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福建省 13-14 学年高一上学期考试(英语)
第Ⅰ卷 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分 45 分) 一 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分) 21.Many people trust Jack and think highly of him, but__________,I think he is actually dishonest.

A.personally B.generally C.especially D.specially

22.Mr.Zhang does well in singing and he is good at gymnastics______________. A.either B.as well C.but also D.neither

23.You’d better not_________the radio, or you’ll not be able to put it together again. A .take apart B take away C. take out D take in

24 There is no doubt________our mornitor is responsible for this action. A. if B. how C. that D. why

25 If you study hard___________,you will succeed sooner or later. A from then on B.from now on C.since then D.from time to time

26.The classroom was _________with colorful balloons and red flags,which made children excited. A.made B.decorated C.painted D.showed

27. _____ environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem (生态系统) to recover. A. Even if B. As if C. What if D. Once

28. It is the fourth time that he ____ the first prize in the competition. A. wins B. has won C. won D. to win

29.He studi ed hard at school when he was young,_____leads to his success in his later life. A.what B.which C.that D.so that l

30.____ was 1988_____ I graduated from the university. A. That; that B. It; when C. That; when D. It; that

31.A new cinema________here.They hope to finish it next month. A.will be built B.is built C.has been built D.is being built

32—Can we sit at the table near the window? ----I am sorry,but it________already. A.was taken B.took C.has been taken D has taken

33.Daisy cannot stand that her classmates often_______her.
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A keep up with B.look on

C.play jokes on

Dcome up with

34.According to the law,the winning party will_______a new government in a month A.set B.build C.form D.invent

35.John thinks it won’t be long________he is ready for his new job. A. when B.before C.after D.since

二 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 请读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 One day, a young man 36 begged from door to door a long the street. 37 an old wallet in hand, he and kept

was asking for a few coins to buy something to eat. He kept complaining about his bad 38 wondering why those who had so much money were never 39

and were always desiring more.

―As for me, if I had only enough to eat and to wear, I would not want anything more." Just at that moment Goddess Fortune spotted(认出)the beggar among the _40_ and approached him, greeting, ―Hi, young man, I have wished to 41 you for a long time. If you open your wallet, I will pour my gold into 42 : All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold

it. But keep in mind that I will do that only on this

belonging to you; but every piece falling_43_ the ground shall become dust, worth nothing. Are you clear?‖ ―I see. Now I’m ready. ‖ said the beggar with confidence. ―Then you should said the Goddess Fortune. The excited beggar could hardly 46 to have gold. He quickly opened his wallet, and a 47 of 44 ! It’s obvious that your wallet is a/an 45 one, so don’t load it too heavily,‖

yellow coins was poured into it. The wallet became heavier and heavier. ―Is that enough? Isn’t it cracking? Will your wallet strong enough for more?‖ warned the Goddess. ―Never 48 .It’s still strong enough now‖ replied the beggar firmly. The wallet was filled with so many coins that the beggar’s hands began to 49 . ―Ah, if only(要是…就好了) the golden stream would 50 forever! Just a little more,‖ said the beggar, ― 51 just a handful or two.‖ 52 .‖ warned the Goddess again, but the beggar insisted, ― I know it

―There! It’s full. The wallet will will 53

a little more, just a little more.‖ 54 fell upon the ground and became dust. The

One more piece was added and the wallet split. The greedy beggar had now 36. A. in debt 55 but his broken wallet.

B. in rags

C. in danger
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D. in trouble

37. A. Picking 38. A. clothes 39. A. relaxed 40. A. family 41. A. help 42. A. occasion 43. A. upon 44. A. look down 45. A. small 46. A. stand 47. A. stream 48. A. ask 49. A. spread 50. A. pour 51. A. take 52. A. flow 53. A. attract 54. A. present 55. A. nothing

B. Gathering B. wallet B. disappointed B. seize B. forgive B. condition B.out B. look after B. worn B. think B. piece B. request B. shake B. end B. lend B. change B. hold B. food B. anything

C. Winning C. fortune C. worried C. tale C. praise C. situation C .in C. look up C. empty C. breathe C. pair C. insist C. loose C. dry C. add C. disappear C. include C. treasure C. everything

D. Holding D. chance D. satisfied D. crowd D. comfort D. sugge stion D. towards D. look out D. full D. wait D. variety D. fear D. close D. freeze D. send D. burst D. permit D. metal D. something

三.阅读理解 (共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项。

A I went to the Chinatown market in London last Sunday. The first thing I did was to go to one of the Chines e green grocers’ shops. As soon as I entered the shop, I smelt mixtures of Chinese spices and saw the new season’s fruits. My son wanted a bag of sweets, so we popped into the shop next door which sells many kinds of candy. There is a lot of noise in the Chinatown market and you will see many tourists too. There are a lot of cars and trucks that never stop beeping(按喇叭). While people are loading and unloading their goods, most of them have their cars and trucks parked in the middle of the road. This causes great trouble for other drivers. Can you imagine that?

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After we had done all our shopping, my son and I went to a restaurant for lunch. We enjoyed our meal very much. But the shopping made us both very tired in the end. We headed down the road to catch our bus home. My son and I enjoyed riding in the bus. We also enjoyed looking at different buildings and people walking by dressed in fancy outfits (服装) . Although Chinatown can be a busy place to shop in, I do enjoy going there now and then. I can buy some of my necessities, and I can also look and browse(浏览) around the other shops and department stores where I can indulge (使沉迷) myself with some nice things. Chinatown is located in the heart of central London, where you can find tons of shops and other places to amuse you. And for me, I certainly don’t mind going back there again soon. 56. What can we learn from the passage? A. Rich people won’t go to Chinatown for shopping. B. The traffic conditions in Chinatown are not very good. C. The food that the author ate in Chinatown didn’t taste good. D. Chinatown has changed a lot since the author’s last visit. 57. From the passage, we can infer(推测) that the author most probably went to Chinatown by _____. A. bike B. car C. bus D. motorbike

58. The underlined words “popped into‖ most probably means ―_____‖. A. broke into B. rushed into C. pushed into D. walked into

59. What does the last sentence of the passage imply(暗示)? A. The writer will come to Chinatown again before long. B. The writer won’t go to Chinatown for a long time. C. The writer likes Chinatown because it’s near. D. The writer doesn’t have a good impression on Chinatown. Zxxk B Most people know that Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and the first person to win it twice. However, few people know that she was also the mother of a Nobel Prize winner. Born in September, 1897, Irene Curie was the first of the Curies' two daughters. Along with nice other children whose parents were also famous scholars, Irene studied in their own school, and her mother was one of the teachers. She finished her high school education at the College of Sé vignéin Paris. Irene entered the University of Paris in 1914 to prepare for a degree in mathematics and physics. When World War I began, Irene went to help her mother, who was using Xray facilities (设备) to help save the lives of wounded soldiers. Irene continued the work by developing Xray facilities in military(军事的) hospitals in France and Belgium(比利时). Her services were recognized in the form of a Military Medal(奖章) by the French government.
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In 1918, Irene became her mother's assistant at the Curie Institute. In December 1924, Frederic Joliot joined the Institute, and Irene taught him the techniques required for his work. They soon fell in love and were married in 1926. Their daughter Helene was born in 1927 and their son Pierre five years later. Like her mother, Irene combined family and career. Like her mother, Irene was awarded a Nobel Prize, along with her husband, in 1935. Unfortunately, also like he r mother, she developed leukemia(白血病) because of her work with radioactivity (辐射能). Irene JoliotCurie died from leukemia on March 17,1956. 60.Why was Irene Curie awarded(被颁发) a Military Medal? A. Because she received a degree in mathematics. B. Because she won the Nobel Prize with Frederic. C. Because she contributed to saving the wounded. D. Because she worked as a helper to her mother. 61.Where did Irene Curie meet her husband Frederic Joliot? A.At the College of Sé vigné . B. At the University of Paris. C. At a military hospital. D. At the Curie Institute. 62.When was the second child of Irene Curie and Frederic Joliot born? A. In 1897. B. In 1927. C. In 1932. D. In 1926. 63.In which of the following aspects was Irene Curie different from her mother? A. Irene worked with radioactivity. B. Irene won the Nobel Prize once. C. Irene combined family and career. D. Irene died from leukemia. C Although considered an excellent exercise, jumping rope has never received widespread acceptance because of two reasons. First, most people recognize jumping rope as an excellent form of cardiovascular (心血管的) exercise, but they also believe that it is simply too difficult. In other words, they don’t think they’ll be able to continue jumping for the near 20 minutes in order to achieve a beneficial physical effect. Second, many regard it as somewhat boring and overly repetitive(重复) —not as something fun or enjoyable. As a matter of fact, jumping rope can be great fun as long as you find a proper way to practise it. Instead of doing the usual two-foot bounce(跳) over and over again, players good at rope-jumping often change their pattern every 10 or 20 jumps. A single bounce, a double –bounce, a skip, a knee-up, side swings, as well as a variety of other easy-to-learn free-style rope-jumping.
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Nowadays researchers are discovering that jumping rope also prepares the brain for learning. It is an exercise allowing both brain hemispheres (半球) to perform equally to each other. In short, jumping rope can be a life-long activity requiring little equipment, time and space, yet leading to a much healthier life. 64. One reason that can explain why rope jumping has not spread widely is that_____. A. it benefits the cardiovascular system B.it is too difficult for people to learn to jump C. it is believed to be boring and repetitive D. it requires little equipment, time and space 65. The first sentence in Paragraph 3 means that A. there is only one proper way to follow B. the usual way should not be used again C. the easiest way is always the best one D. there are different kinds of ways to follow 66. According to the researchers , jumping rope A. only prepares the brain for learning B. is suitable for students only C. helps both brain hemispheres work together D. can be dangerous for old people 67. What does the writer think of rope-jumping ? A. He is strongly against it. C. The passage doesn’t mention it.. D. He knows little about it D In the US, people prefer waiting for a table to sitting with people they don’t know. This means a hostess may not seat a small group until a small table is available, even if a large one is. If you are sitting at a table with people you don’t know, it is impolite to light up a cigarette without first asking if it will disturb them. At American restaurants and coffee shops you are usually served tap (水龙头)water before you order. You may find the bread and butter is free, and if you order coffee, you may get a free refill(重续). Most cities and towns have no rules about opening and closing time for stores or restaurants, though they usually do make rules for bars. Especially in large cities, stores may be open 24 hours a day. B. He is for it . in rope jumping .

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Serving in restaurants is often large; too large for many people. If you can’t finish your meal but would like to enjoy the food later, ask your waitress or waiter for a ―doggie bag‖. It may have a picture of a dog on it, but everybody knows you’re taking the food for yourself. Tips are not usually added to the check. They are not included in the price of the meal, either. A tip of about 15% is expected and you should leave it on the table when you leave. In some restaurants, a check is brought on a plate and you put your money there. Then the waiter or waitress brings you your change. 68. Which statement is TRUE? A. American people like sitting with people they don’t know. B. Hostess always seats a small group at a large table. C. American people never sit with people they don’t know. D. American people would not light a cigarette if the people who sit at the same table mind their smoking. 69.What is served before you order? A. Cold water. B. Butter. C. Coffee. D. Bread.

70. What do American people always do when servings are too large for them? A. They take the food home with a doggie bag for their dogs. B. They leave the food on the table and go away. C. They take the food home with a doggie bag and enjoy the food later. D. They ask the waitress or waiter to keep the food for them. 四.(一) 完成句子。(共 10 分) 71.The amber which was s 72.By studyin g old photos of the f old one. 73.Does anyone want to h (主办) the Olympic Games? (被挑选)had a beautiful colour like honey. (先前的)Amber Room,they have made the new one look like the

74. That is the motto of the Olympic------s_______(更快), Higher and Stronger. 75.Although I was young I could s_________(简化) difficult sums 76.After I was programmed by an o________(操作员),I could think logically. 77.Farmers hunted us without m__________(仁慈) 78.It c_______(包含) a powerful drug which affects mosquitoes. 79 A lot of people a___________(认为有重要性,意义)great importance to becoming rich and famous. 80.Sometimes they may play to p_____________(路人)in the street or subway. (二)根据句意从方框中选出合适的动词或短语, 用其适当的形式完成句子 。(共 10 分)
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stand for, long to, dream---of, share---with, rely on, compete against, less than, in return, provide---with, a certain number of, 81. 82.In ,the Czar sent him a troop of his best soldiers. two days 100,000 pieces were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. ?

83.What do the five rings on the Olympic flag

84.Our Greek cities used to _____________each other just for the honour of winning. 85.Anyhow,my goal is to_______humans______a life of high quality. 86.I was able to ________my knowledge _____ others through the World Wide Web. 87 Daisy had always __________help endangered species of wildlife. 88.They allowed tourists to hunt only ________________animals if they paid the farmers 89.Have you ever __________playing in front of thousands of people? 90.They had to ___________other musicians to help them.

五. 阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示, 2)首字母提示,3)语境提示,并将该词完整地写 在相对应的横线上。 I watched TV until 12 o’clock last night, so I could not go over my lessons. This m________I got up so late that I had to hurry to school w_______ breakfast. Yet I was late for the classroom, the maths teacher had 93 all the eyes 94. 91. 92. first class. When I e_____ the

to stop explaining an ______(重要的) problem. And 95.

were fixed upon me. My f_____turned red. Somethin g even 96.

w_____ happened to me in the English class. The teacher asked me to recite the test,but I could say n__,for I had not spent any97. lessons. The teacher looked at me with 98._


his cold eyes. I ______( 站 ) there feeling very ashamed. never do anything like that. 100.


___ a terrible day I had ! I will

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六.书面表达(满分 15 分) 假如你是校学生会主席, 为了更好地保护环境, 你代表学生会向全校学生发出倡议。 请根据以下内容, 写一份倡议书: 1 保护环境是我们的职责。 2 我们要养成环保的习惯:(1)尽量步行上学或骑自行车上学 (2) 不随地扔垃圾 (3) 节约用水 (4)…… 3 发出环保的号召。 注意:1 词数:120 左右 2 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 As we can see, the environment around us is getting worse and worse._________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Thank you ! The Students’ Union

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76.operator 77.mercy 78.contains 79.attach 80.passers-by

81.In return

82.less than

83.stand for 84.compete against 85.provide…with

86.share…with 87.longed to 88.a certain number of 89.dreamed of 90.rely on

91.morning 92.without 93.entered 94.important 95.face 96.worse 作文: 97.nothing 98.preparing 99.stood 100.What

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