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Unit 4

Astronomy: the science of the stars 导学案

Period 4: Using language Reading: A Visit to the Moon 编写人:王 艳 A positive attitude will have positive results,

because attitudes are contagious. 积极的态度会带来积极的结果,因为态度是具有感染力的。 Teaching objectives: 1. 全面理解课文。 2. 探究练习单元重点短语和句型,提升语言运用能力。 3. 学习英语,热爱科学。 Teaching procedures: Step 1. Pre-view check: 1.有机会做某事 6. 既然 2. 去旅行 7. 过了一会 3. 靠近,接近 8. 爆发 4. 高兴,振奋起来 9. 熟悉,掌握,理解 5. 向前迈步 10. 玩的开心 Step 2.Competition Part 1: True or False (If you think it is false, tell us the right one) 1. The earth moves around the sun. 2. It takes the moon one day to move around the earth for a round. 3. Earth is the only planet moving around the sun. 4. There is atmosphere on the moon. 5. There is no gravity on the moon. Part 2: Multiple Choices: 1._____ was the first person landing on the moon? A. Armstrong B. Yang liwei C. Tom Cruise D. Issac Newton 2. When did Armstrong land on the moon? A. 1921 B. 1969 C. 1954 D. 1949 3. Who is the first Chinese astronaut to go into space? A. Yang liwei B. Nie haisheng C. Fei junlong D. Zhai zhigang 4. When did Yang Liwei go to the space? A. Oct, 2003 B. Jan, 2003 C. Oct, 2004 D. Jan, 2002 5. So far, how many countries have succeeded in sending people up to space? A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

Step 3 Fast reading: Read the passage quickly, and find out the topic of each paragraph:
Para( Para( Para( Para( ): ): ): ): The things I did on the moon. We turned back to the earth. Last month, we visited the moon. How the force of gravity changed when we traveled from the earth

Step 4:Detail reading Please read the passage and underline the sentences about the change of the gravity and our weight during the journey.(match them together) The change of gravity On the moon disappearing Gravity in space strong On the earth very light

The change of my weight On the moon heavy Weight in space weightless On the earth weigh less (one -sixth) Step 5 Summary Last month I visited the moon with my friend. Before we left, I was told the force of g_____ would change three times on our journey. Then we took off. As we left the earth, I became very h_____. Gradually the weight l_______. When I was in space, it d__________. We f_______ weightlessly in the cabin and I c_____ ___. When I was on the moon, I was surprised to find out even walking needs lots of practice n__ ____ gravity changed. The returning of the earth was very f_________. We were amazed to watch fire b____ ____ on the outside of the ship. Step 6. Languange points
1. But when I try to step forward, I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over. twice as ?as? “是?的两倍 ” 1.“A + be + 倍数 + as +形容词原级 + as + B”.


2.“A + be + 倍数 +形容词比较级 + than + B ” 3....times+the+名词(size, height, weight, length, width)+of 即学即练:1.1)The library in our school is six times as big as that in yours. 2)The library in our school is ___ ____ _____ than that in yours. 3)The library in our school is __ _____ the ___ of that in yours. 2.这条河是那条河的两倍宽。 1.)____________________________________________________________________________ 2.)____________________________________________________________________________ 3.)____________________________________________________________________________ 3.这块石头的重量是那块石头的三倍。 1.)____________________________________________________________________________ 2.)____________________________________________________________________________ 3.)____________________________________________________________________________ 2.“Oh, dear,” I cried, “walking does(表强调) need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.” now that+ 从句: 既然;由于 eg. Now that you have finished the work, you should have a rest. (1.) 既然你来到这里,你就应该好好学习。 _______________________________________________ (2.)____you’ve got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. A. Now that B. After C. Although D. As soon as 3.break out:( 指战争,灾难,疾病等的)爆发 与 break 相关的短语: break down 打破; 毁掉; 坏掉 break in 破门而入; 打断 break through 突围; 突破 break up 打碎; 拆散; 分裂; break one's word 食言; 说话不算数 1.)The bridge ___________in last earthquake. 2.)She has ____________ our conversation. 3.)A fire __________ in his house last night. 4.)Their marriage ___________ last month. Step 7 Homework 1. Read the passage after class, and review what we have learned today. 2. Copy the important phrases (10+1).

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