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1. Germany is an European country. 2. It is so beautiful place that you must visit it. 3. What a terrible weather we have been having! 4. Suddenly I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. 5. What good time we had last night! 6. We shall spend three-day holiday together. 7. Sometimes I go to school by a taxi. 8. I didn’t go to the bed until midnight last night. 9. He is the captain of the team. 10. There is a car waiting in the front of the classroom. 11. After a hour or so we began to feel frightened. 12. Some people read the books or watch television while others have sports. 13. Why are you at home in such a fine weather? 14. He was elected a monitor of our class. 15. I am afraid to make a speech in the front of my classmates. 16. Man cannot live without the air. 17. Being able to afford a drink would be comfort in those tough times. 18. He was so angry that he struck his son in face. 19. —How about the Christmas evening party? —I should say it was success. 20. Wherever he goes, he makes it a rule to have a walk before the breakfast.

1. Now people get a lot of informations from TV. 2. They didn’t want me to do any work at family. 3. Boys and girls, don’t lose hearts. Do better next time. 4. They are of different size. 5. She said that she and my schoolmate all wished me success. 6. After class we become stranger at once. 7. They want me to devote all my time to my studies so that I’ll get marks in all my subject. 8. On the way up I was busy taking picture since the scenery was so beautiful. 9. There are advantage for students to work while studying at school. 10. I looked at his other hands.

1. Yesterday I met an old friend of me. 2. I came to understand that was not easy to earn money. 3. Some parents think useless for girls to go to school. 4. He bought a chocolate cake and put them in a secret place. 5. One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher. 6. It’s important that we should think over before doing anything. 7. The truck was moving so fast that the driver couldn’t control. 8. I apologized and controlled me at my best till the dinner started. 9. We must take part in social practice to prepare us well for our future. 10. The teacher did not punish for cheating but instead gave me a second chance. 11. People can hardly do some fishing there. 12. People in the US drink more coffee than people in any country. 13. The book is well worth reading it. 14. This book is cheap enough for him to buy it. 15. They found the letter hard to understand it. 16. This book is too hard for me to read it. 17. Nobody except you and she saw the prisoner run away. 18. I like a house with a beautiful garden in front, but I don’t have enough money to buy it. 19. I tried two different methods, yet either of them seemed to work very well. 20. I want some coffee, but there is nothing in the pot.

1. The development will bring us much more hopes and chances. 2. The Olympics are held each four years. 3. I hope you think about my request as soon as possibly. 4. I know you are particular interested in Human Rights. 5. As there is no air or water, there can be no life, too. 6. There were too many nice things that I didn’t know what to choose. 7. He decides to travel a lot and visit such many new places as possible. 8. I couldn’t see as clear as before. 9. The water in the river is so dirty that it smells terribly. 10. You always gave me specially attention and inspired me. 11. People both at home and abroad have been great helped by the new computer. 12. He has to work if he wants to live comfortable. 13. She is a brave and honesty girl. 14. It is much easy to make plans than to carry them out. 15. It is convenient for me to prepare for the exam than before. 16. The food smells deliciously. 17. The tree was put into a Christmas stand that holds the tree up straightly. 18. Is teaching kids English as interested as you expected in college? 19. We are all very much active and the activities are enjoyable. 20. We must return back to school this afternoon 21. She said her husband had given in smoking. 22. He said he would join us on the discussion. 23. I had to return the book back to the library in time. 24. My favorite pastime is listening to music, especial classical music. 25. How did you get on well with your study at school?

1. In Friday afternoon, some students took part in a speech activity. 2. In a few weeks the story was returned to her. 3. It was very fine when I got up early on last Sunday morning. 4. I rushed out the house as quickly as I could. 5. I had difficulty in grammar after I entered into the school. 6. He was punished because what he had done. 7. I am writing to thank you with your kind help. 8. She married to a man she didn’t love at all. 9. He makes a living for teaching. 10. It’s kind for you to come to see us. 11. The class is made up from 8 groups. 12. The letters PRC stand with the People’s Republic of China. 13. Hangzhou is famous as its beautiful scenery. 14. They said they’d be in holiday in the countryside. 15. Why did you get up so early in this morning? 16. He said that the victory (胜利) should belong with us. 17. He had known Joan for two years before he married with her. 18. I don’t know when he will come back to home. 19. People thought of that he was dead. 20. You will have to pay me for $ 10 a week for your meals. 21. Our time should be made good use to study. 22. He preferred staying at home to be going with us to HongKong. 23. I used to go to the cinema in once a week. 24. I have been waiting you for a long time. 25. My little brother is quite proud for his painting.

1. Our city is a modern city. It set up in the early 1980s. 2. Bad habits not come suddenly. 3. I rush over without delay, jumped into the water and swam towards him. 4. When a rabbit see something dangerous, it runs away. 5. It is I who is your true friend. 6. Three-fifths of his pay were spent on food and clothing. 7. Not I but he have been invited. 8. The nice car was belonged to the young lady. 9. The number of people who has watched the game was not more than a hundred. 10. His whole school education was added up to no more than one year. 11. The teacher with many students have gone to the exhibition. 12. My parents have promised to come to see me before I will leave for Africa. 13. My parents lived in Hong Kong. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. 14. Is either you or Li Lei going to be sent there? 15. Not only the students but also their teacher are enjoying the film. 16. When the police arrived, the thieves have run away. 17. His family is waiting for him. 18. Ever since graduating from college, I dreamed of taking a great bike trip. 19. The water was felt cool when I joined into the pool for morning exercise. 20. In the last few years, China made great achievements in environmental protection.

1. Why not to go and ask for his advice? 2. Not known her address, I can’t write to her. 3. His young patient was soon able to get up and ran about again. 4. It was kind of them to meet me at the station and drove me to their home. 5. Please excuse us for not able to say goodbye to you. 6. Having been ill for a long time, so she fell behind her classmates. 7. Look around when crossed the street. 8. He preferred to stay at home than to go out with you. 9. Today was my first time visit to an American family. 10. You need not to go with me unless you are free now. 11. They sat in the room with the curtains was drawn. 12. The bird being caught yesterday is a robin. 13. You’d better to hurry up if you want to get home before dark. 14. I was going to have my watch mend. 15. French is difficult learn. 16. Given more attention, and the trees could have grown better. 17. Cleaning women in big cities usually get paying by the hour. 18. If accepting for the job, you’ll be informed soon. 19. Anyone, once being tested positive for H7N9 flu virus, will receive free medical treatment from our government. 20. Let those in need to understand that we will go all out to help them.

1. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 2. The good news we were looking forward to arriving in the end. 3. Following the road and you will find the store. 4. Its tail, which is white, moving up and down as it runs. 5. Although he was sick, but he refused to go to the hospital. 6. Unless you help us, or we won’t be able to succeed. 7. Because he was careless, so he failed. 8. As soon as they reached the bank and they saw a girl struggling in the water. 9. The more he expects, and the less he gains. 10. If you study hard, and you will pass the exam.

1. Henry did not like his car, that often broke down. 2. I was impressed by the way which she did it. 3. Those that want to see the film sign up here. 4. I am sure you will find one you like it. 5. He had lost his glasses without them he couldn’t see. 6. I don’t know the man lives next door. 7. This is the house where we visited last time. 8. You must do everything which you can help them. (两处错误) 9. He is not such a man who would leave his work half done. 10. My hobbies are reading books and travelling, in which I find very interesting. 11. Which is known to us all, all that glitters is not gold. 12. His glasses, without them he could hardly see anything, were broken. 13. I will never forget the days when I spent on the farm. 14. He is one of the students who has passed the exam. 15. This is the reason why he explained.

1. In 1492, Columbus reached that is now called America. 2. It didn’t matter that I would win or not. 3. The reason why he didn’t come is because he never got the notice. 4. Whoever told you that he was lying. 5. Everything depends on if we have enough money. 6. The problem is we don’t have enough money. 7. Whoever break the law must be punished. 8. That you are doing is very difficult. 9. I have no idea what she is doing something. 10. We think possible that the local government will be able to solve the housing problem.

1. I leave until the rain stops. 2. He worked in Shanghai since he graduated from college. 3. He is happy, because he is poor. 4. No matter whatever happens, we will never lose hope. 5. Whether the weather is good nor bad, they will set off as planned. 6. They will go tomorrow if it rains. 7. In case of I forget, please remind me of my promise. 8. He made so rapid progress that the teacher praised him. 9. He won’t come unless being invited. 10. He couldn’t have seen me, though I was not there.

1. It was yesterday when he broke the window. 2. It was until midnight that it stopped raining. 3. When being asked why I was late, I didn’t say anything. 4. It is such an interesting book that we all like very much. 5. Be careful and you’ll fall into the river. 6. Since that I am the only child in my family, I am quite independent. 7. I was too tired not to walk any farther. 8. He is very old, and he still works very hard.

一、冠词:命题特点及改正方法:英语中冠词只有三个,只能从以下几个方向出题:不定冠词 a 和 an 互 改;不定冠词 a 或 an 和定冠词 the 互改;根据需要增删冠词。 1. an-a 2. place 前加 a 3. 去掉 a 4. 去掉 a 5. good 前加 a 6. three 前加 a 7. 去掉 a 8. 去掉 the 9. 去掉第一个 the 10. 去掉第一个 the 11. a-an 12. 去掉 the 13. 去掉 a 14. 去掉 a 15. 去掉 the 16. 去掉 the 17. comfort 前加 a 18. face 前加 the 19. success 前加 a 20. 去掉 the 二、名词:命题特点:本来用复数,却用单数;本来用单数,却用复数;本来是不可数名词,却用复数; 名词短语误用。改正方法:(1)根据名词前的修饰限定成份;(2)根据上下文的逻辑关系。 1. informations-information 2. family-home 3. hearts-heart 4. size-sizes 5. schoolmate-schoolmates 6. stranger-strangers 7. subject-subjects 8. picture-pictures 9. advantage-advantages 10. hands-hand 三、代词:命题特点:1. 人称代词的偷换错误;2. 人称代词数的一致问题;3.单数指代复数;3.代词词性 误用;4. 缺少人称代词;5. 人称代词格的一致问题 6. it 改正方法:联系上下文的逻辑关系。 1. me-mine 2. that-it 或 that 后加 it 3. useless 前加 it 4. them-it 5. to 前加 it 6. over 前加 it 7. control 后加 it 8. me-myself 9. us-ourselves 10. for 前加 me 11. some-any 12. any 后加 other 13. 去掉 it 14. 去掉 it 15. 去掉 it 16. 去掉 it 17. she-her 18. it-one 19. either-neither 20. nothing-none 四、形容词与副词:命题特点及改正方法:主要考查形容词和副词的误用、形容词及副词的比较级等。根 据形容词或副词的基本用法确定错误;修饰连系动词或名词用形容词;修饰行为动词、形容词、过去分词 及整个句子用副词。 1. much-many 2. each-every 3. possibly-possible 4. particular-particularly 5. too-either 6. too-so 7. such-as 8. clear-clearly 9. terribly-terrible 10. specially-special 11. great-greatly 12. comfortable-comfortably 13. honesty-honest 14. easy-easier 15. is 后加 more 16. deliciously- delicious 17. straightly-straight 18. interested-interesting 19. 去掉 much 20. 去掉 back 21. in-up 22. on-in 23. 去掉 back 24. especial- especially 25. 去掉 well 五、介词:命题特点及改正方法:介词涉及搭配错误,因此可从以下方面确定错误:介词的基本用法;习 惯搭配;动词词类确定错误。介词短语常常考,固定搭配要记牢。介词后边跟宾语,结合语境细推敲。 1. In-On 2. In-After 3. 去掉 on 4. out 后加 of 5. 去掉 into 6. because 后加 of 7. with-for 8. 去掉 to 9. for-by 10. for-of 11. from-of 12. with-for 13. as-for 14. 第一个 in-on 15. 去掉 in 16. with-to 17. 去掉 with 18. 去掉 to 19. 去掉 of 20. 去掉第一个 for 21. use 后加 of 22. 去掉 be 23. 去掉 in 24. wait 后加 for 25. for-of 六、时态语态与主谓一致:命题特点及改正方法:现在时态与过去时态、主动语态与被动语态的误用。做 题时,应注意把握文中动词时态的呼应规律,注意把握诸个并列动词的时态、语态的呼应规律。主谓一致 主要指主语是第三人称单数时,谓语动词形式的错误。因此做题时,要注意谓语 动词的形式要和句子 主语在人称和数上保持一致。 1, It 后加 was 2. habits 后加 do 3. rush-rushed 4. see-sees 5. is-am 6. were-was 7. have-has 8. 去掉 was 9. was-were 10. 去掉 was 11. have-has 12. 去掉 will 13. lived-live 14. Is-Are 15. are-is 16. have-had 17. are-is 18. dreamed 前加 a 19. 去掉 was 20. made 前加 has 七、非谓语动词:命题特点改正方法:谓语动词和非谓语动词的错用;动词不定式和动名词的错用;现在 分词和过去分词的错用。 1. 去掉 to 2. known-knowing 3. ran-run 4. drove-drive 5. not 后加 being 6. 去掉 so 7. crossed-crossing 8. 去掉 第二个 to 9. time 前加 to 10. 去掉 to 11. 去掉 was 12. 去掉 being 13. 去掉 to 14. mend-mended 15. learn 前加 to 16. 去掉 and 17. paying-paid 18. accepting-accepted 19. 去掉 being 20. 去掉 to 八、句子结构:命题特点改正方法:成分多余;简单句、并列句与复合句混淆;固定句式。分析句子结构。 1. 去掉 he 2. arriving-arrived 3. Following-Follow 4. moving-moves 5. 去掉 but 6. 去掉 or 7. 去掉 so 8. 去掉 and 9. 去掉 and 10. 去掉 and 九、定语从句:命题特点改正方法:关系代词与关系副词误用;漏掉关系词;成分多余。分析从句与先行 词的关系。 1. that-which 2. 去掉 which 或 which-that 或 which 前加 in 3. that-who 4. 去掉 it 4. them-which 5. them-which 6. man 后加 who 7. where-that/which 或去掉 where 8. which-that 或去掉 which, can 后加 to 9. who-as 10. 去掉 in 11. Which-As 12. them-which 13. when-that 或去掉 when 14. has-have 15. why-that/which 或去掉 why 十、名词性从句:命题特点改正方法:连接词误用;漏掉连接词;成分多余。分析从句性质和从句所缺成 分。 1. that-what 2. that-whether 3. because-that 4. 去掉 he 5. if-whether 6. we 前加 that 7. break-breaks 8. That-What 9. 去掉 something 10. possible 前加 it 十一、状语从句:命题特点改正方法:连接词误用;状语从句的省略。分析从句性质和从句所缺成分。 1. leave 前加 won’t 2. worked 前加 has 3. because-though 4. whatever-what 5. nor-or 6. if-unless 或 will 后加 not 7. 去掉 of 8. so-such 9. 去掉 being 10. though-because 十二、特殊句式及上下文逻辑关系: 1. when-that 2. was 后加 not 3. 去掉 being 4. like 后加 it 或 that-as 5. and-or 6. Since-Though/Although 7. 去掉 not 8. and-but

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