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11 Directions: Would you expect a “thank you” when you give your seat to an old man, or a woman with her baby? How do you feel if they take your seat without even taking a look at you? Would

you be angry? You are given 60 minutes to state your view on the topic within less than 300 words. You can add a title by yourself.

“Thank you”—a powerful gift Recently, some individuals would not give their seats to the old or the pregnant as the result of no reaction given back. Naturally, problems arouses: Must we demand a “thank you” when we give a seat to others? As my opinion, a “thank you” is both beneficial to the seat sharers and the ones who take the seat. A smile and a “thank you” paid back can promote the phenomenon of giving seats and enhance the moral value of the society. The first time I gave my seats to a pregnant and she smiled to me saying “thank you”. That time I felt the flower of my heart come out and bloomed .So I kept on doing that until an old lady once stared at me without saying a word when I gave my seat to her. I felt as if I would never do that again and got off of the bus. Apparently, the simple smile and words motivate people to do more moral things for the ones needing help while everyone is longing for a “thanks” when they do things for you. Your reactions are really important to others. If we are ignored by the ones who take your seat, do not be sad and keep on doing the things we think are right. We might be disappointed ,or even sad, when we are ignored as our own view. But have you ever thought that the impolite actions might be reasonable? Maybe those individuals were in a bad mood and did not tend to talk to anyone else. Or maybe they just got some bad news of their body and were extremely week so that they could not make an reaction. Standing in others view can always alleviate our disappointment on them and encourage us to keep on the good things. We should always believe that the world ,with our positive outlook and action, will be increasingly beautiful and warm and advance morally. In conclusion, we should continue to give seats to others and give others a thank you and a smile when they do the same to us. Like the saying : “Giving others roses and the scent will remain.” Let’s make our slightest action as a gift to others and contribute to a happier world positively.

10 Directions: Chinese people always have the tradition of helping others; regardless of a friend or a stranger. However, in recent years, people find that when they try to help others, some changes are taking places. One of the most common examples is that, a passer-by who sent an injured senior people to hospital would be very likely to be recognized as the accident-maker. This kind of events is being rerun again and again. When trapped in the dilemma of tradition and trouble, what would be your choice?

The rose's in others’ hand, the flavor in mine. News about helping others but getting punished are often seen these days with negative effects. Inevitably, debate has arisen: whether or not we should keep on helping others? People think variously. As far as I am concerned, I would choose to keep on helping others and deepen the Chinese moral value of helping others in my mind for reasons below. To begin with, helping others, one regarded as our traditionally moral value, enhance the positive power of our society. For example, Lei Feng , one that always help others in his life, behaved as a positive moral role, teaching children of China to help others and awaking public of their social responsibilities. Apparently, we can see that if you do minors to help ones, then those who receive your help are more likely to help others, thus enhancing the positive power of our society. Furthermore, giving others a hand while they are in need can make ourselves more confident and happy. As a student, have you ever taught your classmates on how to work out a hard exercise? If your answer is yes, then you must have felt the sense of happiness and confidence from the bottom of your heart. Similarly, when we give others a hand, regardless of what way you do that, you will feel the real warm and happy like raising a flower till they broom in the spring. Of course, you do not have to help others every time they need you. Concern about your power carefully before you help others. Do not risk your life to help them impulsively! If you can not help one immediately, you can turn to the adults or think about other ways to make it. In a nutshell, the major reasons why we should help others, although there are some other minors, have been discussed above. What we should do is attempt to help others no matter what the man think of you. Hopefully, the discussion would exert further concern of public in order to search a better answer and many individuals have changed their mind .Is that meaningful?


Topic: Should We Follow Fashions?

Directions: Some people say that fashion is just for selling clothes, so we should not follow it and we should dress what we like and feel comfortable in it. How far do you agree with them? Write an essay on the following topic: should we follow fashions?

Requirements: Illustrate your view on the topic with no less than 250 words and write down your opinions and reasons so long as they are reasonable.

Should We Follow Fashions? Chasing fashion is always a hot topic among teenagers and adults. Inevitably, debate has arisen: Whether or not should we follow the fashions? People think variously. As far as I am concerned, We should follow the fashions properly as discussed below. To begin with, following the trend is not just for special outlook, it is also believed as a way of keeping our pace with the world. As is known to all, many individuals are not willing to catch up with the advance trend, leading to their common position all their lives. Obviously, following the fashion is one of the ways to keep pace with the changing world. If you tend to lead the advanced culture and contribute to a new world, you have to follow the fashion first. Furthermore, chasing the fashion is not a waste of money but a kind of invest to your outlook which enhance your social position. It is accepted by many manager that they would more like staff with fashion outlook than those who are out of fashion as a result of the fashionable ones always come up with more creative ideas and make more innovation. From that we can see that if you follow the trend ,you will get advantages over others in chances and social position. However, everything is never without its drawbacks. Some individuals, especially teenagers, lack self-control in terms of the money they spend on fashion. We have to know that our chasing fashion is based on our well-being life and enough disposable deposit. Fortunately, schools and medias have taken some measures to address the issue. In a nutshell, the major reasons why we should follow the fashion ,although there are some other minors, have been discussed above. What we should do is properly follow the fashion .Hopefully, the discussion would exert further concern of public in order to search a better answer and lead public to the real fashion. Is that meaningful?

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