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unit5 词汇与翻译(1)

9A unit5 词汇练习
一、词形变换: 1. I believe Gong Li’s ______________ ( act ) skills will become even _________ ( good ) in the future. 2. We like romantic films because they usually have happy___

_________( end ). 3. Daniel arrived out of _________ ( breathe ) because he had gone wrong. 4 I like dancing and my dream is __________ ( become ) a ballet dancer. 5. Audrey’s ____________( achieve ) went beyond the film industry. 6. He gave up the chance __________ ( study ) abroad to look after his wife. 7. He often reminds me ___________ ( pay ) attention to ___________ ( listen ) carefully. 8.When the doctor arrived, the patient ____________ ( die ) for five minutes. 9. She put all her effort into ballet ____________ ( train ) before she entered the film industry. 10.He would rather ____________( study ) instead of___________( daydream) 11.At the age of 63, Audrey passed away ___________ ( peace ) in her sleep. 12. The girl is well known for her ___________( beautiful). 13.Would you like 14.The girl enjoyed 15.Later,the novel (be)an actress? 一 Yes,I’d love to. (dance)and she became a ballet dancer later. (make)into a play. (start).

16.When we got to the cinema,the film 17.You ought to 18.You had better 19.Why not 20.Jinan is well 21.When I arrived,she

(read)more English books to improve yourself. (finish)your homework before you go to play football. (wear)a T—shirt? (know)for springs(泉). (buy)the tickets already.

22.Wait a moment.He will be back_________(short). 23.I have decided__________(devote)my life to the education. 24.It was a great__________(succeed)for you to win the first prize. 25.We like the films_________(act)by Audrey Hepburn. 26.I wondered if they_________(live)in Nanjing yet. 27._________you_________(live)here for 20 years by 2004? 28..She wanted to remind us that we should_________(protect)wild animals. 29.She spent a lot of time__________(organize)charity shows. 30.The old man was quite weak after the accident,so he must________(take)good care of. 31..They__________(water)the flowers when I got to the garden. 32.By_________(show)us the beauty of nature,she wanted to tell us not to destroy the environment. 33.I_________(teach)you for two years by the end of last term.

1.Make sure you have cleaned your shoes before_________(进入)the meeting room. 2.He always_______(坚持)what he thought was true. 3.He is___________(认为,考虑)as the most hard-working student in his class. 4.The National Day was celebrated__________(遍及)the country. 5.My uncle made a decision to enter the film_________(行业). . 6.Because of her beauty,she played the__________(主角)role in the film. 7.During her_________(一生),she earned four more Oscar nominations. 8.He said he would__________(奉献)his life to the education. 9.You’d better buy some__________(爆米花)and soft drinks. 10._________(总之),you should finished it before you left. 11.The headmaster__________(授予)Jerry with a best student award. 12.It was a big success and she became famous i________. 13.Can you put more e________ into your English? 14.He is a w__________(知名的)football player. 15.I don’t like this book.I like reading t__________ about war. 16.Keep quiet.Don’t speak a_________. 17.Don’t you know it has a bad e___________ on the students? 18.My father i_________ on my going shopping with him yesterday. 19.He arrived there out of b__________. 20.Zhang Ziyi is one of the famous________ (演员)in China. 21.Mr Li is a hard-working teacher.He__________(致力于)all his time to helping his students. 22.This kind of film has a bad_________(影响)on young people; 23.Why don’t you stop__________(白日梦)?Be more realistic ! 24.Can you put more e__________ into your study? 25.They are w___________ football players. 26.The punishment had no ________ (效果)on him. 27.Our success was far________ (超过)what we had tin-ought. 28 They mourned the death of those brave ________ (牛仔). 29. At the meeting, he first spoke to break the________ (沉默). 30.Before he went to college he had studied ________ (法语) for six years. 31. Your_________(沉默) on recent events surprises me. 32. I _________(坚持) that he should come with us. 33. The snow will__________(立即) change into water when it is brought into the warm house. 34. ___________(无论如何) ,you can try ,even if there is not much chance of success. 35. This kind of film has a bad ________(影响) on people.

9Aunit5 翻译
一.句子翻译.(15 分) 1.当我们气喘吁吁地赶到电影院时,电影已经开始了十分钟. _________________________________________________________________ 2.他们正讨论加入电影业。They are talking about joining the . 3.他是伟大的教师,他把很多时间贡献给了教育事业。 He was a great teacher because he much of his time education. 4.他们认为武打片对青少年有坏影响。 They think that action films have a on teenagers. 5.我们应当为保护环境做些事情。 We should do something to the . 6.家长提醒我们要好好照顾自己。 Our parents_____________________________________________________________. 7.63 岁时,她在睡梦中静静地离去。 At the age______________________,she__________________________________. 8.她的成就超越了电影业。 Her achievements______________________________________________________. 9. Sandy 不仅歌唱得好,舞也跳得很美。 Sandy ______________ well ________________ beautifully. 10 子怡在电影《英雄》中扮演主角。 Zhang Ziyi ______________________ in the film Hero. 11 坚持认为他的答案是正确的。He insisted that _______________________. 12. 你最好在看电视之前完成你的家庭作业。You________________________you watch TV. 13. 我不喜欢演戏, 我宁愿当导演。 don’ like_________________, I t I______________________ 14. 这个科学家于 2010 年被授予诺贝尔化学奖。 The scientist __________________ the Nobel Prize___________________in 2010. 15. 我们还不确定 Simon 明天是来还是不来。 We are not sure ____________________________________________ 16. 我认为这本杂志很值得一读。 I think this magazine _________________________________________ 17. 截止 2003 年底,我已看过 40 部电影了。 ________________________________________________by the end of 2003. 18. 音乐会吸引了大量的年轻人。 The concert _________ _________ _________ ___________young people. 19 他的梦想是成为一名成功的舞蹈家。__________________________________________ 20. 他的爷爷去世时 80 岁。His grandfather _________________________________________ 21. 她在学习中付出了全部的努力。 _____________________into ____________________ She 22.今天的报纸上没有有趣的东西。 There is _________________________________in today’s newspaper. 23.我们的老师提醒她上课不要讲话。 Our teacher _________________________________________in class. 24.昨晚直到妈妈回来,我才睡觉 ____________________________________

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