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Book 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note 学练案

Book 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note 学练案 一、单项选择题 1. Totally ______ accident, the businessman picked up a _______ antique(古董) in the flea market(跳蚤市 场). A by; true B. in; indeed C. with;

actual D. by; genuine

2. He couldn’t ______ the fact that the money was found in his house. A. answer for B. leave for C. account for D. care for

3. Since there was no way out, the robber decided to _______on his luck to see if he could run away. A. make a chance B. take chance C. take a chance D. try a chance

4. You may do whatever you like in the holiday. ______ me, I think I can do with a rest. A. As for B. As with C. As to D. As about

5. —Excuse me, sir, ________ —I’d like a cup of coffee and two pieces of bread. A. what do you want? C. this table is reserved. B. may I have your order? D. I would like to serve you.

6. In the end I lost my ______ and shouted at her. A. character B. manner C. benefit D. patience

7. —Would you mind if I turned on the radio and listened to some music? —______. In fact, I also like to listen to music in my car. A. No, you can’t B. Yes, I do C. No, go ahead D. OK, no problem

8. The reason____________ she gave for not being present was ________the heavy snow prevented her coming. A. why; because B. why; whether C. that; that D. how; that

9. The woman was about to open the door ____________ she heard a strange sound from inside. A. as B. while C. when D. then

10. These wild flowers are so special I would do__________ I can to save them.? A. whatever B. that C. which D. whichever ?

11.(2005 全国高考)The poor young man is ready to accept __________help he can get.? A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whenever

12. The news about the fire is followed by a detailed report which was made ______________ A. in sight B. on the spot C. on spot D. on purpose

13. He has been _______________ his fortune these years, but now he is still poor. A. making B. seeking C. reading D. coming into

14. In my day, children were ____________ to respect the law. A. brought on B. brought up C. brought down D. brought in

15.The view _____ many scientists hold is _____ the earth is becoming too hot to live on. A. what; that B. that; which C. that; that D. which; which

二、单词拼写 1.Job-sharing is still a ___________(新奇的) concept and it will take a while for employers to get used to it. 2. The A__________ of Tom Sawyer is one of Mark Twain’s masterpieces. 3.The night found the boy_____________(徘徊,来回走动) on the _________(人行道) alone. 4. The couples have s________ help from marriage guidance counselors. 5. He failed to _________(发现) the error. 6. She began to s _________ with fear as soon as the roller coaster(过山车)started to run.? 7. He bought his wife a __________(真的,真诚的)diamond necklace in memory of their 10th wedding anniversary. 8. It’s bad__________ (礼貌) to talk in a loud voice on the mobile phone in public.? 9. You are not p___________ to fish here. 10. I went to the American ____________(大使馆)to seek help, but failed. 11. On the _________(相反), they do them all the time. 12.The __________ (场景)after the earthquake was horrible. 13.She was a lovely girl with ____________(耐心). 14. He put the letter into an e_______________ and then put it into a mail-box. 15. Jack could not a_________ for his foolish mistake. 16.He is always finding ______________(过错,毛病) with the way I do things. 17. We have no time to stand and ________(凝视). 18. They work with an u______________ speed. 19. I still do a certain a___________ of work for them. 20. She had homemade ice cream for ___________(甜点).

三、完成句子 1. Mark Twain was ___________ _________ in Hannibal, Missouri, along the Mississippi River. 马克·吐温在密西西比河边密苏里州的汉尼拔长大。 2. He_____ _______ ________ _______ his novels ______ ______ his boyhood world on the river. 最使他出名的小说都是以他在密西西比河畔的童年世界作为背景的。 3. Imagine that somebody gives you ____ _______ ______ _____ ______ to spend as you like, what would you ______ ______ ____? 假设有人给你一大笔钱让你随意花,你会拿它做些什么? 4. We _____ _____ ______ _____ the outcome of the next horse race. 我们就下次赛马的结果打了个赌。 5. It is Henry Adams who _____ _______ ______ London. 是亨利·亚当斯在伦敦迷了路。 6. The rules of the club don’t ________ ___________.

俱乐部的规定是不允许吸烟。 7. ________ __________, I will come on time. 天气允许的话,我会按时来。 8. ______ _____ ________ ______ _______, I landed in Britain ______ ___________. 事实上,我在英国上岸是偶然的。 9. It is not polite to _________ _______ other people. 盯着别人看是不礼貌的。 10. The fact is that I _______ ______ _________ by working as an unpaid hand, which ________ ______ my appearance. 事实上我靠做义工来顶替船费,这就是我为什么衣冠不整的原因了! 11. But he's _________ _________! 但是他穿得破破烂烂的! 12. The next morning I'd just about given myself up for lost _______ _____ ______ ________ ______ ____ _______. 第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。 13. Well, _____ _____ ____________ ______ Americans like to eat a lot. Well, we'll have to ______ ____ ___________. 嗯,美国人喜欢吃得多,这是大家都知道的。我们得冒点风险。 14. I’m afraid it’ll cost _____ _______ ________ ______ _________. 恐怕这得花费一大笔钱。 15. Well, I ______ ________ that the Bank of England had issued two notes ______ ______ __________. 哦,我确实听说英格兰银行发行了两张这样面值的钞票。 16. ______ _____ the bill, sir, please forget it. 至于帐单嘛,先生,请把它忘了吧。 17. She talked to us _____ _____ _______ __________ _______. 她很有礼貌地与我们谈话。 18. Please tell me _______ ______ ______ __________. 请告诉我医生说什么了。 19. The problem is ______ ______ ________ find a new job. 问题是他能在哪里找到新工作呢。

四、语法填空 Henry Adams, an American businessman, once sailed out of the bay. 1.__________ (luck), his boat was hit by a strong wind and he 2._____________ (carry) out to sea. Fortunately, he was saved by a ship 3.________ giving himself up. Then he earned his passage by working 4._______ an unpaid hand on the ship. At last he was taken to London and became homeless and penniless. One day, Henry Adams was wandering in the street when he heard someone 5.__________(call) him. The two

brothers, Roderick and Oliver, asked him to enter their house in 6._________ they had a conversation. Henry Adams told the two brothers his unfortunate experience and present situation. After listening to his stories, the two brothers gave him a letter and told him not to open 7._______ until 2 o’clock. Without any 8.__________ (far) explanation for the letter, they asked the servant to show Henry Adams out. As a matter of fact, in the letter was a million pound bank note. The two brothers had made 9.____ bet. They wanted to know 10._______ would happen if someone like Henry got this note.

五、基础写作(满分 15 分) 请根据以下的情景说明,使用 5 个规范的英语句子描述全部所给的信息内容。 [情景说明] 用英语简单描绘你的同学李琳。 你的描绘必须包括: 1. 年龄 16 岁,身材不高。衣着朴实; 2. 学习情况:学习很用功,独立完成作业,各科成绩优良; 3. 品质:待人和蔼,乐于助人,耐心帮助同学学习英语; 4. 业余爱好:喜欢音乐,爱好体育。 [写作要求] 1. 短文必须使用 5 个句子介绍包括以上要点的全部内容,可以适当增减细节,使内容连贯; 2. 将 5 个句子组织成连贯的短文。 3. 短文的标题为:我的好同学。 My Good Classmate

My Good Classmate My good classmate, Li Lin, who is 16 years old , isn’t tall and is always dressed simply . She works so hard and always tries her best to finish her homework by herself that she does well in all the subjects. She is kind to any persons and she is ready to help others. She is good at English and she always helps the classmates who are poor in English with English. She has many hobbies, such as music and sports.

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