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英语必修一 1-6 单元测试题
一、单项选择(共 30 分,每空一分) 1.This is a new ____to language teaching, which can arouse students’ interest to learn.

A. approach

B. means

C. access

D. method

2. Fran is an honest girl. I say it, ________ I meet her. A. first time B. the first time C. a first time D. for the first time 3. —Where did you spend you summer holidays? —I didn’t go anywhere, because I wouldn’t be able to go on holiday with my mum _______ ill. A. was B. be C. being D. to be 4. I have _______ all my papers but I still can’t find my notes. A. looked through B. looked for C. looked after D. looked out 5. Having seen the film, he said what a wonderful film he _________ A. saw B. has seen C. had seen D. would see 6. I suggest that we take part in more such activities in future _______ we did last week. A. which B. as C. that D. than 7. The number of people who _________ cars _________ increasing in China. A. owns, are B. owns, is C. own, is D. own are 8. Alice trusts you, only you can _________ her to give up the foolish idea A. try B. attract C. tempt D. persuade 9. I was about to go shopping _________ it began to rain. A. while B. as C. when D. though 10. Is this the reason _________ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work A. he explained B. what he explained C. how he explained D. why he explained 11. After a two-day hiking, the young man returned home, ______. A. safe but exhausted B. safely but exhausted C. safety and exhausted D. safe and exhausting 12. He must be from Africa, _________ can be seen from his skin. A. that B. as C. who D. what 13. Seeing that he was so seriously ill, I suggested that he _________ to hospital at once. A. was sent B. be sent C. will be sent D. had been sent 14. I’ll tell you _________ he told me last week. A. all which B. that C. all that D. which 15. -- I’m not sure if we’ll have a picnic this weekend. -- It all ________ the weather. A. takes part in B. depends on C. comes to D. puts up 16.On Sept. 29, 2008, Shen Zhou VII returned to _______ earth from _______ space successfully. A. the; / B. /; the C. /; / D. the; the 17. -- How is your life in the countryside? -- It is _______ but sometimes I feel a bit _______. A. interesting; boring B. interesting; bored C. interested; bored D. interested; boring; 18. Paul is studying Chinese and _______ is his dream to work in China. A. it B. this C. that D. there 19.My payment rose ____10%in April _____the same month last year.


A.in, compared to B. by, compared with C. in, compared with D. by, compared to 20. The volleyball match _______ if it rains tomorrow. A. will put off B. will be put off C. is put off D. puts off 21. Put on your coat, ____________you will catch a cold.. A. so B. but C. and D. otherwise 22. We _______ rush ----- there is plenty of time. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. ought not to D. don’t have to 23. They _______ classes when the earthquake happened. A. had B. would have C. were having D. are having 24. She has decided _____ as a volunteer teacher in a small village because she enjoys ____ challenges. A. to work, to meet B. to work, meeting C. working, meeting D. working, to meet 25. Mary left London five years ago and I _______ her since then. A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. hadn’t seen D. haven’t seen 26. -- Have you moved into your new house? -- Not yet. The rooms _______. A. are painting B. have been painted C. are being painted D. have painted 27. This dictionary ____explaining the most common mostakes in word use. A. leads to B. adds to C. calls at D. aims at 28. More than 100 heads of foreign states _______ the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A. promoted B. organized C. designed D. attended 29. Nowadays, old people like to live ________ there is no noise and crowds. A. where B. which C. what D. that 30. ----how do you find the film? -----Oh , excellent. It is well _____once again.. A. worth being seen B. worthy being seen C. worthy of seeing D. worth seeing 二、完形填空(共 30 分,每空 1.5 分) Average Life Expectancy How long do you expect to live? __31__, what is the average life expectancy for us? The average life expectancy __32___ from country to country, but __33__ many countries nowadays, the average life expectancy is over 70 years. That __34__ the average person will live to be __35__ 70 years old. __36__, in the United States in 1980, the average life expectancy was 73.8 years. This age, 73.8 years, is a little __37__ than the average life expectancy in 1970. In 1970, the average was 70.8. In fact, if you look at the average life expectancy __38__ for last century, you'll see that the average __39__ every year. __40__, in 1900 it was 47.3, in 1920 it was 54.1, in 1940 was 62.9, and in 1960 the average __41__ was 69.7 years. So you can see that in 100 years, the average life expectancy __42__ from 47.3 to 73.8. Why __43__ the average life expectancy __44__ increasing? The main reasons are __45__ health care. First, health care, especially general health care for young children has __46__ steadily. Second, __47__ drugs have been __48__ in the past 40 or 50 years. These powerful drugs can __49__ and cure many diseases that __50__ fatal in the past. 31. A. By all means B. For example C. That is to say D. Take it easy


32. A. varies B. different C. changes D. increases 33. A. among B. on C. to D. in 34. A. happens B. seems C. means D. causes 35. A. at least B. at most C. at all D. last 36. A. Actually B. Truly C. Constantly D. Continuously 37. A. smaller B. higher C. bigger D. lower 38. A. idea B. research C. data (数据) D. rule 39. A. gets higher B. is more C. adds longer D. becomes larger 40. A. Once in a while B. For instance C. For the instance D. Now and then 41. A. living years B. living time C. life time D. live time 42. A. has raised B. has risen C. has lifted D. has grown 43. A. does B. do C. is D. be 44. A. find B. stay C. feel D. keep 45. A. joined to B. connected with C. caught up with D. referred to 46. A. changed B. improved C. increased D. developed 47. A. a great deal of B. a large number of C. large quantity of D. the large number of 48. A. developed B. discovered C. invented D. managed 49. A. save B. against C. protect D. prevent 50. A. was to be B. had to be C. ought to be D. used to be 三、阅读理解(共 40 分,每空 2 分) (A) There are many international organizations which work to save and protect endangered species (物种) and natural environment. If you would like more information about any of the organizations listed below, you can write to the addresses given. Friends of the Earth (FOE) campaigns on a range of problems including rainforests, the countryside, water and air pollution and energy. Friends of the Earth International Secretariat P.O. Box 19199 1000 G.D. Amsterdam The Netherlands Greenpeace uses peaceful but direct action to defend the environment. It campaigns to protect rainforests and sea animals, stop global warming and end pollution of air, land and seas. It also opposes nuclear power. Greenpeace International Keizergracht 176 1016 DW Amsterdam The NetherlandsBirdLife International is an organization which works to save endangered birds all over the world. BirdLife International Wellbrook Court Girton Road Cambridge CB3 0NA England WWF—World Wide Fund For Nature is the world’s largest private international organization


for the conservation of nature and threatened species. Information Officer WWF International Avenue du Mont-Blanc 1196 Gland Switzerland 51. If you want to learn more about the organizations, you can _______. A. call them B. write them a letter C. visit them D. send them an e-mail 52. BirdLife International is an organization aiming to ________. A. reduce pollution B. defend rainforests C. protect ocean animals D. save endangered birds 53. If you oppose nuclear power, you can join ________. A. Friends of the Earth B. World Wide Fund For Nature C. Greenpeace D. BirdLife International 54. Which is the best title for the passage? A. Environmental Protection Organizations B. Global Traffic Problems C. Endangered Animals D. Natural Beauty (B) You’ve no doubt heard people say how much they “need” a holiday, when what they really mean is that they want one. Certainly, people working under pressure feel a very strong desire to escape from work and become less tight during their holidays, and experience a changed environment. However, work for many people today is office work and mental, rather than physical tasks. These people may seek much more energy-taking activities while on holiday, rather than simply lying on a beach. Once people become used to going on holiday, taking holidays becomes a habit. For many people the holiday is one of the last things to be given up, and indeed many workers have chosen to spend some of their last pay when being on holiday. It may give them a “lift” in facing some difficulties in life. Most of us also enjoy showing off the lovely tans-dark(晒黑的) skins we get from a holiday. So many tourists are now able to afford holidays in the sun that tans have become quite common; although we join a tan together with health, it has been fully shown that too much sunshine will result in high danger of skin problems, as well as drying out one’s skin and leading to more lines on your face later in life. 55. According to the passage above, more and more people choose to have holidays because they __________. A. hate working indoors all the time B. want to get away from work C. love enjoying the beauties of nature D. become rich and want a better life 56. When office people have holidays, they often __________. A. lie on the beach and enjoy sunshine B. spend more than they can afford C. think about their work on the beach D. choose to do more physical exercise 57. A holiday may __________ when one has to face some difficulties in life. A. cheer someone up B. help someone find a job


C. be the last thing to be given up D. bring good luck to someone 58. At the end of the passage the writer tries to tell the reader __________. A. the importance of getting sunshine B. the bad effect of being on holiday C. the result of getting sun tanned D. the healthy look of being tanned (C) ① On Friday, January 14, 2005, my cousin, Kara Rose, came into the world. ② She looked perfectly healthy from the outside, but on the inside, the doctors had failed to discover a serious problem. ③ She often had trouble breathing and then turned blue. ④ The doctors found that Kara had been born without part of her heart. ⑤ They didn’ think she would live long enough to t leave the hospital. ⑥ When she was four days old, she had her first operation. ⑦ My family stayed together during this hard time, hoping everything would turn out for the best. Kara’s strength and determination to live were strong. Eventually, she could go home. We all waited patiently for new technology that could give Kara a new heart. When she was eighteen months old, her parents took her to a famous surgeon who performed a series of operations. There was no guarantee she would make it through the operation, but she succeeded. Kara grew stronger every day, and it was not long before she was well enough to be around people. She had an amazing character and always wore a sweet smile. When she fell asleep against my body, happy and content, I realized how valuable life really is. As I took her in my arms with her warm breath against my neck, I decided to live every day of my life to the fullest. This child, who is 15 years younger than I, has gone through more suffering and pain than I ever have. I admire her strength and determination. Kara has taught me that no matter how bad things seem, they can work out in the end. Knowing this small, beautiful child has made me a stronger person, I now believe that difficulty can be beaten. 59. Kara often had trouble breathing because ________. A. she didn’t stay long enough in the hospital B. the doctors failed to discover the problem C. she was born with an incomplete heart D. her first operation was not successful 60. Which of the following statements is true? A. Kara’s determination helped her get through. B. The new technology gave the family the hope to live on. C. Kara eventually recovered at the age of 15.. D. Doctors were confident in the success of her operation. 61. The writer wants to tell us that _______. A. younger people often suffer more pain B. strong-will helps defeat difficulties C. experienced doctors can make miracles D. medical technology is developing fast 62. Where should the sentence in the box be added in Paragraph 1? I was also anxiously hoping the doctors would be able to make her life longer. A. After Sentence ①. B. After Sentence ③. C. After Sentence. ⑤. D. After Sentence ⑦. (D) One day he is a famous policeman. The next day he is a gangster from Temple street. His songs are heard on radios all over Hong Kong. This is Andy Lau Tak Wah, the superstar that everyone sees, hears and loves. He is one of the most famous actors and singers in Hong Kong. However, there is another side to Andy Lau. There is an important part of his life that only a few people know about. Andy Lau helps 15 children from poor countries all over the world. These


boys and girls live in 11 different countries. Most of the children have not met him and none of them know that he is one of the biggest stars in Asia. Andy Lau's interest in children started when he did some work with World Vision. This is a charity that helps poor children to lead better lives. For $200 a month, a sponsor helps with the food and education of one child. The child does not receive the money in cash. Instead the money pays for the child's school fees, food, medical care and clothing. Each child knows the name of the sponsor who is giving the money. The sponsor receives a report each year on the child's progress. They can write to each other, but usually the children do not speak Cantonese or English. When Andy Lau heard about these children, he wanted to help them. "It was not anything special," he said. "Until I had the chance to go to Indonesia and meet the little girl I am sponsoring, I didn't know anything about the type of life she had." He said the meeting with Nina in Indonesia was very emotional. "When I met her, I felt very, very happy," he said. "I saw that the money was used for a very good purpose. It brought me closer to the child in a way that simply giving money cannot." By sponsoring these children through a charitable organization, Andy Lau is giving them hope and at the same time caring for them. "I want to do whatever I can. I will continue to help these children in need," he said. 63. Andy Lau is a __________. A. policeman and actor B. gangster and singer C. policeman and gangster D. singer and actor 64. Andy Lau _______________. A. has 15 children in Hong Kong B. helps many poor children worldwide C. lives with many different children D. has met all the children he helps 65. World Vision is a charity that helps children to ________. A. lead better lives B. become actors and singers C. travel to other countries D. earn more money 66. The children that Andy Lau helps do not ____________. A. go to school B. want to meet him C. know he is famous D. have any food (E) Wild and Strange Celebrations Looking for a new way to have fun? For inspiration, check out these festivals. Some may seem wild, and others strange, but they are all fun. La Tomatina! Warning: Anybody in Bunol, Spain, on the last Wednesday of August should prepare to get wet with tomatoes! Every year on this day, around 30,000 tourists join 9,000 people living in Bunol to take part in the world’s largest tomato fight. La Tomatina, or “the tomato party,” is the last event of a weeklong festival in honor of Bunol’s patron saint(守护神)San Luis Bertran. A rocket is fired, and for the next hour, everyone goes crazy as 100 tons of tomatoes get thrown with juice everywhere. One of the few rules participants(参加者) must follow: Crush the tomato before throwing it. Elephant Round Up Show Elephants playing soccer? Believe it or not, every November in Surin, Thailand, elephants do play soccer as part of the Elephant Round-Up Show. The “round-up” starts with a parade of over 100


elephants from newborns to grown-ups, well-trained animals. The elephants then take part in soccer, log-carrying and other games that show off their strength and intelligence for the crowd. The event concludes with a mock battle, showing how elephants were used in war years ago. Makepung People commonly race cars, horse and dogs, but who’s heard of racing bulls? In Bali, Indonesia, however, Makepung, or bull racing, is an event held weekly between July and October. Visitors can watch as teams of two bulls get decorated and then race around a 2 km dirt track(跑道). Famer “jockeys” stand on a wooden cart behind the bulls, controlling them with a rope around their necks. As many as 300 teams take part in the races every year, and championship races are held at the end of the Makepung season. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Every May in Britain, you will find some men and women run, stumble and fall down a steep, 230-meter-long hill --- and all for a piece of cheese! “Cheese Rolling” has been taking place on Cooper’s Hill for over 200 years. The race begins when a 3.5 kg, wheel-shaped thick piece of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill. Up to 20 competitors then run after it. The cheese, which can reach speeds of over 100 km/h, is rarely caught. But the first competitor to reach the bottom of the hill walks home with the cheese, as well as any injuries gained along the way. 67. Which two festivals do the animals take part in? _____________________________________________________________________________ 68. Why do people in Bunol celebrate the weeklong festival ? _____________________________________________________________________________ 69. When do people celebrate Elephant Round Up Show in Thailand? _____________________________________________________________________________ 70. Translate the last sentence into Chinese. _____________________________________________________________________________ 四、单词拼写(共 10 分,每空 1 分) 71. I worked in a small beachside restaurant during the college _________(假期). 72. we were dressed up for the party, but she was still in here ____________(普通的)clothes. 73. S_________(调查)show that 75%of people approve of the new law. 74. After ________(毕业) , he will go to the western China to work as a volunteer teacher. 75. The soldiers covered a _________(距离) of 100 km. a night. 76. they stopped at the top of the hill to admire the _____________(景色) 77. It was very __________ (慷慨的) of you to have lent them your new car for their holiday. 78. He has made full preparations for the exam, so he is __________ (有信心的) for success. 79. The government has taken action to s_______(解决) the traffic problem. 80. You have made a lot of spelling mistakes in your writing. You have to take it ______ (严肃地). 五、短文改错(共 15 分,每空 1.5 分) As is known by all, the Internet is 81. __________ playing more and more important part in our 82. __________ everyday life. On it, we can only read news 83. __________ at home and abroad but also meet so much 84. __________ information as possible. We are often send e-mails or 85. __________ make telephone call to our families as well as our friends. 86. __________


However, we can go to school on the net, read different kinds 87. __________ of books and even teach myself English. We can also enjoy 88. __________ music, watching sports and play computer games on the 89. __________ net. We can do shopping even without leaving our home. 90. __________ 六、书面表达(共 25 分)假如你是李明,今年夏天参加了北京 2008 年奥运会志愿者工作。 请根据以下信息,给“志愿北京网”的“志愿者风采”栏目写一篇文章,介绍一下你所做的 志愿者工作及感受。字数不少于 100 个。1. 姓名 李 明 2. 学校 北京大学 3. 工作① 每天工作约 10 个小时②网球比赛中捡球 ③ 每场比赛需要捡球 50 多次,找准时机,不能 中断比赛. ⒋感受(自拟) ?? 参考词汇: 网球场:tennis court 北京大学:Peking University 时机:the best time 中断(v) :interrupt _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [A][A][A][A][A] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [B][B][ B][B][B] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [C][C][ C][C][C] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D] [D][D][D][D][D]

参考答案 一、单项选择 1-5 CBCAC 6-10 BCDBA 11-15 BBBCB 16-20 ABACB 21-25 DDCBD 26-30 CBDAC 二、完形填空 31-35 CADCA 36-40 ABCAB 41-45 CBADB 46-50 BBADD 三、阅读理解 51-54 BDCA 55-58 BDAC 59-62 CABD 63. Makepung and Elephant Round Up Show. 64. People hold the festival in honor of Bunol’s patron saint San Luis Bertran 65. Every November. 66. 然而,第一个到达山脚的竞赛者得到奶酪,带着它和赛程中所受的伤一并回家。 67-70 DBAC 四、单词拼写 71. complaining 72. reduced 73. destroyed 74. graduation 75. distance 76. athlete 77. generous 78. confident 79. solve 80. seriously 五、短文改错 81. by-to 82. playing 后面加 a 83. can 后面加 not 84. so-as 85. are 去掉 86. call-calls 87. However-Besides 88. myself-ourselves 89. watching-watch 90. 正确 六、写作 范文 I am Li Ming from Peking University. This summer I worked as a volunteer for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Every day I worked for about 10 hours, picking up balls in the tennis court. In most matches I picked up balls for about 50 times. Meanwhile, it was very important for me to judge the best time to do my job without interrupting the matches. Doing voluntary work is challenging for me. Though I didn’t take part in the match as an athlete, I am proud that I’ve made a contribution to the Olympics in 2008.

I am Li Ming from Peking University. This summer I worked as a volunteer for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Every day I worked for about 10 hours, picking up balls in the tennis court. In most matches I picked up balls for about 50 times. Meanwhile, it was very important for me to judge the best time to do my job without interrupting the matches. Doing voluntary work is challenging for me. Though I didn’t take part in the match as an athlete, I am proud that I’ve made a contribution to the Olympics in 2008.


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