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2015届高三一轮复习人教课标版book3 unit1

Unit 1 Festivals around the world

1.starve(vi.& vt.) 2.belief(n.) 3.trick(n.) 4.gain(vt.)


信任;信心;信仰 诡计;恶作剧;窍门 (vt.) 获得;得到 搜集;集合;聚集 欺骗;诈骗

5.gather(vt.,vi.& n.) 6.award(n.) (vt.) 奖;奖品

授予;判定 充满活力的;精力充沛的;积极的 明显的;显而易见的 提醒;使想起 原谅;饶恕

7.energetic(adj.) 8.obvious(adj.) 9.remind(vt.) 10.forgive(vt.)

11.independence (n.)独立;自主→independent (adj.)独立的;自主的 12.origin(n.)来源;由来;起因→original(adj.)原始的;最初的 13.religious(adj.)宗教上的;信奉宗教的;虔诚的→religion(n.)宗教信仰 14.admire(vt.)赞美;钦佩;羡慕→admirable(adj.)令人钦佩的→admiration(n.)钦佩;羡 慕 15.permission(n.)许可;允许→permit(vt.)允许 16.apologize(vi.)(道歉;辩白)→apology(n.)道歉

1.take_p lace 2.dress_up 化装;打扮


3.look_forward_to 4.as_though 5.parking_lot 好像


停车场 守信用;履行诺言

6.keep_one’s_word 7.set_off

出发;动身;使爆炸 为纪念?? 欺骗,开玩笑


9.play_a_trick_(on_sb.) 10.day_and_night


11.have_fun_with 12.turn_up


出现;到场 屏息;屏气

13.hold_one’s_breath 14.remind...of...


1.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find,especially during the cold winter months. 在那个时代,如果食物难以找到,特别是在寒冷的冬天的岁月,人们就会挨饿。 名师指津:主语+be+adj.+to do 句式。 例句仿写:那十一个人很难被说服,但最终我还是说服了他们。 Those eleven men were_very_difficult_to_persuade,but I managed it in the end. 2.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm. 有些节日是为了纪念死者,或者使祖先得到满足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给人们) 提供帮助,也有可能带来危害。 名师指津:either...or...意为“或者??或者??”。 例句仿写:要么你要么校长在会议上给那些有天赋的学生颁奖。 Either_you_or_the_headma ster is to hand out the prizes to those gifted students at the meeting. 3.It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave—he wiped the tables,then sat down and turned on the TV—just what Li Fang needed! 很明显,咖啡馆里的经理在等李方离开——他擦好桌子,然后坐下来,打开电视机。这 正合了李方的意! 名师指津:It is obvious that...“很明显??”,it 为形式主语。 例句仿写:显而易见中国不会因钓鱼岛事件屈服于日本。 It_is_obvious_that China will not give in to Japan due to Diao Yu Island. 4.While she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love.她在人间遇到 了牛郎,两人相爱了。 名师指津:while 意为“当??的时候”,在句中引导时间状语从句。 例句仿写:趁着年轻,你应该多学点知识。 While_you_are_young you should learn more knowledge.

admire vt.赞美;钦佩;羡慕 教材原句 P2: China and Japan have midautumn festivals, when people admire the moon and in China,enjoy mooncakes.中国和日本都有中秋节,这时,人们会赏月。在中国,人们 还品 尝月饼。

(1)admire sb.for sth.因某事而钦佩某人 (2)express admiration for sb./sth.(表示)羡慕/钦佩某人/物 with admiration 钦佩地;羡慕地 (3)admirer n.赞赏者;羡慕者;追求者 (4)admiring adj.赞赏的;羡慕的

①It was not until then that I realized what was worth admiring and what was the most important for young people. 直到那时,我才明白什么是值得羡慕的,而对于年轻人来说什么是最重要的。 ②(朗文 P27)We stopped halfway up the hill to admire_the_view. 我们在半山腰停下来欣赏风景。 ③ I’d like to express_my_admiration_for the courage and uncomplaining spirit of the wounded. 我对伤员们的勇敢和毫无怨言的精神表示钦佩。 apologize vi.道歉 He smiled politely as Mary apologized for her drunken friends. 当玛丽为她喝醉了的朋友道歉时,他礼貌地微笑着。

? ?apologize to sb.for ?doing? sth.因?做?某事向某人道歉 (1)? ?apologize to sb.+that从句 向某人道歉 ? ? ?make an apology to sb.for sth.因某事向某人道歉 (2)? ?accept/refuse one’s apology接受/拒绝某人的道歉 ?

①I do apologize for giving you so much trouble while I am here. 我在这期间给您添麻烦真是对不起。 ② The teacher made a suggestion that she should make_an_apology/apologize_to_

er_deskmate for her bad behaviour. 老师建议她为自己不得体的行为向同桌道歉。 forgive (forgave,forgiven) vt.宽恕;饶恕;原谅 All I ask is that you forgive me and keep my secret.我要求的只是请你原谅我并为我保守 秘密。

(1)forgive sb.for (doing) sth.原谅某人(做)某事 be forgiven for 情有可原 (2) pardon sb.for doing sth.? excuse sb.for doing sth. ?
? 原谅某人做某事

①Forgive_me_for_having taken up so much of your time and accept my best wish es for your health and happiness.请原谅我耽搁了你这么多时间,请答应我极其诚恳地祝你健康和幸 福。 ②Being forgiven for the past is the most precious gift we can receive. 过去所做的一切被原谅是我们能收到的最珍贵的礼物。 ③It is also a virtue to forgive and forget,especially in such a competitive and stressful society. 不计前嫌也是一种美德,尤其是在竞争如此激烈,压力如此沉重的社会中。 remind vt.提醒;使想起 (2013· 天津卷阅读理解)A movement is underway to remind us to tu rn off lights when we are not using them. 正在进行的一项运动提醒我们不用灯时要关掉。

remind sb.of/about sth.提醒某人某事 remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事 remind (sb.)+that/how/what...提醒??

①After getting the work done,we put up a board reminding people to protect the trees.做完 所有的工作后我们竖起了布告牌提醒人们保护这些小树。 ②(牛津 P1682)Passengers are reminded that no smoking is allowed on this train.旅客们请注 意,本次列车禁止吸烟。 ③ Michael put up a picture of Yao Ming beside the bed to keep himself

reminded_of_his_own_dreams. 迈克尔在床边挂了一张姚明的照片以提醒他自己的梦想。

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.The photos on the wall______________________(使妈妈想起) those happy,old days when a large family lived together. 答案: remind my mother of 2.____________________________(提醒不要错过航班) at 15∶20;the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. 答案: Reminded not to miss the flight 3.I don’t think he ____________________________(原谅我误解) him last week. 答案: has forgiven me for misunderstanding 4.The Nobel Prize________________(授予) those who make great contributions in many fields every year. 答案: is awarded to 5.I__________________(坚信) that only when everybody makes an effort can our society be warmer and more harmonious. 答案: hold the firm belief 6.We’ll________________________(在学生俱乐部集合) at 8 pm this Friday after the evening classes. 答案: gather at the Students’ Club Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Mary,I________John of his promise to help you. A.told C.warned B.reminded D.advised

解析: 考查动词短语搭配。 句意为: 玛丽, 我提醒了约翰他要帮你的诺言。 remind sb.of sth.使某人想起某事或提醒某人做某事,符合语境,故 B 项为正确答案。warn sb.of sth.警告 某人某事;advise sb.of sth.通知/(正式)告知某人某事,相当于 tell sb.about sth.。 答案: B 2.—What was she doing when you came in? —She was________the view from the window. A.respecting C.gathering B.admiring D.hunting

解析: 句意为:她正透过窗户欣赏风景。admire 欣赏,羡慕,符合句意。

答案: B 3.The student had no other choice but________his teacher________the mistake he had made. A.to apologize to;for C.apologizing for;to B.to apologize;for D.to apologize for;for

解析: 考查动词短语 apologize to sb.for (doing) sth.因(做)某事向某人道歉。 答案: A 4.Please________me for my rudeness.I really do not know the custom here. A.engage C.execute B.comfort D.forgive

解析: 句意为:请原谅我的鲁莽,我真的不知道这儿的习俗。A 项“订婚;从事;保 证”;B 项“安慰”;C 项“执行;实行”,D 项“原谅,谅解”。 答案: D

in memory of 纪念;追念 教材原句 P2:For the Japanese festival Obon,people should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors. 在日本的盂兰盆节,人们要上坟扫墓、烧香,以缅怀他们的祖先。

in favour of 支持;赞同;对某人有利 in face of 面临;面对 in honour of 为纪念??;祝贺;为了向??表示敬意 in charge of 负责;掌管 in search of 寻找

①A film will be made in memory of those brave firefighters. 为了纪念那些勇敢的消防战士,一部电影即将开拍。 ②There is a party tonight in_honour_of our new headmaster. 为了庆祝新校长就任,今晚有个聚会。 ③Are you in_favour_of or against the plan? 你是赞成这项计划还是反对这项计划? look forward to 期望;期待;盼望 (2013· 陕西卷阅读理解)I was looking forward to having five days off from my duty.我盼望


含介 词 to 的常用动词短语: stick to lead to object to see to refer to 导致 反对 处理;料理 提及;查阅;参考 促成;是??成因之一 开始认真做?? 坚持

contribute to get down to

①Thanks for your kind consideration and I look forward to receiving your earliest reply. 谢谢您的关心,盼望早日收到您的回复。 ②She found the beautiful dress she had been looking forward to was_sold to others.她发现 她一直盼望的衣服卖给他人了。 ③We’ve just moved into a bigger hous e and there’s a lot to do.Let’s get_down_to it. 我们刚刚搬进一个大一点的房子,因此有许多事情要做,让我们开始做吧! turn up 出现;到场;开大,调高;被发现 (大纲全国卷)If you invite people to a party at 7 o’clock your guests will consider it polite to turn up exactly on time in Germany. 在德国,如果你邀请客人参加 7 点的晚会,他们会准时到达,因为他们认为(准时到达) 是礼貌行为。

turn on 打开;开启 turn down 调小;拒绝 turn over 翻转

turn off 关掉 turn to 求助于

turn in 上交;欺骗

turn out 结果是;生产;制造;赶走

①I can’t hear the radio very well,could you turn_it_up a bit? 我听不太清楚,你把收音机的声音开大点行吗? ②The hall was full,and hundreds of fans had to be turned down. 大厅内挤满了人,数百名歌迷不得不被拒之门外。 ③Don’t worry—I’m sure it will all turn_out_fine. 别担心——我敢肯定一切最终会好起来的。

Ⅰ.完成句子 1. We’re__________________(盼望看到) the new policy carried out, which has drawn many people’s attention. 答案: looking forward to seeing 2.You should always____________________(遵守诺言),otherwise no one will trust you. 答案: keep your word/promise 3. In order to get ready for the examination, the students are studying________________(日 日夜夜). 答案: day and night 4.They built a monument________________(纪念) those who died in the great earthquake. 答案: in memory of 5.It’s a small informal party—you don’t have to__________(打扮). 答案: dress up Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 河北唐山模拟)—How will she behave in case of our failure? —She’ll put the blame on us if it________badly. A.turns up C.turns off B.turns down D.turns out

解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:——万一我们失败了,她会怎样呢?——如果结 果很糟糕的话,她会把责任推到我们身上。turn out 结果(是),原来(是),符合语意。turn up 开大,出现;turn down 关小,拒绝;turn off 关掉。 答案: D 2.(2014· 江西赣中四校高三第二次联考)A special title was awarded to Zhang Lili,an ordinary Chinese teacher, ________her act of bravery to rescue two students at the risk of her own life. A.in favor of C.in honor of B.in place of D.in terms of

解析: 考查介词短语。句意为:张丽莉——一位普通的语文教师,被授予一个特殊的 称号,以表彰她冒着生命危险挽救两名学生的英勇事迹。in favor of 意为“支持,拥护”; in place of 意为“代替”;in honor of 意为“纪念,表彰”;in terms of 意为“谈及,就?? 而言”。 答案: C 3.(2014· 陕西五校一模)It’s said that a special building will be built in Japan________the

terrible earthquake which happened in March. A.in place of C.in search of 解析: B.in memory of D.in need of

根据句意可知,修建特殊建筑物的目的应该是纪念此次大地震,故使用 in

memory of 纪念。in place of 代替;in search of 寻找;in need of 需要。 答案: B 4.The news which we looked forward to________that Shandong Lu Neng Football Team was beaten by Shanghai Shen Hua Team. A.comes C.coming B.came D.come

解析: 考查定语从句。 which we looked forward to 为定语从句, 用来修饰前面的 news, 故 The news 作主语,谓语动词用 came。句中 that 引导同位语从句后置。 答案: B

While she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love.她在人间 遇到了牛郎,两人相爱了。 句中 while she was on earth 作时间状语,其中 while 为连词,表示“当??的时候”。 ①He fell asleep while (he was) watching TV. 他在看电视的时候睡着了。 ②Mary made coffee w hile her guests were finishing their meal. 客人们就要吃完饭的时候,玛丽去煮咖啡了。

while 作连词时的其他用法: (1)只要 (2)但是,可是,表对比 (3)虽然,尽管

③While_travel_can_broaden _your_mind,I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time and money on it.尽管旅游能够增长见识,但是我认为你不应该在这方面花费太多的时间 和金钱。 ④(四川高考) In some places women are expected to earn money while men work at home and raise their children.在一些地方,人们期待妇女去挣更多的钱,而男人却在家做事,带孩 子。

⑤While I always felt I would pass the exam,I never thought I would get an A.尽管我总觉 得我会通过这次考试,但是,我从来没有想到我会得到一个 A 的好成绩。 It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave.... 很明显,咖啡馆里的经理在等着李方离开??

it 在句中作形式主语,代指后面 that 引导的主语从句。 it 作形式主语的常用句式: (1)It be+形容词(possible,strange,natural,important...)+that 从句。 (2)It be+过去分词(said,thought,hoped,believed,supposed,reported...)+that 从句。 (3)It+不及物动词(seem,occur,happen...)+that 从句。 (4)It be+名词短语(a pity,a fact,a wonder,an honour,no wonder...)+that 从句。

①It_is_obvious that without the help of the whole society,there would be no new school today. 很明显,如果没有全社会的帮助就不会有今天的新学校。 ②It is important that students (should) attend all the lectures. 所有的课学生都应该去听,这是很重要的。 ③It_is_believed_that it is the earliest and largest ancient papermaking workshop site ever found.人们认为这是迄今为止在中国发现的最早的也是最大的造纸作坊。 ④It occurred to me that I left my ticket at home. 我突然想起我把票忘在家里了。 ⑤It’s a pity you can’t come to the party. 你不能来参加这次聚会,真可惜。

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.________________________(很显然) the child had been badly treated. 答案: It was obvious that 2.__________________(尽管因特网对我们有很大的帮助),I don’t think it is a good idea to spend too much time on it. 答案: While the Internet is of great help to us 3.____________________(只要有生命),there is hope. 答案: While there is life

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 湖南省六校联考)His favorite food is fried snacks and soft d rinks.________is no surprise that losing weight is just his dream. A.There C.As B.It D.What

解析: 考查 it 的用法。句意为:他最喜爱的食物是油炸小吃和不含酒精的饮料,毫 不奇怪减肥对他来说只是个梦。It 在这里作形式主语。“that losing weight is just his dream”是 真正的主语。 答案: B 2.(2013· 重庆卷)________struck me most in the movie was the father’s deep love for his son. A.That C.What B.It D.Which

解析: 句意为:影片中最打动我的是父亲对他儿子深厚的爱。本题考查主语从句。在 主语从句中缺主语,排除 A 项;本题不存在形式主语,故排除 B 项;根据句意排除 D 项。 答案: C 3. It is by no means clear________the president can do to end the strike. A.how C.that B.which D.what

解析: 句意为:总统能做什么来结束罢工,这点完全不清楚。本句中的 It 是形式主 语,真正的主语是从句 what the president can do to end the strike。在从句中,what 作 do 的 宾语。 答案: D 4.(2014· 河南豫东、豫北十校阶段测试三)________I’m willing to help you out of trouble, you know,I don’t have much time available. A.Since C.If B.Unless D.While

解析: 考查并列连词。分析句子结构可知,整个句子为含有状语从句的复合句,且表 示的是一种让步关系,选项中只有 while 可以用来引导让步状语从句,意为“尽管”。 答案: D 5. (2012· 四川卷)At school, some students are active________some are shy, yet they can be good friends with one another. A.while C.so B.although D.as

解析: 考查并列连词。句意为:在学校,有的学生很活跃而有的很腼腆,但他们能成 为好朋友。while 在此作并列连词,意为“而,却”,表示对比。 答案: A 6.(2014· 浙江嘉兴二模)You’d better take down all the key points________the memory is still fresh in your mind. A.unless C.before B.while D.until

解析: 句意为:你最好在你记忆犹新的时候写下所有要点。unless=if...not 如果不; while 当??的时候;before 在??之前;until 直到。A、C、D 三项均不合句意,B 项正确。 答案: B

award n.奖;奖品;vt.授予;判定 award sth.to sb.=award sb.sth.把某物颁发给某人 The Nobel Prize is awarded to those who make great contributions in many fields every year. 每年诺贝尔奖授予在许多领域作出重大贡献的那些人。 belief n.信仰;信心 hold the belief that...持有??信念?? I hold the firm belief that only when everybody makes an effort can our society be warmer and more harmonious. gain vt.获得;得到;n.(不可数)获利,利益;财富的增加

gain other’s respect/l ove/trust 获得别人的尊敬/爱戴/信任 No pains,no gains.不劳无获。/一分耕耘,一分收获。 The stepfather finally gained his children’s respect. 这位继父终于获得了孩子们的尊重。 hold one’s breath 屏息;屏气

lose one’s breath 喘不过气来 catch one’s breath 喘口气;歇口气;恢复正常呼吸 out of breath 上气不接下气;喘不过气来

We held our breath while Mr Evans read the exam results. 埃文斯先生宣读考试成绩时,我们都屏息静听。 set off 出发;动身;使爆炸;引发;触发;激起

set about (doing)着手(做) set aside 保留,储蓄 set down 写下,记下 set out (to do)动身,出发,着手(做) set up 搭起;建立;设立

(全国高考)We ought to set off at 7∶00,while the roads are empty.我们应该 7 点出发,趁 那时道路畅通无阻。

【写作素材】 1.春节是中国最重要的传统节日之一。 2.除夕人们通常回家与家人团聚,共进晚餐,有很多地方还燃放烟花。 3.春节人们穿上盛装,互相拜年。 4.人们给孩子们压岁钱。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 【连句成篇】 The Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.On New Year’s Eve,families get together and have a feast.In many places people like to set off fireworks.On the first day of the new year, dressed up in new clothes, people visit their friends and relatives, which has become a custom.They give children lucky money and look forward to the wonderful future.

情态动词(Ⅰ) 1.(2014· 杭州二中一检)—Mum,I could hardly keep my eyes open. —But you________be so sleepy—you didn’t get up until 9 this morning. A.mustn’t C.wouldn’t B.shouldn’t D.needn’t

解析: 考查情态动词。mustn’t 不准,禁止;shouldn’t 不应该;wouldn’t 不会;needn’t 不必,不需要。由“你早晨 9 点钟才起床”可知,B 项符合句意。 答案: B

2.(2014· 江西临川一中质检)—We need a person badly to think up such an idea. —________the new comer have a try? A.Shall C.Should 解析: 出建议。 答案: A 3.(2014· 济南高三巩固性训练)—Can you keep the secret? —You________worry—I’m not going to mention it to anyone. A.needn’t C.mustn’t B.couldn’t D.won’t B.May D.Need

考查情态动词。shall 用于第一、三人称的疑问句中,表示征询对方许可或提

解析: 考查情态动词。句意为:——你能保守这个秘密吗?——你不必担心,我不会 向任何人提及它的。根据句意可知应选 needn’t 表示“不必”。 答案: A 4.(2014· 兰化一中质检)—Lily failed again. —I tried to stop her several times,but she________listen. A.couldn’t C.mustn’t B.shouldn’t D.wouldn’t

解析: 考查情态动词。A 项“不可能”;B 项“不应该”;C 项“不允许,不准”; D 项“总是不”。此处用 would 表示过去重复、习惯性的动作,与 several times 匹配。 答案: D 5.(2014· 太原五中月考)Leave the old man where he is.When someone is badly injured, you________move him or her but call for help. A.don’t have to C.may not B.mustn’t D.haven’t to

解析: 考查情态动词。 句意为: 让老人待在原地。 当有人严重受伤时, 你不能动他(她), 只能求助。根据句意可知,此处表示禁止,故选 B。 答案: B

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