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【创新设计】(广东专用)2015高考英语 大二轮总复习定时训练 6

Ⅰ.专题特训(动词与动词短语) 1.Have a good rest;you need ______(save) your energy for the tennis match this afternoon. 解析 句意:好好休息吧,你需要为今天下午的网球赛保存精力。 答案 to save 2.Mary finally ______(accept) Bruce as her lifelong companion. 解析 句意:玛丽最终接受了布鲁斯作为她的终身伴侣。accept...as...接纳……为……。 答案 accepted 3.It seems difficult ______(tell) “hurt” from“injure” in meaning. 解析 tell A from B 说出 A 和 B 的区别。 答案 to tell 4.The three sisters decided to hold a family party ______(celebrate) their parents' silver wedding. 解析 句意:三姐妹决定举行一次家庭聚会,庆祝她们父母的银婚。 答案 to celebrate 5. Joe Jones, the eldest of the eight children, had to ______(drop) out of high school at the age of 16 to help his father on the farm. 解析 drop out“中途退学,辍学”。 答案 drop 6.They ______(watch) the train until it disappeared in the distance. 解析 句意:他们看着火车直到它消失在远方。 答案 watched 7.—Do you think the Stars will beat the Bulls? —Yes.They have better players,so I ______(expect) them to win. 解析 句意:——你认为明星队能战胜公牛队吗?——是的,他们有着比较优秀的运动员, 因此,我预计他们赢。expect 预计。 答案 expect 8.—Excuse me.May I ask you some questions? —Sorry,I'm too busy and haven't a minute to ______(spare). 解析 答句句意:对不起,我太忙了,没有一分钟时间可以腾出来。spare 抽出,匀出。 答案 spare 9.Although the working mother is very busy,she still ______(devote) a lot of time to her children. 解析 句意: 尽管这个在职母亲非常忙, 但她仍然在她的孩子身上投入很多时间。 devote...to... 把……献给。 答案 devotes 10.When I opened the door,a parcel on the floor ______(catch) my eye. 解析 句意:当我在开门时,我看见地板上有一个包裹。catch one's eye 引起某人注意,惹 人注目。 答案 caught 11.Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does ______(satisfy) his boss. 解析 句意: Nick 正在找另一份工作, 因为他觉得他做什么都不能使老板满意。 satisfy 使…… 满意。 答案 satisfies

12.What you said just now ______(remind) me of that American professor. 解析 句意:你刚才所说的话使我想起了那位美国教授。remind sb of sb/sth 使某人想起某人 /某事。 答案 reminded 13.Our English teacher ______(suggest) our buying a good English-Chinese dictionary. 解析 句意:我们的英语老师建议我们买一本好的英汉词典。suggest sb's doing sth 建议某人 做某事。 答案 suggested 14.To be mentally healthy,you need to ______(build up) good relationships with each other. 解析 句意:为了精神健康,你们彼此需要建立良好的关系。build up 建立。 答案 build up 15.—I'm still working on my project. —Oh,you'll miss the deadline.Time is ______(run out). 解析 根据语境可知时间快要到了,此处要用现在进行时表示将来,run out 表示“用完;耗 尽”。 答案 running out Ⅱ.完形填空

体裁:说明文 话题:人文交际 时间:14 分钟 It takes just a quick glance for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time.The other person forms an opinion about you based on your __1__, your body language, your behavior, and how you are dressed.So, it's important to know how to __2__ a good first impression.This article provides some useful __3__ to help you do this. Be on Time.Someone you are meeting for the first time is not interested in your “good __4__ ” for running late.Plan to arrive a few minutes __5__.And allow flexibility for possible __6__ in traffic. A __7__ Smile! “You smile and the world smiles too.” A warm and confident smile will put both you and the other person at ease.So smiling is a winner when it comes to great first impressions.But don't go too far with this—people who take this too far can seem __8__. Be Open and __9__.Use your body language to express appropriate confidence and self- assurance.Stand tall,smile,make eye contact,__10__ with a firm handshake.Almost everyone gets a little nervous when meeting someone for the first time,which can __11__ to nervous habits or sweaty palms.By being aware of your nervous habits,you can try to keep them in check.And.__12__ a nervous tension or a nervous laugh will give you confidence and help the other person feel at ease. Be __13__.Your attitude shows through in everything you do.Project a positive attitude,even in the face of __14__ or in the case of nervousness.Strive to learn from your meeting and to talk __15__. 【语篇导读】 本文主要介绍如何给别人留下好的第一印象。

1.A.achievement B.clothes C.songs D.appearance

解析 因 appearance“外表”能与下文的逻辑关系一致, 而 clothes 与下文的 how you are dressed 重复了。 答案 D 2.A.use B.have C.form D.create 解析 呼应了下句的“提示”。 答案 D 3.A.tips B.sentences C.stories D.pictures 解析 下文的几段分别说了留下好印象的几种方法。 答案 A 4.A.excuse B.mistake C.fall D.shortcoming 解析 呼应说明了下文了“迟到”的借口。 答案 A 5.A.late B.ahead C.early D.more 解析 与建议的内容一致。 答案 C 6.A.accidents B.jam C.disasters D.delays 解析 在交通中会有耽搁,但有耽搁不一定就是“事故”、“堵车”甚至“灾难”,这些都太绝对 了,所以 delay 是最能概括出现的各种情况。 答案 D 7.A.winning B.big C.sweat D.miserable 解析 与下文“smiling is a winner”相呼应。 答案 A 8.A.loyal B.faithful C.grateful D.insincere 解析 因前句说 But don't go too far,是个转折语气。 答案 D 9.A.happy B.confident C.kind D.helpful 解析 与下句 express appropriate confidence and self-assurance 一致。 答案 B 10.A.greet B.sing C.walk D.dance 解析 首次见面应是“紧紧握手打招呼”。 答案 A 11.A.go B.lead C.refer D.come 解析 因为 lead to“导致”,意思适合本句。 答案 B 12.A.feeling B.controlling C.growing D.making 解析 “控制”紧张能带来自信。 答案 B 13.A.nice B.negative C.positive D.pessimistic

解析 呼应下句的 project a positive attitude。 答案 C 14.A.satisfaction B.criticism C.success D.praise 解析 与下文 nervousness 的意思属同一范畴。 答案 B 15.A.accurately B.adequately C.appropriately D.aggressively 解析 词义辨别 appropriately“恰当地”。 答案 C Ⅲ.阅读理解

体裁:议论文 话题:观点阐述 时间:6 分钟

It is a debate that has been on since Titanic became one of the most successful films of all time: Did Rose leave Jack to die by not letting him up on the temporary lifeboat as they floated in the ocean? And now a U.S.television show has carried out a series of tests that show Leonardo DiCaprio's character could have survived the disaster had he lifted himself onto the raft from which Rose, played by Kate Winslet,was saved. The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters recreated the dangerous conditions after the Titanic sank in 1912 and, through hypothermia tests, discovered Jack would have survived the freezing conditions if he had climbed out. As fans of the 1997 popular movies will remember, Jack remains in the freezing water while Rose lies on top of a floating piece of the remains as he does not want to fall it down. In the dramatic climax(高潮)to the Oscar-winning movie,Jack dies from hypothermia while Rose is rescued.Titanic director James Cameron told Mythbusters he believed the wooden life raft would not have supported both Jack and Rose. But the team found that if Rose had taken off her lifejacket and put it under the raft it would have given them enough buoyancy(浮力)to keep both of them afloat. Cameron,however,had the last word telling the TV show that Jack had to die as that's what the script(剧本)called for. He said:?I think you guys are missing the point here.The script says Jack died.He has to die.So maybe we screwed up and the board should have been a little tiny bit smaller,but the dude's goin' down.' 【语篇导读】 大家都记得电影《泰坦尼克号》中杰克和罗斯最后告别时感人的一幕。但是 现在有人说,杰克不是冻死的,而是“笨死的”。到底是怎么回事呢?本文给出了答案。 1.According to the first two paragraphs,we can know ________. A.Titanic is the most successful film of all time in America B.Jack in Titanic played by Leonardo DiCaprio survived the disaster

C.from the show,if Jack had lifted himself on to the raft,he would not have died D.Rose was to blame for Jack's death 解析 考查细节辨析。A 表达不准确,B 项与电影情节不符,D 项文章无提示;C 项看文章 第二段的陈述,可知答案。 答案 C 2.The underlined part in the third paragraph probably means______. A.severe cold B.severe hot C.severe warm D.severe wet 解析 考查推断词义。根据下句提示的...the freezing conditions...可知答案。 答案 A 3.From the passage,which of the following is NOT true? A.The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters recreated the dangerous conditions at that time. B.Titanic,winner of the Oscar,was put on in 1997. C.According to the team,the raft was not big enough to support Rose and Jack in fact. D.Jack wouldn't lift himself on to the raft because he was too tired to climb onto it. 解析 考查细节辨析。由第四段尾句...he does not want to fall it down,可知 D 项不合原文。 答案 D 4.In Cameron's view,______. A.the wooden life raft could not have supported both and Jack and Rose B.the wooden life raft,as well as Jack's lifejacket might have saved both of them C.his team couldn't have done better about the blockbuster D.as directors they must completely follow the script without any changes 解析 考查态度 意图。根据 文章倒数第 三段尾句 Titanic director James Cameron told Mythbusters he believed the wooden life raft would not have supported both Jack and Rose,可知 A 项正确。 B 项不是詹姆斯· 卡梅隆的观点。 C 项由尾段第四句 the board should have been a little tiny bit smaller 可知,有可改进的地方。D 项貌似正确,但 must,completely 语气太强,可 排除。 答案 A 5.Which one of the following is the best title? A.Rose And Jack B.Could Jack Not Die C.James Cameron D.Titanic's Fault 答案 B Ⅳ.基础写作 (2014· 佛山高三教学质量检测)以下是佛山剪纸艺术的相关信息: 历史: (1)传统的民间艺术,历史悠久,起源于 1 000 多年前; (2)清朝时期开始盛行,是人们日常生活的一部分。 种类: (1)三种:用于装饰、宗教和设计; (2)用于装饰的剪纸使用最为广泛。 现状: (1)送礼佳品,深受外国友人喜爱; (2)有 30 多家经营剪纸的商店,产品远销东南亚。 【写作内容】


请根据以上信息写一篇英语短文,介绍佛山剪纸艺术,供外国游客参考,内容包括: 佛山剪纸艺术的历史、种类及现状。 【写作要求】 1.只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容; 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 【参考范文】 Foshan paper-cutting is a traditional folk art with a long history,which dates back to more than 1,000 years ago.In the Qing Dynasty,paper-cutting be-came popular in Foshan and was an important part of people's daily life.There are three kinds of paper cuts:paper cuts for decoration,for religious purposes and for design,among which those for decoration are the most widely used. Nowadays,paper-cutting products are often chosen as presents and foreigners are always fond of them.There are more than 30 shops for paper cuts in Foshan,and paper-cutting products sell as far as in Southeast Asia.


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