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教学案例探讨一完形填空(Part B)专题研讨

株洲市二中 2013 届高三英语备课组 Jan. 18th

湖南省高考完形填空(Part B)专题复习研讨
Handout for senior three students ⅠLeaning objectives
1. Generalize the main testing points of cloze testⅡ. 2. Build skills to complete the cloze testⅡand express ideas about doing it well. 3. Give some advice on how to get along with others happily.

Ⅱ Learning procedures
Step 1 Preview presenting Present the main testing points of cloze testⅡ and express ideas about how to do it well. Step 2 Skills building Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. There are many reasons why teenagers feel anxious. Of all of them, Teenagers probably feel the most anxious about school. They may also feel anxious about their relationships 48 Teenagers also feel anxious about their future. They don’t know 49 their parents.

they can get into university. might sleep best way

They also think a lot what career they want to have. When teenagers feel anxious, 50 too much or eat too much. We know that the teenage years are a time of great change. 51 to deal with anxiety is to talk to an adult 52 find out 53 careers. 54 anxiety.

you trust. If you are anxious about your future, try to

your interests are. There is a lot of information on the Internet about universities and is not a good idea to watch too much movie 55 sleep too much to handle

(说明:文章根据旧版《牛津高中英语》模块六第 114 页 Part B。)

Step 3 Capability strengthening Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. I feel caught between my parents, my basketball coach and myself. I have always been an average student. My parents feel that I need to spend more time improving my grades so I can go 48_______a good university. They make me feel like I’m a bad son 49
Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 1

I don’t focus on what they think is

株洲市二中 2013 届高三英语备课组 Jan. 18th

best for me. For the past few years, I have been playing for the city basketball team. I’m 50 outstanding player. Running around on the basketball court is 51 thinks I have a chance to become a real star. 52 makes me happy. The coach

thinks that I need to arrange to spend even he has

more time working on my basketball skills. I feel guilty when I don’t practice harder53

spent a lot of time coaching me, and he really believes in me. The problem is that I can’t allocate adequate time for54 practically. Whichever way I look at it, I’ll 55 be really good at

anything unless I quit doing everything else. I’m so confused. (说明:根据旧版《牛津高中英语》模块 六第 26 页 A 部分改编而成。) Step 4 Cloze test designing Design a fill-in test for other groups and see which group is better in designing a proper cloze test. Parents sometimes see their children as little seeds that will grow up to be beautiful flowers. We hope that our children will grow to be healthy adult and that our families will enjoy a happy life. Sometimes, we achieve these goals, but sometimes we fail. In the journey to achieve happiness, a family experiences many things together. Many of these take place in the home, which should be a comfortable place, where everyone enjoys equality and feels valued. For example, when many of us come home after a tiring day of work, we enjoy a tasty, home-cooked meal. In fact, our expectation of a hot meal every night may unconsciously the convey message that we do not care about the work that went into preparing it. It is important for us to remember this and to remind the person preparing the meal that we appreciate his or her efforts. (文章来源于《牛津高中英语》模块九第 121 页 D1 部分。) Step 5 Homework 1. Memorizing the main testing points in cloze two and finish Exercise One on the handout. 2. Design a cloze test using the second material below with you partners.

Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 2

株洲市二中 2013 届高三英语备课组 Jan. 18th

Exercise One
Complete the following passages by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. A Everybody wants to be happy. To some, happiness is being surrounded by families and friends. To 48 , happiness means achieving success in something, such as meeting a goal. To those 49 a physical disability, happiness can simply mean a day without rest of life to she was injured

have been injured or struggle50

pain or just being alive. To Sang Lan, happiness is to be alive and lucky to have 51 learn new things, reach much smaller goals and love the people around her. 52 and in hospital, instead of crying about 53 disappointment, thought about positive things 54

she had lost and feeling hopeless, she overcame her stayed optimistic to rebuild her life. The world won the

was amazed by the way she remained cheerful. As a result of her positive thinking, 55

sympathy and admiration from the people at home and abroad. (根据旧版《牛津高中英语》模块六第 18 页和第 19 页材料改编) B The happiest days will be in the future. The technology of the future will allow us and our family to be healthy, and never to worry about illness. No one will be sad 48 to fix many of 49 humans will have learned

problems that affect us now, like wars, pollution and hunger. People will be all! We

able to communicate better. Technology will guarantee good health and happiness 50 can imagine that the workday will be only four hours long, 51 jobs that are very interesting. We have robots and computers to assist us52 boring, 53 will simplify our lives. Maybe 54

everyone can work part-time the things that are

will even be automatic kitchens to

cook instant meals for us. Then families will be able to spend the maximum amount of time enjoying 55 other’s company and the minimum amount of time doing housework. (文章根据旧版

《牛津高中英语》模块六第 31 页中的第二段改编)

Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 3

株洲市二中 2013 届高三英语备课组 Jan. 18th

C I consider my father to be the most important person in my life. This is not 48 or wealthy. We do not have a big car, and there are no old, expensive vases 49 our house. Rather, 50 he is famous paintings in

I value about my father is the care and love he shows to me and my the table, bedding he is

family. What makes my father happy is being able to put a loaf of bread 51 and quilts on our beds and52

roof over our heads. My father might work hard, 53

is always there for us. Whenever I trip on the mat or carpet or hurt myself playing sports, 54 there to pick me up. My brother and grew up 55 rhymes and stories he told us.

his constant care and the funny nursery

Exercise Two
Design a fill-in test for other groups and see which group is better in designing a proper cloze test. I myself am a teenager and have some problems at home. Mainly, the problem is my father. Whenever I want to do something or suggest an idea, he doesn’t listen to me. When I refuse to listen to him, he shouts at me and the two of us fight like crazy. He and my mother always make me do what I don’t like such as playing the piano and learning Japanese. Then, when I have some spare time and want to be alone, they call me selfish and unloving! My father gets very angry when I play foreign music. Also, every time I watch a DVD, he sends me to bed or tells me to spend more time studying. He has even forbidden me from meeting my friends online at the internet café! I love him a lot, but I don’t understand why he will not respect the things I want to do. He was once a teenager—he should understand me better than he does. (说明:根据旧版《牛津高中英语》模块一第 38 页改编。)

Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 4

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