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模块一第一单元重点词组,句型 Welcome to the unit
a magazine article about school life 关于学校生活的一篇杂志文章 two articles about school clubs 两篇关于学校俱乐部的文章 talk about school activities 谈论学校活动 discuss daily school life with your partner 和你的同伴讨论学校生活 report your school activities to your class teacher 将你的学校生活向你的老师报告 make a poster for a new school club 为一个新的学校俱乐部做海报 High school is a time of discovery, learning and hard work. 高中是一个发现,学习和辛苦工作的时间 8. some differences between the lives of Chinese and British high school students 中国和英国高中学生生活的一些不同之处 9. What is your dream school life like? 你梦想中的学校生活是什么样的? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

10. in the past year 在过去的一年里 11. Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. 去英国的一所高中呆一年对我来说是一次愉快而令人激动的经历. 12. be happy with…/be satisfied with…/be pleased with… 对…感到满意 13. This means I could get up an hour later than usual as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. 这意味着我可以比平时晚一个小时起床因为中国的学校 8 点前开始上学. 14. on the first day 在第一天 15. attend an assembly 参加集会 at assembly 在集会上 during the assembly 在集会期间 16. I sat next to a girl whose name was Diana. 我坐在一个名叫 Diana 的女孩旁 17. tell us about the rules of the school 告诉我们关于学校的规则 18. the best way to earn respect 赢得尊敬的最好的方式 19. devote oneself to… 致力于;献身于; 专心于 20. achieve high grades 获得高分 achieve high scores 21. sound like… 听起来像… 22. the average size 平均规模 on average 平均 23. move to different classrooms for different classes 去不同的教室上不同的课 24. I found the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school. 我发现家庭作业不像我在原来的学校那么重 25. a bit challenging for sb. 对某人来说有点挑战性 26. give sb much encouragement 给某人很多鼓励 27. improve a lot 提高很多 28. spend an hour each day reading English books in the library 每天花一个小时的时间在图书馆读英语书 29. during the lunch break 在午餐休息期间 30. send e-mails to sb. back home for free 免费发邮件回家给某人 31. an extra French class 一节额外的法语课 32. on Tuesday evenings 每个星期二晚上 33. at the end of term 在学期末 34. hold a class party 举办班级晚会 35. drop studying some subjects 放弃学一些学科 36. choose some subjects like… 挑选一些像…学科

miss sth/sb. a lot 非常想念某人/某物 at lunch 在午餐时 after lunch 午饭后 like eating desserts 喜欢吃甜食 at the end of the main meal 主食结束时 play on the school field 在学校操场上玩 relax under a tree 在树下放松 sit on the grass 坐在草地上 experience this different way of life 经历这种不同的生活方式 with satisfaction 满意地 get a general idea of… 获得…的总的意思 find certain information 找到特定的信息 scan the text for key words and phrases 扫描/浏览课文找出关键词和短语 word by word 逐个单词地 communicate with… 和某人交流 according to… 根据,按照… in an interesting way 以一种有趣的方式 make friends with… 和某人交朋友 at the end of dinner 在吃饭结束时 at dinner 在吃饭时 first of all 首先 at first introduce myself (to you) (向你)介绍我自己 at the weekend /on the weekend 在周末 on weekends surf the internet 上网冲浪 I didn’t realize schools in the UK are so different from schools in China until I read your article. 直到看了你的文章我才意识到英国的学校和中国的学校有那么不同. 60. become used to… 习惯… be used to… get used to… 61. have respect for… 对...敬重 62. plan on… 计划… attend a high school 上高中 63. Best wishes! 致以最好的祝福! 64. What subjects do you like best? 你最喜欢的科目是什么? 65. be interested in… 对…感兴趣 66. What subjects would you like to take if you could choose?如果可以选择你会选那些科目? 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59.

Word power
at the school gate 在学校的大门处 the quickest way to get to sp. 去某处最快的路 walk towards… 朝….走 go/walk between …. and …. 在….和…之间走 walk/go past… 走过 go straight on 继续直走 next to… 在…旁边 go back to the dormitories 返回宿舍 afternoon classes 下午的课程 much more than you expect 比你期待的多许多 a library with over 48,000 books 有 48,000 多藏书的图书馆 Twelve science labs are available for different experiments. 12 个科学实验室可以用来做不同的实验 79. The indoor swimming pool is open all year round for students who like swimming. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78.

80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90.

室内游泳池常年对喜欢游泳的学生开放 Each room comes with its own bathroom 每个房间都配有自己的浴室 a modern medical center 一个现代化的医疗中心 experienced nurses 有经验的护士 take good care of… 照顾好… during break times 在课间休息的时间 during weekdays 在周日期间 on weekdays 在工作日;在平时 a lot of pieces of equipment 许多件设备

Grammar and usage
in the same way 以相同的方式 no longer 不再 no more graduate from… 从…毕业 speak fluent Chinese 讲流利的中文 91. Upon finishing his studies, he started travelling in China.一完成他的学业, 他就开始在中国旅行。 92. develop an interest in… 养成对….的兴趣 93. bring …back from… 从某地带回某物 94. He donate most of them to our school. (donate sth. to sb.) 他把当中大多数都捐给了学校. 95. be shown in the exhibition room 被展出在展览室中 96. our school open day 我们学校开放日 97. invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事 98. make a speech about sth. 做关于…的演讲 99. 30 minutes for questions and answers 30 分钟的问答时间 100. miss the chance to do sth. 错过做….的机会 101. at the open day 在开放日 102. There are several differences between A and B A 和 B 之间有几点不同之处 103. For one thing,… For another thing, … 一方面…,另一方面… 104. in class 在课堂上 after class 下课后 105. the rest of the time 剩余的时间 106. be used for… be used to do sth 被用于做。。 。 107. independent study 自主学习 108. make good use of… 充分利用 109. for fun 为了好玩 110. admire sb 崇拜某人

111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. activities to be done things to be achieved in short form save space in several ways speech on Chinese history traffic safety make decisions/a decision make comparisons have more choices order a copy report to your class teacher 要进行的活动 要实现/完成的事情 以缩略形式 节省空间 以几种方式 关于中国历史的演讲 交通安全 作决定 作比较 有更多的选择 订购一本书 向你的班主任报告

123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136.

compare your class timetable with the programme 将你的时间表和方案对比 in a public place 在公共场合 make your notice clear and attractive 使你的通知清楚引人 Thank you for your kind attention 感谢你的关注 read the outline 阅读提纲 be run by the students 由学生管理 during break times 在休息期间 approve the idea 同意了这个想法 in charge of 负责 much more than… 不仅仅… some special messages that the teachers want us to broadcast 一些老师要我们播出的特别信息 during exam time 在考试期间 for preparation 作准备 prepare for… make preparations for… a special programme that tells students the things they should do for preparation 一个告诉同学们准备时该做和不该做的事的特别节目 give messages to… 给…发布信息 close friends 亲密朋友 inform the parents of events such as outings and school plays 通知家长们关于远足和校园演出的消息 after graduation 毕业后 on the last Friday of every month 在每月的最后的星期五 Poets of the Next Generation 未来诗人 read sth aloud 大声读出 be required to do sth. 被要求做某事 be a little nervous at first 首先有点紧张 in the school courtyard 在校园里 in groups/in a group 以小组的形式 make a poster 制作海报 advertise a new school club 为一个新的学校俱乐部做广告 vote to decide which to choose 投票决定选择哪个 do research 进行研究 achieve their goals 达到目标 consist of… 由。。组成 。 attract new members 吸引新的成员 come up with your own ideas 提出自己的想法 try to make the poster as attractive as possible 尽力使海报尽可能的吸引人 look over 检查 查看 give suggestions on its wording and design 就它的措辞和设计给出建议 Now it is time to present your poster to the class 现在是把你的海报展示给班里的时候了 sign up 签名参加 win the competition 赢得竞赛


137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158.

160. 161.


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