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M4 U1 Reading 1

Unit 1 句型公式


晨背佳句·日积月累 1.The+形容词/副词比较级...,the+形容词/副词比 较级... The more others suspect us, more we will suspect the them. =Others suspect us the more,the more we will suspect them. 别人怀疑我们越多,我们怀疑他们也越多。

? The more he gets, the more he wants.

? The higher the ground is, the thinner air becomes. ? The more English you practise, the better your English is.
? The less he worried, the better he worked.

1. As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, ________ . A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life

2. It’s believed that __ you work, __ result you’ll get. A. the harder; the better B. the more hard; the more better C. the harder; a better D. more hard; more better

2.主句+due to/because of/owning to/on account of+the fact+that 从句 He did not come to school because of the fact that he was ill. =He did not come to school because he was ill. 他因病没有到校。

1. He kicked the ball into his own goal. It was ____ his stupidity ____ we won the game. A. thanks to, that B. due to, that C. owing to, which D. on account of, which

2. I am not sure whether we can give the right advice _____emergency. A. on account of B. in case of C. at the risk of D. in spite of

3.The reason+why从句+is/was that... The reason why he was late for school was that he was caught in the storm.

1.The reason why he was late was ___ he had a bad accident on the way to school. A for B because C that D since
The reason for which he was late was that he had a bad accident on the way to school.

Ⅰ.词汇与派生 A 联想记忆法 1.persuade vt.说服,劝说;使信服→persuade sb. doing/to do...说服某人做……

Unit 1


2.cheat vt. & vi.欺骗;作弊;n.骗子;欺诈行为→cheat sb.

at 对……熟练 4.fool vt.欺骗,愚弄;n.傻瓜→fool sb. into doing...欺骗
3.skilful adj.熟练的;有技巧的→be skilled 某人做……

out of sth.骗走某人某物;阻止某人得到某物

Unit 1

5.cure vt.治愈;解决;n.药物,疗法;对策→cure sb. 治好(消除)某人……

of ...

6.comment n.评论,评价;vi.评论,议论→comment 对……评论


7.trick n.骗局;玩笑,恶作剧;戏法,把戏;诀窍;vt. 欺骗,欺诈→trick sb. →


doing ...欺骗某人做……

8.benefit vt. & vi.使受益;得益于;n.益处;救济金;奖金

to one’s benefit 对某人有益的→benefit from


9. bargain vi.讨价还价; n.便宜货; 协议→bargain about sth.就……和某人讨价还价

with sb.

10.appeal vi.有吸引力;呼吁,恳请;n.吸引力;呼吁,恳 求→appeal





11.urge vt.敦促,力劝;竭力主张;n.强烈的欲望→ adj.紧急的→urge sb. 决定……


to do ...敦促某人做……

12. determine v. 决定; 查明, 确定; 裁决→determine


B 构词记忆法

advertisement 1. advertising n. 做广告; 广告活动; 广告业→

intelligentadj.聪 2.intelligence n.智力,才智;情报→

consultant 3.consult vt.咨询;请教→ n.顾问 designv.设计 4.designer n.设计者,设计师→

5.amazed adj.大为惊奇→ adj.令人惊喜的


6.react vi.做出反应,回应→ reaction n.反应 adj.个人的;私密的→ personn.人

personal 7. personally adv.个别地; 本人, 亲自; 就本人而言→
8. shock vt.使震惊, 使惊愕; n.震惊, 惊愕→shocking adj. 令人震惊的→

shocked adj.感到震惊的

学情自测 A.用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1. People were shocked(shock) by the sex scenes in the film. 2.My ownpersonal(person) view is that boxing should be

appealing(appeal) old3.Max had an fashioned charm.
4. mother’s initialreaction My (react) was quite unexpected. 5.He has overcome his difficulties with courage and


determination (determine).


to 旨在,目的是 mean to do ...打算做…… mean doing ...意味着…… 2.fall for 上……的当,受……的骗 fall behind 落后 3.figure out 弄清楚,弄懂;计算出 keep one’s figure 保持苗条身材 4.appeal to 吸引;呼吁 make an appeal 呼吁 5.get sth. across 把……表达清楚
1.be meant

6.share withsb. 和某人分享 7.be tired of 厌倦 be tiredwith/from 因……而累了 8.be for sale 在出售;廉价出售

on sale 出售 9.be popularwith 受……欢迎 10. have ...in mind 记住 keep/bear sth. in mind 记住

选词填空 appeal to, figure out, get across, for, fall keep...in mind 1. Keep that decision. 2.I’m surprised you fell for that trick. 3.What messages are you trying to consumers? 4.We had to figure out the connection between the two events. 5.She appealed to her former husband to return their baby son.

in mind when you come to make your

get acrossto

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