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Unit 3: The Million Pound Bank Note

New words and expressions

1)This novel was about an unbelievable ________(难以置信) adventure author 作 butgenuine ______(真实的) ________(冒

险).Its ______( 者) was a black businessman. 2)He was brought _________ up (抚养) in America.One day, when he was _______ (散步) on the pavement ________(人行 wandering 道),he saw a moving _______( scene 场景). envelope 信封).He 3)Then he lost his money in an _______( went to the_______( embassy 大使馆)to_____( seek 寻求) help, but the man in charge didn’t_______ permit (允许) his staff to offer any help. at (盯着看) the man’s impatient face, he 4) Staring ________ understood that it was the______( fault 过错) of his skin for colour thataccounted ________ (导致) their refusal.So he take a chance decided to________( 冒险) to sail on a small boat home.

2.Permit复习 ①I can not ______ ___(允许你做)such foolish permit ____ you __ to do things. ②They don’t ______ 允许拍照)here. permit ______ taking ___________( photoes

③They entered the area _______ __________(未经许可). without permission
Do you have a driver's ______ permit?你有驾驶执照吗?

_______________ Time permitting , we'll go out for a picnic.


permit/allow doing sth.允许做……

permit/allow sb.to do sth.允许某人做……
forbid doing sth.禁止做……

forbid sb.to do sth.禁止某人做……
advise doing sth.建议做……

advise sb.to do sth.建议某人做…

3.bring up抚养;培养;教育;提出;呕吐
阅读下列句子,在括号中写出bring up的汉语意思。

① H e w a s b r o u g h t u p i n raised Hannibal, Missouri ,along the Mississippi River. ( ) 抚养 ②Some people laughed at the idea when I first brought it up.( 提出 ) ③All of our kids were brought up to respect and love other people. ( ) 教育

1.用bring的相关短语填空。 ①His plan brought __________a . in lot of profits(利润)引进,获利 ②Science and technology has _____________many brought about changes in our hometown.


bring down ③It’s too expensive. We must try to __________the
price. 使减少;降低;

4. scene(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色

阅读下列句子,写出scene的汉语意思。 (戏剧)一场
①The last scene of the play was very impressive.

②The police were on the scene quickly after the
accident. ( 现场)

③The sunrise was a beautiful scene. (景色 )
④Seeing the terrible scene ,they were frightened.

( 场面)





scenery 指某一国家或地区的自然风光。集合名词

sight view

用复数多指用于游览、观光的风景以及名胜, 也指“视力” 指从某个角度(高处,远处)看到的 “ 景色 ” 可数

选词填空(scene/sight/view/scenery) ①Guilin is famous for its beautiful scenery .
②Seeing the happy________ scene of the children playing in the park, I’m full of joy.

view ③You can get a wonderful _______ at the top of
the tower. ④He began to lose his


six years ago.

5.account for (V.) 1). Lucy could not account for her mistake. 解释

2). Boys account for 30% of the students.

3). Tom's careless driving accounted for the accident.

account (n)用法总结:
on account of: 因为;由于 take sth into account = take account of 考虑到 give an account of... 对...进行描述 ?On account of the bad weather, we can't go outside. ?Mum, please take my feelings into account before making

decisions. =Mum,please take account of my feelings before making decisions.
?The policeman gave an account of the traffic accident.

We were stopped from returning home _______ the
on account of

sudden rain. Besides, _______ taking safety ___________, into account
we decided to stay in the tent for another night. accounted for our absence from school. These_______________ 因为突然下雨,我们难以回家。此外,出于安全考虑,我 们决定在帐篷里再睡一晚。这些就是我们缺课的原因


seek for/after: 寻找;追寻;探索 seek to do sth: 试图/设法做某事 seek sb/sth out: 挑出/选出某人/某物 seek sth from sb: 向某人寻求/请求某物

They are seeking _____ ____ for solutions to the prblems. She managed to calm him down and ______ help seek ______ a neighbour. from How can we ______ seek ____ out a really good person for the job? After going through these difficulties, I _______ seek ___ to change my mind.


take a chance = take chances

You should never take chances when driving a car.

by chance 偶然;无意中;不小心:__________ __________ by accident by design 故意地:on ___________ __________ purpose

by accident by chance __________ 偶然;无意中;不小心:__________ on purpose by design 故意地: ___________ __________

made a bet 1)The policemen all________ (打赌)that he couldn't arrive home without money.Actually,he met a amount large_____ (大量的)of difficulty but was never stopped.____________, On the contrary (与此相反)difficultiy pushed him to_________ go ahead (前进) harder. spotted(发现)by a 2)Three months later, he was______ ship_______ (偶然地).He was_______ by accident in rags (衣衫褴褛) indeed ________( 确实地) 3)A maid even screamed ______(尖叫)when bringing him a steak and pineapple______( desert 甜点).Aboard, the white people treated him with_____( ) _____(举止). rude 粗鲁的manners barber passage 4)He earned his______(船费)by working as a___(理 发师)and he need bow ____(鞠躬)to every customer. But finally he went home.______( As for 至于)the name of his novel, he couldn’t think of a better one than the phrase“Go Ahead”.

1.bet n. Make a bet打赌

I made a bet with my parents on my scores.
make a bet with sb.与……打赌

make a bet on sth.就某事打赌

bet on sth.就某事打赌 I bet that...我敢说/我确定……

I bet that you will be successful.

2.amount (1)n. 数量,金额,总额 【搭配】 大量的

后加不可数 名词

an amount of
a great/large amount of amounts of

做主语时,谓语 动词的数取决于 amount的数

A large amount of money was spent on the bridge. Amounts of money were spent on the bridge. (2)v. amount to 总计达到 add up to

3.contrary adj.相反的 n.反面 on the contrary 正相反,反之(表示相反意见) contrary to... 与……相反;违反,对抗(to 是介词)
contrary to (1)We must hear opinions_________ours 。

On the contrary (2)You didn't bother me. ___________________ ,

I like your company. 你没有打扰我。相反地, 我喜欢有你做伴。

4. go ahead前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说
阅读并翻译下列句子,品味go ahead的不同语境意义。

?Although it was raining heavily, they still 前进 went ahead. ?----- May I use your telephone? ----- Of course. Go ahead.

? Go ahead; we’re all listening.

5. spot vt.发现;认出 spot --- spotted ---spotted spot sb/sth doing: 看到某人正在做...

spot: n 斑点;污点;地点
be on the spot/scene: 在现场

6. be in rags: 穿着破烂的衣服
a woman in rags I saw _____________( 穿着破烂衣服的

He was looked down upon(歧视) because in rags he was dressed_________( 穿着破烂)

in a ... manner 用......的方式/态度(常用单数) You shouldn't speak to teacher ____________________( in such a rude manner 如此粗暴的方式).

in this way, in...way by this means,by means of... with the method of...

?manner: 礼貌;礼仪;规矩;习俗 (常用复数) table manners 餐桌礼仪 good/bad manners 有/不礼貌 it's good/bad manners to do sth:做某事是有/不礼貌的

9.bow v. 鞠躬;弯腰

n. 鞠躬

bowed to (1) We should _______________the teacher.
(2)We will never bow to pressure(压力) 归纳:bow to/before sb. 向某人鞠躬

bow to sth. 向……低头;接受某事(give in)

10.indeed: (1). 的确; 实在地;真正地 Thank you very much indeed.

(2). 其实;实际上(相当于in fact) I don't mind at all. Indeed, I‘d like to help.

11.as for 至于,关于 You think this is rather cheap, but as for me, it is expensive. 就我而言:in my view,in my opinion, as far as I know,as far as I'm concerned, personally

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