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开平市第一中学 2016 届名师指津.高考词汇第五周测试卷 英 语
(全卷共四大题 100 小题,请在 40 分钟内完成) 一、单词拼写 请根据句意和汉语提示填入一个恰当的英语单词(注意形式)。 1. Prices have risen steadily during the past _________(十年), namely from 2005 to now. 2.

His interest in this subject gradually _________(减少) because he dislikes the new teacher. 3. Such _________(装饰品) is a typical feature of the new year festival. 4. It was not long before the ________(潮湿的) clothes dried up in the sun. 5. I must apologize for the ________(延误) in writing back to you. 6. I am much __________(高兴) to be present at the lecture and to give you a speech. 7. The thin mailman _________(递送) letters and parcels from door to door every morning. 8. Our headteacher _________(要求) we get to the classroom before half past six in the morning. 9. He had been suffering from toothache for a few days before he went to see a _________(牙医). 10. The hero should _________ (值得/应得) praise and a reward for his brave behavior. 11. It’s admitted that everyone _________(期望/想要) to live in a world free of wars and starvation. 12. If you don’t speak good English, you will be at a big _________(劣势) when seeking a job. 13. There was a ________(失望的) look on his face when he failed to pass the driving test again. 14. Our school _________(阻止/使气馁) us from staying up late to study. 15. Every day after I get up, I _______(给……穿衣服) my son and then wash his hands and face. 16. So _________(满是灰尘的) is the window that I can’t see anything clearly outside. 17. I _______(捐赠) my blood for free each year with the hope of helping those people in need. 18. He works hard, but he does not ______(赚/挣) much money to support his family. 19. I go all out for my ideal university, for I think nothing is more important than ________(教育). 20. What is certain is that every ________(结果) must have a cause. 21. I work hard to improve my English, believing that my ________(努力) will pay off soon. 22. There are four _________(紧急情况) exits in the department store in all. 23. To save money, many shops prefer to ________(雇佣) students during summer vacation. 24. Without your _________(鼓励), I would have given up learning and dropped out of school. 25. When asked why she remained single all the time, she felt a bit _________(尴尬). 二、词义猜测 请根据句意选出与下列句子中划线单词意思相同或相近的选项。 1. Why have you let me be in the dark about this? As a leader, I should have known it. A. 在黑暗中 B. 穿着黑色衣服 C. 不知道/不了解 D. 被蒙着眼睛 2. The company keeps losing its customers and there’s a sharp decline in sales. A. 掉下 B. 衰退 C. 谢绝 D. 下降 3. He deposits a large sum of money in the bank each month for his old age. A. 储存 B. 放下 C. 沉淀 D. 寄存 4. When he came back after the war, he found the villages deserted. A. 沙漠化 B. 荒无人烟 C. 擅离职守 D. 丧失 5. It took me some time to digest the difficult essay which I’d read several times. A. 消化 B. 理解 C. 摘要 D. 忘记 6. The bad weather put us in a dilemma then and we were wondering whether to continue or stop.

A. 进退两难 B. 动弹不得 C. 无法适应 D. 左右逢源 7. If you want to apply for the position, a diploma in this field is a must. A. 背景 B. 文凭 C. 人脉 D. 经验 8. We should not have racial discrimination for the reason that everyone is born equal. A. 分别 B. 批评 C. 鉴赏 D. 歧视 9. I was tired of his speech, which was long, boring and disgusting. A. 令人着迷的 B. 引起共鸣的 C. 让人害怕的 D. 令人反感的 10. There is a sharp distinction between the two words, so it’s easy to tell one from the other. A. 联系 B. 相同 C. 区别 D. 分离 11. Her interests are very diverse, ranging from reading to traveling, and from literature to politics. A. 沉闷无趣的 B. 非常有趣的 C. 单一无聊的 D. 多种多样的 12. While traveling in America, he lost his passport, so he went to the embassy for help. A. 学生会 B. 华人组织 C. 大使馆 D. 联盟 13. Unless we live in harmony with wildlife, we tend to keep ecology out of balance. A. 生态 B. 地理 C. 心理 D. 地质 14. Mike is a dynamic and energetic leader who never seems tired. A. 有活力的 B. 不作为的 C. 运转的 D. 和平的 15. He enjoys driving at a dizzy speed, but I feel scared to death. A. 旋转的 B. 飞快的 C. 变速的 D. 匀速的 16. She once had some disturbing experiences, which occasionally wakes her up with fear. A. 新奇刺激的 B. 有趣难忘的 C. 令人不安的 D. 令人厌烦的 17. I’m terribly sorry, but I didn’t hurt your feelings deliberately. I just did that by accident. A. 耐心地 B. 不断地 C. 故意地 D. 拼命地 18.Although the material looks hard, it is actually delicate, easily breaking into pieces. A. 易碎的 B. 精美的 C. 敏锐的 D. 微妙的 19. We have been longing for the travel. Much to our joy, we’ll make our departure tomorrow. A. 计划 B. 启程 C. 日程 D. 改变 20. When trying to figure out a solution to a problem, we should take all dimensions into account. A. 问题 B. 困难 C. 途径 D. 方面 21. After the monitor distributed the work, the students voluntarily began to work on their own. A. 分配 B. 完成 C. 监督 D. 催促 22. One main drawback is its high cost and another disadvantage is its inconvenience. A. 优势 B. 缺点 C. 鼓励 D. 退款 23. I have the habit of making a draft and outline before writing a composition. A. 设计 B. 图像 C. 汇票 D. 草稿 24. You’d better save the documents before closing the computer. A. 资料 B. 内存 C. 文档 D. 表格 25. We all wonder how you always look so young, beautiful and elegant! A. 优雅的 B. 朴素的 C. 粗糙的 D. 脆弱的 三、单句填空 请在下列句子中填入一个适当的词或用所给词的正确形式填空。 1. ____________(day) routine refers to the work you do every day. 2. When faced with a ____________(danger) situation, we are supposed to keep calm. 3. A car accident occurred yesterday, causing twenty ____________(die). 4. Having realized the importance of English, he makes a ____________(decide) to learn it well. 5. Attacked by the enemies, they took up arms in ____________(defend) of their country. 6. To seek a solution to the problem, we should discuss it in ____________(deep). 7. The beauty of the West Lake is really beyond ____________(describe). 8. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect forests from ____________(destroy). 9. It won’t make much ____________(different) whether you will leave or stay. 10. To our surprise, the little boy managed to solve the problem without ____________(difficult). 11. It should be kept in mind that it’s rude manners to tease the ____________(disable).

12. They talked for a long time and finally reached an ____________(agree). 13. New scientific ____________(discover) are being made every day. 14. There’s a ____________(divide) of opinion on whether students should get up early. 15. We are deeply moved by his ____________ (devote) to teaching. 16. The radio was ____________(damage) when it dropped onto the floor. 17. To accomplish my ideal, I make up my mind ____________(defeat) all the difficulties. 18. My mother is a woman of devotion and ____________(determine). 19. He ____________(like) the environment he is working in because of the unbearable noise. 20. Do you intend to take the ____________(drive) test this summer holiday? 21. Being terribly ____________(drink), he found it hard to walk steadily on his own. 22. The man headed for his destination in the ____________(east) direction. 23. I have been longing to be an ____________(edit)of the famous magazine. 24. Being an ____________(educate), I attach great importance to early education. 25. I have five ____________(old) brothers, whom I love from the bottom of my heart. 四、词组句型 请根据汉语提示完成下列英文句子。 1. He bought an ________________( 最 新 的 ) dictionary which contains the latest vocabulary. 2. The chemical factory built last year _______________________ (产生了大量污染). 3. Last Monday, we _________________( 进行了热烈的讨论 ) on whether we senior students should fall in love with each other. 4. Doing sports regularly and having a balanced diet ____________________(对身体有好 处). 5. ____________(毫无疑问地) , all of us will fulfill our dreams in the near future by working hard. 6. __________________ (缺少时间), they didn’t finish the task as planned. 7. In my opinion, how much time for exercise should ____________(取决于) your own schedule. 8. Last week __________________ (我们进行了一场辩论 ) whether the advantages of watching TV outweigh its disadvantages. 9. When it comes to computer, it must be admitted that its _______________________________ (利远大于弊). 10. We all __________________ (渴望实现理想), so never shall we give into difficulties. 11. ____________(如图所示), more people prefer to travel in October. 12. Speaking of the best time for travel, _____________________________ (人们意见各个 不同). 13. To make a pleasant trip, we should __________________ (考虑各个方面的因素). 14. To lose weight, she made up her mind to ____________(节食). 15. Compared with my deskmate, ____________(恰恰相反), I took little exercise but ate a lot. 16. To get rid of loneliness, I _________________________(培养对……的兴趣) drawing. 17. Based on our discussion, we may __________________ ( 得出结论 ) that making preparations for everything in advance is of great importance. 18. To live a healthy life, we should have a balanced diet, __________________ (包括各类 食物). 19. One day, I __________________ (偶遇) an advertisement that a secretary is needed by a firm. 20. I’m able to _________________ (表达自己的感情) fluently in English after practicing a lot. 21. ____________(我深信) if we live in harmony with the people around us, a harmonious society will be established before long. 22. Once I make a decision, under no circumstance __________________ (我绝不改变决 心). 23. __________________ (与她的成就比起来), her shortcomings are less important. 24. No one __________________ (没有谁比她更自信了). 25. The shops and supermarkets __________________ (人山人海) on the weekends.


一、单词拼写 1. decade 2. decreases 3. decoration 4. damp 5. delay 6. delighted 7. delivers 8. demanded 9. dentist 10. deserve 11. desires 12. disadvantage 13. disappointed 14. discourages 15. dress 16. dusty 17. donate 18. earn 19. education 20. effect 21. efforts 22. emergency 23. employ 24. encouragement 25. embarrassed 二、词义猜测 1~5CDABB 6~10 ABDDC 11~15DCAAB 16~20 CCABD 21~25 ABDCA 三、单句填空 1. daily 2. dangerous 3. deaths 4. decision 5. defense 6. depth 7. description 8. destroying 9. difference 10. difficulty 11. disabled 12. disagreement 13. discoveries 14. division 15. devotion 16. damaged 17. to defeat 18. determination 19. dislikes 20. driving 21. drunk 22. eastern 23. editor 24. educator 25. elder 四、词组句型 1. up-to-date 2. causes a great deal of pollution 3. had a heated discussion 4. do good to health 5. Without doubt/Undoubtedly 6. Lacking time / For lack of time 7. depend on 8. we had a debate on/about 9. advantages largely outweigh its disadvantages 10. are eager to achieve our dreams 11. As the diagram shows / As is shown in the diagram 12. opinions differ greatly (from person to person) 13. take all factors into consideration / account 14. go on a diet 15. on the contrary 16. develop an interest in 17. we may come to / draw a conclusion 18. consisting of all kinds of food 19. came across 20. convey / express my feelings 21. I am convinced that 22. will / shall I change my mind 23. Compared with her achievements 24. is more confident than her 25. are crowded with people


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