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Module 1
The Wrong Kind of Small Talk

Teaching aims:
1.Learn some new words
2.Improve the ability of skimming and grasp the key words and topic sentences 3.Learn the basic rules of small talk and the different culture between the east and the west.

Skim the passage, and try to answer the questions: (find some key words or topic sentences) said the first thing to She
come into her head .

What is your first impression of Esther? Do She didn’t think about you Like her? she said. what outspoken be cautious about not cautious about other people’s =care about feelings…

Careful reading


1.Do you think she was a good saleswoman? Why?( find her characteristics /shortcomings)

as a consequence

the ______kind of wrong small talk
never learn____________ basic rules

made systematic mistakes

it was no coincidence that
She wasn’t a good saleswoman.

of social communication

2.Exercise: 1. Which sentence can be replaced by ―Whenever I say something, I always make mistakes and make people feel awkward and uncomfortable.‖ Every time I open my mouth, I put my foot in it.
2. It was no coincidence either that she wasn’t a very good saleswoman. A. It was certain that she wasn’t a good saleswoman. B. It was surprising that she wasn’t a good saleswoman.

1. Why did the customer look awkward? Because she didn’t want to say her age.

2.If you were Esther, you met your old customer, what should you say to her? You look much younger in this red coat.
A nice haircut, isn’t it? …

1.Guess the meaning of ―when is your baby due?‖

2.Did Esther really feel sorry when she knew the typist wasn’t pregnant? No. Without any apology

1. What happened to the salesman?
He was going through a very messy divorce and was very depressed. 2. What was her mistake?

She was never cautious about other people’s feelings.

Try to find the topic sentence of the eight paragraphs. Much of the time, Esther said the first thing to come into her head. Or:

The trouble with Esther was she said what she thought, and didn’t think about what she said.

Translate the sentence: 1.You’re writing a book and I’m reading one.

The book you are writing is similar to the one I’m reading. Maybe you’re copying…

“I guess the company chose me so they’d get some peace in the office,” he smiled. “No, I guess they chose you to discourage you from spending your whole career with us,” Esther replied sweetly.

他笑着说:“公司选择我是为了他们能在公司里得 到一点安宁。”埃斯特亲切地回答:―不是的,我想 他们之所以选中你是因为不想让你一辈子都跟着 我们干。 discourage sb from doing sth

Which mistake did she make? She shouldn’t talk about other people’s private matters.

firm Esther was a saleswoman for a ____ but __________ outspoken human being she was the most___________________ shortcoming in the world. Her major ___________ was wrong that she often made the ______ kind of small talk and she had never learnt the basic rulesof social communication. She __________ cautious was never_______ about other people’s As a consequence feelings. _______________, she often every time made mistakes ________ she opened her mouth.

1 讲错话 2 缺乏、缺少 3 因此 4 绝非偶然/巧合 5 看上去很尴尬 6 因某事向某人道歉 7 体重增加 8 在乎,关心 9 经历;经受 10 使某人振作 11 打消某人做某事的念头 1 她是世界上最口无遮拦的人 2 她的座右铭是“每当我张口,就会讲错话”。 3 埃斯特的主要缺点是她根本不会闲聊。 4 实际上,她从来就没有学过社交的基本规则,因此每次 开口说话她都会犯经常性的错误。 5 她不是一个好的女推销员绝非偶然。 6 埃斯特从来不注意他人的感受。 7 大多数时间,埃斯特想到了什么就说什么。 8 埃斯特的问题是她想到什么就说什么,而且从不考虑她 说的话。

Making friends in the USA
Part 1: Features of conversation : Para 1 1)conversation: why – less lively? Not talking at the same _____________________ time. Part2: How and what to talk about: ( Para 2– Para 8 )
talk about jobs 2) not sure what to talk about---_______________. factual matters 3) talk more about feelings, but less about______________. close friends 4)highly personal conversation, but not mean___________. 5)few /many Americans worry about questions /safe topics ___________________. the arguing topics 6)dislike arguments and avoid __________________. age and money 7—8): dangerous topics: __________________. Part 3: attention (suggestion) : Para 9 silence what to dislike:_________________.

Making Friends in the USA

1. 当有人发表见解时,不管他说的多磨无聊,每个人都应该倾听。 2. 工作体现着我们的特质,而且我们通常乐意去谈他们,除非你 是个间谍! 3. 有些人说美国人谈论感情要比亚洲人多,但他们对现实的事情 却避而不谈。 4.两人认识很短一段时间后,可能会有一些亲密的交谈,这并不意 味着你们是亲密的朋友或关系非常好。 5. 但是极少数美国人会担心你可能提出的问题,尤其是你明显表 现出你了解文化差异时,在问你相似的问题之前他们会犹豫。 6. 没有格外尊敬老人的规定或迹象。不管怎样,美国人总是想让 自己看起来比他们的真实年龄年轻些,因此别指望他们给出确切 的回答! 7. 收入是很私人的事情,你最好避免问别人挣多少钱,尽管有些 人对此不仅不加隐瞒,而且还有炫耀之意。 8. 但是我们不喜欢沉默不语,几乎任何事情都比宴会冷清、宾客 沉默所带来的尴尬要好。

Making Friends in the USA 1. When someone talks , everyone is expected to listen , no matter how dull the person's speaking may be . 2. We're defined by our jobs and we're usually happy to talk about them , unless you are a spy . 3. it's best to avoid politics , religion and other sensitive topics . 4. A highly personal conversation can take place after a very short period of knowing someone , but this doesn't mean that you're close friends , or the relationship is very deep . 5. But while few Americans will worry about the questions you may ask , particularly if you show you're aware of cultural differences , they may hesitate before they ask you similar questions . 6. There are no special rules or signs of extra respect for elderly people . 7. Income is a very private matter ........but show off their wealth . 8. But what we don't like is silence , and almost anything ..... silent guest .

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