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1 SCOPE 范围 1.1 Products and Components Covered 涵盖产品和组件 Suppliers that are required to be certified as determined by Product Integrity. 要求供应商必须符合产品完整性定义。 1.2 Exemptions 豁免 Suppliers of paint, ink, powder coating, lacquer (varnish) and dyes for VUM must be certified per the following: 油漆,油墨,粉末涂料,漆供应商(漆)和染料发誓要符合以下每个内容: . GQMP 0006-2109, Certification Process: Category 1 Surface Coating Supplier GQMP,认证过程 0006-2109:第 1 类表面涂层供应商 . GQMP 0006-2110, Certification Process: Category 2 Surface Coating Supplier GQMP,认证过程 0006-2110:第 2 类表面涂层供应商 . GQMP 0006-2111, Certification Process: Category 3 Surface Coating Supplier GQMP,认证过程 0006-2111:第 3 类表面涂层供应商 1.3 Definitions (Words that are defined are italicized and bolded once per section) 1.3 定义(词的定义是斜体和粗体一次,每次一节) Batch: A quantity of homogeneous material that has been produced in a single continuous operation under a defined set of conditions. 批次:一些均质材料在一个连续操作条件下已批量生产设置的定义。 Certified Supplier: A supplier who has been certified by Mattel per this document. 合格供应商:供应商符合美泰公司的每一个文件。 Provisional Certification: Status granted to a new supplier that allows them to sell materials or components to Mattel while qualifying as a Certified Supplier. 临时认证:状态给予了新的供应商,允许他们出售的材料或以美泰组件,同时为供应商资格认证 Subcontractor: A third party that is paid by a supplier to add a process step(s) to raw materials or semi-finished goods in the manufacture of components for Mattel. Examples of subcontracting activities include but are not limited to the following: 分包商:一种是由第三方供应商支付给添加一个处理步骤(县)原料或半制成品在为美泰部件制造。例子分包活动, 包括但不限于以下内容: a) A manufacturer used primarily to perform a specific process (i.e., injection molding, blow molding, rotocasting and extrusion) because the subcontractor has the expertise and equipment to provide the service or support production during peak season. 1)制造商主要用于执行特定程序(即,注塑成型,吹塑成型,滚塑和挤压) ,因为有专业知识和分包商设备提供的 服务或支持生产旺季 b) If material or semi-finished component is provided to perform specific tasks to manufacture a Mattel component (e.g., sewing processes, surface coating decoration, etc.). b)如果材料或半成品组件是提供给执行特定任务,以制造一 美泰玩具组件(如缝纫工艺,表面涂层装饰,等等) Test Report: A document issued by a Mattel-approved testing laboratory containing quantitative results. All test

reports must be signed and dated by the test technician who conducted the test, as well as the lab manager. 测试报告:由美泰公司认可的测试实验室发出包含定量的文件的结果。所有的测试报告必须签署有测试技术员、 进行的测试日期,以及实验室经理 Traceability: The ability to trace the history of a material or component via date code, batch number, or other equivalent method, from its incoming raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process. 可追溯性:能够通过日期代码、批号,或其它方法从来料到整个生产过程追溯到源材料或配件的来历。 1.4 Purpose 目的 To assure all materials and components sourced from a supplier who has quality systems that are acceptable by Mattel. 为了保证所有的材料和组件及供应商的质量体系是美泰可以接受的。 Mattel operates under the premise that any supplier is fully responsible for their products and required to develop an effective total quality system that encompasses business aspects based on defect prevention rather than defect detection. 美泰公司经营的前提下,任何供应商全面负责其产品和负责任需要建立一个有效的全面质量体系,它包括业务方 面的基础对缺陷预防而不是缺陷检测 2 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS 0.2 业绩要求 2.1 To become a Certified Supplier, the proposed supplier must obtain ≥ 75% score, plus complete compliance (i.e., degree of compliance = 3) on all requirements signified by the .. diamond icon and ? delta icon on the Audit Checklist and Report (Reference Appendix 1) [except §]. Each individual section on the audit checklist must meet a minimum score of 50%. 2.1 要成为一名合格供应商,被推荐的供应商必须取得≥75%的分数,加上完整遵守(即符合规定的程度= 3) 的所有要求,标志了钻石图标和 ? 图标的审核检查表和报告书(参考附录一)[除了],审计清单上的每 个个人的部分必须满足 50%的最低得分。 2.1.1 If Supplier engages in subcontracting, the Subcontractor must be certified by Mattel per GQMP 0006-2120, Subcontractor Certification Process. 2.1.1 若供应商在从事转包,分包商必须由美泰每 GQMP 0006-2120,分包商的认证过程。 Any supplier that subcontracts without notifying Mattel must be disqualified and will not be re-certified. 任何供应商,分包合同未经通知美泰必须被取消资格,并且不会重新认证。 2.2 Provisional Certification [except §] may be granted if a score ≥ 50% is achieved and a commitment to address corrective actions within 6 months per §2.5 2.2 临时认证[除了]可能会获得一个分数≥50%,达到和承诺在 6 § 2.5 个月从事完成纠正行动 2.3 Supplier must be re-certified within one year of original certification plus one month. If this time lapses without a successful re-certification, then the supplier must be removed as a certified supplier until re-certified. 2.3 供应商必须重新认证在原认证一年加 1 个月内。如果这一次没有成功的重新认证失效,那么供应商必须被 删除一认证的供应商,直到重新认证。 2.4 Disqualification 不合格 2.4.1 Suppliers are disqualified for failure of their material to comply with Mattel safety and regulatory requirements unless there is a root cause analysis and corrective action plan to prevent this issue from happening again as well as approval from Senior Director PI, Fisher Price or Vice President PI, Asia Manufacturing. 2.4.1 供应商资格为他们的物质不符合安全及美泰监管规定,除非有一个根本原因分析和纠正行动计划为防止再 次发生,以及从有 PI 高级主管费雪儿或 PI 亚洲制造业副总批准这个问题, 。 If approval has been granted per GQMP 0006-2002, Product and Process Deviations, supplier must undergo probationary period with more stringent testing requirements than the required by applicable GQMP’s. 如果批准了每 GQMP 0006-2002,产品和工艺获偏差,供应商必须经过更严格的试用期比规定的测试要 求适用 GQMP 的。 If the source is determined to be disqualified: 如果来源是决心要被取消资格 Suppliers may re-apply one time only for certified status no sooner than one year from the date of their disqualification. 供应商可重新申请一次认证地位,从他们不合格的日期就一年时间。 If a supplier becomes disqualified at one Mattel manufacturing operation, that supplier is automatically disqualified at all Mattel manufacturing operations. Any source whose supplier is disqualified must notify to the following individuals: 如果供应商之一在美泰制造过程成为不合格, 该供应商将自动在美泰公司所有制造业中取消资格, 其供 应商取消资格的原始资料必须通知到以下个人: . Product Integrity Head of Department at Mattel Plants 美泰工厂产品完整性主管部门 . Director, Supplier Certification at MAPS 供应商管理分析与规划系统审核算主管 . Vice President, Global Procurement Asia 全球亚洲采购副总裁 . Senior Director Product Integrity, Fisher Price. Vice President Product Integrity, Asia Manufacturing 产品的完整性高级主管,费雪儿。亚洲制造产品完整性副总裁, The Supplier Audit Report must be stamped with a “Disqualified” stamp and the date of disqualification must be recorded. 的供应商审计报告必须盖有一个“不合格”印记和必须予以记录取消资格的日期。 For in-process or open orders from a disqualified supplier, the plant must have a materials control and containment plan while the supplier is being replaced. 对于不合格供应商的在进程内或未结订单, 工厂必须 有一个材料的控制和遏制计划,同时正在替换供应商。 2.5 Provisional Certification 2.5 临时认证 2.5.1 A provisional certification is awarded to those suppliers who: . score at least 50% but less than 75%, without major failure(s) (i.e., degree of compliance = 0 or 1) on requirements identified as ? delta icon . score ≥ 75% with a degree of compliance less than 3 for any clause identified as .. diamond icon, and without major failure(s) (i.e., degree of compliance = 0 or 1) on requirements identified as ? delta icon . if the supplier commits to completing all corrective actions within a 6-month time period from the date of the first audit 2.5.1 认证的临时批给供应商评分至少 50%,但低于 75%,无重大问题(即符合程度= 0 或 1)作为 ? 三角图标 确定的要求≥75%。一些识别条款钻石图标评分小于 3 分,无重大问题(即合格= 0 或 1 度作为 ? 三角图标来标 识要求) 。如果供应商承诺在 6 个月的时间内从第一次审计之日全部完成纠正措施 2.5.2 Each individual section on the audit checklist must meet a minimum score of 50%. 2.5.2 审计清单上的每个个人部分必须满足 50%的最低得分。 2.5.3 If certification status is not achieved within this 6 month provisional time period, the supplier’s audit report is marked “Not Certified”. This supplier cannot re-apply for certification status until 12-months waiting period has passed. 2.5.3 如果认证状态也不在此 6 个月的时间内取得临时,供应商的审计报告是标记为“未认证”。这供应商不能重 新申请认证,直到 12 个月的等待时间状况已经过去。 2.5.4 Provisional Certification is granted to a supplier only once. .2.5.4 临时认证是授予一个供应商只有一次 2.5.5 If a supplier’s provisional certification expires without the supplier achieving certification status, the next time that supplier is audited, provisional certification is not an option. 2.5.5 如果一个供应商的临时认证到期没有完成审核,下次供应商审核,临时认证没有选择权。 3 TEST METHODS 3 测试方法 3.1 Test Environment (N/A) 测试环境 3.2 Equipment (N/A) 设备 3.3 General Requirements 通用要求 3.3.1 The team who will be conducting the audit must consist of at least one person from the Quality Organization and one person from Purchasing. In addition, a Mattel person who has some technical expertise in the material or component that will be audited may be included. 3.3.1 该小组将进行审核,必须至少有一人来自于质量组织,一个人来自于采购。此外,美泰人员具有一定的材料 或组件的专业知识,包括审核的经验在内。

3.4 Procedure 程序 3.4.1 Perform an on-site audit using the Audit Checklist and Report (Reference Appendix 1). Findings must be based on a random sampling plan. 3.4.1 执行现场审核用审核检查表及审计报告(参考附录 1) 。调查结果必须基于一个随机 抽样计划。 An on-site audit is not required for those manufacturers who have a recognized standing in the industry for high quality materials or components and a worldwide reputation as a leading supplier, e.g., Merck, Ciba-Geigy, Sherwin Williams, BASF, and DuPont. Supplier must fill out the Source Evaluation Report (Reference Appendix 2) and return it to Quality head of department at Mattel for approval. 一个现场审核并不要求厂商在业界拥有的公认高品质的材料、配件位置和是全球知名领先供应商如:默 克站立,汽巴嘉基公司,宣威威廉姆斯,巴斯夫和杜邦。供应商必须填写原始资料评估报告(参考附录二) ,并 交回给美泰质量部门负责人批准。 3.4.2 Define the testing frequency during the supplier certification process. 3.4.2 在供应商的认证过程规定的测试频率。 3.4.3 Supplier must fill out the Declaration of Compliance (Reference Appendix 3). DOC form used by Supplier may be accepted if the document contains the requested information per Appendix 3. 3.4.3 供应商必须填写承诺声明(参考附录 3) 。DOC 表格在供应商使用前是可被接受,是否该文件包含了附件 3 资料的每一要求。 4 HISTORY 来历 4.1 Significance 重要性 Issues with non-conforming Mattel products reaching consumers, requiring recalls and other costly remedial actions, have prompted the company to establish new policies and procedures regarding the handling of materials and components.Carefully controlling and monitoring the handling of these materials and components will significantly reduce the risk of making non-conforming product. 流出的非符合美泰的产品到达消费者,需要召回或其它昂贵的补救行动,促使该公司建立新的政策和程序处理有 关的材料和部件。要控制和监测这些材料和部件的处理将大大减少制造不合格产品的风险。 4.2 Reason For Revision 修正的原因 Section 章节 1.3 Revision G 版次 - Adds definition for Batch 增加了批次的定义 - Updates definition for Subcontractor 更新了转包商定义 - Adds definition for Test Report 增加了测试报告定义 - Adds definition for Traceability 增加了可追溯性定义 Adds penalty for suppliers engaging in subcontracting without notifying Mattel 增加了对供应商转包不通知美泰的处罚 - Removes use of the Probation Request Form 消除了试用请求使用表格 - Adds reference to GQMP 0006-2002, Product and Process Deviations 添加 关于 GQMP 0006-2002,产品和工艺偏差 Adds requirement to notify of any disqualified supplier 增加了对不合格供应商的通知要求 Adds requirement to stamp a Supplier Audit Report with a “Disqualified” stamp if the source if determined to be disqualified 增加了对供应商审核报告的盖章要求和不合格标志如果确定源已被取 消资格 Adds the use of Supplier’s form as accepted document 增加了供应商作为接受使用的文件形式 1 Removes diamond icon for clauses 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 删除第 5.1.5 和 5.1.6 为钻石图示 Adds “raw material sources” and “engages in subcontracting” 增加了对“原材料来源”和“从事于转包” Implementation 实施 Editorial

Immediate 立即 Immediate 立即

Immediate 立即 Immediate 立即

3.4.3 Appendix 附录 1 Appendix 3 附录 3

Editorial Editorial

Immediate 立即

Appendix 4 附录 4

Removes Appendix “Probation Request Form” 清除了附录“试用申请书”


Section 章节 1.3 2.6.1

Revision F

版本 F

Implementation 实施 Editorial Immediate 立即

Updates definition for Subcontractor 更新了转包商定义 Updates scoring protocol for provisional certification to allow a degree of compliance = 2 or 3 on requirements identified as ? delta icon 更新得分临 时认证协议,允许作为 ? 三角图标来标识要求的遵守程度= 2 或 3

4.3 Referenced Documents (None) 参考文档 5 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (NONE) 常见问答 APPENDIX 1 附录 1 AUDIT CHECKLIST AND REPORT 审核检查表和报告 Audit Checklist and Report

APPENDIX 2 附录 2 SOURCE EVALUATION REPORT 原始资料评估报告 Source Evaluation Report