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1.____________(n.)灾难 2.____________(vt.)引起;导致 3.____________(vt.)埋葬 4.____________(vi.)发生 核心单词

disaster cause bury occur 幻灯片 3

5.____________(vt.& n.)(雷电、暴风雨等)袭击 6.____________(vt.)毁坏 7.____________(adj.)以前的 8.____________(n.& v.)损失;损害 9.experience(vt.)____________

strike ruin previous damage 经历

10.furniture(n.)____________ 11.violent(adj.)_____________ ____________________ 12.luckily(adv.)______________
家具 猛烈的; 激烈的;强烈的 幸运地;幸亏 幻灯片 5 13.He is ____________the most famous writer of the generation,so it is ____________that he can win a prize.There’s____________that he will win the first prize.(possible)

possibly possible possibility 幻灯片 6 14.He was ____________to think of the ____________experience, which____________him.(terrify) terrified terrifying terrified 幻灯片 7 1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 卷起;掀起;拿起,捡起,拾起 记下;放下 脱下,去(拿)掉 平均起来,一般说来


pick up put down take off on(the)average 幻灯片 8 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________

到??时候 以??结束/结果为?? 使??着火;放火烧?? 着火

by the time end up set fire to sth. catch fire 幻灯片 9 9.________________ 10.________________ 11.________________ 12.________________ put out

扑灭;熄灭;伸出 发生 总计,合计 失去生命

take place in all lose one’s life 幻灯片 10 1.leave(使,让)+宾语+介词短语 They can destroy houses,but________________________________________(把房内的家 具留在原处)


leave the furniture inside exactly where it was 幻灯片 11

2.v.?ing 形式作状语 On average,there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, ___________________________________________(造成大约 80 人死亡,1500 人受伤).
causing about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries 幻灯片 12 3.by the time(到??时候)引导时间状语从句 ________________________(等到风停时),more than 700 people had been killed and 2,700 had been injured. By the time it ended 幻灯片 13 4.there’s the possibility of 有??的可能性 When the lava reached the sea,_________________________________ (有??的可能 性)a huge tidal wave which could flood half the island. there was the possibility of 幻灯片 14 5.it is possible that... 有可能?? ________________________ (有可能)there could be another earthquake there? Is it possible that 幻灯片 15 过去完成时的被动语态;间接引语 1.At the end of the meeting, it was announced that an agreement________. A.has been reached B.had been reached


幻灯片 16 C.has reached D.had reached 解析:选 B。本题考查动词的时态。 “会议结束时宣布”这一动作为一般过去时,协议的达 成应在此之前,应用过去完成时.又因协议是被达成的,故使用过去完成时的被动语态。 幻灯片 17 2.John had to have his car repaired in a garage because it________seriously. A.damaged B.was being damaged C.had damaged D.had been damaged 幻灯片 18 解析:选 D。句意:约翰不得不把他的车送到修理厂修理,因为它受到了严重损坏。it 与 damage 之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系,应用被动语态;又因约翰修车在后,车坏在前,应用 过去完成时,故选 D 项。 幻灯片 19 3.—What did Father ask Lily yesterday? —Father asked her ________. A.did she pass the exam B.when did she pass the exam C.whether she had passed the exam 幻灯片 20 D.how she has passed the exam 解析:选 C。考查间接引语。由句意 可知,此处是转述父亲的问话,问话为一般疑问句,应由 whether/if 引导宾语从句,从句 用陈述语序,且时态与 asked 保持一致,故选 C 项。 幻灯片 21 4.He told us he ________ a concert ________. A.had attended;three days before B.attended;a week ago C.would attend;since a week ago D.was attending;for a week 幻灯片 22 解析: 选 A。 考查间接引语。 根据直接引语变间接引语时时态一致的原则和时间状语的变化, A 为正确答案。 幻灯片 23



1experience n.[C](一次)经历,体验;[U]经验;阅历 vt.经受;体验;感受
幻灯片 24 (教材 P21)Have you ever experienced a flood? 你曾经经历过洪灾吗? 幻灯片 25 归纳拓展 have much teaching/working experience 教学/工作经验丰富 by/from experience 凭经验;从经验中(得出)

幻灯片 26

in one’s experience 据某人的经验看 experience in/of 在??方面的经验 experienced adj. 有经验的,熟练的 be experienced in 在??方面有经验
幻灯片 27 ①(2011·高考课标全国卷)If you are aged 24~45 and have experience in teaching and training,you could be the person we are looking for. 你如果是年龄在 24~45 岁,并且有教学与培训经验的人,你可能就是我们正在寻找的那个 人。 幻灯片 28 ②There’s no point telling teenagers anything—you just have to let them learn from their experience.教导青少年该如何做毫无意义——你只能让他们从实践中学习。 幻灯片 29 ③He had many interesting experiences while travelling in Africa.他在非洲旅行时, 有许多有趣的经历. 幻灯片 30

2 occur vi.发生,出现;(想法、念头等)想起,浮现 (教材 P23)Almost all of them occur in the US ... 几乎所有的龙卷风都发生在美国??
幻灯片 31 归纳拓展

幻灯片 32 ①(2011· 高考大纲全国卷)A more embarrassing(尴尬的) situation occurs when a student starts falling into sleep... 当一个学生开始入睡时,更尴尬的情况就会发生?? ②It didn’t occur to him that she would refuse his invitation.他没有想到她会拒 绝他的邀请。 幻灯片 33 辨析 occur,happen,take place,break out occur 属正式用语,它可以指偶然地“发生” ,也可 以指在指定的时间“发生,出现” ,还可以表 示抽象事物,如思想等的“产生” 。在以具体 事物、事件作主语时,可与 happen 互换。

幻灯片 34 happen 常用词语,指事物或情况偶然或未能预见地 发生;其后接不定式或用在 It happened that...句型中,意为“恰好,碰巧,偶然” 。 指发生了事先计划或预想到的事情。 指(战争、火灾、疾病等)突然发生。

take place break out

幻灯片 35 ③That accident happened/occurred yesterday. 事故发生在昨天。 ④The meeting took place at 8∶00 as planned. 会议按计划在 8 点开始。 幻灯片 36 ⑤The fire broke out during the night. 火灾在夜间突然发生。 ⑥It occurred to me that I could invite her to dinner. 我突然想到我可以邀请她吃晚饭。

幻灯片 37 ⑦I happened to meet her on my way home. 在我回家的路上偶然遇到她。 幻灯片 38

3 bury vt.埋葬;埋藏;用??覆盖 (教材 P23)The cemetery where Coghlan was buried was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan’s coffin ended up in the sea. 掩埋科格伦的公墓被飓风所摧毁,他的 棺材最后被卷入了大海。
幻灯片 39 归纳拓展 bury one’s head/face in hands 用手捂住头/脸 bury oneself in=be buried in 埋头干?? be absorbed in/concentrate on/fix 幻灯片 40 (focus) one’s attention on 全神贯注于 concern oneself with(in)/be occupied with 忙于 幻灯片 41 ①She buried her face in her hands and cried. 她双手捂着脸哭了起来。 ②After the divorce,she buried herself in her work. 离婚后,她全心扑在工作上。 幻灯片 42

4 damage n.损失;损害,破坏 vt.使??受损 (教材 P29)Fires caused by the California Earthquake did the most damage. 加利福尼亚地震引起的火灾造成了最严重的损失。
幻灯片 43 归纳拓展

幻灯片 44 助记

幻灯片 45 ①My mother is right:don’t damage your health for a slim and attractive figure. 我妈妈说得对:不要为了苗条动人的身材毁了自己的健康。 ②No damage had been done,and we pushed the car back onto the road.没有造成损 害,我们就把车推回到路上 幻灯片 46 辨析 ruin,damage,destroy ruin 现在多用于借喻中,泛指一般的“弄坏了” , 还可指价值、用途降低或外表损坏等。ruin 作名词时常见于某些短语中:in ruins 成为 废墟,bring sb.to ruin 使某人失败,fall to ruin 毁灭。

幻灯片 47 damage destroy 不一定全部破坏,损坏部分还可以修复。 指彻底毁坏以致不能或很难修复,还指“破 坏(计划,希望)” 。

幻灯片 48 ③He knocked over a bottle of ink and ruined the table cloth.他打翻了一瓶墨水糟 蹋了桌布。 ④The heavy rain damaged many houses. 大雨毁了很多房屋。 幻灯片 49 ⑤That town was destroyed in a big fire. 一场大火摧毁了那个镇。

幻灯片 50

5 possibility n.可能,可能性;可能发生的事;潜能,潜力 (教材 P25)When the lava reached the sea,there was the possibility of a huge tidal wave which could flood half the island. 当岩浆流到大海里,就有可能引起巨大的潮 汐淹没半个岛屿。
幻灯片 51 归纳拓展 There is a/no possibility that 有/没有可能?? possibility of (doing) sth. 某事发生的可能 It is possible to do sth. 做某事是可能的 幻灯片 52 ①(2011·高考天津卷)I set out to live my life filled with hope,seeing endless possibilities for personal and professional achievements.我开始过充满希望的生活, 看到了个人和职业成就上的无限的可能性。 幻灯片 53 ②Life on other planets is a possibility. 其他行星上有生命是可能的。 ③Is it possible to predict what will happen in Russia? 有可能预测俄罗斯将发生什么事吗?

幻灯片 54 跟踪训练 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.These chemicals have been found to cause serious environmental____________(损 害). damage 幻灯片 55 2.The government has issued a____________(警告)that the fish may not be fit to eat. 3.The earthquake was one of the worst natural____________(灾难)the country has ever suffered. warning disasters 幻灯片 56 4. ____________(满怀希望地), I managed to pay off all my debts before we got married. 5.Do you have any____________(以 前的)experience of this type of work? Hopefully

previous 幻灯片 57 6.I helped him choose the ____________(家具)for his new house. 7.It was so hot that sweat ________ (流淌)down from his face. 8.There’s always a ____________(可 能性)that he might go back to Seattle. furniture poured possibility 幻灯片 58 Ⅱ.单项填空 1.—Is there any possibility ________you could pick me up at the airport? —No problem. A.when B.that C.whether D.what

幻灯片 59 解析:选 B。此处是考查 possibility 的同位语从句,因从句不缺少成分,故应用 that 引 导,表示“你有没有可能来机场接我” ,所以选 B 项。 幻灯片 60 2.According to the recent research,heavy coffee drinking and heart attack is not necessarily________and effect. A.reason B.impact C.fact D.cause 幻灯片 61 解析:选 D。cause and effect 表示“因 果” ,句意:根据最近的研究,喝浓 咖啡与心脏病之间并没有必然的因果 关系。 幻灯片 62 3.It suddenly________me how we could improve the situation. A.struck B.happened C.occurred D.realized 幻灯片 63 解析:选 A。B 项应为 something happened to sb.;C 项应为 It occurred to me that...; D 项应为 sb.realized。It suddenly struck me...“我突然想到 ??” 。 幻灯片 64 4. “If you go on stealing,you will________your bright future,young man! ”said the judge.

A.destroy B.damage C.ruin D.break 幻灯片 65 解析:选 C。destroy 和 damage 表示 “破坏;毁坏”讲时,常指具体的事 物;而 ruin 既可指具体事物的破坏,也可表示对抽象事物的毁坏,如毁掉“希望;理想;前途; 机会等”.本句意:那个法官说道: “如果你继续盗窃的话,你会毁掉你的前途的,年轻人! ” 幻灯片 66 5.He is________as a leader but he doesn’t have ________in teaching. A.success;many experience B.a success;much experience C.success;an experience D.success;a lot of experiences 幻灯片 67 解析:选 B。a success“一个成功 者” ;experience 表示“经验”是不 可数名词。 幻灯片 68


6 pick up 拾起,拿起;卷起;掀起;搭载;(无意中)学会;接收(无线电信号);收 拾,整理;加(速度);取 (物),开车接(人);(健康、生意、社交生活等)恢复,变好,好转 幻灯片 69 (教材 P23)Tornadoes can pick up cars,trains and even houses and put them down in the next street-or even in the next town. 龙卷风能把汽车、火车甚至房屋卷起, 把它们带到旁边的街上——甚至能把它们卷到邻近的城镇上。 幻灯片 70 归纳拓展

幻灯片 71 ①(2011·高考课标全国卷)I bought my ticket and turned around to pick up my bag from the floor... 我买好票,转身从地上拿起包?? 幻灯片 72 ②It is an offence to pick up or set down a hitch?hiker on a motorway. 在高速公路上让搭便车的人上下车是违反交通规则的。 ③I managed to pick up an American news broadcast. 我设法收听到一家美国电台的新闻广播 幻灯片 73 ④The economy in the world is finally beginning to pick up again.世界经济终于又 开始有所好转。 幻灯片 74 7 take off 去掉,减去;脱下;(飞 机)起飞;突然开始成功;休假 (教材 P23)They can take the fur off the back of a cat and the feathers off a chicken. 龙卷风能把猫背上的毛和鸡身上的羽毛吹得干干净净。 幻灯片 75 归纳拓展

幻灯片 76 ①As the plane was taking off,he remembered he hadn’t turned the light off. 飞机起飞时,他才想起他没有关上灯. ②I’m taking Thursday off to do some Christmas shopping.我星期四要休假,去买一 些圣诞礼物。 幻灯片 77 ③(牛津 P2059)The new magazine has really taken off. 这份新杂志真是大受欢迎。 幻灯片 78 8 end up 以??结束,以??而告终 (教材 P23)The cemetery where Coghlan was buried was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan’s coffin ended up in the sea.掩埋科格伦的公墓被飓风所摧毁,他的棺材 最后被卷入了大海. 幻灯片 79 归纳拓展

? ?end up with 以??结束 (1)? ? ?end up in... 以??结束?指以某种结果结束?
幻灯片 80

?bring/put...to an end 使??终止 ? ?make ends meet 使收支相抵 ? ?on end 连续地;竖着,直立的 ? ?in the end 最后;终于 ? ?come to an end 到头,结束 ?from beginning to end 从头至尾 ?
幻灯片 81 ①(2011·高考福建卷)Jacqueline ended up as an editor rather than as First Lady. Jacqueline 最终作为编辑而不是第一夫人。

幻灯片 82 ②The party ended up with a folk song. 晚会以一首民歌结束了。 ③If he carries on driving like that,he’ll end up dead. 他如果继续照那样开车的话,早晚得死于非命。 幻灯片 83 ④We must put an end to this foolish behavior. 我们心须终止这种愚蠢的行为。 幻灯片 84 跟踪训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 take off,set fire to,in all,end up,pick up 幻灯片 85 1.There are 800 people________________. 2.We were going to go out,but________________watching videos. 3.The room must be ________________before the guests arrive. in all ended up picked up

幻灯片 86 4.Rioters________________a whole row of stores. 5.I hear the business is really________________. set fire to taking off 幻灯片 87 Ⅱ.单项填空 1.She ________Japanese when she was in Japan.Now she can speak it freely. A.picked out B.made out C.made up D.picked up 幻灯片 88 解析:选 D。pick up 表示“(偶然间)学会” ;pick out 表示“挑出;区别 出” ;make out 表示“理解” ;make up 表示“组成,构成” 。根据句意 “她在日本时学会了日语,现在她能讲得非常流利。 ”可知应选 D。 幻灯片 89 2.It is possible that one day we will________disability,so we shouldn’t look down upon the disabled. A.end up with B.put up with C.come up with D.catch up with 幻灯片 90 解析:选 A。句意:有可能某一天我们会成为残疾人,因此我们不应该歧视残疾人。end up with 以??结束,符合题意。put up with 忍受,忍耐;come up with 提出;catch up with 赶 上,均不符合题意。 幻灯片 91 3.Several rounds of air and ground attacks from the allied force left the whole city________. A.in pieces B.in ruins C.in part D.in place 幻灯片 92 解析:选 B。in ruins 意为“成为废 墟” 。in pieces 意为“成为碎片” ;in part 意为“部分地” ;in place 意为“在适当的 位置” 。 幻灯片 93 4.It is said that the library has 20 million books________. A.at all B.in all C.above all D.after all 幻灯片 94 解析:选 B。at all 意为“根本;全 然” ;in all 意为“总共;一共” ;above all 意为“首要的是” ;after all 意为“毕竟; 终究” 。根据句意应选 B 项,表示“总共有 2 千万册书” 。 幻灯片 95 5.Did the fire________ or was it________?

A.go out;go out B.go out;put out C.put out;go out D.put out;put out 幻灯片 96 解析:选 B。go out 是不及物动词,意为“(自动)熄灭” ,而 put out 为及物动词,意为 “把??扑灭” 。 幻灯片 97 9 (教材 P23)They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was. 它们能毁掉房子,却把房内的家具留在原处。


幻灯片 98 【点津】 该句式中 leave 为及物动词, 意思是“使处于??;听任??” ,宾语后接形容词、分词、不定式、介词短语、名词或句 子等作补足语。,其常见结构归纳如下:(1)leave+宾语+形容词/副词。 幻灯片 99 (2)leave+宾语+现在分词,其中宾语与宾补之间形成逻辑上的主谓关系。(3)leave+宾 语+过去分词,其中宾语与宾补之间形成逻辑上的动宾关系。(4)leave+宾语+介词短语/ 名词。(5)leave+宾语+动词不定式。(6)leave+宾语+从句。 幻灯片 100 ①Leave the door open and you will breathe fresh air. 让门开着你就会呼吸到新鲜的空气。 ②Ted’s parents went abroad and left him in the care of his grandmother.特德的 父母都出国了,他由祖母照料。 幻灯片 101 ③What we’ve done leaves much to be desired. 我们的工作还有很多不足之处。 ④(朗文 P1170)Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth.刷牙的时 候不要开着水龙头。 幻灯片 102 10 (教材 P23)The worst tornado of all time occurred in 1925,affecting three US states... 有史以来最严重的龙卷风发生在 1925 年,它影响了美国三个州?? 幻灯片 103 【点津】 affecting three US states...是现在分词短语作结果状语。用现在分词作结 果状语时,其逻辑主语与句子主语一致,且现在分词表示的结果是一种必然的、顺理成章 的结果。而不定式则表示出乎意料的结果。 幻灯片 104 ①European football is played in more than 80 countries,making it the most popular

sport in the world.80 多个国家都踢欧式足球,这使它成为世界上最流行的运动。 幻灯片 105 ②The fire lasted nearly a month,leaving nothing valuable. 大火持续了近一个月,没剩下什么有用的东西。 幻灯片 106 跟踪训练 Ⅰ.完成句子 1.______________________(让门开 着)when you go out. Leave the door open 幻灯片 107 2.It rained heavily,________________________(造成严重洪涝灾害)in that country. 3.__________________________(有??可能吗)we’ll see you this weekend? causing severe flooding Is there any possibility that 幻灯片 108 4.________________________(到他到来时),the work had been finished. By the time he arrived 幻灯片 109 Ⅱ.单项填空 1.You’d better not leave the medicine________kids can get at it. A.even if B.which C.where D.so that 幻灯片 110 解析:选 C。句意:你最好别把药放在孩子能够得着的地方。leave...where...也是一个常 见的句式,意为“把??放在??地方” 。 幻灯片 111 2.—Was the problem solved at the meeting? —Not yet.I’m afraid it may lead to more serious ones if________unsolved. A.making B.remained C.left D.taking 幻灯片 112 解析:选 C。句意: “这个问题在会议上解决了吗?” “还没有,如果不解决的话,恐怕会引 起更加严重的问 题。 ”leave 与 it 是被动关系,要用过去分词形式作条件状语。 幻灯片 113 3.You shouldn’t keep silent when________. A.speaking B.spoken to C.spoken D.speaking to 幻灯片 114 解析:选 B。该题 when 后面应接分词形 式,是时间状语从句的省略,根据逻辑

关系判断应选 B 项,由 when you are spoken to 省略而来。 幻灯片 115 4.________is no possibility________Jack will win the first place in the competition. A.There;that B.It;that C.There;whether D.It;whether 幻灯片 116 解析:选 A。句意:在竞赛中 Jack 没可能得第一。该题考查 there be 句型, that 引导同位语从句,说明 possibility 的内容,故答案是 A 项。 幻灯片 117 5.All the students in our class buried themselves________studies,________the coming exam. A.in;preparing B.in;preparing for C.for;prepared D.for;prepared for 幻灯片 118 解析:选 B。bury oneself in...意为 “埋头(做)??” ;prepare 意为“准 备” ,prepare for 意为“为??做准 备” ,此处用现在分词形式作伴随状语修饰 buried。 幻灯片 119 本部分内容讲解结束 按 ESC 键退出全屏播放

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