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1.他用辛辛苦苦积攒了五年的钱买了一架照相机。然后,他带着它走遍全国, 拍摄了许多祖国名胜古迹的照片。 With the money he had saved hard for five years, he bought a camera, with which he then traveled around the country, ta

king numerous pictures of the scenic spots and places of historic interest of our motherland. (用非限制性定语从句合 并) 2. 现在,每年都有几百万人到长城游览。在旺季,几处最著名的景点总是让成 群结队的游客挤得水泄不通。 Now, millions of people journey to the Great Wall each year, making its most popular sites besieged by hordes of tourists during busy seasons. (将原文中的第二句译成第一句的伴随状语, 即把原文中两个有一定关系的简 单句合为一个句子,且句意不变。这样更简练。) 3. 中国是一个发展中的沿海大国。中国高度重视海洋的开发和保护,把发展海 洋事业作为国家发展战略。 As a major developing country with a long coastline, China attaches great importance to marine development and protection, and takes it as the state’s development strategy. (原句被翻译成一个长长的英语单句。原句的第一句被译成一个有 as 引导的介 词短语。 ) 4. 我国人口众多, 人均资源有限, 资金不足。 发展精加工高附加值的产品出口, 是今后扩大出口的一个关键。 Considering the large population, limited per capita resources and shortage of funds in China, we should increase export of finely processed products and of those with high added value, which is central to further expansion of exports in the future. 5. 他们像迷失的羔羊一样背离了正道。 They have erred from the right path like lost sheep. 6.马可·波罗的中国之行,给他留下最深刻印象的是杭州西湖之秀美。 The beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou was what impressed Marco Polo most during his trip to China. “杭州西湖之秀美”为施事,“给他留下”为行为。原句是行为在前,施事在后。 译文中调整为施事在前,行为在后即“主语+谓语”的顺序。 7.早晨的公园里,遛鸟者时常可见。 Taking a walk in parks with caged birds in hand is a common scene in the early morning. 8.武当山终年云雾缭绕。 Seas of clouds enshroud the peaks of Mt. Wudang throughout the year. 9.大会将于今年九月在北京隆重开幕。 The meeting will begin ceremoniously in Beijing the following September. 10.山东曲阜是中国古代著名的思想家、教育家孔子的故乡。

Qufu, Shangdong Province, is the birthplace of Confucius, a well-renowned ancient Chinese thinker and teacher. 11.我走过地板时,一块板子吱吱作响。 A board creaked as I crossed the floor. 12.佗用刀刮骨,悉悉有声。 The knife made a thin, grating sound as it scraped the surface. 13.如果说白天广州像座翡翠城,那么当太阳沉没,广州就成了一颗夜明珠,灯 光如海,千街闪烁。 If Guangzhou is like a city of jadeite in the daytime, it becomes a luminous pearl, with a sea of lights twinkling in the streets after the sun sets in the west. 14. 像麦当劳、肯德基这样的快餐厅,目前在中国像雨后春笋般发展起来;中国 传统快餐,像包子、饺子,能不能改进一下,与外国的产品竞争? Such fast food restaurants as McDonald’s and KFC are mushrooming/are springing up like mushrooms in China. Can traditional Chinese fast food like baozi and jiaozi be improved so as to compete with foreign products? 15.“园中之园”的圆明园,其建设与修复曾延续 150 年,经历清朝的五代皇帝。 Yuan Ming Yuan, the “ Garden of Gardens ” , underwent 150 years of Construction and renovation under five emperors of the Qing Dynasty. 16.1860 年,在第二次鸦片战争期间,曾被英法军队烧成平地;而到 1900 年, 则更进一步为八国联军所毁。 It was burned down by the British and French troops in 1860 during the second Opium War and then further destroyed by the allied army of eight powers in 1900. 16.一个和尚挑水喝,两个和尚抬水喝,三个和尚没水喝。 One monk, two buckets; two monks, one bucket; three monks, no bucket, no water——more hands, less work. 17.三个臭皮匠,合成一个诸葛亮。 The cobblers with their wits combined would equal Zhuge Liang, the master mind 18.桂林山水甲天下。Guilin’s mountains and waters rank first in China. 19.上有天堂,下有苏杭。In heaven is paradise; on the earth are Suzhou and Hangzhou./ Above is paradise, below are Hangzhou and Suzhou. 20.绍兴是越瓷的产地。 Shaoxing is the home of Yue Porcelain. Yue is a state name used to refer to the Shaoxing region in Ancient China. 如果不增加说明,外国游客不知这种瓷器为什么叫越瓷,更不知绍兴和“越” 有何关系。 21. 中国政府高度重视可持续发展和矿产资源的合理利用,把可持续发展确定为 国家战略,把保护资源作为可持续发展战略的重要内容。 The Chinese Government attaches great importance to sustainable development and the rational utilization of mineral resources. /It has made sustainable development a national strategy and the protection of resources an important part of this strategy. (根据原文中各个句子所表达内容的重要程度进 行划分。原文第一小节是对事情的总述,第二、三小节则是分述。所以,一 般 先将总述部分翻译成一个独立句,分述部分译成另一个句子。 )

22.素昧平生的人也相互拍背握手,人人脸上泛着红光,个个都像疯了似的。 With glowing cheeks, strangers slapped one another in the back, shook hands and behaved like crazy men. 23.他们像迷失的羔羊一样背离了正道。 They have erred from the right path like lost sheep. 24.中国的批评界怎样的趋势,我却不大了然,也不很注意。 I am not too clear, not too interested, either, regarding current trends in China’s literary criticism. 25.朋友有点不好意思地解释说,买这座房子时,孩子们还上着学,如今都成家 立业了。 My friend looked somewhat ill at ease when he told me this: At the time when he bought this big house, his children had all been at school. Now they had their own homes and jobs. 26.杨志取路,不数日,来到东京。入得城来,选个客店,安歇下。 Yang Zhi thus journeyed on for many days and he went toward the eastern capital and he came into the city and found an inn and there settled himself to rest. 27. 为了推动中美关系的发展,中国需要进一步了解美国,美国也需要进一步了 解中国。 To promote the development of China U.S. relations, China needs to know the United States better and vice versa. 28. 我赞美白杨树,就因为它不但象征了北方的农民,尤其象征了今天我们民族 解放斗争中所不可缺的朴质,坚强,以及力求上进的精神。 I pay tribute to them because they symbolize our peasants in the North and, in particular, the spirit of honesty, tenacity and forging ahead –a spirit central to our struggle for national liberation.

1. 天生有福 born with a silver spoon in one's mouth 2. 一箭双雕 to kill two birds with one stone 3.倾国倾城 在英文版的《三国演义》被译为“Her beauty was such as to overthrow cities and ruin states。 4. 力大如牛 as strong as a horse 5. 雨后春笋 spring up like mushroom 6. 趁热打铁 Strike while the iron is hot. 7. 混水摸鱼 to fish in troubled waters 8. 花钱如流水 to spend money like water 9. 一只耳朵听,一只耳朵冒 to go in at one ear and out at the other 10. 笑柄 a laughing stock 11. 碰壁 run one’s head against a wall 12.一毛不拔 as close as a clam (蚌) 13. 胆小如鼠 as timid as a hare

14. 天长地久 as old/long as the hills 15. 鹤立鸡群 like a peacock in the barnyard 16. 艳如桃李 as red as a rose; like lilies and roses 17. 鱼米之乡 a land of plenty; a land flowing with milk and honey; a land of rice and fish 18. 白费口舌 to speak to the wind 19. 了如指掌 to know someplace like the back of one’s hand 20. 大智若愚 Still waters run deep. 21.装腔作势 assume airs/put on airs 22.颠倒黑白 to talk black into white 23.轻如鸿毛 as light as a feather 24.如醉如痴 to lose one’s mind (or to be out of one’s mind) 25.一帆风顺 plain sailing 26. 烂醉如泥 as drunk as a lord 27. 美中不足 a fly in the ointment 28. 东施效颦 Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi (Xi Shi was a famous beauty in the ancient kingdom of Yue; Dong Shi was an ugly girl who tried to imitate her way.) 29.古老的中原文化 the time-honored Central Plain culture. 30.中医 traditional Chinese medical science/ traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) 31.共同关心的问题 questions of common interest 32.原则问题 a question/ matter of principle

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