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武汉华英艺术生文化课 第一部分 必修四 Unit2 提能力 2

Ⅰ.多项选择 1. Proud of his African ________, he often writes in his poetry about the beautiful shores of Africa, the land of his ancestors. A.achievements C.roots B.discoveries D.images

解析:句意:他对自己的非洲血统感到自豪,他经常在诗歌中描写祖先所在地非洲海岸的美丽。root 意指 “来源;出身”。 答案:C 2. Our product is________ chemical and 100% natural, which is safe to all types of the skin. A.apart from C.far from B.free from D.away from

解析:句意:我们的产品是不含化学物质的,100%天然的,适合各种皮肤。free from “不含有……事 物的”,符合题意。 答案:B 3.Now many countries ________ saving natural resources rather than destroying them. A.refer to C.focus on B.speak of D.come to

解析: 句意: 当今很多国家都把注意力集中在节约自然资源上而不是破坏自然资源。focus on “集中(注 意力、精力等)于”,符合题意。 答案:C 4.(2012· 江西八校联考)One primary goal of UNESCO is to ________ a modern knowledge society in which all people can participate in information and knowledge. A.make up C.build up B.polish up D.give up

解析:考查动词短语。句意:联合国教科文组织的基本目标就是构建一个现代化的知识型社会,在这 个社会中,所有人都能共享知识和信息。build up “修改;润色;擦亮”; give up “放弃”。 答案:C 5.With all his attention ________ on his experiment, he has no time to spend with his family. A.paid C.attracted B.focused D.settled “建立”,符合句意。make up “化妆;编造”; polish up

解析:句意:由于把注意力全放在实验上,他没有时间陪家人。此处使用了 with 复合结构, attention 和 focus 之间是被动关系, 所以用过去分词, 短语 focus one's attention on ..., 意为“把注意力集中在……上”。 答案:B 6.As the final exam is coming, my pressure ________, and I'm afraid it will ________ my failure. A.builds up; lead to C.turns up; bring about B.comes up; cause to D.makes up; stick to

解析:句意:随着期末考试的临近,我的压力越来越大了。我害怕这会导致我的失败。选项中的 build up 意为“逐渐增强”, lead to 意为“导致”,符合句意。 答案:A

7.(2012· 湖北咸宁检测)Please ________ yourself with a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam. A.fill C.involve B.equip D.take

解析:句意:请准备一支尖铅笔和一块橡皮参加考试。equip ... with ... “装有……;用……装备”。 答案:B 8.If you want to advance yourself in your study, you will first have to ________ yourself of those shortcomings that can become barriers to progress. A.remove C.reduce B.cut D.rid

解析:rid sb. of sth.表示“使某人摆脱……”,符合句意。句意:如果你想在学习上取得进步,首先你 必须摆脱那些会成为你进步障碍的缺点。 答案:D 9.The government is trying to ________ pollution to an even lower level so that we can have a better environment. A.reduce C.collect B.remove D.warn

解析: 句意: 政府正在努力把污染减少到一个更低的水平, 以便我们能够有一个更好的环境。 reduce “减 少”; remove “移开;脱下”; collect “收集;聚集”; warn “警告”。 答案:A 10.(2012· 宜昌质检)Though the man was badly hurt in the accident, he was still ________ and could think clearly. A.awake C.conscious B.aware D.confused

解析:考查形容词词义辨析。conscious “神志清醒的”; awake “醒着的”; aware “意识到的;知道 的”; confused “糊涂的”。句意:尽管这个人在事故中受伤严重,但他仍然神志清醒、思维清晰。 答案:C Ⅱ.完成句子 1.I'd rather you ______________________ him the news that day. (tell) 我真希望你那天没有告诉他那个消息。 答案:hadn't told 2.We all think that the plane flew ______________________________ as the kite. (high) 我们都认为那架飞机飞行的高度是那个风筝的十倍。 答案:ten times as high 3.After graduation, the young man began to devote himself_______________________ in natural disasters. (help) 毕业后,这名年轻人开始致力于帮助自然灾害中的幸存者。 答案:to helping victims 4.Over the past decades, sea ice________________________in the Arctic as a result of global warming. (decrease) 在过去几十年间,由于全球变暖北极的海冰一直在减少。

答案:has been decreasing 5.________________________________ that we won the football game in the end. 多亏了这名教练,我们最终赢得了这场足球比赛。 答案:It was thanks to the coach 6.— Robert is indeed a wise man. — Oh, yes. How I have regretted_____________________________________________! (take) ——罗伯特的确很明智。 ——哦,是的。我多么后悔没听他的建议呀! 答案:not taking his advice/not having taken his advice 7.All hotel rooms have to________________________ a table and a chair. 所有的宾馆房间必须配有一张桌子和一把椅子。 答案:be equipped with 8.When you are finished with the electric iron, don't forget______________________. 当你用完了电熨斗,不要忘了将它关掉。 答案:to turn it off 9.If Xiaohua had been brought up in Britain as his sister was, he___________ as fluently as she does. (speak) 如果小华像他姐姐一样在英国长大,他也能够像她一样流利地讲英语。 答案:could speak English 10.At the crossroads was a cottage, in front of which____________________________. (sit) 在十字路口处有一座农庄,在农庄前坐着一名老太太。 答案:sat an old woman Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Farming is moving indoors, where the sun never shines, where rainfall is irrelevant and where the climate is always right. The perfect crop field could be inside a windowless building with controlled light, temperature, wetness, air quality and nutrition. It could be in a New York high- or a sprawling complex rise in the Saudi desert. It may be an answer to the world's food problems. The world already is having trouble feeding itself. Half the people on Earth live in cities, and nearly half of those — about 3 billion — are hungry or ill- Food prices, currently increasing, are buffeted by fed. dryness, floods and the cost of energy required to plant, harvest and transport. And prices will only get more unstable. Climate change makes longterm crop planning uncertain. Farmers in many parts of the world already are using water available to the last drop. And the world is getting more crowded: by midcentury, the global population will grow from 6.8 billion to 9 billion. To feed so many people may require expanding farmland at the expense of forests and wilderness, or finding ways to completely increase crop output. Gertjan Meeuws has taken the concept of a greenhouse a step further, growing vegetables and house plants in enclosed (封闭的) and regulated environments. In their research station, water flows into the pans when needed, and the temperature is kept constant. Lights go on and off, creating similar day and night, but according to the rhythm of the plant. A building of 100 square meters and layers (层) of plants could provide a daily diet of 200 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables to the entire population of Den Bosch, about 140,000 people. Their idea isn't to (turn) (equip) (thanks)

grow foods that require much space, like corn or potatoes. Here sunlight is not only unnecessary but can be harmful. Plants need only specific wavelengths of light to grow. Their growth rate is three times faster than under greenhouse conditions. They use about 90 percent less water than outdoors agriculture. And city farming means producing food near the consumer, and there's no need to transport it long distances. 语篇解读:本文是一篇说明文。本文主要讲述了研究者 Gertjan Meeuws 和他的几位同事所研究的一 种未来农业模式:不需要阳光和雨水的室内农业,它不同于温室农业,是一种节能、节水和环保的农业模 式,具有适应性强、成本低等特色。 1.What can we mainly learn from Paragraph 2? A.The climate is worse and worse. B.The city people live a hard life. C.The world has difficulty feeding its people. D.The world's population is increasing fast. 解析:细节理解题。本段主要列举了世界在满足人类食品需求方面的问题,如城市人口挨饿问题、物 价上涨和不稳定问题以及人口增长所带来的问题等。选项 A、B、D 只是世界供应粮食这一大问题中的几 个小问题,答案应选 C。 答案:C 2.Which of the following is true of the environments in the research station? A.The temperature is often changed. B.Sunshine is in great need for plants. C.Day and night depends on plants. D.Air quality is controlled by plants. 解析:细节理解题。文章第四段中的 the temperature is kept constant 表明这个温度不会经常变化,故 A 不对;文章最后一段中的 sunlight is not only unnecessary 表明这儿是不需要阳光的,故 B 不对;文章第 一段 controlled light ... air quality and nutrition 表明这儿的空气质量是需要控制的, 但不一定是依靠植物, 故 D 不对;文章第四段的最后一句可知,这儿的日夜是由植物所“决定”的。故答案选 C。 答案:C 3.It can be inferred from the text that Gertjan Meeuws's farming ________. A.helps save sea water a lot B.is highly adaptable C.resembles greenhouse agriculture D.suits the production of corn 解析:推理判断题。根据文章最后两段,Meeuws 的农业模式能够节省大量的水(但不是海水),其工作 原理并不同于温室农业, 不利于生产占据大面积的作物, corn 和 potatoes; 如 根据文章第一段的 It could be in a New York high- or a sprawling complex in the Saudi desert.可知,该种农业可以在许多环境下存在, rise 适应性是很强的。故答案选 B。 答案:B 4.What is the text mainly about? A.Development of indoor farming. B.Great Revolution in farming.

C.Advantages of indoor farming. D.Sunless, rainless indoor farming. 解析:主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了几位研究者所研究的一种未来农业模式:不需要阳光和雨水的室 内农业,它不同于温室农业,是一种节能、节水和环保的农业方式,适应性强、成本低。故答案选 D。 答案:D B (2012· 莆田质量检测)Economists across the world are expressing concern about rising food prices. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently released its Food Price Index. The list showed that a number of foods cost more than during the

world food crisis of 2008. The index is at its highest level since it began in 1990. The FAO predicts that world market prices for rice,wheat, barley (大麦), sugar and meat will stay high or continue rising. One reason for this is the threat of shortages caused by bad weather. Current and recent weather disasters

have harmed agriculture and affected prices in several parts of the world. For example, the current flooding in Australia has done great damage to crops in the usually fertile Queensland area.Chickpea, wheat, sorghum (高粱) and corn are among the crops affected. Floods have also harmed other vegetables and fruits. The effects on prices from floods last year in Pakistan and China are still being felt. Last week, Russia extended an earlier ban on wheat exports. Russia acted after heat, drought and wildfires destroyed about a third of its wheat crop last summer. The ban was placed to make sure Russians

have enough wheat. The first ban caused worldwide wheat prices climb to last year by almost 50 percent. In Algeria, the government has reduced taxes after food riots (暴乱) late last year and earlier this month.Among the causes of the riots were price increases for cooking oil and sugar.Several people died in the riots, and hundreds of others were injured. Food prices are also part of economic problems to blame for the deadly riots in Tunisia. Shenggen Fan heads the International Food Policy Research Institute from its Washington DC office. Mr. Fan says countries must invest in making their farmers more productive. He says the world will need to feed more hungry people with less available land, water and other resources. 语篇解读:全球经济学家对粮食价格飞涨表示了担忧,文章分析了粮价上涨的原因和产生的后果,并 援引了专家的建议。 5.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage ? A.The FAO can affect the rising food prices across the world. B.Both Australia and Russia are countries growing wheat. C.Bad weather has no effect on developing countries' food prices. D.Russia will increase wheat exports to meet the world market. 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第一、二段信息可知 FAO 不能左右世界粮价,因此 A 项错误;根据第 二段内容可知恶劣天气也影响到了发展中国家的粮价,因此 C 项错误;根据第三段内容可知俄罗斯减少粮 食出口以保证国内足够的粮食,因此 D 项也错误。根据第二、三段内容可知澳大利亚和俄罗斯都是种植小 麦的国家,故 B 项正确。 答案:B 6.From Paragraph 4, we can infer that ________. A.Mr. Fan is in charge of the FAO in Washington DC office B.countries must invest in making their farmers more productive C.food prices can make some countries fall into confusion

D.the limited resources can't provide enough food for more hungry people 解析:推理判断题。根据 Shenggen Fan heads the International Food Policy Research Institute from its Washington DC office.可知 A 为错误推断;B 为直接信息,不属于推论;根据该段最后两句话可知,D 为 错误推断。根据最后一段第二、三、四句可推知粮价会使一些国家陷入混乱局面。 答案:C 7.The passage is mainly developed by ________. A.analyzing causes B.making comparisons C.following the time order D.examining differences 解析:文章结构题。文章第一段指出食品价格指数达到历史最高值,接下来分析了导致粮价上涨的原 因,因此选择 A。 答案:A 8.Which is the best title for the passage? A. World Food Prices Expected to Stay High or Keep Rising B.Current and Recent Weather Disasters in the World C.The Agriculture in Developed Countries D.The Prediction about the Food Market in Developing Countries

解析:标题概括题。根据第一段和全文内容可知 A 项作为文章标题比较合适。B 项角度太小,C、D 项不能概括全文内容。 答案:A

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