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Module 3 Unit 3

Unit 3

Language in use

This week’s match is already more exciting. It is more difficult to practice in winter. We are training harder than usual. This year we w

ant to do better.

1 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talk about the sports. Use the words in the box to help you.
boring Exciting cheap difficult easy expensive popular relaxing

Let’s discuss: ---What’s your favourite sports? ---My favourite sport is swimming. It’s exciting. Now compare the sports. 1 Table tennis is more exciting than tennis. 2 Tennis is… 3 Basketball is … 4 Football is … 5 Swimming is … 6 Baseball is…

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form

of the words in brackets.
1.We trained harder (hard) this year than

last year.
2. The team played better (well) on

Saturday than on Tuesday.

3. They practiced

more carefully (carefully)

this week than last week. 4. playing football is more exciting (exciting)

than watching it.
5. Playing tennis is more expensive(expensive)

than swimming.

3 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets. Tom did his homework carelessly (careless). The music is loud (loud). 1. They are working hard (hard) to learn English. 2. This bike was cheap (cheap), so we decided to buy it. 3. The teacher speaks slowly (slow) carefully and (careful).

4. Mary is going to get up early


because she needs to catch the first bus. 5. Running is very easy (easy). You can do

it anywhere.
6. I do not like to be late (late).

7. I am afraid our team is doing
very badly (bad).

4 Compare the passage with the correct form the words in brackets. I wanted to choose a sport to keep fit. First I tired swimming. I joined the swimming club, but the lessons were(1)more expensive(expensive)

than I thought. So I stopped swimming and tired
running. The running club is (2)

more popular (popular) than the swimming club.

We ran (3) slowly (slowly) in the park. boring Soon, I felt that running was (4)______ (boring)! I decided to try something (5)____________ (more) exciting (exciting). I went walking in the mountains. Once we got lost in the mountains, and I hurt my leg (6)________ (badly). It is a bit badly (7) (more) dangerous (dangerous) to walk in the mountains, but I like the sport all the same.

5 Listen and choose the correct answer.
1 What was the race?

a) Boy’s 800 meters

b) Girls’ 800 meters

c) Girls’ 400 meters

2 How many classes took part in the race?

a) One

b) Four

c) Eight

3 Who ran faster than the others at first?
a) Joy

4 What happened to Sandy later on?
a) She stopped.

b) Sandy

c) Mary

b) √ She ran slowly.
c) She cried.

5 -Who finally won?
- A student from .

a) Class 4

b) Class 5

c) Class 1

6 Read the passage and complete the sentences.
A lot of people around the world enjoy

jogging. Jogging means running slowly, but it is
still faster than walking. In the mornings and

evenings you can see people jogging in parks or
along city streets. Jogging is cheaper than many

sports-to start, just get some comfortable
sports clothes and good running shoes.

I enjoy jogging with my friends Tommy and Anna. In the early mornings we often go jogging in the park. Then we are ready for school. At weekends, we sometimes go jogging in the countryside. It is more fun than jogging in the city and we feel good in the fresh air. The more you go jogging, the longer you will run and the healthier you will feel. Just try it!

1 Jogging means _______________________. running slowly 2 Walking is ________ than jogging. slower 3 To start jogging, you only need some ____________________________________ comfortable sports clothes and good running shoes ________________. 4 jogging in the countryside is __________ more fun than jogging in the city. 5 The more you go jogging, ____________ the healthier you will feel.

Language points
1.Then we are ready for school. 然后我们准备上学。 be ready for 为...做准备 e.g. I think I’ll have an early night and be ready for tomorrow. 我想今天晚上得早点休息,为明天做准备。 However, if you follow these suggestions, you will be ready for it when it comes. 然而,如果你遵照这些建议的话,你就为 它的到来做好了准备。

be ready to: vt. 随时可(乐意,即将) e.g. So if you come, be ready to dance. 因此,如果你来到这儿,就准备好起舞吧。 e.g. I just have to be ready to listen and speak". 我只要准备好倾听和谈话就是了。

2. At weekends, we sometimes go jogging in
the countryside.

At weekends 译为“ 在周末” 同义的表达

还有:on weekends, at the weekend, on the

e.g. I never work at the weekend.
What are you doing on the weekend?

I only see him at weekends

3. The more you go jogging, the longer you will run and the healthier you will feel. 你慢跑的次数越多,长度越长,那么你 就会越健康。 1)“the more…,the more…”句型为“the+ 比较级,the+比较级”结构,常表示 “越……,就越……”,是一个复合句,其中 前面的句子是状语从句,后面的句子是主句。 The用在形容词或副词的比较级前。例如: The more he gets, the more he wants. 他越来越贪(他得到的越多,就越想要)。


e.g. The higher the ground is, the thinner the
air becomes.

The harder he worked, the more he got.



e.g. The harder you work, the greater progress

you will make.

The longer the war lasts, the more the
people there will suffer.


The marathon race

The marathon gets its name from a
battle over 2,500 years ago between the

Greeks and the Persians. The battle
happened at a place called Marathon.

After the Greeks won the battle, a
soldier ran over forty kilometers to tell

people the good news.

Today’s marathon race, an
important Olympic sport, is

popular all over the world.
Thousands of people race in

many different marathons
every year.

Module task: Making a sports poster
7 Work in groups. Talk about your favorite Olympic sports and choose one for your poster. A: What’s your favorite Olympic sport? B: My favorite Olympic sport is … A: Why do you like it? B: I like it because…

8 Make a poster. Find a photo for your favorite Olympic sport and include it in the poster.

?Our favorite Olympic sport is swimming /
table tennis /…

?We like it because it is exciting, popular…
?It is more exciting than …

9 Show your poster to your classmates.


1. As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, ____. C A. the more know you B. you will know more C. the more you will know D. you will know more 2. She is ________ than ________ . A A. busier / us B. busier / we C. more busy / us D. more busy / we

A 3. Jane is ________ than Betty. A. less taller B. less tallest C. less tall D. not as tall 4. -Which is ____ season in Beijing? D --I think it's autumn. A. good B. better C. best D. the best

1. 这本书跟那本书一样有趣。
This book is __________________that one. as interesting as

2. 你游泳没有你弟弟好。
You can’t swim ____________ your brother. as well as

3. 今天比昨天冷的多。
much colder It is ____________today than it was yesterday.

4. 对这个故事我比另一个喜欢的多。 This story is ____________________than much more interesting that one. 5. 他比我大两岁。 two years older He is __________________ than I. 6. 这个故事不如那个有趣。 This story is ______________interesting not more than that one. 7. 她的身体状况一天天好起来。 better and better He is getting _________________every day.

8. 他对英语越来越感兴趣。
more and more He is becoming ________________interested

in English.
9. 他吃的越多,人越胖。

The more he eats, the ______ he gets. fatter
10. 你的问题是两个中比较难的那个。

Your question is __________________ the more difficult
of two.

Make your favorite poster on Olympic games. Then share with your classmates.

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