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新人教必修三 Unit 3 The million pound bank note[名词性从句]

Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note

I don’t like his job. 宾语 I don’t like what he does every day.


1. Oliver believes that with a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London. 2. I wonder, Mr. Adams, if you’d mind us asking a few questions.

1) I think (that) women can reach very high achievements in many fields of science. 2) I wonder whether/if she remembered how many babies she had delivered. 3) Do you know who/whom Jack was speaking to? 4) He asked whose car it was. 5) Pay attention to what the doctor said. 6) Please tell me when the earthquake took place. 7) Will you tell me how I can keep fit and healthy?

where ? 1). Can you make sure_________ Alice has put the gold ring. ? 2). It all depends on whether _______they will support us . whoever ? 3). She will give __________needs help a warm support. it ? 4). He made ____clear to the public that ______ he did an important and necessary job . it that ? 5).I find ____ necessary _______ we should do the homework.

The Objective Clause
词的宾语,也可以作介词和非限定动词及某些形容 词的宾语。 引导宾语从句词有连词that,if,whether;连接代 词who,whose,what,which;连接副词when,

where,how, why等。


He doesn’t know where the post office is.


He told me what I should read.
(3)如果宾语从句后面有宾语补足语,要使用形式宾 语 it 而将从句放到补足语后面;

I thought it strange that he failed to call me.

(4)在think, believe, suppose, expect等动词之后的宾 语从句中,如果从句谓语是否定含义,则将主句谓 语动词think等变为否定形式。

I don’t think you are right.
(5) 在think,believe,imagine,suppose,guess, hope等动词以及 I’m afraid 等后,可用so代替一 个肯定的宾语从句,还可用not代替一个否定的宾 语从句。 一Do you believe it will clear up? 一I believe so. I don't believe so. (或I believe not.)

Did she say anything about how we should do the work?
Your article is all right except that it is too long.

I was surprised at what he said.

做形容词的宾语 I’m sure that he will come and join us.

He is pleased that he has passed the test.


动词要用相应的过去时态,但当宾语从句叙述的内 容为客观真理时,仍然用一般现在时。 The teacher told his class that light _______ travels faster than sound.

1. The radio says it _______ cloudy tomorrow. will be (be)

goes 2. The headmaster hopes everything ______ well. (go) 3. Tom says that they _____________ (play) were playing basketball at six o’clock yesterday evening. 4. I hear they _______________ (return) it have returned already.
5. He said that they _________ members of the had been Party since 1948. (be)

wrote 6. I didn’t know what time he _______ the letter. (write) 7. Could you tell me who has takenaway _________ the book already? (take) had been 8. Ling Feng told me he _________ to the Great Wall several times. (be)

if / whether 1. I asked her if / whether she had a bike. __________ whether 2. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. whether 3. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. whether 4. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. whether 5.The doctors are discussing ________ the old man will recover soon. whether 6. I don’t know _______ to go. whether 7. I wonder _______ you will go shopping or stay at home.

if 和whether 的选用 不能使用if 的情况: a. 介词后的宾语从句 b. whether to do 做动词宾语不能用if to do. c .whether or not 连在一起引导宾语从句时不 用if. d.引导discuss的宾语从句时,只能用whether, 不能用if

(that) 1.I don’t think ________ she is coming. that 2.I don’t think it necessary _________ you should read English aloud. that (that) 3.He told me __________ his father had died that and __________ he had to make a living alone. who 4.I don’t know _________ broke the glass yesterday.

? 1. I don’t know ___________or not. A A. whether he is at home B. if he is at home C. that he is at home D. whether is he at home B ? 2. This depends on _________ the weather is fine. A. which B. whether C. if D. that ? 3. The teacher asked the new student A ________ class he was in. A. which B. where C. if D. that

B ? 4. I remember _______ this used to be a quiet village. A. how B. when C. where D. what ? 5. It is generally considered unwise to give a child _______ he or she wants. B A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. wherever C ? 6. Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me ____? ? A. where the bank nearest ? B. where is the nearest bank ? C. where the nearest bank is ? D. the nearest bank is where

had stolen 1.The man insisted that the boy _________ be sent (steal) his money and ___________(send) to the police station. (should) go 2.Mr Smith suggested that you __________(go) to see a doctor. is 3.His words suggests that he_____ (be) a teacher.

The Predicative Clause
? 1. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which … ? 2. That’s why we’ve given you the letter.

在复合句中作表语的从句称作表语从句,位于连 系动词(be,seem,remain等)之后。

3. what, which, who, whom, whose引导的表语从句 连接代词what, which, who, whom, whose除在句子中 起连接作用外,还可在从句中从当主语、表语、定语。 Tom is no longer what he used to be. The question is which of us should come first.

The problem is who is really fit for the hard job.
The important thing is whose name should be put

on the top of the list. It sounds as if/though somebody was knocking at the door.

4. where, when, why, how引导的表语从句 连接副词where, when, why, how除在句中起连接作 用外,在从句中还充当时间、地点、方式、原因状 语,本身具有词义。

That’s where I can’t agree with you.
This is why Sara was late for the meeting.

This is how they overcome the difficulties.
My strongest memory is when I attended an American wedding.

5. because/why引导表语从句通常只用于This/That/It is because/why…结构中。

My anger is because you haven’t written to me for a long time.
This is because he missed the first bus this morning.

That is why he was late for the meeting.
why The reason _______he was late for the meeting was that ________ he missed the first bus this morning.

? My advice is that you (should) set ___________(set) off early tomorrow morning. (should) clean ? His order is that we _____________(clean) the classroom every day. ? His suggestion is that the thief (should) be sent _______________(send) to the police station. whether ? The question is _________ he will come.
引导表语从句 只能whether不能用if, 用that引导的 表 语从句通常不能省略。

1. That’s ___ the Party called on us to do. A. why B. what C. how D. that

2. The reason is ___ he is unable to operate the machine.
A. because B. why C. that D. Whether

3 .That is ___ they separated. A. that B. what C. which D. where

4.Jane is no longer ___ she was four years ago. A. what B. which C. that D. when

1. Go and get your coat. It’s _______ you left it. B A. there B. where C. there were D. where there 2. The problem is _______ he has enough time. B A. if B. whether C. / D. that

D 6. She looked _________ she were ten years younger. A. that B. like C. as D. as though 7. --- I fell sick! --- I think it is _______ you are doing too much. D A. why B. when C. what D. because

B 11. The trouble is __________we are short of tools. A. what B. that C. how D. why that A 12. America was __________was first called “India” by Columbus. A. what B. where C. the place D. there 13. The energy is ________ makes the cells able to do C their work. A. that B. which C. what D. such

A ---Oh, that's_______ . (2003北京春季)
A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I feel about it D. when I feel excited 解析: 这是由what 引导的一个表语从句,在 从句中充当表语,这句话的意思为:那是使 我感到兴奋的事。故答案为A。

1.---Are you still thinking about yesterday's game?

2.---I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.

A ---Is that_______ you had a few days off?
(NMET1999) A. why B. when C. what D. where

解析:这是一个由why引导的表语从句,表示原 因。这句话的意思是“这就是你离开几


3. Perseverance is a kind of quality and that’s _______ it takes to do anything well. A ( 2002上海春季) A. what B. that C. which D. why

“It takes sth. to do sth.”的句型。答案


4. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give

A the monkey exactly_______ he wants .
(2002上海春季) A. what B. which C. when D. that

解析:这是一个宾语从句,wants后面缺少宾语。 Always give the monkey exactly what he wants 是一句谚语,意思是"永远给予他人他确实想要 的东西"。故答案为A。

1. Summarize the noun clauses used as the object and predicative. 2. Finish the exercises in Discovering useful structures. 3. Finish the exercises in Using structures in Workbook.

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