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Book3 unit3 The million pound bank note

? 1.I’ll just wander the mall for ? about half an hour. ? I wandered about the shops , ? wondering what to buy. ? ★ 句中 wander和wonder一样吗?

? 巧学活用 ? ①Worried about the safety of my child in such a heavy rainstorm ,my attention began C to ___ off my work. ? A. wonder B. separate C. wander D. divide ? ② We were having class when a sudden B noise set my mind ____. ? A. flying B. wandering C. racing D. flowing

? 2. ①The building was like a prison in appearance. ? ②We should not judge a person by his ? appearance. ? by all appearances 显然 ? in appearance 看起来;外表上 ? make one’s appearance 登台,出现 D ? ※The environmentalists said wild goats’___ on the vast grasslands was a good indication of the better environment. ? A. escape B. absence ? C. attendance D. appearance

? 3.一句背诵 ? It is good manners to say “thank you “ when someone helps you. Why are you talking in ? such an impolite manner? ? 有人帮忙时说声’谢谢’ 是有礼貌的 行为,你为什么却用这种不礼貌的方 式谈话?

4.go ahead前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说 运用:请说出go ahead在句中的意思。 ⑴ I’ll go ahead and tell them you’re on the way. 走在前面,先走 ⑵ The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned . 将按计划进行修建

⑶ —May I start now? —Yes,go ahead . 可以,请开始吧

? eg.I wonder if I could possibly use your car tonight ? ? _ Sure ,go ahead .I’m not using it anyhow. ? go over 审查;查阅;复习 ? go through 遭受;经历;通过 ? go without 没有…也行;将就 ? go against 违背;反对,(无被动) ? go around/about (疾病,消息等)传播 ? go by 路过,(时间等)过去 ? go after 追求;设法获得 ? go in for 从事;爱好 ? go up 上升,上涨

? 巧学活用 ? ①There’s no money for a holiday this year; without we’ll just have to go ________. ? 今年我们没钱去度假了,我们只能将就着不度假 了。 ? ②_ I wonder if you’d mind me asking you some personal questions . A ? _No, not at all.______. ? A. Go ahead B. No way ? C. That’s it D. Help yourself

5.patient adj.有耐性的 n.病人 ___________adv.耐心地; patiently

___________adj. 没有耐性的 impatient
___________adv. 没有耐性地 impatiently patience ___________n. 耐性

⑴ The parents lost ___________ (patient) patience with his naughty son even wanted to give him up.

⑵ Generally speaking,most teachers are with patient _______ students and kind to them.
⑶ As a nursery teacher,you mustn’t be impatient ____________ (patient) with the children.

6.seek v.(sought,sought)寻找;探索;寻求

seek sb’s advice/help 征求意见/求帮助 seek to do sth.试图去做 seek help from sb向某人求助 seek your fortune 外出寻找发财机会 seek sb./sth.out 挑选出,物色
派生:seeker(n.)找寻者,追求者 job-seeker 求职者


⑴ They have sought __________ (improve) to improve their English learning these days.
⑵ She managed to calm him down and seek help _________ a neighbour. from

7.contrary n. 反面;对立面 adj. 相反的;相违的 on the contrary 正相反 contrary to与……相反

⑴ You’re quite free now,I think,_____ on the ___________I have tons of things to do! contrary ⑵_____________ expectation,he didn’t Contrary to win in the match.(adv.)

? 8.Nick can stay , but as for you,you can get out of my sight.. ? 尼克可以留下来,但是至于你,可以从我眼前消 失了。 ? He’s very certain as to whether it’s the right job for him. ? 关于他是否适合这个工作,他实在是拿不准。 ? We sorted eggs as to size and colour. ? ★as for‘至于“常用于单句或并列句之首,用来 引入新话题,所引话题常带有消极或轻视之意。 ? as to’至于;关于;根据‘尤其用于争论和作出 决定时,较前者正式,且as to可跟宾语从句。

? 巧学活用 ? She could stay for one day or two C days ,but ____whether she is staying for a week, it would be out of the question. ? A. as for B. as far as ? C. as to D. but for

? ? ? ?

9.it’s one’s fault (that)……是某人的错 find fault with sb. 挑某人的毛病 at fault 有错;有责任 辨析如下 ① fault多指行为上的过失,性格上的弱点,强 调对过失应负的责任 ? ②mistake 错误,误会,误解,弄错。多指缺乏 正确理解而造成的行为上,认识上的错误。 ? ③error较正式,常指按某一既定标准而发生的 错误,如;印刷错误,笔误,计算错误,技术错 误,语法错误等;也指品德上的错误,常可与 mistake互换 ? ④do sth. by mistake(=do sth.in error)错误的 做某事

? eg.1. It’s his own fault that he failed in the examination. ? 2.It was a mistake to leave my umbrella at home. ? 3.You make an error in your calculations.

? 巧学活用
fault ① She’s always finding ____with me . mistake ②I took your bag instead of mine by ____. ③He made an error in pronunciation. _____ C ④He is such a man who is always ____ fault with other people. ? A. putting B. seeking ? C. finding D. looking for ? ? ? ?

? 10。Why don’t you explain what this is all about? ? 你为什么不解释一下这是怎么回事啊? ? explain (to sb.)+ why /how/what/that… 从句 ? explain to sb. sth = explain sth. to sb. ? 向某人解释某事 ? explanation n.解释,说明,阐述

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

拓展 下列动词后加sb. 时不能省略to; explain to sb. sth. reply to sb. sth. express to sb. sth. suggest to sb. that announce to sb. that apologize to sb. for sth respond to sb. /sth

? 巧学活用 ? 改错 ? ①Please explain me this rule.
? me→to me

? ②I don’t understand your argument .Could you explain by yourself a bit more?

? 11.教材原句I did hear that the Bank of England had issued two notes in this amount… ? 我的确听说用英格兰银行已经发行了两张这个数 额的钞票… ? issue a newspaper 发行一种报纸(vt.) ? an issue of a newspaper 一种报纸的发行(n.) ? issue from 从…流出(vi.) ? blood issuing from a wound 从伤口流出血 ? raise a new issue 提出一个新议题

? 巧学活用 ? An army spokesman stressed that all the soldiers had been ordered A ____ clear warning before firing any shots. ? A. to issue B. being issued ? C. to have issued D. to be issued

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Practice ①你不能在这儿吸烟。 not permitted to smoke here. You are _________________ ②没有许可证他不能在这儿工作。 without a permit He can’t work here _________________. ③Time permitting ,I’ll come back soon. If time permits =__________________, I’ll come back soon.

? ④他经常就考试结果和父母打赌。 with ? He always bets _____ his parents ___the result of the exam. on ? ⑤昨天他赌输了。 lost the bet ? Yesterday he__________________.
make a bet with sb. 同某人打赌 have a bet on sth.关于某人/某物打赌 place/put a bet on sth.在某事/某物上下赌注 win/lose a bet 赢/输一场赌

? ⑥- Going to the party on Saturday? A ? - _______ ? A. You bet! B. I bet C. Cheer up D. You can do it. I bet (that) … 我敢说… You bet! 当然!的确! ⑦-Do you think that housing price will keep B _____ in the years to come? -Sorry ,I have no idea. A. lifting up B. going up C. bringing up D. growing up


? ? ?

D ? ⑧’The interest ____be divided into five parts ,according to the agreement made by both sides .’declared the judge. ? A. may B. should ? C. must D. shall If you‘ve won for me ,you shall have any job as my gift. Candidates shall remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected. shall 与第二,三人称连用,表说话者的命令 或指示;当宣布法律时,也有此用法

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