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课型:复习课 主备课:王小梅 【学习目标】 1、关系代词与关系副词的区别。 2、when,where 和 why 引导的定语从句 3、whose + 名词引导的定语从句 4、 “介词+关系代词 which/whom”引导的定语从句,关键要找准先行词或定语从句中的谓 语动词的固定搭配。 5、that, which 引导定语从句的区别。 【学习重点】The structure of the attributive clause(定语从句的结构) 【学习难点】The use of the attributive clause.(定语从句的用法) 【学习方法】Combine the instruction with exercises. 一、自学预习 【考纲要求】在考纲中,要求掌握以下定语从句的内容: 1、引导限制性定语从句的关系词。 2、引导非限制性定语从句的关系词。 3,限制性与非限制性定语从句的区别。 4、介词+关系代词的用法。 5、不定代词/数词+of which/whom 引导的非限制性定语从句及其该结构与并列句的判断。 【教法指引】定语从句是高中英语学习的重要语法项目之一,在高考各个题型中都有可能 会涉及到。它的结构和用法比较复杂,是高中阶段英语学习的一个重点,也是高考英语常 考的一个考点,是历年高考的热点,掌握定语从句对于语言理解和运用具有重要的意义。 对定语从句的考查角度较多,分析近几年的高考试题发现:从从句类型上看,考查非限制 定语从句,限制性定语从句,从关系词上看,which,where,when 均有考查,从介词+关 系代词方面,也有考查。只要弄清定语从句的有关概念就可以“以不变应万变” 。因此复 习备考中要注意: 1.了解有关定语从句的所有语法规则,弄清从句中关系代词和关系副词的区别。 2.分清及物动词和不及物动词,判断句子结构是否完整,注意句子中逗号的语法作用。 3.注意先行词的特殊性和关系代词的选择,依据先行词来选择“介词+关系代词”的结 构。 4. 加强有关定语从句的理解和练习。 Translate the proverbs.(翻译以下谚语并找出定语从句) 1.All that glitters is not gold. 2.He who plays with fire gets burnt. 3.He laughs best who laughs last. 4.All's well that ends well. 5.He is a wise man who speaks little. 二、师生探究: 【知识网络】 定语从句: 用来说明主句中某一名词或代词(有时也可说明整个主句或主句中一部 分)而起定语作用的句子叫定语从句。 (一)关系代词引导的定语从句 1. 关系代词用来指代先行词是人或物的名词或代词 句子成分 用于限制从句或非限制性从句 只用于限制性从句

高三英语讲学稿 Attributive Clause 定语从句教案(一) 审核:张志英 时间:2009-12-16


代替人 代替物 代替人或物 主语 Who which that 主语 Whom which that 宾语 Whose(=of whom) whose(=of which) The book which I am reading is written by Tomas Hardy. This is the room that Shakespeare was born in. 2.关系代词 that 和 which 的用法区别 (1)如果先行词是 all,much,anything,something,nothing,everything,little,none 等不定代词,关系代词一般只用 that,不用 which.例如: All the people that are present burst into tears. (2)如果先等词被形容词最高级以及 first,last,any,only,few,much,no,some, very 等词修饰,关系代词常用 that,不用 which,who,或 whom.例如: (3)非限制性定语从句中,不能用关系代词 that,作宾语用的关系代词也不能省略。 例如: There are about seven million people taking part in the election,most of whom、are well educated. (4)which 还有一种特殊用法,它可以引导从句修饰前面的整个主句,代替主句所表 示的整体概念或部分概念。在这种从句中,which 可以作主语,也可以作宾语或表语,多 数情况下意思是与 and this 相似,并可以指人。例如: He succeeded in the competition,which made his parents very happy. (5)that 可指人或物,在从句中作表语, (指人作主语时多用 who)仅用于限制性定语 从句中。 (6)which 可作表语,既可指人,以可指物。Which 引导的定语从句可以限制性的, 也可以是非限制性的。 (7)先行词有两个,一个指人,一个指物,关系代词应该用 that.例如: The boy and the dog that are in the picture are very lovely. (8)如果先行词是 anyone,anybody,everyone,everybody,someone,somebody,关 系代词应该用 who 或 whom,不用 which.例如: Is there anyone here who will go with you? 注意:用 which 而不用 that 的情况: 1.在非限制性定语从句中,指“物”的引导词用 which 不用 that,which 也可指代前面 整个句子; This is the house, which she bought last year. He didn’t come yesterday, which disappointed us. 2.在介词后面用 which 不用 that(介词+which) 。 These are the houses in which they have lived these days. He works in a middle school, in front of which there is a river. 三、巩固练习: 1.There isn’t much _____ we can do about it. A. which B. who C. whom D. that 2.I’m afraid that’ all _____ I’ve got to say. A. that B. what C. when D. which 3.Is there anyone else _____ we should invite to the ceremony? A. that B. who C. which D. as


4.All the apples ______ fell down were eaten by the pigs. A. that B. which C. whose D. what 5.The only language _______ is easy to learn is the mother tongue. A. which B. whose C. it D. that 6.She heard a terrible noise, ______ brought her heart into mouth. A. which B. it C. who D. that 四.探究运用.“介词+关系代词”是一个普遍使用的结构 (1) “介词+关系代词”可以引导限制性定语从句,也可以引导非限制性定语从句。 “介词+关系代词”结构中的介词可以是 in,on,about,from,for,with,to, at,of, without 等,关系代词只可用 whom 或 which,不可用 that . (2)listen to,look at,take care of 等固定短语动词,在定语从句中一般不宜将介词与 动词分开。如:This is the boy whom she has taken care of. (二)关系副词引导的定语从句 1.关系副词也可以引导定语从句 关系副词在从句中分别表示时间。地点或原因。关系副词 when 在从句中充当时间状 语,where 充当地点状语,why 充当原因状语。 2. that 可引导定语从句表示时间。地点或原因 That 有时可以代替关系副词 when,where 或者 why 引导定语从句表示时间。地点或原 因,在 that 引导的这种定语从句中,that 也可以省去。 (三)关系代词和关系副词的选择 知识回顾:引导定语从句的关系词以及它们在定语从句中所作的成份 关系副词 1. when:在定语从句中作时间状语,先行词为表示时间的名词;

The day when he was born remains unknown.
2. where:在定语从句中作地点状语,先行词为表示地点的名词; I don’t know the place where he lives. 3. why:在定语从句中作原因状语,先行词为 reason。 Tell me the reason why you didn’t come. 归纳总结:定语从句中关系代词和关系副词的选择,关键是分析定语从句的成份。 巩固练习: 1.Do you remember the days ______ we spent in the country last year? A. that B. when C. where D. who 2.Do you remember the days ______ we spent the holiday together last year? A. that B. when C. where D. who 3.This is the factory _______ your father worked last year. A. that B. which C. where D. when 4.This is the factory _______ your father worked in last year? A. that B. when C. where D. who 5.The reason ______ she cried is unknown. A. why B. when C. that D. which 6.The reason ______ she told us is surprising. A. that B. when C. where D. who 7.In this area there are many farms ______ soil(土壤) is very fertile(肥沃的). A. that B. whose C. where D. who


8.The boy _______ mother is a famous singer is studying in our school. A. whom B. whose C. which D. who 9.He’ll never forget the day ______ he became a university student for the first time. A. that B. which C. when D. why 10.I know a place ______ we can have a quiet talk. A. when B. whose C. where D. which Students talk about how to understand and write the attributive clauses. (学生笔头归纳并 交流)


Homework: (家庭作业) 在定语从句中关系副词 when, where, why 其含义相当于 on which, in which, for which,所 以可以交替使用。如: ① The day—————— I met him first was May 1st. ② The year ——————I came here was 1998. ③ The reason —————— he was late was that he got up late. ④ The will never forget the day_____ she spent in Beijing. ⑤ She will never forget the day_____ she stayed with him in Beijing. ⑥ The college won’t take anyone _____ eyesight is weak. ⑦ Those _____ want to take part in the game write down your names. ⑧ I don't like English, _____ I am not interested. ⑨ I don't like English, ____ grammar is difficult to learn. ⑩ I,______ your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A、who is B、what is C、what am D、who am


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