有 ______________n. 财产pl possession ? ________________n. 拥有,占有 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7. _________vt.&n. 嘲笑;愚弄;荒诞的事 ridicule _______ adj. 荒谬的,可笑的 ____________adv. ridiculous ridiculously 8. _________ predict vt.预言;预告;预测 ___________n. .预言;预告;预测 prediction ____________ predictable adj.可预知的 ____________adj.不可预知的 unpredictable specific 9. ____________ adj.确切的;特定的 specifically _______________adv. 确切地;明确地 exhibit v. 展览 10. _______ exhibition n.展览,陈列 __________ scholar n. 学者 11. _________ scholarship _______________ n. 奖学金

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12. _____________ v. 喜爱 prefer preference n.喜爱;偏爱 ______________ 13. _______ appeal v. 有感染力,呼吁;将...上诉n.呼吁 appealing ___________adj. 吸引人的;动人的 14. _____________vt. 使文明 civilize _______________adj. 文明的 civilized civilization 文明 _____________n. 15. ___________n. 埃及 Egypt ______________adj. 埃及的,埃及人的 Egyptian 16. __________ v. 签名/n. 征兆, 迹象 sign signature 署名,签字 ___________n.

? ? ? ? ? ? a great deal of by coincidence In the flesh on the other hand appeal to = call on (呼吁,号召) sb be in possession of sth VS. sth be in the possession of sb.






In your opinion, what field does art involve?

sculpture dance music











What is art?
appeal to ? Art is the forms of expression that _______ (吸引)
our sense of beauty. We call lots of things art today,
including painting,sculpture _______(雕塑), architecture ,

photography, furniture, pottery, jewelry, crafts,
literature, music, and dance, etc. some of them are

visual _________ (看得见的 ) while the others aren’t. faith (信仰) ? Art is influenced by the customs and ______
of a people. It reflects civilization __________(文化)of a nation.

The most common form of art we have access to paintings (画). If you want to enjoy is __________ various paintings you’d better go to the gallery _____________ (画廊)or you can go to an art exhibition (展览会). _______________

Chinese paintings 3



Chinese or western western paintings? paintings 4


Chinese painting?



Zhang Daqian


Guan Shanyue 关山月

Chinese paintings
They are often about nature n________, such as mountain, water, bird-and-flower, etc. The paintings are realistic r_________.

They have the symbol of harmony (和谐) and peace. bat good furtune/blessing








Which painting would you rather give them as a gift? Why? 1. Jim and Lily got married last week. 2. Mr. Smith is going to celebrate his eightieth birthday. 3. John moved to his new house yesterday. 4. Mr. White is a respected teacher. 5. Mike's new restaurant will be open tomorrow.

? How about Western artists and their paintings?

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was one superb of the three most _______ (卓越的) The last supper is his another artists during ____________ (文艺复兴). the Renaissance masterpiece, from which he a got a in He was not only an artist but scientist reputation fields. He settled down good many _________ (名誉) . many ___________(有争议的)problems in controversial Mona Lisa carving architecture, painting and ________ (carve). He took advantage of light and _______( shadow 阴影)in Mona Lisa. Consequently, it looks sorealistic _____ (逼真的) that it ________ so many appeals(吸引) to people. Now The Louvre(罗浮宫)in Paris __________(拥有) masterpiece this possesses ____________(杰作). Leonardo da Vinci

Vincent Van Gogh (1853~1890年) wanted to be a minister(牧师) before he started to learn painting from a painter The Red Grapery is the only works which was of _________ (风景画) in 1880. landscape perspective he learned sold during hisMeanwhile, lifetime, because at ___________( that time 透 视画法) and was affected by preferences his works were not people’s _____________ ( the Impressionism _________(印象主义). But later, he 喜爱的东西)preferred . to ________( 采用)bright adopt Vincent van Gogh colors and his painting _________(技 techniques 术) were not _____________ conventional (常规的). The Sunflowers is his ________( typical 有代表 性的)works. Unfortunately, he got mental sickness.Consequently ___________(因而), he not only cut off one of his ears but killed himself at the age of 37. _____________ (巧合地), he made By coincidence friends with Gauguin.


Pablo Picasso (1881—1973) was born in evident Spain. It is ______ (明显的)that he is a gifted artist for his 37000 works. He is one of the most important representatives of Modern Art and Cubism (立体主义) and at the same time, he abstract is an _________(抽象派) attempted to painter, who ____________( 尝试) paint objects concentrating on certain qualities with _________(几何学), Geometry which may be ________(荒谬的) in ridiculous others’ eyes. His influence on art is permanent ______________(永久的).

Pablo Picasso

Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor ________(雕塑 家), architect and poet and one of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance. The ______ aim (目的)of his sculpture is to show the strength and the beauty of flesh ________ (肉体).
Michelangelo Bounaroti (1475-1564) 米开朗基罗

? 1. Read the words and expressions in unit1 fluently and complete the paper. ? 2. Preview the reading passage and finish the related exercises.

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