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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语强化练习必修三(通用)unit 1 第3课时]

Unit 1


1.Please ________ (提醒) me to write to my mother tomorrow. 2.It is cruel to ________ (淹死) the cat in the river. 3.You should ________ (道歉) to your teacher for coming late. 4.We can't take photos here without ________ (允许). 5.It is ________ (明显的) that he hasn't known the truth. 6.Please ________ (原谅) me for what I have said to you. 7.You can't ________ (愚弄) me! I don't believe you. 8.When I came in, a woman was ________ (擦) the table. 9.He couldn't say a word because of his ________ (悲伤). 10.The girl is ________ (哭泣), for she has lost her doll. 答 案 : 1.remind 2.drown 3.apologize 4.permission 5.obvious 6.forgive 7.fool

8.wiping 9.sadness 10.weeping Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 河南郑州第 47 中学高一下月考)The teacher apologized ________ late. A.to his students to arrive B.to his students for arriving C.at his students to arrive D.at his students for arriving 答案:B 句意:这位老师因为迟到而向学生们道歉。apologize to sb for sth 因某事向某人 道歉。 2.(2014· 安徽泗县双语高一下月考)My grandfather is such a forgetful person that he has to ________ many things, even his daily meals. A.be remembered by C.be memorized B.be reminded of D.be reminded

答案:B 句意:我爷爷非常健忘,很多事都需要被提醒,甚至每日的三餐。remind sb of sth 提醒某人某事。 3.(2014· 辽宁大连协作体高一 4 月)—What's wrong with him? —The picture he came across ________ his memory of a sad story in his childhood. A.put off C.set off B.took off D.gave off

答案:C 句意:——他怎么了?——他偶然看到的这张照片使他想起了童年的伤心事。 put off“延期”;take off“起飞”;set off“出发,引发”;give off“发出”。 4.(2014· 河南郑州第 47 中学高一下月考)—David hasn't come yet. —I think he will ________ soon, for he means what he says. A.turn on C.turn down B.turn off D.turn up

答案: D 句意: ——大维还没有来。 ——我想他很快会出现, 因为他说到做到。 turn on“打 开”;turn off“关闭”;turn down“调小”;turn up“出现;到场”。 5.(2014· 郑州高一检测)________ is obvious that reading in the sun does great harm to your eyes. A.This C.They B.That D.It

答案:D 考查 it 的用法。分析句子可知 that... to your eyes 为主语从句。需用 it 在句中作 形式主语。 6.He is an honest man; he always ________. A.breaks his word C.eats his words B.keeps his word D.keeps his words

答案:B 句意:他是个诚实的人;他一直很守信。keep one's word“守信用”,符合题 意。break one's word“失信”;eat one's words“承认自己说错话”。 7. (2014· 福建罗源一中高一 3 月月考)We ________ our breath when our teacher read the final list. A.took C.held B.got D.saved

答案:C 句意:当我们的老师宣布最后的名单时,我们都屏住了呼吸。hold one's breath 屏住呼吸。 8.She ________ the chair with a cloth and let me sit down. A.changed C.wiped 答案:C B.held D.kept 句意:她用一块布擦了擦椅子,让我坐下。change“改变”;hold“抓住”;

wipe“擦”;keep“保持”。 9.If anything happened to the kids I'd never ________ myself. A.believe C.show 答案:B B.forgive D.carry 句意:如果孩子们出了什么事,我将永远不会原谅自己。 believe“相信”;

forgive“原谅”;show“展示”;carry“携带”。 10.(2014· 湖北省重点中学高一下期中联考)Suffering from depression, he often________his sorrows in drink. A.swallows C.sinks B.drowns D.buries

答案: B 考查动词。 句意: 患了抑郁症, 他经常借酒浇愁。 drown one's sorrows in drink“借 酒浇愁”。 Ⅲ.完形填空 My Forever Valentine Valentine's Day was the time my father chose to show his love for the special people in his life. Over the years I fondly(天真地) thought__1__him as my “Valentine Man”. My first recollection of the__2__he could bring to Valentine's Day came when I was six. That morning at the breakfast table I found a card and a giftwrapped package at my chair. The card was__3__“Love, Dad”and the gift was a ring with a small piece of red glass to __4__my birthstone, a ruby(红宝石). There is __5__difference between red glass and rubies to a child of six, and I remember__6__that ring with pride that all the cards in the world__7__not surpass(超越). __8__I grew older, the gifts gave__9__to heartshaped boxes filled with my__10__chocolates and always included a __11__card signed“Love , Dad”. In those years my “thanks” became__12__of a perfunctory(敷衍的)response. The cards seemed less__13__,and I took it for granted that the Valentine would__14__be there. I had__15__my hopes and dreams in receiving cards and gifts from“significant others”and“Love, Dad”just didn't seem quite__16__. His final card remains on my desk today. It's a__17__of how special father can be and how important it had been to me over the years to know that I had a father who continued a __18__of love with simple acts of understanding and an ability to express happiness over the people in his life. Those things never__19__ , nor does the memory of a man who never__20__being my Valentine. 文章大意:提到情人节,人们可能马上联想到鲜花、巧克力以及年轻的恋人们。其实情 人是一个古老而广泛的概念,包括所有我们深爱的人以及深爱着我们的人,比如我们的父母。 1.A.of C.up B.about D.over

答案:A think of...as...是固定短语,意为“把……视为/看作……”。 2.A.memory B.magic



答案:B 句意:在“我”6 岁那年的情人节,他给我带来了第一次“美妙的”回忆。 3.A.read C.shown B.written D.signed

答案:D 卡片上有父亲的“签名”。该选项从下文 11 空后可得到提示。 4.A.recover C.represent B.resemble D.replace

答案:C 戒指上的红玻璃“象征/代表”着我的诞生石——红宝石。 5.A.much C.great B.little D.less

答案:B 对一个六岁的孩子而言,红玻璃和红宝石没有什么不同。 6.A.having C.wearing 答案:C 表示佩戴首饰只能用 wear。 7.A.could C.must B.did D.should B.owning D.watching

答案:A 世界上所有的卡片都无法与之相比。 8.A.Because C.When B.Since D.As

答案:D as 在此处引导时间状语从句,意为“随着”。 9.A.room C.honour B.way D.seat

答案:B give way to 是固定短语,意为“为……所代替”。 10.A.favorite C.dear B.lovely D.precious

答案:A 该题可采用排除法,修饰巧克力不能用“可爱的”、“亲爱的”、“宝贵的”, 但可以用“最喜爱的”。 11.A.usual C.strange 答案:D 父亲的卡片是“特殊的”。 12.A.less C.more B.little D.much B.common D.special

答案:C 句意:这些年来“我”的“感谢”更多成为一种敷衍的反应。从上下文可知, 此处是与以前对比。

13.A.important C.familiar

B.beautiful D.standard

答案:A 这些卡片看起来已经不是那么“重要”。 14.A.surely C.regularly B.always D.often

答案:B “我”想当然地认为情人节“总是”会在那儿。 15.A.let C.placed 答案:C 上。 16.A.suitable C.effective B.enough D.sacred B.kept D.remembered “我”把梦想和希望“放在”收到那些来自“重要的其他人”的卡片和礼物

答案:B 来自父亲的贺卡似乎远远不够(满足女儿的需要)。 17.A.signal C.consequence B.certificate D.reminder

答案:D 父亲送“我”的最后一张卡片在“提醒”着我:父亲对子女的爱是多么特别又 是多么重要。 18.A.tradition C.habit B.hobby D.custom

答案:A 父亲表达的是一种“传统”的爱。 19.A.lose C.miss B.die D.appear

答案:B 该句句意为“这些事情永远不会消失,我将永远记着他,他永远是我最思念的 人。”这句话表达了女儿对父亲永远的怀念。die 意为“消失”。 20.A.thought C.tried B.wanted D.stopped

答案:D 根据该句句意可知用 stop doing sth 符合语境。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 For 80 years, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has kicked_off the holiday season with glorious bands, balloons and floats(花车),and for one day, it has transformed New York City into a living comic book. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual parade presented by Macy's Department Store. It was first held in 1924. It was organized by Macy's employees, most of whom were firstgeneration immigrants(移民),who wanted to celebrate holidays like they did in Europe. The

employees dressed in costumes(盛装)and marched on the streets with floats, bands and live animals borrowed from a zoo. With an audience of over a quarter of a million people, the parade was such a success that Macy's declared it would become an annual event. In 1927 Felix the Cat became the first parade balloon to float over the city. Large animalshaped balloons replaced the live animals from then on. These giant signature(特有的)balloons are by far the biggest attraction of the parade. Each year sees parade balloons adding new characters from comic strip characters to timeless toys. One tradition long gone is the releasing of the balloons after the parade. They would float for days and the lucky finder or finders could claim a cash reward if he or she returned the balloon or its remains to Macy's. The parade has gone on every year except during World War Ⅱ when, aside from not having much to cheer about, the helium(氦气)air and rubber used for the balloons were needed for the war effort. When the parade returned in 1945,it was televised in New York for the first time and also traveled its current route for the first time. Nowadays, more than 10,000 people participate in the parade and the National Broadcasting Company(NBC) will nationwide broadcast it live from 9 a.m. to noon. The NBC has even earned several Emmy Awards for this program. As always, the parade will end with a visit from Santa Claus. The joyful old man will get settled in Macy's Department Store after the parade to start amonthlong search for who's been naughty and who's been nice. 文章大意:纽约梅西感恩节大巡游始于 1924 年欧洲移民的庆祝传统节日的行为,历经 80 年。人们乘坐花车手拿气球进行游行。这个一年一度的活动除了被第二次世界大战所阻之外, 每年都进行,而二战后电视直播更使它名声大噪。 1.The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade originated from the fact________. A.the first European immigrants showed their thanks to the Indians for their help B.Macy's Department Store hoped to thank its employees for their devotion C.the first European immigrants showed their traditional celebration of holidays D.the employees of Macy's Department Store showed their thanks to the store 答案:C 第二段说第一代欧洲移民希望像他们在欧洲时一样来举行节日庆祝,于是有了 这个大游行。 2.The parade wasn't held once. The reason is that________. A.people had to do other more important things that time

B.it was forbidden by the government that time C.people couldn't afford the expensive parade that time D.a great misfortune prevented it from going on that time 答案:D 第六段说在第二次世界大战中人们没有快乐的事情,同时也没有那些材料来进 行游行,因此在这段时间,游行停止。所以说它被一个巨大的不幸事件所阻止。 3.According to the text, the following are true EXCEPT that________. A.about two hundred and fifty thousand people participated in the first parade B.large animalshaped balloons are one of the attractions in the parade C.the visit from Santa Claus marks the end of the parade D.the television's live broadcast makes the parade more popular 答案:A 注意文章说 25 万人是观众,并非游行的人数。 4.The underlined word“kicked off”in the first paragraph means“________”. A.put off C.dropped out B.opened up D.turned into

答案:B 游行的队伍为这天的假日拉开了帷幕。

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