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2015汕头二模 写作指导


第一句:阿里巴巴是马云1999年在中国杭州所创立。 In 1999, Alibaba was founded /set up/ launched by Ma Yun in Hang Zhou, China. 第二句:它是亚洲最大的B2B在线交易平台,连接了全球 强大的制造商和买家。 ①It is the biggest business-to-business online platform, _________big connecting manufactures with big buyers across the world. 非谓语 ②It is the biggest business-to-business online which _______big connects platform, _____ manufactures with big buyers across the world. 定语从句

第三句:另外,阿里巴巴是最活跃的网上市场,汇聚 了1000多万注册商,且每天提供810万条商业信息。 ①Besides, Alibaba is the most active online marketplace, _____more than 10 million with registered companies_______, gathered and 8.1 million pieces of trade informtion _______every day. provided (with+名词/代词+分词复合结构表表原因) ②What makes it the most active online marketplace is that it forms a community of 10 million registered companies and provides 8.1 million pieces of trade information every day.

第四句:因此,它一年能吸引231百万个买 家,8百万卖家以及113亿万份商业信息。 As a result, its marketplaces attract 2.31 million buyers, 8 million sellers and 11.3 billion orders a year. 第五句:总而言之,阿里巴巴为人们创造了便捷 的交易渠道。 ①In a word, Alibaba make it easy for people to buy or sell online in the world. ②In a word, a convenient trading channel online is created for people due to Alibaba.


1. 开车的过程中,作者依赖于另外的一 位司机来确保路途的安全。 2. 这一路的想法让他意识到人人之间彼 此相互信任才能促成和谐。 When driving, the author relied on another drive to keep safe, which made him realize people should trust in each other to lead to harmony.

1.主题句 ①毫无疑问的是,信任在我们日常生活当中起了十 分重要的作用。 Undoubtedly, trust plays an important role in our daily life. ②就我而言,我意识到了生活中人与人彼此信任的 重要性。 As for me, I become awareness of the importance of trust in each other in our daily life.

2. 拓展句(要点指导) (1)信任不仅是人们建立和谐的基础,而且是通往成功的纽 带。 Not only is it the fundamental of harmony that people will build, but also a belt contributing to success. (2) 倘若朋友之间失去了信任,友谊便不堪一击。 倘若夫妻之间存在着猜疑,婚姻也就走到了尽头。 如果没有买家的信任,马云不会如此成功。 If there is no trust between friends, friendship will be easy to break up. If couples always suspect each other of something, then their marriages will come to an end. Without trust from buyers, Ma yun would not be so successful.

(1)主题句 这篇文章令我想起了我中学时自己一次难忘的经历。
The passage reminds of my own unforgettable experience when I was a middle school student.

(2) 参考例子①
Because of not enough understanding about my friend Mike, I didn’t trust him any longer. Our friendship broke up. Fortunately, after reading my own fault– not trusting in each other, I decided to communicate with Mike. To our delight, our friendship returned and was repaired due to the regained trust in each other.

参考例子② One day, while walking on the sidewalk, I happened to one friend of mine, Kate, who was approaching me head-on.(迎面走来). Out of manners, I was about to greet her. To my surprise, she seemed to ignore me on purpose, walking by like a stranger, which made me very puzzled and angry all the way even for the whole day. That night, My mom found me down and asked what happened to me. I told her about my puzzlement and she said to me “If I were you, I would trust in her about the fact that she was not deliberate but was in a bad mood or something she was wondering at that time. Would you please do that like me?” Delightedly, it was my mother’s word that informed me of a sense of trust that we need between friends. Eventually, it made no difference about my friendship with Kate.

(3)如何有效地建立彼此之间的信任 1. 主题句 因此,人们彼此之间如何有效地建立起信任 呢? ①Therefore, how should people build the effective trust in each other? ②To sum up, it makes sense to build the effective trust in each other.

2.过渡句:适当的方法值得推荐,如下: Appropriate approaches deserve recommending as following. 3. 拓展句(要点指导) (1)首先,我们本身应该具备良好的素质,比如诚实, 友善,责任感。 (2)另外,信任是建立在互相尊重的基础上。 (3)更加重要的是,误解和欺骗会让彼此产生信任危 机,因此,真诚地沟通与真心的对待彼此尤为重要。

To start with, we are supposed to own some necessary qualities like honesty, kindness and responsibility. In addition, the effective trust is based on respecting each other. More importantly, misunderstanding and cheating may account for crisis of faith(信任危机), so communicating with each other frankly and treating sincerely make sense. In brief, only in this way can we live a harmony life.

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