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Unit3 Travel journal

The Great Wall

The Yellow Mountain



The Forbidden City





People travel for different purposes:
?enjoy the beauty of nature ?learn about the outside world ?get excitement or relax oneself ?do some research ?study wildlife or plants ?be interested in delicious food ?do business or make friends …


Journey Down The Mekong

Which countries does the Mekong River flow through?
China, 中国 Laos, 老挝 Myanmar,缅甸 Thailand, 泰国 Cambodia柬埔寨 Vietnam. 越南

The mother river of Southeast Asia

Learning aims:
? 1.To understand the reading passage. ? 2.To develop our reading and expressing skills . ? 3.To learn about the value of traveling.

Self-exploration Self-exploration


Task 1:Match the paragraph and the main idea.

Para 1

Different attitudes between them Reading skill: When skimming, you can find
the key words to help you get the structure Take a great bike trip along the Para 2main idea of a passage. and the Mekong River.

Para 3

The preparation before the trip & details about Mekong River.

Task 2:True or False 1. Dao Wei and Yu Huang belong to the Han nationality. F 2. Some of the Dai live in Western Yunnan. T

3. The Mekong River is in China and it includes the Lancang River. F
4. Although it is not easy to travel along the Mekong River, Wang Wei insisted on doing so. T 5. The Tibetan Mountain where the Mekong River begins is 5,000 meters high. F

Cooperation Task1:Answer the questions: 1.What can you see when you travel along the Mekong?
You can see the source glacier ,rapids, hills, valleys, waterfalls and plains.


2.What difficulties did Wang Kun and Wang Wei find about their journey?
The journey will begin at an altitude of more than 5,000 metres, where it is hard to breathe and very cold.

Task3: Which of the sentence in the passage is closest in meaning to the following one: She looked at me in a determined way, which showed that she would not give up her plan.

She give me a determined look-the kind that said that she would not change her mind.


Difficult sentences

Task 4:Translate the sentence into Chinese: 1.Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly.

虽然她对去某些地方的最佳路线并不清楚 ,但 是她却坚持由她把这次旅行安排地尽善尽美。

1. 表示“坚决主张;坚持要求”,接that从句(从句的 动作为将要发生之事),谓语多为 should型的虚拟语气 即:主语+ should(可省略)+动词原形。如: He insisted that we (should) accept these gifts. 他一定要我们收下这些礼物。 Jane insisted that he be present. 简坚持要他出席。

2. 表示“坚持说;坚决认为(多与别人的观点不 同)”,接that从句(从句的动作多为已发生之事), 从句使用陈述语气。如: She insisted that he was wrong. 她坚持认为他错了。

3.用于“insist on / upon + 名词或代词或 动词-ing 形式”结构中。如: He insisted on / upon my going with him. 他坚持要我跟他一起去。 (= He insisted that I [should] go with him.) I insist on seeing it. 我一定要见到它。 (= I insist that I see it.) 4. if you insist 常用于口语中,表示勉强同意。如: All right, I’ll do it, if you insist. 好吧,如果你一定要我干这事,我就去干。

链接高考 1. The man insisted ______ a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding 2. — How do you ______ we go to Beijing for our holidays? — I think we’d better fly there. It’s much more comfortable. A. insist B. imagine C. suppose D. suggest 3. He insisted that he ______ right, and so he insisted that his plan ______carried out at once. A. was; be B. be; would be C. was; was D. be; should be

Task 5: Analyze the following sentence
It becomes rapids as it passes through deep valleys, travelling across western Yunnan Province. 时间状语从句 伴随状语,用现在分词,表示与主语 为主动关系;若为被动关系,应用过 去分词

Exx. ①She watched the film, weeping __________ sighing (weep ) and __________ (sigh). surrounded ②The teacher stood there, _________ (surround) by a lot of students.

Consolidation Wang Kun and Wang Wei have _________ dreamed about taking a great bike trip. when they graduated __________ from college. They _______ to _____ decided cycle cousins along the Mekong River with their ________. stubborn Wang Wei is very _________. Once she is determined __________ to do something she will never change _______ her mind. Although it is difficult to travel along the Mekong River by bike, she ________ that they find the ________ of the insisted source river and begin their journey there.

A Summary

The couple started in 2008. They know little English but backpacked through 40 countries in four years.

Extensive Application

Pair work

1.Make an interview about an unforgetable trip. 2.Act out your interview.

Useful expressions
?Have you ever been to some places? ? What is the most exciting place you have ever been to?

What do you think of the place? ? How do you find the place? ? What is the city famous for? ? Would you please tell me something about the places of interest in the city? ? I’d like to look around the city. ? How I wish I could go there someday!

Required: Write a passage about your trip. (100----150 words) Optional: Search the internet and find some information about the information of the Mekong River.

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