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必修3 Module 1Europe欧洲

必修 3 Module 1


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.He________the heavy burden of supporting a big family with a wife and three children. A.faced with B.face C.was f

aced with D.was faced to 2.Mr Smith has been living a colorful life________he moved to the countryside after his retirement. A.as if B.now that C.in case D.ever since 3.Britain,________many other industrialized countries,________major changes over the last 100 years. A.together with;have experienced B.as well as;have experienced C.in common with;has experienced D.instead of;has experienced 4.My view on the project is the very________to yours.That’s to say,I don’t agree with you at all. A. similarity B.opposite C.option D.difference 5.The beautiful city Qingdao,________on the east coast of China,attracts a lot of tourists every year. A.situated B.spotting C.locating D.Lain 6. Thirty-five percent of the area with trees and grass; our city looks more beautiful. A. covers B. are covered C. is covered D. cover 7.The bookstore is________the street,but we have to go there________underground passage. A.over;through B.across;across C.across;through D.through;across 8.Hainan is________the coast of Guangdong,while Wuhan is______the Yangtze River. A.on;off B.to;on C.in;on D.off;on 9.—What do you think of Shakespeare’s plays? —They are very interesting to watch,but________the y are hard to read. A.as a result B.for a start C.in other words D.on the other hand 10.After the new equipment was introduced,they produced________machines this year as the year before. A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as 11.Known________a writer,Jin Yong,whose real name is Zha Liangyong,is well known________Chinese people________his wonderful works. A.as;for;to B.for;to;as C.as;to;for D.to;as;for 12.East of the mountain________two towns,________my hometown. A.lie;one of which is B.lies;where lies C.lies;one of which is D.lie;that is 13. Our class ______ divided into six groups and, interestingly, our group___ all the same age. A. is; are B. are; is C. are; are D. is; is 14. My English name is Mary. Each of the students in our class _____given an English name. A. were B. was C. has D. have 15.The tiger is considered the king of the forest as it is a(n)________of courage and power. A.symbol B.sign C.signal D.example 16. More than a dozen students in that school abroad to study medicine last year. A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent 1.Phrases: because of be covered by/with be known for/as/to make A out of B on the coast work on of all time on the left/right at the moment have…in common refer to in different ways

have control over/of have a population of little by little next to know about 完形

on the other hand in the 1300s in one’s thirties compared with belong to

increase to/by sign the agreement in terms of be faced with ever since

Mrs. Ball had a son. His name was Mick. She __1__ him very much and as he was not a __2 __ child, she was always __3__ that he might be ill, __4__ she used to take him to see the best __5__ in the town four times a year to be looked __6__. During one of these __7__, the doctor gave Mick all kinds of tests and then said to him, “Have you had any __8__ with your nose or ears recently?” Mick __9__ for a second and then answered, “Yes, I __10__.” Mrs. Ball was very __11__. “But I’m sure you have __12__ told me that, Mick!” She said worriedly. “Oh, really?” Said the doctor __13__. “And what trouble have you with your nose and ears, my boy?” “Well,” answered Mick, “I always have trouble with them when I’m __14__ my sweater off, because the __15__ is very tight.” 1. A. loved B. hated C. missed D. cared 2. A. rich B. clever C. strong D. happy 3. A. afraid B. surprised C. glad D. sure 4. A. which B. for C. but D. so 5. A. player B. teacher C. doctor D. lawyer 6. A. round B. over C. for D. after 7. A. talks B. years C. visits D. stays 8. A. answer B. thing C. word D. trouble 9. A. waited B. thought C. stood D. looked 10. A. did B. will C. have D. do 11. A. excited B. interested C. pleased D. surprised 12. A. already B. just C. never D. always 13. A. angrily B. seriously C. happily D. carefully 14. A. turning B. taking C. keeping D. putting 15. A. collar B. nose C. mouth D. ear

20、 A nobleman and a merchant once met in an inn. For their lunch they both ordered soup. When it was brought, the nobleman took a spoonful, but the soup was so hot that he burned his mouth and tears came to his eyes, The merchant asked him why he was weeping. The nobleman was ashamed to admit (承认) that he had burned his mouth and answered, “Sir, I once had a brother who committed a great crime (犯 罪), for which he was hanged. I was thinking of his death, and that made me weep.” The merchant believed this story and began to eat his soup. He too burned his mouth, so that he had tears in his eyes. The nobleman noticed it and asked the merchant, “Sir, why do you weep?” The merchant, who now saw that the nobleman had deceived (欺骗) him, answered, “My lord(=master), I am weeping because you were not hanged together with your brother.” 1. This story teaches us ______. A. not to eat in inns B. not to eat soup that is too hot C.to cry when we burn our mouth D. not to believe everything you hear 2. The nobleman did not tell the truth because he ______. A. was a nobleman felt ashamed C. was in an inn D. was angry 3. The nobleman should have ______. A. smiled with joy B. shouted with laughter C. told the truth D. scolded the waiter 4. It is probable that the nobleman ______. A. had no brother who was hanged B. had a very good brother C. knew the soup was too hot D. had never eaten soup 5. The merchant’s answer showed that be ______. A. was very happy B. believed the nobleman C. was angry with the nobleman D. had kind heart

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