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Module2 The Renaissance(外研版选修8)

Book 8 Module 2

The Renaissance

1. disturbing adj.烦扰的;令人不安的
disturbed a. disturb vt.

?There are disturbing reports of murders at the two centres. 对这两个中心发生的谋杀的报道令人不安。 ?Mr. Babbitt, I hope I'm not disturbing you. 白比特先生,我希望我没打扰你。

2. dull adj.钝的;迟钝的;呆滞的;阴暗的
? They are both nice people but can be rather dull. 他俩都是好人但非常沉闷。 ? I felt she found me boring and dull. 我觉得她认为我既无趣又沉闷。 ? The documentary(纪录片) lasts for more than two-anda-half hours, and there is scarcely a dull minute. 该纪录片片长超过两个半小时,却鲜有沉闷之处。

3. effect
? n.影响;效果;印象;所有物

? Parents worry about the effect of music on their adolescent's behavior.
? 父母担心音乐对青春期孩子的行为所产生的影响。 ? The quiet patients eat together, it has a beneficial effect. ? 安静的病人一起吃饭会产生有益效果.

? have an effect on / upon ? have an influence on / upon

? effective
? affect vt.使发生;引起;产生(效果)

4. shade
? n.遮阳,遮棚;挡风物;玻璃罩; (画的)阴暗部分 ? vt.遮蔽;险胜;加灯罩;画阴影于…之上 ? Temperatures in the shade can reach forty-eight degrees celsius at this time of year. ? 一年中的这个时间,背阴处的温度可达到 48 摄氏度。 ? The walls were painted in two shades of green. ? 墙壁是用深浅两种绿色油漆的。

5. motivate vt. 使有动机,促动,激发,诱导;刺激;激发…的积极性
They are motivated by a need to achieve. 对成功的渴望激励着他们。 I don't want to be missing out. And that motivates me to get up and do something every day. 我不想被落下。这促使我行动起来每天做点事。 motivated adj. ...highly motivated employees. 积极性很高的雇员 motivation n. His poor performance may be attributed to(归因于) lack of motivation rather than to reading difficulties. 他糟糕的表现也许要归因于缺乏积极性,而不是阅读障碍。

6. skilled adj.熟练的,有技能的;需要技能的;娴熟的

? Not all doctors are skilled in helping their patients make choices. ? 并非所有医生都善于帮助病人作出正确选择。

? ...a network of amateur(业余)but highly skilled observers of wildlife.
? 由一批知识丰富的业余野生动植物观察者组成的网络 ? Jack is certainly a skilled person with a knife. ? 杰克肯定是一个熟练的用刀者。

7. depend on
? = rely on ? depend on it that

? depend on sb. to do sth.
? dependable

? independable
? dependence ? independence

? vt.测算,估计;认为;计算;评定,断定 ? vi.计算;估计;猜想;料想 ? Toni reckoned that it must be about three o'clock. ? 托妮估计当时肯定是3点钟左右。 ? He reckoned he was still fond of her. ? 他认为自己还喜欢着她。

? The star's surface temperature is reckoned to be minus 75 degrees Celsius.
? 这颗恒星的表面温度估计在零下75摄氏度左右。

? I reckon I'm going to get that job.
? 我认为我会得到那份工作。


A spokesman said,“The burglar(窃贼)left the antique frame(古董架)and the glass behind.” 一位发言人说:“窃贼把古董架和玻璃留下了。” 观察思考

They had moved out and left nothing behind.
他们已经迁出并且什么也没留下。 Don’t leave your coat behind! 别忘了拿你的外套!

注意 “把??忘/落在某地了”应用动词leave而不用forget。 如“我把手套忘/落在公共汽车上了。”应译为: I’ve left my gloves on the bus.

活学活用 —Are you going to have a holiday this year? C —I’d love to.I can’t wait to leave this place____. A.off B.out C.behind D.over 解析 句意为:我迫不急待地想离开这个地方了。

归纳拓展 leave sb./sth.alone 不要干涉某人/某事 leave to oneself 不要管某人,任其自由行动 leave sb.sth.=leave sth.to sb. 遗赠(给某人),死后留下 leave off 停止 leave a message for sb. 给某人留个口信 leave for sp. 动身到某地 leave aside 忽视;不考虑 leave sb./sth.+n./adj./v.-ing/done/adv./介词短语 使/让??保持某种状态

10. flee
? vi.逃走,逃掉;消失 ? vt.逃离,逃避

? fled --- fled
? flee from… ? He fled to Costa Rica to avoid military service.

? 他逃到了哥斯达黎加以逃避服兵役。
? Did the king really flee either? ? 国王真的也逃走了吗?

11. loss
? n.损失,减少;丢失,遗失;损耗,亏损;失败 ? at a loss ? 手足失措,茫然

? loss of sight
? 失明 ? The loss of income for the government is about $250 million a month.

? 政府收入每月大概减少2。5亿美元。
? hair loss ? 脱发 ? In 1986 Rover made a loss of nine hundred million pounds. ? 1986年,路虎亏损9亿英镑。 ? He suffered a gradual loss of memory. ? 他逐渐失去了记忆。


We’re seeking a gang of criminals. 我们正在搜索一帮罪犯。 观察思考 We sought (for) an answer to the question, but

couldn’t find one.
我们寻找这个问题的答案,可是没能找到。 I have never sought to hide my views. 我从不企图隐瞒自己的观点。 Most men seek wealth;all men seek happiness.


归纳拓展 seek one’s fortune 寻找致富及成功之路 seek sth. from sb. 向某人寻求某事 seek to do sth. 试图(设法)做某事 seek after 追求;企图得到 seek for 寻求;寻找 seek out 找出 seek through 在??中搜索,搜查(某处)

Many young graduates devoted dozens of years to success in life.


C.suggesting 解析




13.on behalf of代表??
Perugia had stolen the Mona Lisa on behalf of the chief organiser of the crime,Eduardo de Valfierno. 佩鲁贾代表这次犯罪的主谋——爱德华 多·德·瓦尔菲勒诺偷了《蒙娜·丽莎》。 观察思考 On behalf of the department I would like to thank you all. 我谨代表全系感谢大家。 The president can’t be here today,so I’m going to speak on his behalf. 总裁今天不能来,所以我将代表他发言。

归纳拓展 on behalf of sb.=on sb.’s behalf代表某人; 为了某人 in behalf of sb.=in sb.’s behalf为帮助某人 stand for代表

活学活用 Jane is not present,shall I accept the


D ? Which one is WRONG? B.in behalf of her D.in my behalf

A.on behalf of her C.on her behalf 解析

D项为“on her behalf”就正确了。

14. chief
? adj.级别最高的;总的;主要的;最重要的 ? n.族长;酋长;首领;主管人员 ? Music is his chief hobby. ? 音乐是他的主要爱好 ? He is our chief coach in football. ? 他是我们的足球总教练。 ? Putin's chief of security. ? 普京的安全部长

15. debt
? n.债务;负债情况 ? Three years later, he is still paying off his debts.

? 都3年了,他仍在偿还债务。
? Stress is a main reason for debt.

? 重压是负债的一个主要原因。
? He was already deeply in debt through gambling losses.

? 他原就已经因为赌博输钱负债累累了。
? How can I accumulate enough cash to get out of debt?

? 我怎么才能攒足钱还清债务呢?

16.blame v.责备;谴责;把??归咎于; n.过失;责备
The outcome of the story is that Perugia
got the blame for the crime and went to prison. 故事的结局是佩鲁贾为这起犯罪承担责任并进 了监狱。

观察思考 Mom blamed herself for Danny’s problems. 丹尼出了问题,妈妈把责任归咎于自己。 You’re not to blame for what happened. 出了事不能怪你。

Don’t blame it on him,but on me.
别怪他,该怪我。 The company is ready to take the blame for what has happened. 公司准备对已发生的事情承担责任。

归纳拓展 blame sb. for(doing)sth. 因(做)某事责备某人 blame sth. on sb. 把某事归咎于某人 be to blame (for) 应承担责任;该受责备;对??负责

take the blame for...

活学活用 It was not the cyclist but the driver who B for the traffic accident. B.was to blame A.was blamed

C.was to be blamed
解析 正确。

D.were to blame

be to blame应受责备;应承担责任。根据

not only...but also的主谓就近一致原则知B项

17. gifted
? adj.有天赋的;有才华的 ? ...one of the most gifted players in the world. ? 世界上最有天赋的运动员之一 ? He was witty, amusing and gifted with a sharp business brain.

? 他机智诙谐,具有敏锐的商业头脑。
? George was a gifted student in science and technology.

? 乔治在理工科方面是个很有天赋的学生。


We’re appealing to anyone who saw the suspect to contact us.


They’re appealing to local businesses for sponsorship. 他们正请求当地公司提供赞助。 She appealed to her former husband to return their child to her. 她恳请她的前夫把孩子还给她。 This poem makes an appeal to the emotions.



appeal (to sb.) for sth.
为??(向某人)呼吁 appeal to sb.to do sth. 恳请某人干某事 appeal to sth.

appeal against... 上诉??

make an appeal to sb.


—Did he say something in the lecture
that D you? —Not really.Actually I felt sleepy over

his speech.
A.adjusted to C.referred to 解析 确。 B.attached to D.appealed to

appeal to sb.吸引某人。由答语知D项正

19. suspect

vt. & vi.猜想;怀疑;不信任;
n. 嫌疑犯;可疑对象
观察思考 The three men were suspected of involvement in the bombing.

The police have taken the suspect to the police station. 警察已经把嫌疑犯送到了警察局。 I’m very suspicious about her motives. 我对她的动机甚为怀疑。

归纳拓展 suspect sb. of (doing) sth. 怀疑某人(做了)某事 suspect that... 怀疑?? suspect sb./sth. to be... 怀疑某人/某物是??

be suspicious about/of sth./sb.

活学活用 The man C of shooting six school children was caught by Beijing police,the Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday. A.being suspected C.suspected 解析 B.suspecting D.to be suspected


即sb. be suspected of sth.,故C项正确。

20.Without the development of the printing press,the Renaissance may never have happened.假如没有印刷术的发 展,也许根本不会出现文艺复兴。
句式分析 本句中without the development of the printing press作状语,表示与过去事实相反 的虚拟语气。 Without your help,we would not have made such rapid progress. 没有你的帮助,我们不会取得如此迅速的进步。 Without electricity,there would be no modern industry. 没有电就不会有现代工业。

活学活用 Without electronic computers,much of today’s advanced technology A.will not have been achieved B.have not been achieved

C .

C.would not have been achieved
D.had not been achieved 解析 without electronic computers相当于虚 拟条件从句,表示与过去事实完全相反的假设。

1.It is believed to be the best example of
a new lifelike style of painting that amazed people when it was first used.

表,这种绘画风格一经使用就使人们惊叹不已。 考点提炼 句式It is +v.-ed+to be/do... 据?? 句子仿造 据说他已经在美国定居了。 It is said that he has settled down in America..

2.Painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the years 1503~1506, the Mona Lisa is a mysterious masterpiece. 《蒙娜丽莎》由莱奥纳多·达·芬奇于1503~ 1506年绘制而成,是一件神秘的杰作。 考点提炼



Seen from the top of the hill, the tallest building becomes very small.

3.Wherever he went,he carried a notebook
around with him,in which he wrote down his ideas. 无论去哪里,他都随身携带一个笔记本,以便 随时记录下自己的想法。 考点提炼


句子仿造 无论到哪里,你都要记住你是一名 中国人。

Wherever you go, remember you are a Chinese.

4.But even if his only contribution to history had been the Mona Lisa, it would have been genius enough for all time. 但即使他对历史的贡献仅仅是一幅《蒙娜·丽

考点提炼 even if引导让步状语从句 句子仿造 即使我这次失败了, 我还要再试试。 Even if I fail this time, I would try again..

5.Printing answered a need because people
were thirsty for knowledge. 印刷满足了人们对知识的渴望。 考点提炼 be thirsty for渴望,渴求

句子仿造 很明显那位秘书渴望得到更多的权利。 It’s obvious that the secretary is thirsty for more power..

【例1】Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday.Have you got any idea A.what 解析 D the party is to be held? (陕西高考) B.which C.that D.where 由句式结构可以判断the party is to

be held是get any idea的同位语,故空格处应
为同位语从句的引导词,且该从句中句子成分完 整,但语意不完整,故应选择D项,表示地点。 课文原文 Of course,the fact that there were six

substitutes was confidential.

【例2】But for the help of my English teacher,I B the first prize in the English Writing Competition. (福建高考) A.would not win B.would not have won C.would win D.would have won 解析 由but for引起的介词短语在句中作状语 时,句中的谓语动词常用虚拟语气。此处表示 与过去事实相反,故用would have done形式。 课文原文 Without the development of the printing press,the Renaissance may never have happened.

【例3】The good thing about children is that they A.adapt 解析 A very easily to new


C.attach D.apply


他们很容易适应新的环境。adapt to适应; appeal to呼吁;attach to附属于;apply to

课文原文 We’re appealing to anyone who saw the

suspect to contact us.

【例4】I travel to the Binhai New Area by
light railway every day, A do many businessmen who live in downtown Tianjin.

A.as 解析 B.which C.when D.though as引导比较或方式状语从句时,一般采

用正常语序,但在正式语体里,as从句有时也 采用倒装语序,即as I do或as do I。句意 为:??,像住在天津市区的许多商人一样。 课文原文 But as the ideas of the Renaissance

developed, so did the demand for the Greek
and Latin classics,...

【例5】The lawyer seldom wears anything
other than a suit A the season. (全国Ⅰ高考)

C.whenever 解析



the season意为“无论什么季节”。 课文原文 Wherever he went,he carried a notebook around with him,in which he wrote down his ideas.

1.The symptoms the doctor told us yesterday was really disturbing (令人焦虑的). 2.Were it not for music,life would be dull (枯燥的). 3.At Christmas people appealed (呼吁)to us to help the poor.

4.Four possible outcomes (结果)have been
identified. 5.The effects (作用)of the new medicine

were very beneficial to the patient.

6.This kind of material is a good substitute (替代品)for leather. 7.A good teacher has to be able to motivate (激发)his/her students to study hard. 8.They didn’t know who stole the money,but they suspected (怀疑)John. 9.Basically (基本上)I agree with your

plans,but there are a few small points
I’d like to discuss. 10.The subject (主题)of the book is a very interesting one.

depend on,in history,leave for,leave sth. behind,on behalf of,get tired of,at

liberty,lead to,up to,take up
1.As for this kind of matters,you can depend on him. 2.It is well known to us all that smoking can lead to lung cancer.

3.The legal guardian must act on behalf of
the child. 4.If you ask the fast runner to set the pace, then most of them will be left behind .

5.I’m leaving for London tomorrow.Please take care of my dog. 6.Do you know when he took up football? 7.This hotel can accommodate up to 500 guests.

8.He was a door to door salesman for a bit,
but he soon got tired of having the door slammed in his face. 9.That was the worst airline disaster in history.

10.I am afraid that I am not at liberty to
discuss this matter.

1.不经思考就行动通常导致失败。(lead to) Acting without thinking often leads to failure. 2.对于那次交通事故司机不应该受责备。(be to

The driver wasn’t to blame for the traffic accident.

3.我在这里代表我们全家向你问候。(on behalf
of) I’m here on behalf of my family to give

our regards to you.

4.你凭什么怀疑钱是她拿的?(suspect... of...)

What made you suspect her of having taken the money? 5.It’s up to me to get the four of us

moving. 由我决定我们四个人的行动。

1.We all feel it is Jack as well as his

wife that

D for their son’s bad performance at school. A.are to blame B.is to be blamed

C.are to be blamed

D.is to blame

as well as连接两名词充当主语成分,

谓语动词的单复数和最前面的主语保持一致; be to blame应受到责备,常用主动形式表示被 动含义,故D项正确。

2.It is wise of you to
the old ones. A.substitute;with C.substitute;for 解析

C the new machines B.replace;by D.replace;with

表示“A代替B”可以用“substitute A

for B或substitute B with A”,也可以用
“replace A with B”。

3.Rosa D the company from her father and managed to keep it going in a proper way.

A.took in
C.took away 解析

B.took up
D.took over

take in吸收;欺骗;take up从事;占

据;take away拿走;take over接管。句意 为:Rosa从她的父亲那里接管了公司,并以适 当方式设法使其运转。


C him of letting out the secret. A.thought B.supposed




密。think认为,搭配错误;suppose假设; consider sb./sth. as/to be...认为?? 是??;suspect sb. of doing sth.怀疑某人 做某事。

5.We are seeking problem. A.to C.of 解析


a solution to the B.for D.in

seek后可接to do sth.或for sth.,句中


6.In order to

D consumers,it’s extremely important to consider what information should be included in the advertisement. A.adapt to C.contribute to 解析 B.apply to D.appeal to


要。appeal to吸引,符合句意。adapt to适 应;apply to申请;应用于;contribute to有 助于;捐款给,均不合句意。

7.The headmaster thought lecture.

B necessary to invite Professor Brown to give us a A.that
C.this 解析


it作形式宾语,真正的宾语是to invite

Professor Brown to give us a lecture。

8. C of all the staff,I would like to wish you a happy retirement. A.In honour C.On behalf 解析 B.In place D.On account


活愉快。in honour of为纪念??;in place

of代替;on behalf of代表;on account of因

9.Too much smoking and drinking an_______on his health. A.affect;effect C.affected;effects 解析

B him greatly,which meant bad living habits had B.affected;effect D.affect;effects


态,故排除A、D两项;have an effect on sth.


10.He fell in love
to marry A.to;with him.


Mary and asked her



fall in love with sb.爱上某人;

marry嫁;娶;和??结婚,用作及物动词,后 面不跟任何介词。

11.The books for the children in the remote mountainous areas those areas. A.were being selected B.had been selected B before we left for

C.have been selected
D.were selected 解析 考查动词的时态和语态。句子主语the books与谓语动词select之间应是被动关系;而 由left可知此处应是过去完成时,表示“在出


12.It is required that he tomorrow morning.



A.should hand in
C.hands in 解析

B.would hand in
D.is to hand in

句意为:他被要求明天早晨交作业 。

require无论用主动还是被动表达“要求”讲 时,之后的从句中多用should do sth.,其中 should可以省略。

13. D the weather,the athletic meeting will be held on time. A.In contrast with C.Lead to B.In relation to D.Regardless of



如 何 , 运 动 会 都要 按 时 举行 。 i n co n t ra s t with与??形成对比;in relation to与?? 有关;lead to导致;通往;regardless of不 管,不顾。

14.—Shall we go to the book-store

— B . A.It doesn’t matter B.It’s up to you C.Don’t mention it

D.That’s all right
解析 根据语境可判断出B项正确。

15.I’m planning to hold a party in the open air,but I can make no guarantees

because it
A.links with


the weather.
B.depends on D.decides on

C.connects to 解析

depend on视??而定;link with

与??有联系;connect to和??相接; decide on选定;决定。

Module 2

The Renaissance

1.He has had some disturbing (令人烦恼的) experiences. 2.He appealed (恳求)to his friends for support.

3.We were ready to take the blame (责任)
for what had happened. 4.His speech inspired (鼓励)us to try


5.Always he sought (寻找,寻求)someone to whom he could talk without caution. 6.Basically(本质上),it’s all a question of upbringing. 7.It is the high reward that motivated(激

发,给予动机)them to work even harder
to find the answer. 8.She spoke in a confidential(信任的)

tone of voice and that made me moved. 9.Being poor, he calculated (计算)the
costs very carefully. 10.The disease occurs most frequently in rural (乡下的)areas.

1.depend on 依靠,依赖→that/it(all)
depends(口)那视情况而定 2.blame sb. for sth.因某事而责备某人→sb. be to blame某人应受责备→blame sth. on sb. 把某事归咎于某人

3.leave for 动身去某地→leave sth. behind
把??抛在后面 4.on behalf of 代表→take one’s place代替

5.at liberty 获得自由的→for free免费的

6.lead to 通向;导致→under the leadership of在??的领导下 7.in history在历史上→ in the history of 在??的历史上

8.take up 从事,开始做(某项工作)→take
off 起飞;脱下→take in 吸入;理解;欺骗 9.be thirsty for 渴望→ long for 渴望得到 10.in short简言之→be short for 缺少→ for short简称,缩写

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