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Welcome to the unit

Warming up
? Can you make a list of the electrical appliances(电器) and electronic devices(电子设备) you have at home?

? electrical appliances (电器) : ? A machine, usually one that is electrical, that is used for doing jobs in the home, such as washing clothes or cooking
? Washing machines ? Microwave ovens.

? electronic devices (电子设备) : ? a small piece of equipment, especially advanced electronic equipment
? CD players ? Mobile phones

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Microwave ovens Refrigerators TV sets Air conditioners Washing machines Vacuum cleaners Dishwasher Computers CD players Mobile phones Digital camera Electronic dictionaries …


audio devices

Which do you think is the most useful? Why?


Reading 1
The evolution of video and sound devices

? Where is this piece of writing taken from? ? What is it about?

Reading strategy: Understanding Headings(标题)

What are the functions of headings in a text?

Early (2) of TV
TV The modern age: (3) TV

in the order of (4) The (1) of video Early history of sound recorders and sound (5) and (6) and video recorders devices sound Sound and video go (7) devices The future
1. Evolution 2. history 3. satellite 4. time

5.video 6. sound 7. digital(数码的)

Structure of the passage
Part I Part II TV Sound and video devices

Part I 1.When and where was the first long-distance TV broadcast made?

Between the UK and the USA, in 1928.
2.Who developed the system used for most early TV broadcasts?

John Logie Baird.
T/F People without satellite dishes(卫星天线) do not benefit at all from satellite TV broadcasts.

? Part Ⅱ 1. Who made the first recording of a human voice?

2. What were developed by the late 1960s?

Thomas Edison.

Portable(便携的) cassette players(卡 式录音机)and video recorders.

?True or False
? 1. Some of the first tape recorders used plastic tape(塑料的磁带) to record on(录音). ? 2. New technology will soon make many of the things discussed in the text out of date.

Part D: Match the following words with the correct definitions. e 1. evolution ___ a. easy to carry d ___ b. using a system of receiving, sending o 2. principle storing information in the form of number h 3. accessible ___ c. spread something over an area c 4. distribute ___ d. a alaw or rule that is behind something 5. component ___ e. f f. 6. portable ___ a b ___ g. 7. digital 8. storage the slow development of something one of several parts that make up something the space where things or information can be kept g ___ h. easy to reach, obtain or use

Complete the table
Complete the following table by
filling in the event happening in a

specific year.
Specific(特定的) years the events

1877 1887 1925 1929 1938 1962 1967 1982 1993 1995

The first recording of a human voice was made.

Year 1877 1887


The first recording(录音 )of a human voice was made. Emile Berliner invented a record player that used discs(磁盘) to record on. The first public TV broadcasts were made in the USA.
Regular public broadcasting began in London.



Year 1938 1962 1967


The first colour TV programme was broadcast. Satellites were used to broadcast TV. Regular colour TV broadcasts bagan in the UK. The first CDs were made available(可使用的). The VCD was born.

1982 1993 1995

The DVD was invented.

Part E

1. foresaw 2. drawbacks 3. constructed 4. delayed

5. percentage 6. receiver 7. Eventually


? ? ? ? ? ?

不久以后 为……做贡献 做出重大突破 黑白电视 对……可用的 从……受益

? ? ? ? ? ?

shortly afterwards contribute to sth. make important breakthroughs black-and-white TVs be accessible to sb. benefit from sth.

? ? ? ?

第一次录制声音 被手动上发条 放唱片 随着数字科技的发展

? ? ? ?

? 与……齐步,跟上

make the first recording be wound up by hand play records with the development of digital technology ? keep pace with

Understanding difficult sentences
? 1. Regular public broadcasting followed shortly after, first beginning on 11 May 1928 in New York. ? Regular public broadcasting followed shortly after. ? Regular public broadcasting first ____ on 11 May 1928 in New York.

2. Satellites were used to broadcast TV beginning in 1962. Satellites were used to broadcast TV and this ____ in 1962. 3. … broadcast the signals they get from satellite receivers to the population living nearby. … broadcast the signals they get from satellite receivers to the population ____ ____ nearby.

? 4. … adopt many of the principles first discovered by Fransworth. ? …adopt many of the principles ____ ____ ____ ____by Fransworth. ? 5. … and so satellite dishes can often be seen distributed throughout the countryside and the remote areas. ? … and so you can often see ____ ____ ____ throughout the countryside and the remote areas.

6. … it was not until 1938 that the first colour TV programme was broadcast. The first colour TV programme _______________________________.

Language points

1. However, his system was very primitive and had many drawbacks.(line 8) A. disagreements B. disadvantages C. disabilities 2. John Baird constructed the first color TV in 1928. ( line 12) A. collected B. instructed C. made 3. Regular color TV broadcasts were delayed in the Uk until 1967.(line 14) A. held over B. defeated C. rebuilt 4. They also make TV accessible to people who live far away from…(line 21) A. convenient for B. available for C. possible for 5. Meanwhile, elecrical components eventually became so small that..(line 38) A. initially B. temporarily C.finally

6. Sound and video can now be stored on a PC, on the internet, or….(line 48) A. reserved B. shopped C. started 7. Who can foresee what the future will bring? ( line 51) A. forecast B. retell C. approve 8. Since people were sceptical that the public would want to ..(line 10 page 5) A. thankful B. doubtful C. believable.

Sentence study
Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. It took more than 2 decades, though, until 1951, for regular color TV broadcasts to begin in the USA.(line 13) 2. The first record players had to be wound up by hand and only played records that were 2 minutes long.(line 31) 3. Most early recorders employed steel tape to record on, which made them heavy and difficult to use, or paper tape, which was easier to use but often broke.(line 35)

Key points

1.John Logie Baird consturcted the first color TV in 1928, but it was not until 1938 that the first color TV programme was broadcast.(Line 12)


It is /was not until… that…
It was not until yesterday that I learned that YaoMing had retired. 有些东西只有你在真正失去的时候才会感到 它对你是如此的重要。

It is not until you really lose sth that you finally realize how important it means to you.

“Not until+时间状语”置于句首,主谓要用部分倒装语序。 Not until next week will the sports meeting be held. Not until he had graduated from the university did he realize the importance of time.

2.It took more than 2 decades, though, until 1951, for regular color TV broadcasts to begin in the USA. (line 13) (1)It takes sb some time to do sth It takes some time for sb to do sth 修房子花了我三天的时间。

(2)though 在本句中作副词,意思是“不过,然而。” 常位于句末,有时也可以放在句子中间。

He said he would come; he didn’t, though. I am suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, though.
though 做连词, =although 意思是“虽然,尽管。” 不可以和 but 连用。

Though it was late at night, he was still working.

though 可以用于倒装句,=as 引导的让步状语从句. although不用此结构。

Child as/though he is, he knows a lot. Young as/though he is, he can speak perfect English. Try as/though he may, he still can’t pass the exam.
as引导的让步状语从句必须倒装; though引导的让步状语从句可以倒装也可以不倒装; Although一般位于句首,不可以倒装使用。 e.g. Hard as he tried, he still failed. (他虽然努力了,但仍然失败了.)

3.Satellites allow TV to be broadcast live over vast distance with everyone receiving the same broadcast at the same time. (line 19)


他开着窗户睡觉。 由于没有可说话的人,约翰感到难受。

allow sb to do sth


1.You must return the book to me today. There will be no excuse for any future______ A. response B. hesitation C. delay D. loss 2.With all the problems ______as expected, the manager felt rather satisfied. A. had been settled B. being settled C. settled D. to settle 3. At the beginning of the new term, the teacher asked several students to help______the new books to the students in the class. A. publish B. distribute C. represent D. treasure

4. Even pets are sometimes sick, and _______ we do lose them, which brings us great sadness. A. actually B. eventurally C. besides D. suddenly 5.My daughter is always working hard, which will surely_______ her future success in her career. A. devote to B. relate to C. belong to D. contribute to 6. ----Did you remember the days____ we worked on the farm? ---- Certainly. Especially the hard times ______ we spent together. A. which, when B. when, when C. when, which D. which, which 7.----When did you get the news? ---- Oh, it was _____ I watch TV ____ I knew he’s dead. A. until; that B. until; when C. when; until D. not until; that

1. Read the passage. 2. Write a summary. 3. Underline difficult sentences and important phrases.

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