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沪教牛津版八年级下Unit6 讲解与练习

基础知识: 短语 1.make complaints 投诉 3.learn from 向...学习 5.care for 照顾、照料 7.what’s more 此外 9.lie around 懒散度日 11.die of 死于

2.respond to complaints 回应投诉 4.play with 与...玩 6.a number of 许多 8

.run free(动物)四处自由走动 10.be faithful to 对...忠诚 12.keep on 继续

句型 1.had better do sth 最好做某事 2.It is+adj+to do sth 做某事...... 3.not all 并非所有的 4.according to 根据....... 5.stop/keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 6.have no choice but to do sth 除了做某事外别无选择

语法: (1). We can take care of pet dogs more easily in large open spaces than in small spaces. (2). Of all her friends, Emma looked after her pet dog (the) most carefully. 我们之前学过了形容词的比较级和最高级,接下来我们需要学习的是副词的比较级和最 高级,具体用法和之前我们所学习的差不多,但有一些较小的不同,具体用法如下: 1.副词比较级与最高级的构成 副词和形容词一样,也有原级、比较级和最高级三个等级,其构成方式有规则变化和不 规则变化两种情况。 (1) 规则变化:单音节词的比较级和最高级在词尾加-er 和-est;多音节以及以 ly 结尾的副词 (early 除外) ,前面需加 more 或 most. 规则变化: 原级 比较级 最高级 soon sooner soonest long longer longest loud louder loudest fast faster fastest wide wider widest early earlier earliest happily more happily most happily carefully more carefully most carefully

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不规则变化 原级 well badly little much far 比较级 better worse less more farther/further 最高级 best worst least most farthest/furthest

2.副词比较级的用法 (1)单独使用 Try to do it better next time. Please speaker more slowly. (2)和 than 一起使用 He swims better than I do. He works less than he used to. Can you do it any better than that? (3)比较级前可有状语修饰 You must work much faster. He walked no further. She could dance even more gracefully than a dancer. 3.as...as 和 not so...as 结构 (1)as...as 可用在肯定句中,表示“和...一样” ,中间要用原级。 She can fun as fast as a deer. They work as hard as you do. (2)在否定句中,as...as 与 so...as 都可以用 I didn’t do it as/so well as I should. I can’t jump so/as high as Bill. 练习 (1) The volunteer spoke as _______ as she could to make the visitors understand her. A.clearly B.more clearly C.most clearly D.the most clearly (2) ---Our school bus will leave at 8 o’clock tomorrow. Don’t be late. ---OK. I will be there ten minutes _____. A.sooner B.slower C.faster D.earlier (3) Tony is not as clever as Lucy, but he works ______ than her. A.hard B.harder C.hardest D.the hardest (4)---Which season do you like ______, summer or winter? ---Summer. A.well B.best C.better (5) I’m sorry I’m late. I should get there 10 minutes ______. A.early B.earlier C.the earlier D.the earliest (6) ---Who ran ______ of all in the sports meeting? ---Hector said, I think. A.fast B.faster C.the fastest D.more fast
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(7) We held a concert in the hall yesterday. Kate sang ______ among the singers. A.good B.well C.better D.best 课后练习 一、根据句意及汉语提示完成单词。 1. It’s our r__________ to finish the work on time. 2. _____________(据...所说) my deskmate, my Chinese teacher will ask for a leave tomorrow. 3. I don’t know her. We’re s__________. 4. He drew her ________(注意力) to that fact. 5. We shouldn’t eat too much _________ (巧克力) at a time. 6. It’s nice _________ (hold) pet cats in our arms. 7. People can learn how to care for others by _______ (keep) pets. 8. A pet dog can bring us ________(happy). 9. They need to be _________(wash) often. 10. I enjoy _________(play) with them. 二、单项选择。 11. We should always learn ______ others. A.for B.from C.of D.to 12. They have no choice but ______ quietly. A.wait B.to wait C.waiting D.waited 13. Please be quiet. It’s too ______. A.noise B.noisy C.faithful D.common 14. According to_______, we must start now. A.my father B.my mother ’s C.my father says D.my mother said 15. More and more people ______ cancer. A.die to B.die in C.die of D.die from 16. The trees keep the wind from ______. A.blow B.to blow C.blew D.blowing 17. Please _____ these exercise-books to the teacher ’s office over there. A.bring B.take C.brings D.takes 18. There is ______ milk in the fridge. Let’s go to the supermarket and buy some. A.a few B.few C.a little D.little 19. Where is my dictionary? If I can’t find ______, I’ll have to buy _______. A.it;one B.one;it C.it;it D.one;one 20. The animals should have enough space to ______. A.keep on B.run free C.lie around D.care for 三、阅读理解 There are all kinds of animals on our planet. Some are sweet, some are not; some are small, some are tall. Here are four pictures of some of the funniest, friendliest faces. But remember, although they look nice, it doesn’t mean they are always friendly. Not all dogs are so cute, but most of them are pretty friendly. When you come near an unfamiliar(不熟悉的)dog, remember to hold out your hand, so he can smell you and see that you
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mean no harm. Cows love to eat grass, and they eat quite a lot! You needn’t be afraid of this quiet farm animal. But don’t run at a cow in a field or touch one, unless you are told by an adult it’s okay. Horses are big, beautiful animals, but they can be surprised easily. A horse might jump up if she hears a loud noise, or kick her legs if you come near too suddenly. All horses, like humans, are different. Chimpanzees make funny faces and put on a real show at the zoo, but believe it or not, they can be very dangerous. And they are strong, too —much stronger than humans —so you should never make a chimp mad! 21. Which of the animals can make faces? A. Cows. B. Chimpanzees. C. Dogs. D. Horses. 22. We can learn from the passage that_______. A. cows are quiet B. all dogs are cute C. horses never kick D. Chimpanzees are not dangerous 23. According to the passage, you should _______when you come near an unfamiliar dog. A. feed him something B. shout at him C. touch his head D. hold out your hand 24. The author wants to tell us that_______. A. some animals are sweet, but they are small B. some animals are not sweet, but they are tall C. some animals are funny, but they are not beautiful D. some animals look nice, but they are not always friendly 四、句型转换 25. We feed the chickens on rice.(改为同义句) The chickens _______ _______ rice. 26. We have to study hard.(改为同义句) We _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ study hard. 27. I believe they will finish it on time. (改为否定句) I _______ _______ _______ _______ finish it on time. 28. They didn’t go to sleep before eleven o’clock last night.(改为同义句) They did _______ go to bed _______ eleven o’clock last night. 29. You’d better go there on Sunday.(改为否定句) You _______ _______ _______ go there on Sunday.

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