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Unfortunately man has killed wild animals, polluted rivers and cut down forests through the ages. But lately people are beginning to realize that their own lives depend on the way they treat

“Nature and living things” in it. Man has 16 ways of showing his love to nature. He says he loves it, 17 its beauty. While walking through the woods,

although he often

how many times have we picked flowers, planted roots and all? Then later, as the the reasons 18 19 wither(枯萎), we throw them away. That’s one of many kinds of plants and flowers have become 20 wondered where all the thousands of 21 happens to them once the 22

rare(稀少). Or have you

New Year trees come from and are over?

Man destroys nature by polluting the air. That’s probably the greatest danger 23 our lives. The smoke from factories and 24 from

cars and trucks do not harm only the surrounding vegetation( 植被), it 25 our health, too. 26 fish that

Man pollutes rivers, seas and oceans. Just think of the die by the thousands because of polluted waters. Biologists have 27 that all kinds of wild life are 29


in the

areas where they live. Even the wolf, which we

dangerous and

“bad” , plays an important role in nature. Here is an interesting example. There is a large 30 in one of the Great Lakes between Canada and

the US. Early in this century many wild deer invaded(涌入) the island. Nobody knows how they 31 there.

The deer multiplied(繁殖) until there were as many as 40000 on the island. They destroyed couldn’t find enough the wolf: 34 32 33 of the vegetation on it. Finally as they they began to starve and die. Then came 35 .

knows how wolves got to the island, but they

The wolves killed those deer that were easiest to catch —the sick, the weak and the old. So only the strong and the healthy animals were left. The island become green once again and there was enough food for the deer that were left. 16.A. lovely 17.A. harms 18.A. stems B. strange C. many D. much

B. breaks C. injury D. destroys B. branches C. leaves D. flowers

19.A. what B. how C. why D. when 20.A. still B. ever C. even 21.A. which 22.A. years 23.A. to D. quite D. how

B. that C. what B. meetings

C. parties D. holidays D. for D. whistles

B. of C. about

24.A. waters B. smells C. gases 25.A. effects on

B. efforts for C. reasons for D. causes of C. strong D. ill D. discovered

26.A. poor B. weak

27.A. studied B. developed C. invented

28.A. valuable B. need

C. necessary D. helped

29.A. consider B. think it C. regard D. sound 30.A. field B. land C. mountain D. island

31.A. left B. got C. reached to D. arrived in 32.A. a whole B. most 33.A. plants C. more D. more much

B. rice C. vegetation D. food C. Somebody D. Everybody B. went C. arrive D. Did 56._____

34.A. Nobody B. Anybody 35. A. got

How robins(知更鸟) know when it is time to go back north? They seem to tell by how soon daylight lasts. In late winter, daylight begins to last longest each day. When the daylight lasts long enough, robins start north. They fly by day. Each year they follow a same fly-way. At first, they fly only few miles a day. They stop often in the field to eat bugs

57. _____ 58. _____ 59. _____ 60. _____ 61. _____ 62 . _____ 63. __

(小虫子) . Late, they seem in a hurry. They fly ___ over 100 miles a day. Some are going so far as 180 miles. When they get to home, they always stay together high in a tree.

64._____ 65. _____

Once a man came to Allah (安拉) and said, “Oh Allah, I have many

bad habits. Which one should I give up first?” Allah said, “Give up telling lies first and always tell the truth.” The man promised to do 31_ and went home. At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out, he thought for a moment about the promise he made 32_ _ Allah. “If _

tomorrow Allah asks me where I have been, what should I say? Should I say that I went out 33_ _ (steal)? No, I cannot say that. If I tell the a thief. I would _ can I lie.”

truth, everyone will start hating me and call 34__ 35_ _ (punish) for stealing. But 36_

So the man decided not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit. Next day, when he was about to drink wine, he also remembered 37_ he promised to Allah, so he gave up 38_ In this way, 39_ idea of drinking wine.

the man thought of doing something bad, he _ all times. One by

remembered his promise to tell the truth 40 one, he gave up all his bad habits.

16—20 BDDCB 21—25 CCACA 26—30 ADCAD 31—35 BBDAD 56.How 后加 do 59.√ 60.a→the 57.soon→long 61.few 前加 a 64.so→as 57.√ 58.longest→longer 62.field→fields 65.去掉 to 58.home 前加 at 60.e-mails→e-mail 63.help→helps

63.Late→Later 56.a→an

59.informations→information 61.Beside→Besides 64.第一个 make→have 31. so 32. to

62.去掉 the 65.more→much 33. stealing 34. me

35. be punished

36.nor / neither 37.what 38.the 39.whenever 40.at

I’ll tell you all(that )I know about it . 我要告诉你我所知道这件事的一切情况。 Is there anything (that) I can do for you? 有什么我可以帮助做的事吗? I’ve brought everything (that )you need. 我把你需要的东西都拿来了。 This is the best film that I have seen . 这是我看过的最好的一部电影。 The first place that we’ll visit is Beijing Library. 我们要参观的第一个地方是北京图书馆 He is the only person that is believable.

他是唯一可靠的人。 John is the very person that she wants to see. 约翰正是她要见的人。 Who is the man that is talking with Tom ? 正在和汤姆谈话的人是谁? Which of the books that you bought is easy to read? 你买的那些书中哪一本容易读。He came at a time when we. needed him most.他在我们最需要的时候来了。

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