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M4 Unit 3复习

Revision for Unit 3 Book 4 短语句型归纳 1.正如我们所预料 as we had expected 2.直到现在 up till now 3.感到沮丧 feel depressed 4.对……感到满足 be/feel content with 5.贫穷 ( be ) badly off 6.整个世界 throughout the world =all over the world =across the world 7.切断, 断绝 cut off 8.挑选出, 辨认出 pick out 9.令人信服某事 convince sb. of sth 10.主演 star in 11.喝醉酒的 be/get drunk 12.对….感到惊讶 feel astonished at /by 13.寻找 in search of 14.随着时间的推移 as time went by/on/passed/passed by 单项选择: 1.---Why did you go back to the shop? ——I left my friend_____ there. A.. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. waits 2.Martial Art Films are supposed to be educational, inspiring, as well as______. A. entertaining B. entertained C. joy D. delighted 3. The thief took away the woman's wallet without____. A) being seen B) seeing C) him seeing D) seeing him 4. My transistor radio isn't working. It ____. A) need repairing B) needs to repair C) needs repairing D) need to be repaired 5. He is very busy ____ his papers. He is far too busy ____ callers. A) to write...to receive B) writing...to receive C) writing...receiving D) to write...for receiving 6. Tony, would you go and see if Sam has any difficulty ____ his tape recorder? A) to fix B) fixing C) for fixing D) fix 7. John regretted ____ to the meeting last week. A) not going B) not to go C) not having been going D) not to be going 8.We can't imagine ____ in the entrance examination, for she has never been to school. A) she succeeding B) her succeeding C) she succeed D) her to succeed 9. After ____ for the job, you will be required to take a language test. A) being interviewed B) interviewed C) interviewing D)having interviewed 10. He is looking forward to ____ his holiday in Britain. A) spend B) have spent C) spending D)having been spending 11.She returned home only to find the door open and something _______. A. missed B. to be missing C. missing D. to be missed 12.I'd like to suggest _______ the meeting till next week. A. to put off B. putting off C. put off D. to be put off 13. _______ his mother, the baby could not help _______. A. To see;to laugh B. Seeing;to laugh C. Seeing;laughing D. To see;laughing 单词拼写 1) John seems c to sit in front of the television all night. 2) The play failed to e its audience. 3) I am just back from a tiring journey and have nothing _p_______ to do this evening. 4) He hasn’t got much of a sense of h .


5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

We finally c them of our innocence. He _o_______his fear of heights and followed the others to the top of the mountain. As a writer, he was a complete f . He was crying all the time. Xie Jim was a famous director when lie was young. He _________a lot of films. You are _________enough to have had the help and guidance from such an experienced teacher. 10) I did not dare to speak aloud or even ______ to Alice in such a quiet reading room. 词性转换 1) Peter, _______(determination) to finish it, thought of a way to get hold of this book. 2) It will be great _______(funny) to have a picnic on the water before we go home. 3) Dad didn't write; he sent a _________ (verbal) message. 4) The books were packed in a large _______ (wood) box before they were sent. 5) An _______ (enjoyment) holiday, concert, etc.is really something that gives pleasure. 6) The news that Tom, an excellent student, had ________ (failure) his exams surprised us all. 7) When she knew that, she was ______ (silence) for a while, and left without a word. 8) Talking to teenagers can be ______for parents because of the generation gap. 9) The play was so _______ (humour) that the audience laughed all through it. 10) Those who have not known _________ (hungry) can never imagine what it is. 完成句子 1. 世界上没有克服不了的困难。 There is______________ in the world ____________________________________. 2. 你认识站在那里的留着黑胡子的那个人吗? Do you know the fat man_____________________________________? 3. 我们都匆忙离开, 让她一个人在雨中等。 We all hurried off, ________________________________________. 4. 他导演的电影比他所主演的电影更令人娱乐。 The film____________________ is more ______________________________ 5. 我认为我们不可能令他们信服我们的冒险经历。 I think ___________________________for us ____________________________ 6. 他喝醉了, 她很吃惊. 1)She ______________________________________________. 2)It _______________________________________________________-. 3) To__________________________________________________________. 7. .He is a _______________(不是个成功的艺术家) ,but a success as an art teacher. 8. 直到现在,她一直满足于呆在家里照顾孩子。 She ____________________stay at home _________________ her children 9.爱因斯坦将会作为相对论的创立者而被人们所喜爱和怀念 Albert Einstein will always _______________________ of the Theory of Relativity. 10.虽然他的衣服很破旧,但他并不如你想的那么穷。 Though his clothes are ___________, he is ___________________as you think . 完形填空

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1-15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 Every year on my birthday, from the time I turned twelve, a white gardenia was delivered to my house. No card or note came with it. Calls to the flower shop were always useless ---- it was a cash ____1____. After a while I stopped trying to ____2____ who the sender was and just delighted in the beautiful and perfume of the white flower. But I never ____3____ imagining who the sender might be. Some of my ___4____ moments were spent daydreaming about it. My mother asked me whether there was someone for whom I had done a(an) ___5____ kindness who might be showing ____6___. Perhaps the neighbor I helped when she was _____7___ a car full of groceries. Or maybe it was the old man across the street whose mail I helped to get during the ____8___ so he wouldn’t have to venture down his icy step. As a teenager, though I had more fun guessing that it might be a ____9____ who had noticed me even though I didn’t know him. One month before my high school graduation, my father died o f a heart attack. He was missing some of the most important events in my life. I became completely ____10____ in my upcoming graduation and the dance. When my father died, I ____11_____ the dance and the dress for it. The day before the dance, I found a dress on the sofa. I didn’t ____12_____ if I had a new dress or not, but my mother did. She wanted her children to feel ____13____ and lovable, imaginative, believing that there was a ____14____ in the world and beauty in the face of hard times. Actually mother wanted her children to see themselves much like the gardenia ----lovely, ____15____ and perfect. The gardenia stopped coming when my mother died. 1. A. service B. deal C. bargain C. offer 2. A. recognize B. imagine C. wonder D. discover 3. A. failed B. stopped C. succeeded D. enjoyed 4. A. saddest B. painful C. happiest D. loneliest 5. A. special B. common C. valuable D. important 6. A. concern B. attitude C. interest D. appreciation 7. A. repairing B. washing C. unloading D. starting 8. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter 9. A. friend B. superman C. teach er D. boy 10. A. disappointed B. uninterested C. discouraged D. concentrated 11. A. forgot B. lost C. hated D. expected 12. A. wonder B. believe C. care D. know 13. A. contented B. respected C. thanked D. loved 14. A. trouble B. magic C. tragedy D. comedy 15. A. strong B. beautiful C. smelly D. lucky 语法填空 A proverb says, “Time is money”. But in my opinion, time is even 1 precious than money. Why? __2__ when money is spent, we can earn it back. However, when time is __3__, it will never return. __4__ is known to all that the time we can use is limited. Therefore we should make __5__ use of our time to study hard so as to serve our country in __6__ future. But it is a pity that there are a lot of people __7__ do not realize the value of time. They __8__their precious time smoking, drinking and playing.

In a word, we should form the good habit of __9__ (save) time. Do not put off what can be done today __10__ tomorrow. 1. more 2. Because 3.gone 4.As 5.full 6.the 7.who 8.spend / waste 9.saving 10.until / till 基础写作:画家徐悲鸿简介 [写作内容] 根据以下表格中的信息,写一篇题为 A famous painter, Xu Beihong 的短文。 出生及病殁时间和地点: 1895 年 7 月出生于江苏省宜兴县;于 1953 年 9 月在北京病逝. 从事画画的历程及遭遇: 9 岁开始从父学画,13 岁随父卖画,后来到上海谋生,情况开始好 转,但生活依然很艰辛,几次产生自杀的念头. 出国留学的经历及成就: 自 1919 年起 8 年中,先后多次到欧洲求学,开始把西方绘画的技 术融入中国画中。这段经历被他自己称为“生平最开心的时光”. 最出色的作品: 名画---奔马


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