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2014 北京 44 中高考完成句子练习 1- 1.As far as I know, Mr Black _________________(回到)Australia before you went to America.(come) 2.My suggestion is that ___________________________(你适应)the new life.(adjust) 3.Tom, as well as his classmates, __________________ (已意识到) the importance of English.(aware) 4.The old man is said _____________ (参加) the election, but we haven’t got further information until now.(participate) 5.______________________(后面跟着他的妻子), Professor Smith entered the hall.(follow) 6.Hardly _______________(他们到达)the farm when they began to work.(arrive) 7.As far as I’m concerned, it was what you said at the meeting ______________(使她生 气).(angry) 8.The reason ______________(她放弃)the chance of studying abroad is that she has to look after her ill mother.(give) 9.Something must be done to prevent the river _______________(受污染).(pollute) 10.__________________________(收到她的信)is a great pleasure to him.(hear)

2- 1. Many old houses __________ (拆除) to make way for the new road in the past few weeks. (tear) 2. The 26th Shenzhen summer Universiade was grandly opened on August 12th. ________________________ (最吸引我们的) was the door to the world formed by the 365 electronic giant LED screen. (appeal) 3. Not only ____________ (她懂得法律) very well, she can also apply it in new ways. (know) 4. Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity _______________________ (视觉更重要) than hearing. (matter) 5. _______________________ (确立了目标群体后),researchers find out as much as possible about those in the target group, such as their likes and dislikes, and how the product would fit into their lives. (identify) 6. Everything ___________________________ (加以考虑), the environmental problem we are looking forward to seeing solved is worthy of our government’s attention. (consideration) 7. Tom insisted that the new release of the product planned for today _______________ (延期) to next week because of the terrible financial situation at yesterday’s meeting. (postpone) 8. The boy _________________________ (如此迷恋于) the cyber games that he would spend hours sitting in front of the computer. (fascinated) 9. I ______________________________ (多亏了我的父母) that I went through the hard time after I lost my job. Everything couldn’t have been going so smoothly without them. (owe) 10. _________________________ (作为回答) your inquiries, we regret to tell you that we can not help you in this matter. (response)

3-1.I'm afraid I can't attend your birthday party at 5 P. M.next Monday.I __________ (已乘飞机) to London long before then. (fly) 2.The technology is reported ____________ (应用到)architecture in other countries for a long time, but it was not introduced into China until two years ago. (apply) 3.He escaped ________ (丧生) in the explosion because he had not gone to work. (kill) 4.So ________________ (天气好) that all of us want to go on an outing. (day) 5 . It was only when the accident took place ________________ (他才意识到) the importance of careful driving. (realize) 6.Jenny has been criticized by the teacher for using the cellphone in class. I would rather you ___________(没借) it to her. (lend) 7.One more step backward, _________________ (你会掉进) the pool. (fall) 8. English, as well as all other subjects, ______________ (很重要) . So we must learn it well to be more competent. (importance) 9.I am proud of what I did.But I was just helping to do ____ (他本该做的) . (do) 10.Last week, only two people came to look at the house. ____________ (两个都不想) to buy it. (want)

4-1.We've been wailing for you! You _______________(应该到) ten minutes earlier.(turn) 2.An idea suddenly came to her _______________(她可以算出) the answer in another way. (work) 3. Don't tell me you always escape _______________(罚款) because you have a fast sports car. (fine) 4.I heard that it was ten years later, in 2010, _______________(他们的婚姻破裂).(break) 5.Every teacher and every student _______________( 做出了贡献) the development of our school in the past five years, (contribution) 6.All the officials ______________( 已经到了), the meeting was declared open. (arrive) 7.In the neighborhood, everyone knows the young man ______________(被称作) "that nice man", (refer) 8.In many countries people can ______________(让人送货) to their home. (deliver) 9.The tourists climbed up to the top of the tower, ______________(从那里他们看见) the full extent of the town.. ( see) 10._______________(得到证实的事) in the investigation was a great shock to everybody related.(confirm)

5-1.I __________________________(将不胜感激) if you can change your plan a little bit to make it more workable. (appreciate) 2.__________________________ (时间允许的话) , I will come over to see you two. (permit) 3.Please don’t _______________(生气) if you don’t get a good treatment here. (offence) 4.Farm produce prices in China fell in the week ending Oct.16 _________________________ (和上一周比较) . (compare) 5.All the bodies discovered had gunshot wounds _____________________________________ (手被绑在身后) . (with) 6.If you ______________________(吃些药) last night, you would feel better now. (take) 7.It is high time that we ____________________(专注) our studies. (concentrate) 8.________________________(不愿等待) at home, we would go to meet him at the airport. (rather) 9.Due to the husband’s heavy load of work, the couple have decided __________________ ______________(推迟要小孩) . (postpone) 10.I am fond of reading novels, but I dislike online reading.___________________ (我 妹妹也是这样) . (same)

6-1 . The 26 th Shenzhen Summer Universiade was grandly opened on August 12 th.___________ (最吸引我们的) was the door to the world formed by the 365 electronic giant LED screen. (appeal) 2.—Have you seen the film Under the Hawthorn Tree? —Of course, I have.It was in our village that __________(拍摄的) . (make) 3.Not until I turned on TV __ (我知道) that the Chinese ship was rescued by the European Union Task Force. 4.Advertisements have become part of everyday life so it is important that we educate ourselves about them ___________ (避免受愚弄)by them. (avoid) . 5.I ___________ (多亏了我的父母) that I went through the hard time after I lost my job.Everything couldn’t have been going so smoothly without them. (owe) 6.It’s important for the figures (更新)regularly. (update) 7.________ (全心投入)your job and finally you will succeed. (devote) 8.The secretary forgot to type her business letter, _____________(集中注意力去阅读)an interesting report. (focus) 9.He made a commitment that he would spend as much time as he could __________(教这 位调皮的孩子) . (teach) 10.However, Australia has a federal government ____________(负责) matters that affect people all over the country such as defence, foreign policy and taxation. (responsible)

7-1. Seldom (他们玩)computer games ever since they entered this school to study for the college entrance examinations.(play) 2. I believe he (肯定难过) this unexpected end to his expedition, but he did not waste time on regrets.(mourn) 3. Some students whispered in the back of the classroom, (使得教师很恼火) 。 (annoy) 4. (遭到斥责)for opposing the suggestion, I kept silent for the rest of the meeting.(scold) 5. (假若)you were in my position, what would you do?(suppose) 6. (由你决定)whether to accept the present or not.(up to) 7. You may find you have more than one strong learning style, (这是一种意外的 收获)because being able to learn in more than one style increases your chances of finding activities that suit you.(bonus) 8. They insisted that all workers ( 分 得 ) an apartment in the new building.(allocate) 9. Such knowledge is still useful ( 当应用 )to similar situations in other countries.(when) 10. We wrote a letter of thanks to (凡是帮助过我们的人).(whoever) 8-1. When his mother came home from work, he was lying on the sofa, _________. (absorb) 母亲下班回家的时候,他正躺在沙发上专心致志地看书。 2. He has been suspected of taking government funds for himself and _________________ by the police. (investigate)他已被怀疑挪用政府资金,正在接受警方调查。 3. The outdoor training is an exercise ______________________ build teenagers’ confidence. (design) 户外训练是旨在增强青少年自信心的一种运动。 4. I really admire her because she _____________________ those kids on her own. (bring) 我的确佩服她,因为她全靠自己把那些孩子抚养大了。 5. We have to admit that adopting this technique is painful, but patients _______. (benefit) 我们得承认采用这项技术会有点痛,但会对病人有益。 6._____________ different languages and cultures does a lot of good to children. (expose) 接触不同的语言和文化对孩子们大有裨益。 7. It is surprising that the young man ____________________ in a big company after graduation. (employ)毕业后那个年轻人竟然在一家大型公司就职了,真是令人讶异。 8._____________ whether or not he will be elected as mayor in two years’ time. (remain) 两年后他是否当选为市长仍不得而知。 9.______________________ this new policy will act as a brake on inflation we are faced with? (possibility)这项新的政策有可能会抑制我们面临的通货膨胀吗? 10.I think that it is I rather than my sister that _________________what happened. (blame) 我认为出了事不能怪姐姐而应该怪我。

9-1. “It’s a new term and a new day. I wish I _______________(能适应新环境)as soon as possible,”15-year-old Li Mingyang said. (adapt) 2. As Liu Qian puts it, it’s not the magic that makes it work, ____________________________ (我们工作方式)that makes it magic. (way) 3. ___________________________, (尽管他的想法听起来奇怪)it was accepted by all the people at the meeting. (as) 4. While watching Titanic, most people _____________________ (禁不住哭起来)when it came to the scene in which Jack saves the life of the girl but dies in icy water himself. (help) 5. There is much chance ________________________(比尔康复)his injury in time for the race. (recover) 6. I think it important _____________________________ (与我们的朋友保持联系) .(touch) 7. _______________________ (她生病的原因) was that she ate something that had gone bad. (why) 8. If Newton lived today, he would be surprised by what __________________________ (已 发现)in science and technology. (discover ) 9. Many people were afraid to swim in the sea when they remembered the scenes ______________(人被吃掉)by the shark. (which) 10. ______________________(随着时间推移), we become older but wiser. (with, go )

10-1.__________(尽管雨下得很大), they didn't cancel the football match. (as) 2. In London the huge clock____________(被称为)" Big Ben" is a major tourist attraction. (refer) 3.___________(在国外长大) ,he couldn't speak Chinese well. (bring) 4. Jenny sat motionless ,listening to the teacher with_______(心不在焉). (wander) 5. He was upset about the constant noise,___________( 不能将注意力集中在工作上 ). (unable, centre) 6. Jack_________( 和他的父亲就这件事发生意见分歧 ),which made both of them very unhappy. (differ) 7.___________(除了熟悉中国的历史),Ben knows a lot about Chinese geography. (apart) 8. He__________( 连续三次进行了尝试 ), and eventually succeeded at the third attempt. (attempt) 9. ____________(患心脏病) for many years, he takes his medicine wherever he goes. (suffer) 10. By last Friday his money __________(由于失业而用完了) unemployment. (run, consequence)

11-1. The _____________ (越不紧张) the learners, the better their language acquisition. (anxious) 2. Jane’s reply to the boss____________(他所做的与…不一致)what he said, makes Mr. Candy extremely angry.(fit) 3. When I came to my senses, I ___________ (发现自己被包扎好)in bed in my room.(wrap) 4. For a politician, there is_________ (没必要去投合)the public’s emotions. (point, appeal) 5. If only I ___________________(能顺道拜访这位英雄一下就好了)the hero then. (drop) 6. I still remember _______________(当时这里曾经是)a quiet village. (when) 7. Mrs. Brown, the secretary of our firm, ___________ (不可能已被解雇了), for she just told me she would come back to work. (fire) 8. _____________(为保护水资源) scientists call off the construction programme. (protect) 9. The new street is 10 miles long, almost __________ (三倍长)what it used to be. (length) 10. __________ ( 我 们 经 历 了 多 么 恶 劣 的 天 气 啊 ) during the 2008 Spring Festival! (experience)

12-1.You’d better take a sweater with you (以防天气变冷) . (get) 2.Water pollution is a big problem and 20℅ of the people on earth (喝不到) clean drinking water.(access) 3. A major problem arose at the meeting _____________ (要花多少钱) to complete the whole project. (cost) 4._____________ (他一到达) when he received an important letter from his former classmate. (Hardly) 5.My daughter was badly hurt in the accident.I really regretted __________ (没有开车去 接她) from school yesterday. (pick) 6. A number of children (父母死去了的) in the earthquake were sent to live with families in other cities. (kill) 7. It is said that those who are stressed or working overtime (更有可能) put on weight. (likely) 8.--I’m sorry.I __________ (我不该向你大吼) the other day. --Forget it.I was a bit out of control myself too. (shout) 9.Tomorrow would be Christmas Day.Della had only $1.87 (用它去给吉 姆买) a present. (which) 10.--I’ve read another book this week. --Well, maybe it is not how much you read but what you read ________ (是重要 的) . (count)

12-答案 1.in case it gets cold (it should get cold) 2. don’t have access to (have no access to ) 3.how much it would cost 3.Hardly had he arrived 5. not having picked her up (not picking her up) 6.whose parents had been killed 7.are more likely to 8.shouldn’t have shouted at you 9.with which to buy Jim (with which she would buy Jim) 11-答案 1. less anxious 2. that what he said doesn’t fit in with 3. found myself wrapped up 4. no point (in) appealing to 5. could have dropped in on 6. when it / this used to be 7. couldn’t have been fired 8.to protect the water resources 9. three times the length of 10. What bad/terrible/awful weather we experienced 10-答案 1. Heavily/Hard as it rained 2. (which/that) is referred to/as 3. Brought up abroad 4. her mind wandering 5. unable to centre his attention on his work 6. differed with his father on/about this matter 7. Apart from being familiar with Chinese history 8. made three attempts in a row 9. Having suffered from heart disease 10. had run out as a consequence of 9-答案

1. could adapt to the new environment 2. it is /it’s the way we work 3. Strange as his idea sounded 4. couldn’t help crying 5. that Bill will recover from 6. to keep / stay in touch with our friends 7. The reason why / Why she fell ill / sick 8. has been discovered 9. in which people were eaten 10. With time going by 8-答案 1.( and was )absorbed in a (his) book 2. is being investigated 3. that (which) is designed to/designed to 4. has brought up 5. can/may/will benefit from it 6. Being exposed to/Exposing themselves to 7. should have been employed/should have got employed 8. It remains to be seen 9. Is there any possibility that 10. am to blame for 7-答案 1.have they played. 2. must have mourned 3. annoying the teacher 4. Having been scolded 5. Suppose 6. It’s up to you. 7. which is a bonus.

8. (should) be allocated 9. when (it is ) applied 10. whoever had helped us. 6-答案 1.What appealed to us most 2.it was made devoted to 3.did I know reading 4.to avoid being fooled 5.owe(d) it to my parents 6.to be updated 7.Devote yourself to / Be 8.focusing her attention on 9.teaching this naughty child 10. (that/which is) responsible for 5-答案 1.will/ would appreciate it 2.Time permitting/ If time permits 3.take offence 4.compared to/with the previous week 5.with their hands tied behind back 6.had taken some medicine 7.concentrated on/ should concentrate on 8.Rather than wait / waiting 9.to postpone having their baby 10.It is the same with my sister 4-答案 1. should have turned up 2. that she could work out 3. being fined 4. that their marriage broke up 5. has made contributions to 6. having arrived 7. (who/that is) referred to as 8. have/get goods delivered 9. from where they saw 10. What was / had been confirmed

3-答案 1.will/shall have flown 2.to have been applied to 3.being killed 4.fine/good/nice a day is it 5.that he realized 6.hadn’t lent 7.and you will fall into 8.is of great/vital importance 9.what he should/ought to have done 10.neither of whom wanted/ and neither of them wanted/ neither of them wanting 2-答案 1. have been torn down 2. What appealed to us most 3. does she know the law 4. where sight matters more 5. (After) Having identified the target group/After identifying the target group 6. taken into consideration 7. (should) be postponed 8. was so fascinated by/with 9. owe(d) it to my parents 10. In response to 1-答案 1.had come back to 2.you(should) adjust to 3.has been/become aware of 4.to have participate in 5.Followed by his wife 6.had they arrived at 7.that made her angry 8.why/for which she gave up 9.from being polluted 10.Hearing from her

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