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Unit one

school life

一:重点词组 class teacher 班主任 at ease with 和 …. 相处不拘束 sound like 听起来象 as well as 除….以外, 也 school hours 学校作息时间 for free 免费 key words 关键词<

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earn respect from 赢得…的尊敬 get a general idea 了解大意 word by word 逐字逐句地

find one’s way around 认识路 surf the Internet 网上冲浪 attend to 照顾,照料

develop an interest in 培养对….的兴趣 in charge of….. 负责,掌管

make use of 利用

earn a living 谋生 achieve one’s goal 实现目标 prepare for 为、 、 、 、做准备 drop out 辍学

on average 平均 on display 展示 inform. . of . . .告之、 、 、 、某事

make a speech 做研究 look back on 回忆,回顾 be fond of 喜欢

二:难点讲解 1. I was very happy with the school hours in Britain because school starts around 9 a.m. and ends about 3.30 p.m. 我对英国学校的作息时间很满意因为学校大约上午 9 点开始上课, 下午 3 点半左右放学。 Be happy with=be pleased with, around=about。 2. This means I could get up an hour later than usual as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. 这意味着我可以晚一小时起床,因为在中国学校 8 点钟上课。 as adv.同样地, 被看作, 象 prep.当做 conj.与...一样, 当...之时, 象, 因为

本单元多次出现 as, 用法各不相同,应注意比较。 另外 as 还可以构成一些常用词组: as if 就好像, as far as 就….而言, so as to 以便于, as for 至于, such as 例如,等等。 mean to do sth 打算做某事,mean doing sth 意味着 by means of 用. . .的方法。

The attack of Pear Harbor meant a declaration of war with the United States. The raise of salary means that I can send my daughter to a better school. 3. He also told us that the best way to earn respect from the school was to work hard and achieve high grades. 他还告诉我们赢得学校尊敬的最好方法是努力学习并取得好成绩。

The best way to do sth is to…..结构用来表达做某事的最好方法是….., 例如: The best way to learn English is to use it as often as possible. 4. I found the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school, but it was a bit challenging for me at first because all the homework was in English. 我发现这儿的家庭作业没有我原来学校的多,但一开始对我有些挑战性,因为所有作业 都是英语的。 As…..as, 中间加形容词或副词,一般要连接两个相同的句子成分, 请比较下面两句话: You hate him as much as I (=You hate him as much as I hate him). You hate him as much as me(=You hate him as much as you hate me). Used to 过去常常, 隐含的意思是现在的情况已经不同。例如: She used to study very hard. ( She does not study so hard any more). Used to 的否定形式是 usedn’t to/ didn’t use to 注意:be used to sth/doing 表示习惯于….eg:he is used to living here. Be used to do sth 被用来做某事 bamboo can be used to build house 5. I do like eating desserts after meals as you mentioned in your article. 就像你在文章中提到的那样,我的确喜欢在饭后吃甜食。 Do、did 在陈述句中,用在动词前表示强调,可译作的确、确实。 6. Former student return from China 一位校友重中国归来 former, past, old 虽然都和过去有关,但 侧重点不同。 former: “过去曾经是...的、 前 任….” , past: “过去的” old “老的、 从前的” 。 例如: former president 前总统, past experience 以往的经验,my old school 我的母校。 7: on the first…..attend……. 介词 on 用在具体的某一天的上午,下午,晚上 Eg: the accident happened on the morning of july 1st. 2:attend 出席,参加,照料,attend class 上课 attend on/upon sb 照顾某人 辨析:take part in, join , join in attend Take part in 指带有责任心的参加某项活动,如体育,比赛,战斗等,join 指加入团体,组 织,如参军,入团,入党, join in 指参加正在进行的活动,如比赛,娱乐,谈话,attend 指出席或参加会议,音乐会,婚礼, attend school 上学 attend a meeting 开会

Eg: every four years, many athletes from different countries take part in the Olympic Games. He joined the army at the age of 15 Would you like to join in our discussion? Today I have a meeting to attend 8:this……average size\..... average adj 平均的,n.平均数 on(the/an) average 平均 Above(the)average 平均水平以上 below(the) average 平均水平以下 9:I…… for free For free 免费 ,free of charge 也做免费,做表语,状语,free from 不受。 。 。 。影响 Eg: It was once a beautiful city free from pollution. 10:cooking ………fun……. Fun 意为:娱乐,玩笑,有趣,为不可数名词, For fun 开玩笑, 不是认真的, 笑,取笑, 辨析:fun joke trick Fun 是不可数名词 joke 是可数名词且前面要加不定冠词 play a joke on sb trick 有恶作剧之意 play a trick on sb 11:prepare 预备,准备,prepare for sth 为。 。 。 。做好准备 12:at the end of …….在。 。 。的末端,在。 。 。 。尽头 Eg:you will see the station at the end of this road. 辨析:at the end in the end by the end of prepare to do sth 准备做某事 have fun 玩的开心 what fun 多么开心 make fun of 嘲

At the end 表示在结束的地方, 在尽头, in the end=at last 最终, 终于, by the end of “到。 。 。 。 。 结束时’,表示过去的时间 Eg:this article is very surprising at the end. In the end I understood what the teacher said. By the end of the year, all of them had achieved something. 词汇:bring to an end 使终止 come to an end 结束 from beginning to end 从头到尾

Stand an end 倒立 to the end 到最后 without end 无尽,无穷的, 13:students at that school have to study ………..drop……….. Drop behind 落后 drop by 顺便访问, drop off 睡着, 减少 drop out 不参加, 退出, drop

in on sb 顺便拜访某人 drop in at sp 顺便拜访某地

drop sb down 让某人下车

drop sb a note 给某人留言,便条

14: I missed Chinese food a lot at lunch Miss:vt 未击中,逃过,避开,未赶上 想念 Eg:you have missed the target I miss living in the country. 辨析:miss 与 lose 的区别 都有遗失,错过的意思,但是 lose 语气较强,指由于大意,不幸,事故等失去某人或者某 物,miss 语气弱一些,指需要时发觉不在身边 Eg: he lost his son in the war. He missed the chance. Miss out 漏掉,miss school 缺课,miss an appointment 失约 三:语法定语从句讲解另附

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