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种类 语序问题 特殊句式



名词性从句的种类 主语从句

? 1.When we will start is not clear. ? 2.Mrs Black won’t believe that her son has become a thief. 宾语从句 ? 3. M

y idea is that we should do it right now. 表语从句 ? 4.I had no idea that you were her friend. 同位语从句

Rope or ox? The man in the prison asked a new comer why he was sent there. The new comer answered, “ I am out of luck, I think. A few days ago I was walking in the street when I saw a piece of dirty rope. I thought nobody wanted it so I picked it up and took it home.” “ But it is not against the law that a man picks up a piece of rope and take home!” “ I told you I had bad luck, didn’t I?” the man sighed, “The trouble is that I didn’t notice there was an ox at the other end of that rope.”


1.The photographs will show you ____ .(MET89) A. what does our village look like B. what our village looks like C. how does our village look like D. how our village looks like

? 2.You can hardly imagine ______when he heard the news . ? A. how he was excited ? B. how was he excited ? C. how excited he was ? D. he was how excited

3.He asked____for a violin. (MET92) A. did I pay how much B. I paid how much C. how much did I pay D. how much I paid

一、主语从句 1.连词that(无词义, 不作成分, 不能省 略);whether(是否),不用if.
That he will come and help us is certain.

Whether w e w i l l s u c c e e d i s s t i l l a question.

注意: 已确定的事由that引导; 没决定的事由whether引导.

2. 连接代词what, whatever, who, whoever, whose, which, whichever 等. What he is has nothing to do with you. Whose ticket this is has not been found out. 3.连接副词when(ever), where(ever), why, how(ever), how long, how often, how soon, how far, how many / much 等.

When the test will be given is not yet decided. How much we can spend must be agreed on.


It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning grey.(MET92) A.while B.that C.if D.for

Can you understand them?
例: It is well known/reported/thought/said/… that… It is clear/necessary/certain/true/ doubtful/… that… It is a pity/a shame/an honor/… that… It doesn’t matter whether…/It seems that… It happens that…

请你归纳 ?
it 为了使句子保持平衡,常用______ 来代替主语从句或宾语从句,而把主语 后面 从句或宾语从句放到______,尤其是 连词that引导的主语从句常用于此种句 式中,但what,whatever,whoever, whichever引导的主语从句一般不后置。

二. 宾语从句
1. 由连词that 引导: that 常可省略。

I told him (that) I would come back soon. 注:并列第二个以上的宾语从句,或有插入语 时不能省略that.) He said that he had finished reading this novel and that he would borrow another one.
用it 作形式宾语, that引导的真正的宾语从句 放后面时, that 不省略.

He made it clear that he objected to the plan.

2. 由wh-引导词引导。 We fully understood what he meant. D o yo u kn o w w h e th e r / i f s h e i s coming?

whether 与if 有时可以换用,但下列情 况只能用whether. 1. 介词后的宾从.

Everything depends on whether it is fine tomorrow. 2. whether…or not的宾从.
I don’t know whether or not she’ll like it. 3. 复合不定式只能用whether. Tell us whether to go or stay here.

三. 表语从句

表语从句的引导词与主语从句和宾语 从句相同. 但: 1. that引导表语从句时不能省. 2. if不能引导表语从句.

四. 同位语从句 同位语从句一般跟在名词 fact, news, promise, truth, belief, thought, i d e a , a n s w e r, i n f o r m a t i o n , knowledge, doubt, hope, law, opinion, plan, suggestion后面, 用以 说明或解释前面的名词.
The news that our team has won the match is true. His delay is due to the fact that the car went wrong halfway.

注: 1. 同谓语从句多用that 引导 2. 在have no idea 之后常用wh-引导同位语 从句. I have no idea where he has gone. I have no idea when he did it. I have no idea what he did.

? ? ? ? 1. that 与 what 2. if 与 whether 3. who 与 whoever what 与 whatever

1.用that 或what 填空

what ? 1. I wonder if this is ______you are looking for. ? 2. Our school is quite different what from _______ it was before. ? 3. Father made a promise ______ that if I passed the examination he would buy me a computer.

What I can’t ? 4._______
understand is why he has changed his mind. That ? 5.___________ the earth is round is known to us all.


1)____ you don’t like him is none of my business. (S 92)

A. What B. Who
C. That D. Whether

? 2)____ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present. ( 93) ? A.What B. That ? C. The fact D. The matter ? 3) There’s a feeling in me ___ we’ll never know what a UFO is --not ever. ( s2002) ? A. that B. which

2.用if 或whether 填空
whether/if ? 1. I don’t know _______ I’ll be free tomorrow. ? 2. I don’t knowwhether or not _______ I’ll be free tomorrow. whether ? 3. The question is ______ this book is worth writing.

? 4. It depends on whether we will ______ have enough money. ? 5. Whethe they can do it matters ______ r little to us. If ? 6._______ you are not free tomorrow , I’ll go without you.
a.主语从句、表语从句、同位语从 句、介词后面的宾语从句只能用 whether,不能用if ; b.后面紧跟 or not 时, 用whether

? 1.____ the 2000 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing is not known yet.( 92) ? A. Whenever B. If C.Whether D.That ? 2._____ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. ? A. If B.Whether C. That

3.选择填空 (what,whatever,who,whoever ? 1._________ was said here must be Whatever kept secret. What ? 2. _______we need is more time. ? 3._______ made the long distance Who call to him is not important. Whoever ? 4._________ breaks the law will be punished.

请你归纳 who,whoever/what, whatever ?
?Whoever,whatever ___________________等引导的名词性 从句不含有疑问意义,相当于名词后加一 个定语从句,而 Who, what ? ____________________等引导的名词性 从句都含有疑问意义。


? 1.____ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising.(s99) ? A.Who B. The one ? C. Anyone D. Whoever

? 2. Sarah hopes to become a friend of ____ shares her interests. ? A.anyone B. whomever ? C.whoever D.no matter who

? 3.These wild flowers are so special, I would do ____ I can to save them. ? A. whatever B. that ? C. which D. whichever

4. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.(NMET97)

A. however
C. whichever

B. whatever
D. whenever

5. ____ leaves the room last ought to

turn off the lights.(MET88)
A. Anyone B. The person

C. Whoever

D. Who

VI 巩固练习

1.The question is ____ the film is worth seeing. A.if B.what C.whether D.how 2.One of the men held the view ____ the book said was right. A.that what B.What that C.that D.whether

3.Dr. Black comes from either Oxford or
Cambridge, I can't remember ____.



4.Energy is ____ makes things work.



5.The reason ____ I have to go is_____ my mother is ill in bed.

A. why ; why
C. why ; that

B. why ; because
D. that ; because

6.He doesn't think the question of ____ they

are men or women is important.
A. whether B. if

C. which

D. why

7.It was ordered that all the soldiers ____ to the front.

A. should send

B. must be sent

C. should be sent D. must go
8.Air is to us ____ water is to fish. A. is that B. what

C. which

D. that

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