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桌越高二英语同步学案第13讲 (选修6 unit1 Art)


高二英语同步学案(1 期)
第十三讲 Unit 1 Book 6 Art (上)

一 入门一测 (Quiz) 语法填空 It was a dark and stormy night. The officer on the bridge came to the captain and said, ―Captain, Captain, 1________ is a light in our sea lane and they won’t move.‖ ―2_________ do you mean they won’t move? Tell them 3.________(move). Tell them starboard(向 右偏) right now.‖ The signal was sent out, ―Starboard, starboard,‖ The signal came back, ―Starboard yourself.‖ ―I can’t believe this. What’s going on here? Let them know who I am.‖ The signal was sent, ―This is the mighty Missouri, starboard.‖ The signal came back, ―4.______ is the lighthouse.‖ My friends, correct principles are lighthouses, and they do not move. They are nature laws. We can’t break 5._____. We can only break ourselves 6.______ them. We might as well learn them, adapt to them, make use of them and be grateful to them. Then it 7._______(enlarge) us and liberates us and enpowers us. TS. Eliot once said something 8._______I thnk is appropriate as we come to the 9.______(conclude) of our visit together. He said, ―We never cease from striving, and the end of all of our striving will be to arrive 10._____ we bagan and to know the place for the first time.‖ 二 开口有“fun” ( Speaking) 话题:娱乐,运动,艺术与文学(Entertainment, sports & art, literature) (一) Reading aloud One of the most important discoveries during this period was how to draw things in perspective. This technique was first used by Masaccio in 1428. When people first saw his paintings, they were convinced that they were looking through a hole in a wall at a real scene. If the roles of perspective had not been discovered, no one would have been able to paint such realistic pictures. By coincidence, oil paints were also developed at this time, which made the colours used in paintings look richer and deeper. Without the new paints and the new technique, we would not be able to see the many great masterpieces for which this period is famous. (二)根据中文提示,正确翻译下列问题。 1.___________________________________________________________________ (你喜欢看原著还是看电影?) 2. ___________________________________________________________________ (你对摇滚音乐有 多少了解?) 3.____________________________________________________________________ (莎士比亚的诗歌 哪首给你印象最深刻?) 4. ___________________________________________________________________ (你每个月做多久 运动?)

5.___________________________________________________________________ (你同意经典文学 作品被改变成电影吗?为什么?) (三)角色扮演:请与同位用上述问题做问答活动。角色 A:你的同班同学,欲了解您(角色 B) 对文学,体育等方面的看法。角色 B:中国学生,据实回答朋友的提问。 三 短语显身手(Phrasal Expressions) 完成下列必考短语 1.________ at 瞄准,追求 2. take _______ place of 代替 3.concentrate ____ 集中;重视 4. look _______ 看透,浏览 5.______ the other hand 另一方面 6. _______ sb of sth. 使某人相信 7.______ to 通往,导致 8. in a new ________以新的风格 9. in the _________本人;活着的 10.________ to sb. 使……有兴趣 11. have a _______for 更喜欢,偏爱 12.________ to do sth. 尝试做某事 13.______ a……attitude 采取一种…..的态度 14._______coincidence 巧合地 四 互动火花(Teaching & Learning) 必背句型——根据中文意思,完成下列句子。 (旨在提高写作模仿能力) 1. 中世纪,画家的主要目标是表达宗教主题。 During the Middle Ages, the ______ aim of painters ______ ______ represent religious themes. [句型提示] 主语有 main/first/last/最高级,表语用不定式。 2.但是,很显然在 13 世纪时(人们的)思想正经历真变化,想乔脱这样的画家们开始以一种比较 现实的风格来画宗教场景。 But ______ _______ _______ _______ ideas were changing in the 13th century when painters like Giotto di Bondine began to paint regelious scenes _____ a more realistic way. 3. 他们试图真实地描绘任务与自然。 They tried to paint people and nature _______ _______ _______ ________. 4. 在那些突破传统绘画风格的画家中包括了印象派画家…… _______ the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting ______(be) the Impressionists. 5.他们的油画不像早起画家般具体。 Their paintings were not _____ datailed ______ _______ of earlier painters.

五 知识点击 1 technique 与 technology 的区别 【一言辨异】 technique: 常指做某事的具体技术或方法,也指音乐,艺术和写作技能。 technology: 通指工业技术和生产工艺,是泛指。 选词填空: (1) Science and ______ can strengthen a nation. (2) The actor has the ______ of amusing the audience. (3) The use of _______of metals brought a great fortune to the local people.
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2. When people first saw his paintings, they were convinced that they were looking through a hole in the wall at a real scene. 当人们首次看到他的油画时,都坚信他们正透过墙上的小孔看着实景。 convince v. 使……相信,确信;说服某人; coneinced him of her honesty.= I convinced him that she was honest. 我让他相信她的诚实。 【搭配】 convince sb. to do sth. 说服某人做某事 (=persuade sb. to do ) convince sb of sth. Convince sb that….. 使某人相信……. Sb be convinced that……某人坚信…… 完成句子: (1) 他使我确信他的诚挚之情。 He ____________ his sincerity. = I ___________ he was sincere. (2) 你的错误使我确信你没有学习功课。 Your mistakes __________________ you hadn’t studied your lesson. 3. By coincidence, oil paints were also developed at this time. 巧合的是,油画也在这个时期发展起来了。 【搭配】 by accident 碰巧,偶然 by chance 碰巧,偶然 on purpose 故意 翻译:在北京参加会议时,我碰巧遇上多年未见的同学。 _____________________________________________________________________

六 语法点点通 (Grammar Tone) ---------- 虚拟语气(Subjunctive Mood) 观察下列两个句子: Jane suggests that I should do more reading in English. If I were you, I would go with him. 以上两个句子用了_______语气来表达建议或与事实______的假设。

1. If 条件句中的虚拟语气形式: 条件句所表示的假设则是不可能或不大可能发生或实现的, 句中的主句与从句都用虚拟语气。 If 非真实虚拟条件句中,主句和从句谓语动词主要有下面几种形式: 假设类型 条件从句谓语动词形式 主句谓语动词形式 与现在事实相反 did (be 用 were) would (could, might) do 与过去事实相反 had done would (could, might) have done 与将来事实可能相反 did (should do, were to would (could, might) do do ) I would certainly go if I had time. (现在) If it should rain, we wouldn’t go out. (将来) If I had set off a little earlier, I would have caught the train. (过去) 2 虚拟语气在宾语从句中的用法 在动词 suggest, order, demand, propose, request, command, insist 等后的宾语从句中,用虚拟语气 (即 should +动词原形或只用动词原形) 来表示愿望, 建议, 命令, 请求等。 在动词 wish/would rather 后的宾语从句中,用过去式表示与现在事实不符,用过去完成式表示与过去事实不符。 如:I suggest that we (should) set off at once.
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The doctor insisted that the patient (should) be X-rayed. I wish I were as strong as you. I would rather that you hadn’t told him. 3 虚拟语气在主语从句中的运用 在 It is necessary/important/strange/natural; It is requested/suggested/desired/proposed; It is a pity 等结构后的主语从句中要用虚拟语气,即 should+动词原形,should 可省 如:It is necessary that he (should) be sent there at once. It is requested that Professor Li (should) give us a speech. 4 虚拟语气在表语从句,同位语从句中的用法: 在 suggestion, proposal, idea, plan, order, advice 等名词后的表语从句, 同位语从句中要用虚拟语 气,即 should+动词原形或只用动词原形。 如:Our suggestion is that you (should) be the first to go. 七 语法修炼(Grammar Consolidation) (一)指出下列各句中的错误并改正(每句只有一个错误) 1. If I am an artist, I would rather design buildings than paint pictures. 2. I wish I can fly one day. 3. He suggested that I am responsible for the arrangements. 4. If I were to speak to him, it will carry more weight. 5. I would rayher you haven’t done that. (二)用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. I insist that a doctor ________(send) for immediately. 2. If it _________(not be) for the snow, we ________(climb) the mountain yesterday. 3.----If he _____(warn), he __________(not take) that food. ----Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately. 4. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it ______(break). 5. I don’t have much money. If I ______(do), I ______(buy) a house of my own. 6. Mary is a teacher, but she wishes she ________(be) a firefighter. 7. Mother has ordered that no one ________(leave) the house without her permission. 8. You can stay up as late as you like, but I’d rather you _______(go) to bed by 10. 9. Sally is out of work now. I wonder what you _____(do) if you _______(be) her. 10. Ann is going abroad to study sociology. If I ________(have) the chance to study abroad, I _____(study) English Literature.

八. 语言综合素养(Shaping Language Skills) (一)完型填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1—15 各题所给的 A. B. C.和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 In Britain, people have different attitudes to the police. Most people generally 1 them and the job they do – although there are certain people who do not believ e that the police should have the power that they do. What does a policeman actually do? It is not a(n) 2 job to describe. After all, a policeman has a number of jobs in one. A policeman often has to control traffic, either on foot in the center of a town, or in a police car on the roads. Indeed, in Britain, h e might be in the Traffic Police and spend all, or a lot of, his
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time 3 up and down main roads and motorways. A traffic policeman has to help keep the traffic moving, stop 4 motorists and help when there is an accident. A policeman has to help keep the 5 , too. If there is a fight or some other disturbance, we 6 the police to come and restore order. And they often have to 7 situation at great ris k to their own 8 . We expect the police to solve crimes, of course, so an ordinary policeman, 9_ he is not a detective (侦探), will often have to help 10 and arrest criminals. And who do we call when there is an emergency – an air crash, a 11 , a road accident, or a robbery? We call the police. So a policeman has to be 12 to face any unpleasant emergency that may happen in the 13 world. The police do an absolutely necessary job. They do it 14 well and I support them, but I do not envy policemen. I do not think that I could 15 do the job of a policeman. 1. A. dislike B. join C. appreciate D. admire 2. A. funny B. pleasant C. interesting D. easy 3. A. walking B. driving C. wandering D. searching 4. A. resting B. tired C. speeding D. drunken 5. A. peace B. silence C. situation D. condition 6. A. wait for B. call C. think of D. expect 7. A. turn to B. avoid C. deal with D. treat 8. A. safety B. families C. future D. friends 9. A. although B. as if C. however D. even if 10. A. get rid of B. question C. look for D. sentence 11. A. power failure B. fire C. thunder storm D. t hief 12. A. provided B. promised C. prepared D. presented 13. A. future B. modern C. real D. whole 14. A. extreme ly B. specially C. surprisingly D. particularly 15. A. hardly B. forever C. ever D. never (二) 语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使 用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 16~25 的相应位置上。 In most cities, 16 or poor, it is the less well off that are most at risk from floods and natural disasters. It was the poor of New Orleans, nearly a 17 (three) of the population, who lived in the lowest-lying parts of the city and 18 (suffer) most from Katrina’s (卡特里娜飓风) wrath (愤怒). 19 (similar), it was the urban poor of Honduras (洪都拉斯) and its neighbors who were struck hardest 20 Hurricane Mitch in 1998. And it is the people of the slums (贫民窟) more widely in Latin America 21 are most capable of being attacked. In some places, too little water, not too much, is the problem. China’s thirst for industry and 22 ( irrigate) has combined with climate change to drain the aquifers(蓄水层). Droughts seem to be ever more frequent in northern China, and southern citi es such as Guangzhou are also affected. Rivers are drying up: the Yellow River now flows to the sea for only 23 few weeks a year. And the rain, when it comes, is intensely acid. To make matters 24 (bad), the glaciers on w hich both China 25 India partly depend are melting. Any benefits from extra water supplies will be short-term, and damaged by floods. (三)阅读达人(Cracking Reading) 阅读中的猜词技巧-------定义释义法(1) 【技巧点拨】
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释义指对陌生词的解释(解释性描述) ,一般通过定义,定语从句,词组,同位语从句来体现。其 表现形式为:用 that is, in other words, or, mean, be called, refer to 或联系动词 to be 等定义或重述形 式来解释生词。 本单元课文也出现了定义释义法的例子: On the one hand, some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but….―that is‖ 的出现 正是为了解释 abstract 的含义的。再如: 【例 1】Sociology is the term used to describe the scientific study of human society. 【名师点击】 假定 sociology 是一个不认识的词,系动词 be 后面就给出了明确的定义。这样,我 们便知道该词意思为―社会学―。 【例 2】The herdsman, who looks after sheep, earns about 650 yuan a year. 【名师点击】定语从句中 looks after sheep 就表明了 herdsman 的词义为―牧人‖。

【活学活用】 I.利用上述方法,猜出下列各句划线词的意思。 1. They need to make their income meet the cost of living, so many people plan a family budget. A budget is a list of monthly expenses.__________ 2. Jane is indecisive, that is, she can’t make up her mind._________ 3. The modern age of medicine began with the stethoscope, an instrument for listening to patient’s heartbeat and breathing._______ 4. The film is too dull, that is, it is not interesting.________ 5. They are vertebrates, that is, animals that have back bones._______ II 阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务 (2008 年浙江)A Brown University sleep researcher has some advice for people who run high schools: Don’t start classes so early in the morning. It may not be that the students who nod off at their desks are lazy. And it may not be that their parents have failed to enforce (确保) bedtime. Instead, it may be that biologically these sleepyhead students aren’t used to the early hour. ―Maybe these kids are being asked to rise at the wrong time for their bodies,‖ says Mary Carskadon, a professor looking at problem of adolescent (青春期的) sleep at Brown’s School of Medicine. Carskadon is trying to understand more about the effects of early school time in adolescents. And, at a more basic level. she and her team are trying to learn more about how the biological changes of adolescence affect sleep needs and patterns. Carskadon says her work suggests that adolescents may need more sleep than they did at childhood, no less, as commonly thought. Sleep patterns change during adolescence, as any parent of an adolescent can prove. Most adolescents prefer to stay up later at nigh and sleep later in the morning. But it’s not just a matter of choice –their bodies are going through a change of sleep patters. All of this makes the transfer from middle school to high school—which may start one hour earlier in the morning ---- all the more difficult , Carskadon says. With their increased need for sleep and their biological clocks set on the ―sleep late, rise late‖ pattern, adolescent are up against difficulties when it conics to trying to be up by 5 or 6 a.m. for a 7:30 a.m. first hell. A short sleep on a desktop may be their body’s way of saying. ―I need a timeout.‖ 根据所读短文,选出最佳答案。 ( )1. Carskadon suggests that high schools should not start classes so early in the morning because ________. A. it is really tough for parents to enforce bedtime B. it is biologically difficult for students to rise early
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C. students work so late at night that they can’t get up early D. students are so lazy that they don’t like to go to school early )2. The underlined phrase ―nod off‖ most probably means ― _______‖. A. turn around B. agree with others C. fall asleep D. refuse to work )3.What might be a reason for the hard transfer from middle school to high school? A. Adolescents depend more on their parents. B. Adolescents have to choose their sleep patterns. C. Adolescents sleep better than they did at childhood. D. Adolescents need more sleep than they used to. )4.Most high schools start their lessonsat ______ A. 5:00 a.m. B.6:00 a.m. C. 7:00 a.m. D. 7:30 a.m. )5. What is the test mainly about? A. Adolescent heath care. B. Problems in adolescent learning. C. Adolescent sleep difficulties. D. Changes in adolescent sleep needs and patterns.


( (

九 考考你!(Test Yourself) (一)选用本单元所学短语的适当形式完成句子。 1. I don’t believe it unless I see it _______________. 2. They didn’t do that on purpose. It just happened ______________________. 3. The students _______________ solve the problem in different ways. 4.While he likes comedies(喜剧),his wife _________________________tragedies. 5. The pianist _____________ all his attention ______________ playing the mastepiece by Mozart. (二)语法填空 The style of western art has changed many times over the centuries. Artists in the Middle Ages were interested in creating images representing respect and love 1 _____ God. Things 2. ______(begin) to change by the 13th century 3. _______ painters began to paint religious scenes 4. _______ a more realistic style. In Renaissance times, people became focused more on society and less on religion. Painters tried to paint people and nature 5. ________ they really were. The impressionists were the first artists 6. _______ outdoors. Their paintings were not as 7. _______(detail) as 8. ________ of earlier painters. Nowadays, there are scores of modern art styles, but without the impressionists many of these painting styles 9. ______(not exist). It is interesting to predict 10. _____ styles of painting there will be in the future. 十 课后作业(Homework)-------话题写作(艺术) 假设你是你校京剧爱好者协会的成员,在一次同英国中学生代表团的联欢活动中,你协会将出 一个京剧节目。演出前,由你向外国朋友介绍京剧的由来,按写作内容中的提示介绍。 [写作内容] 1、京剧在中国很受欢迎,历史悠久,有 200 多年的历史。 2、在清朝,当时的皇帝对地方剧有兴趣。18 世纪末,为庆祝皇帝 80 岁生日,各地方剧团来京演 出,4 个来自安徽的剧团在庆典后留在北京。慢慢形成了一种新剧种,被称为京剧。 3、宣布演出开始。
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[写作要求] 1、只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容,并将这 5 个句子组成连贯的短文。 2、开头已给出,不计入句数。 [评分标准] 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 参考词汇:地方剧:local opera 清朝:Qing Dynasty 剧团:troupe Friends, Before the show, let me introduce Beijing Opera to you._______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ 十一 轻松一刻-----Just Relax! We Left Nothing 我们什么也没留下

Mrs. Brown was going out for the day. She locked the house and tacked a note for the milkman on the door: NOBODY HOME. DON‖T LEAVE ANYTHING. When she got back that night, she found her door broken open and her house ransacked. On the note she had left, she found the following message added: THANKS! WE LEFT NOTHING.


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高二英语讲义第十三讲参考答案 一. 1.there 2.What 3. to move 4. this 5. them 6.against 7. enlarges conclusion 10. where 二 (二)1.Which do you prefer, original works or films? 2.How much do you know about rock’n’roll? 3. Which of the poems by Shakespeare impresses you most? 4. How much time do you spend in taking exercise every day? 5. Do you agree some classic works are adapted into films? Why or why not? 三 1.aim; 2. the; 3. on; 4. through; 5.on; 6.convince; 7. lead; 8.style; 9. flesh; 10.appeal; 11. preference; 12. attempt; 13. adopt; 14.by; 四 1.main, was to; 4. Among, were;

8. that


2. it was evident that; with

3. as they really were

五 1.(1) technology; (2) technique; (3) technology 2. (1) convinced me of; was convinced that (2) convinced me that 3.When I attended a meeting in Beijing, I met my old classmate never seen for a long time by chance/coincidence. 六 虚拟;相反 七 (一)1.am---were; 2.can---could; 3.am---be; 4.will---would (二)1.be sent; 2. had not been, would have climbed; 3. had been warned, would bot have taken; 4. were broken 5. did, would buy; 6. were; 7. should leave 8. sent; 9. would do, were; 10. had, would study 八 (一)1—5 CDBCA 6—10 DCADC 11—15 BCBAC (二)16.rich; 17.third; 18.suffered; 19. Similarly 20.by; 21.that/who 22.irrigation; 23.a; 24.worse; 25. and (三)I.1.[解析] is 后面是对第一句中划线单词的解释,给出了明确的定义,从定义上推测出单 词 budget 的意思为―预算‖ 2.[解析]由 that is 可知,后面是对 indecisive 的定义解释,由此可猜测出单词 indecisive 意 思为―优柔寡断的,没有决定能力的‖ 3.[解析]词句中逗号(, )后的同位语 an instrument for listening to patients’ heartbeat and breathing 已经给出了划线单词的确切意思,stethoscope 为―听诊器‖。 4.[解析]从解释 not interesting 推出 dull 的意思是―乏味的‖。 5.[解析] 从解释 animals that have back bones 可知 vertebrates 的意思是―脊椎动物‖ II 1. B[解析] 由第一段最后一句可知答案。 2.C[解析] 是运用释义推测词义的技巧来确定答案的, 从 sleepyhead students 可以猜出 nod off
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的意思 3.D[解析]从第四段和第六段内容可知答案 4.D[解析]从 for a 7:30 am.first bell 得知学校早上七点半开始上第一节课。 5.D 九 (一) 1.in the flesh; 2. by coincidence; 3. attempted to; 4.has a preference for; 5.concentrate on; (二)1.for; 2. had begun; 3. when; 4. in; 5. focused; 6. as; 7 to paint; 8. those; 9.would not exit; 10.what 十 Friends, Before the show, let me introduce Beijing Opera to you. Beijing Opera, with a history of more than 200 years, is very popular in China. During the Qing dynasty, the emperor had a strong interest in local operas. In the late 18th century, to celebrate the emperor’s 80th birthday, local opera troupes from different parts of China came to Beijing to perform for him. Four famous troupes from Anhui province remained in Beijing after the celebration and gradually a new type came into being known as Beijing Opera. Now is the performance and we hope you will enjoy it.

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高二选修六Unit1 Art单元总结
高二选修六Unit1 Art单元总结_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高二选修六 Unit1 Art 单元总结重点短语: 1. 许多 + 可数名词 scores of …2. 许多、 大量+...
人教版 高二英语选修6 Unit1 Art
人教版 高二英语选修 6 姓名 课型 是否采用多媒 体 陈利 阅读理解课 课时 Unit1 Art 单位 1 课时 平利县中学 教学对象 高二(15、 16)班 是 一、教材分析...
人教版高二英语选修 选修6 Unit 1 Art 单元测试(附答案)
人教版高二英语选修 选修6 Unit 1 Art 单元测试(附答案)。高中人教版英语单元测试试卷Test of Unit1, Module 6 一节:听力 第二节:语言知识运用 一节:语...
英语选修6 unit1- 导学
英语:unit1 art单元测试... 14页 2下载券喜欢此文档的还喜欢 人教版高二英语选修6 un... 2页 免费 英语选修6 unit1- 导学案... 13页 2下载券 人教版高...
人教版高二英语选修6Unit1Art (3)_图文
人教版 高二英语选修 6 姓名 课型 是否采用多媒 体 陈利 阅读理解课 课时 Unit1 Art 单位 1 课时 平利县中学 教学对象 高二(15、 16)班 是 一、教材分析...
英语选修六Unit1课文翻译_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育...但是,很显然到了 13 世纪时,观念发生变化,像乔托 ...Whitney Museum of American Art (945 Madison ...