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必修三Uint 3 text (生)

年级 高一 学科 英语 序号 3-3-02 编制人: 范旭华 审核人:王霞 课题: Unit 3 Language points 课时:3rd 【学习目标】 1. To get the main idea of the text by skimming and understand the whole passage by sc

anning 2. To understand the important phrases and the sentences 3. To know about the story of the “The million pound bank note” 【重点难点】 To master the important sentences in the text. 【自主学习】 仔细阅读课文找出以下短语。 1.朝前走;往下说;可以 ________________ 2.偶然地 ________________ 3.解释;说明 ________________ 4.衣衫褴褛 ________________ 5.与此相反;正相反 _________________ 6.抚养;培养;教育 _________________ 7.说实话 _________________ 8.关心;在乎 ________________ 9.惹上麻烦 _________________ 10.关于;至于 ________________ 11.冒险 _________________ 12.盯着看 ________________ 13. 以…为基础 _________________ 14.以…为背景 _________________ 15.打赌 __________________ 16.带路 __________________ 【探究合作】 Warming up & pre-reading 1. This unit is a play based on a short story by Mark twain. base…on…; /be based on..; /on the basis of… 以…为基础,根据 1) The novel _______________ his own experiences. 2) ______ on his own experiences, his novel attracts many young people. A. Being based B. Basing C. Based D. To base 2. bring up 培养,培育;呕吐;提出 1) He was brought up by his uncle. _________ 2) A question was brought up at the meeting. ____________ 3) He brought up most of what he had taken. ____________ 3.1)____________________________ 因为……而出名 2)___________________ 作为… 而出名 3)_____________ 为…所知道 4. be set in 以…为背景 1) The novel _____________ Paris in the 18th century. 那本小说以十八世纪的巴黎为背景。 2) The play is set in the early days of World War Two.________________________________________。 5._______________________一大笔钱 Reading 1.make a bet with sb on sth 与人打赌 accept / take up a bet 同意打赌 win / lose a bet 赌赢/ 赌输 I bet = I’m certain / sure 我肯定,我敢说 1)___________(我肯定)Tom will win. 2) We made a 5- dollar bet____ who would win. 3) We made a 5- dollar bet________ Tom would win. 2. Who? Me,_sir? (P17) 先生,你叫谁呀?是叫我吗?

一般地说,人称代词作主语用其主格;但在口语中,现代语言学家认为:在无动词的句子里,往往 用代词的宾格形式。 — Would you lend me your hand? 你能给我帮下忙吗? — Me? Of course. I can. 我吗? 当然可以。 2._____________引路,带路 3. I wonder, Mr. Adams, If you __________________a few questions. 亚当斯先生,不知你是否介意我们问几个问题。 1) Do you mind (me/ my )_________(ask)a question? 2) Would you mind (me/my) _______(ask) a question? 3) Do you mind if I ______(ask) a question? 4) Would you mind if I ______(ask) a question? 4. go ahead 前进,执行,进行,举行(用于祈使句)可以;往下说;说吧;干吧 go ahead with 开始做某事 ahead of 在?? 之前;超过 (写出下列句中 go ahead 的意思) : 1)If you think you can settle the problem, go ahead. ____________ 2)The police examined the cars and allowed them to go ahead. ____________ 3)—I'm afraid I have to trouble you with a question. —Go ahead.________ 4)The government intends to go ahead with its privatization plans. ____________ 5) Despite the bad weather, the journey will go ahead. __________ 6) The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. _______ 7) 1)You go ahead;we’ll catch up with you later. ______ 5. 1)___________________ 偶然;无意地;不小心 2)____________________ 故意地 6. Well,towards nightfall I ______________________to the sea by a strong wind. 嗯,夜晚来临的时候,我发现自己被一阵强风刮进了海里。 find 后接复合宾语,carried out 在句中为过去分词作宾语补足语,表示被动。find oneself...此处意思 是“发现自己(不知不觉地来到某处);(不知不觉地)发现自己处于(某种情况中)” 。 “find oneself+宾 补”指(不知不觉地)发现自己处于某种境况中,多表示意料之外的情况,可用形容词、介词短语、现 在分词及过去分词作宾补。 1) He found himself ___________(surround) by children. 2) He found himself _______(lie ) on the ground. 3) Peter,who was usually shy,found himself____________ (talk)the girls. 4) After wandering around,we found ourselves __________(回到)at the hotel. 7. give sb up for lost / dead 认为某人已经丢失/ 死掉 1) They_________________. (认为他丢失了) 。 2) The doctor ___________________(认为他死了) 。 8. The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. __________________________________________________________________。 had just done...when... 刚做完某事,这时?? were/was doing...when... 正在做??这时?? were/was about to do...when... 正要做??这时?? were/was about/going to do…when… 正要做??这时?? were/was on the point of doing...when... 正要做??这时?? 其中 when 引导的从句要用一般过去时 1) I _________________to bed when the telephone rang.我刚上床睡觉,这时电话响了。 2) He was reading newspapers _______he heard his name called.他正在读报, 这时听到有人叫他的名字。 3) I was about to go out when an unexpected visitor_________.我正要出门,一位不速之客来访了。

4) I had finished my homework and ______ watch the Olympics when the power was cut off. A.was going to B.was about to C.was to D.would 8._____________说实话 to be honest=honestly speaking 在句子中作独立成分,常见的这一类插入语有: to tell(you)the truth 说实话 to make matters worse 更糟糕的是 believe it or not 信不信由你 9. on the contrary (adv.) 正相反,反之(表示相反意见) (状语) contrary to... (prep.) 与?相反;违反,对抗 1) You didn't bother me._________________,I like your company. 2) My opinion is ______________yours. 3) —Aren't you tired of practicing playing the piano day after day? —________,I enjoy every minute of it. A.On the other hand B.On the contrary C.Now and then D.For one thing 10. on one’s way to (doing) sth. 准备离开,准备走了 He is on the way to___________________. 他逐渐痊愈 11. care about / for 担心,关心 care for 喜欢,照顾 1) He doesn’t care much_______ clothes. 2) The injured were cared______ in the hospital. 12.1) _________________________________1.5 小时 2) in half / into halves ____________ 13._______. 这边走。 Using language 1. at a table__________ at table ________ 2. Yes, that's_right. 是的,没错。 That's right 对上述意见的赞同, 表示“没错、 你说得对、 对”的意思。 可以用 You are right 或 Right 代 替。That's all right 是对道歉的应答,表示“没关系”的意思。All right 是对别人请求做某事的同意,表 示“行、可以”的意思。 1)— No road is long with company. —_____________. (对) 2)— James, I am sorry I used your computer when you were away this morning. —____________. 3)— Can you go out for a walk with us after supper? —___________. (行,好吧) 3. …it______________ that Americans like to eat a lot. ……众所周知美国人就喜欢大吃大喝。 这是 It is + v.ed + that…所构成的主语从句句式。it 是形式主语,that clause 是真正的主语。 由于主语从句太长,为了避免头重脚轻现象而采取的修辞手段。that 不可省略,也不是固定不变的, 它要依据从句中缺少的句子成分加以变化。 1)It ____________he is the top student in our class. 众所周知他是我们班出类拔萃的学生。 2)It______________ he is murmuring. 没人知道他嘟哝着什么。 3)It's ___________that the meeting (should) be put off on account of the heavy rain. 有人建议由于这场大雨而推迟会议。 4. take a chance=take chance s=take one’s chance 冒险;试图做某事;碰运气 by chance/accident 偶然;碰巧 (The) Chances are/ Chance is (that)… 可能?? 1) You should never ____________when driving a car. 2) We hadn’t planned to meet. We met___________. 3) _________________________________she’s already heard the news. 5.____________________(以粗鲁的态度). 6.___________ 衣衫褴褛 7. for the first time 第一次 Last year we met _________________..(第一次)

8. I have a pen _________me. 9. Indeed,sir,I hope you'll come here whenever you like.真的,先生,我希望您想来的时候就来。 whenever conj.“在任何时候,无论何时” ,引导让步状语从句。 whoever,whomever,whichever,whatever,however,whenever,wherever 这些“疑问词+ever” 可以引导让步状语从句。其中 whoever,whichever,whatever 也可以引导名词性从句。 1)whenever“在任何时候;无论何时” Tom will come and see me _________he comes to our company.每逢汤姆来我们公司,他都会来看我。 2)whoever“无论谁??;不管谁??” ①引导状语从句 I won't believe it_________ told you that. 不论谁告诉你的,我都不相信。 ②引导名词性从句 I'll take __________wants to go there. 谁去我就带他去。 3)whatever“所??的任何事情;无论什么;不管什么” ①引导名词性从句,相当于 anything that,意思是“所??的任何事情” ,在语气上比 what 更加强调。 Take ___________you want. 你想要什么就拿什么吧。 ②引导让步状语从句,相当于 no matter what,意思是“无论什么” , ___________happens,you mustn't lose heart. 无论发生什么事情,你都不要丧失信心。(作主语) __________you do,do it well. 无论你做什么事情都要把它做好。(作宾语) 4)(2008·辽宁)______ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread. A.Whatever B.Whenever C.Wherever D.However 5)______team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships. A.No matter what B.No matter which C.Whatever D.Whichever 10. as for 与 as to 都是介词短语,都是“至于,关于;就??而言,就??来说”之意。 1) __________(至于) the cause of the fire, I don't know anything. 2)___________(至于你) ,I never want to see you in my home again. 11.用 for / of 填空 1) It’s nice / kind / wise / clever / stupid of you to do so. 2) It’s hard / easy _____us to learn English. 3) It’s wrong / right _______you to do so. 【当堂检测】 用括号中所给词或短语的适当形式完成下列句子。 make a bet; go ahead; by accident; stare at; account for; on the contrary 1. Don’t _________ me like that. It’s not my fault anyway. 2. He could not __________ his absence from school. 3. He __________ that he would win the game. 4. It doesn’t seem ugly to me; ______________, I think it’s rather beautiful. 5. I don’t know whether he did it __________ or by design. 6. If you want to take a shower, just ________ and take one.


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