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江苏省姜堰市张甸中学高三英语一轮复习:Module1 Unit2学案

12 周 X3 1.act

张甸中学高三英语学案 M1U2
n (戏剧的)一幕 vi 表现 行动

act upon…对…有功效 act as 充当,担任 act sth. out 把…表演出来 act in a play/film; act the part of Zhou Enlai ; act as:作为/充当 2.sur

psrise vt&n sth surprise sb sb be surprised (at) sth be surprising to one’s great surprise =much to one’s surprise 3. explain sth to sb=explain to sb. sth. 向某人解释某事 explain to sb that …向某人解释… explanation n 4.charge vt 要价,收费,指控,充电,管理 n 1) 负责,掌管 2)费用 charge (sb/sth) for sth 要… charge (sb) money for sth/doing sth(收费) charge sb with sth 指控某人犯了什么样的罪行 in charge /take charge of… /in charge of… 管理,掌管 be in/under the charge of… 被/由…掌管,负责 charge the battery 充电 free of charge=for free 免费地 5. insist on doing sth; insist that…(should)do: 坚决要求… insist that 从句(一般用法):坚持认为 6. 比较:suggest(暗示/表明)+that 从句(一般用法,陈述语气) suggest(建议) that…(should) do sth suggest sb/one’s doing sth advise that …(should) do sth advise sb to do sth; 7.give sb some advice(不可数)on…; ask (sb) for advice; take/follow one’s advice make some suggestions(可数) 8. bring…under control,lose control of… 比较:be in control of…:控制… ; be in the control of…:由…控制 9.reason n. 理由,原因 reasonable adj. the reason for sth/doing sth the cause of…: …的起因 The reason why+从句 is that…从句 For the following reasons / no reason; reason sb. into/out of doing sth.=persuade sb. into/out of doing sth.说服某人做/不做某事 vt 10.punish ○ punishment (n ) unpunished (adj.) punish sb for (doing ) scold/criticize/blame sb. for +n./doing sth. 11.rude (adj.) rudely (adv) rudeness (n ) be rude /cruel /impolite to sb be kind/polite/friendly to sb 12.contain: 包含/容纳(侧重于指内容/成分) include: 包括(侧重于指整体与个体) 作状语:including sb/sth = sb/sth included 13.with sb/sth doing sth(在做) / to do(要做) / done(已被) There be sb/sth doing/to do /done(同上)

14. hear/see/find( 感官动词) sb/sth doing sth(正在做) / do sth(做了) / done(被) 被动式:be heard/seen doing sth / to do sth(被动需加“to”) / done The missing boy was last seen playing by the river. Tom was heard to open the door and enter the room. The boy was seen bitten by a dog. 15. (1) have sb do sth = let sb do sth 比较: get sb to do sth Who would you rather have post the letter for you? (2) have sb/sth doing sth:听任/任由某人/物…; 听任某人/物长时间地… We won’t have that happening again. The workers have the machines running day and night. (3) have sth done: 让某事/物被… get sth done The machine that they had had repaired went wrong again. The people living by the airport often have their hearing harmed. 16. leave/keep sb/sth doing sth(主动) / done(被动) I’m terribly sorry to leave you standing outside so long. They went out to playing leaving the work unfinished. leave sb/sth+介短: “把…忘在…” I’m sorry that I have forgotten your book in the park. 17.下列情感动词用作及物动词(please/interest/excite/puzzle/astonish/surprise sb) It is impossible to please everybody. What she said interested us greatly. 18.close/deep/wide/high: 用作副词时,指具体的“近/深/宽/高” get close to, dive deep into the sea, open his eye wide, fly high in the sky closely(严密地/细致地),deeply(深深地), widely(广泛地), highly(高度地): 指抽象的… watch closely,deeply moved by his words, widely used, think highly of 19 forbid sb’s doing forbid sb to do forbid sb from doing sth/ stop sb from doing sth/prevent sb from doing/keep sb from doing sth prohibit sb from doing/discourage sb from doing 20 do with (与连接代词 what 连用) deal with (与连接副词 how 连用) do away with 废除 I don’t know what they do with the problem = I don’t know how they deal with the problem 7. allow 动词“允许、准许”to let someone do or have something, or let something happen: (1) allow somebody to do something: His parents don’t allow him to stay out late. 他的父母不允许他在外面待的太晚。 (2) allow doing: We do not allow eating in the classroom 我们不允许在教室里吃东西。


第 12 周 B__2__


单项选择: 1. Mrs. White became a teacher in 1986. She _______ for twenty years by next summer. A. will teach B. would have taught C. has been teaching D. will have been teaching 2. We all suggested that she ___________ here till next week. A. wait B. waited C. would D. were waiting 3. Could you please explain __________ in a simple way. A. me the problem B. me to the problem C. the problem to me D. the problem with me 4. — Why did the general insist __________ a visit to the small village? — It was the very place ___________ he fought 30 years ago. A. on paying; that B. to pay; in which C. on paying; where D. to pay; which 5. I suggest __________ a complete test before going abroad for further education. A. you to take B. you take C. you must take D. you took 6. You should go to see him when he is so seriously ill.________, he is your brother. A. Because B. After all C. At all D. Above all 7. I went to see Wang Fei that day. I wish him to give me ________. A. some advices B. an advice C. some advice D. advices 8. He came _________ and stopped to look at the picture ________. A. close; closely B. closely; close C. close; close D. closely, closely 9. Hurry up! I don’t want to miss ________ my favourite singer. A. to see B. to have seen C. seeing D. being seen 10. There are still five minutes to go. You still have time to _______ before the speech. A. get fixed up B. get to fix up C. get fixing up D. get to be fixed up 11. This great hall can ___________ over 5,000 people in all. Which of the following is not suitable for the sentence? A. contain B. include C. hold D. seat 12. The police forbade _________ out of the building. A. him to go B. to let him go C. him from going D. from his going 13. He isn’t a man who knows ___________ to deal with people properly, but he does know __________ to do with all kinds of papers in front of him. A. what: what B. what : how C. how: what D. how: how 14. Don’t leave the water __________ while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run D. to run 15. --- I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. --- You _________ her last week. A. ought to tell B. would have told C. should tell D. were supposed to have told 16. With everything ___________, he felt tired but happy. A. to do B. done C. had been done D. to be done 17. The children were left __________ of a neighbour when they went on holiday. A. in charge B. in the charge C. under charge D. at charge 18. The murderer was brought in, with his hands __________ behind his back. A. tied B. being tied C. tie D. are being tied 19. You should not waste so much time ___________ computer games. A. in B. playing C. to play D. about 20. The news we had been looking forward to ___________ yesterday. A. coming B. came C. has come D. had come 21. Every day, mainland China ________HongKong ________ lots of vegetables, fruits and meat. A. supplies; to B. supplies; with C. supply; with D. supplies; for 22. --- What is he doing? --- He’s _______ to be cleaning his bedroom. A. forced B. known C. supposed D. regarded 23. The happy look on his face suggested that he ______ the final examination successfully. A. passes B. had passed C. would pass D. should pass 24. The doctor suggested ________ any longer. A. him not smoke B. him not to smoke

C. he not smoke D. he didn’t smoke 25. I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise ________. A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on 26. --- Jerry said something strange at the meeting. --- His _______ left me ________ about his real purpose. A. marks; wondering B. marks; to wonder C. remarks; wonder D. remarks; wondering 27. Through the economic reform, the economic situation of China ________ much better than it used to be. A. turned into B. turned off C. turned in D. turned out 28. _______ the term is finished, I’m going to rest for a few days and then take a trip. A. Now that B. Even if C. As if D. So that 29. He has always insisted on his ________ Dr. Tuner instead of Dr. Turner. A. been called B. called C. having called D. being called 30. Is this TV set ________ you wish to have ________? A. the one; repaired B. which; it repaired C. the one; it repaired D. which; repaired


第_12_周 A _3_

张甸中学高三英语基础过关作业 M1U2 词汇
课题:M1U2 词汇 主备:朱小芳 审核:朱小芳 日期:2011-11-17

1 充当,担任 2 向某人解释… 3 管理,掌管 4 被/由…掌管,负责 5 the reason sth/doing sth the cause …: …的起因 6 禁止做某事 7 禁止某人做某事 8 允许做某事 9 允许某人做某事 10 坚持做 11 坚决要求… insist that … 12 坚持认为 insist that … 13 建议做 14 建议某人做某事 15 对付 16 让某人做某事 17 听任某人或某物长时间地做.. 18 让…被做

…. …


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