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Michael Stone;Michael Stone’s father; Michael Stone’s mother; Interviewer (分别记为 S、F、M、I)
I:很高兴今天你们一家能够应邀来到我们的演播厅,我代表场下所有观众对你们的到来表示最热烈和诚挚的欢迎。 Michael Stone 刚刚结束了全国青少年奥林匹克运动会撑杆跳比赛,并且刷新了世界纪录,不得不承认,这是振奋人心的消息。我相信对 于你们更是如此。那么,Michael Stone,你此时此刻是怎样的心情呢? I am glad that you can be invited to our studio. I just expresses enthusiastic and sincere welcoming to your arrival on behalf of all the audience.It’s known that Michael Stone has completed the National Youth Olympic pole vault competition and refreshed a world record.It’s such an exciting news. I believe it’s more particular for you. Thus, Michael Stone, what do you think of your achievement now? S:这是我第一次跳过 17 英尺 6.5 英寸。那个瞬间我相信自己飞了起来,就像在童年的梦境中那样。只不过这一次,我知道自己 不是在做梦。周围的空气从未这么纯净与新鲜。 This was my first time that I skiped over 17 feet 6.5 inches. I believe I was flying at that moment , which was as same as my dream in my childhood.However,this time I know Iam not having a dream only. Air is never so clean and fresh before. I:我能体会你的喜悦。你知道那一刻你的爸爸妈妈在做什么吗? I can experience your delight.And do you know what your parents was doing at that moment? S:我仰面躺在那儿时唯一能够想象到的是妈妈脸上的笑容。 不过我猜想, 爸爸可能也在微笑, 甚至可能开怀大笑——他激动时总是这样。
When I laid there on my back ,I only imagined mother’s smile. But I suspected that my father may also smile, even

laugh – he always laugh when he is excited. I:你想不想知道爸爸妈妈当时在赛场里的反应呢? Do you want to know your parents’reaction in the field? S:当然想了。 Sure. I:那我们先来采访妈妈吧。 Then we interview mom at first!


Ok. Actually, I can't wait to tell my children ,when he got his victory at that moment, his father, ran to embraced me, weeping and crying.He was so excited which Michael Stone,even me, never has saw before. F:我必须承认,那一刻我抑制不住自己的喜悦。但同时我确信他妈妈的骄傲与兴奋不比我少。 I must admit I couldn't restrain my delight at that time. But I am sure that his mother's pride and excitement was as same as mine. I:我能请教你们是怎么把 Michael Stone 培养成这么坚强优秀的少年的吗? Can I ask you how Michael be trained to be a strong and outstanding youth? F: 认识我的人都知道,我不是一个爱做梦的人。我信仰的是努力与汗水。我在 Michael Stone 还很小的时候就告诉他“如果你想得到
什么,那么就为之努力吧!”我想他是听进去我的话了。从 14 岁起,Michael Stone 就是这么做的。他开始了一项全面而系统的举重训 练,每隔一天练一次举重,间隔的那一天练跑步。这个训练计划是由我来仔细监督。而我的孩子,他一直坚持不懈。从某种意义上说, 我不仅是父亲,更是教练。

I am not a dreamer. My belief is effort and sweat. I told Michael that "if you wanted something and then you must try to get!"when he was a little child. I think he understand my words. From the age of 14, Michael started a comprehensive and systematic weight training.Every other day he has a weight-lifting training. The interval of them he goes to run. This training program is done by my carefully supervising. And my child, he has been unremitting.

In a sense, I am not only father, but coach. I:总是听人说孩子身上有父母的影子,看来确实如此。那么妈妈呢?妈妈也和爸爸一起监督 Michael Stone 的训练吗? I always listen that children are influenced by parents, now it seems indeed. So what about mom? Dos mom supervise Michael with dad? S\F:It’s impossible.

M:他们是对的。我不是 Michael

Stone 的教练。我反复给他讲的是关于飞翔的故事。我的孩子是盲人,他看不到这个世界。可

是我了解他有关飞翔的梦想。我所努力的,是让他一直保持这样的愿望。Michael Stone 和所有孩子都一样,有着珍贵的探索与 追求精神,我认为作为他的妈妈,我应该做的就是不要去伤害这种信念。今天,我的孩子,他成功了。我和他父亲,真是骄傲 无比。 They are right. I am not Michael’s coach. I told him about flying story repeatedly. My child is blind, he couldn't see the world. But I know his flying dreams.I only try to make him keep this desire. Michael has precious exploration and pursuing spirit as other children. As his mother, I should not damage the belief. Today, my child, he succeeded. His father and I are really proud. S: 妈妈以前常常告诉我,当你感到紧张、焦虑甚至是恐惧的时候,深呼吸。进行最后一跳时,我记起妈妈的话,深呼吸,最后真的成功

Mother used to tell me, when you feel nervous and anxious and even fear, deep breathing. In the final jump, I remember mother's words.I took a deep breath and finally passed successfully. I can become such a man today, really appreciate my mom and dad. I:你们真是了不起的父母。而你也确实是杰出的少年。我真心希望你的精神能够一直保持并激励身边的人。再次感谢你们接受 我的采访。 You are really wonderful parents. And you are really outstanding youth. I sincerely hope that you can keep up the spirit and inspire others around us. Thank you again for accepting my interview.

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