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选修八unit2 cloning

Step1. Revision
Review some important new words and phrases in the

exact 准确的)copy of another animal or plant. 1)It is a way of making an _______(
2)It is a

difficult task to ___________( undertake 从事).

paid off 取得好结果). 3)The determination and patience of the scientists_________(
4)Dolly’s appearance had a great i_______ impact on the public imagination. 5)Some began to reform their legal systems and forbade f________ research into human cloning. 6)You _______( owe 欠) the lady an apology.


Step 2. Leading in Do you enjoy watching TV series ?


Monkey King

Monkey King


discussion What is cloning?
It is a way of making an exact copy of another animal or plant.

There are 2 types of cloning. What are they?

Natural clone Man-made clone

Look at these pictures and tell which ones are natural and which

ones are man-made clones.

一株草莓依靠它沿地“爬走”的匍匐茎, 一年内就能长出数百株草莓苗



step3. Reading
Match the main idea of each part.
Para 1. Para 2.

Cloning became controversial.
The definition of cloning Problems of Dolly. Two major uses of cloning.

Para 3.
Para 4-5.

II.Careful reading
Para 1 Which statement is NOT true ?
A. Cloning means making a copy of an animal or a plant. B. Twins that look exactly the same are originally from

the same egg.
C. Clone can be from both natural clone and man-made clone . D. Natural clones happen in animals as well as in plants.

Para 2

What are the advantages of cloning?
Medical cloning could______ cure illnesses. Cloning can produce___________quantities commercial of plants. Cloning plants can be valuable for research on ________________ new plant species .

Para 3

What are the problems of Dolly?
Dolly seened to develop ________at normally first.
Then Dolly become ________ill. seriously appropriate a Dolly’s illnesses were mor ___________to much older animal. Dolly lived _______ shorter than the original sheep.

Para 4-5

True or false:
1.Cloning has been used to cure serious illnesses. 2.People feared that Cloned Hitlers would do harm to the world. 3.All the research into human beings will be forbidden. 4.Some countries will use cloning in a wise way.

1.The word “straightforward”(P2) means ____. A. uncomplicated B. honest C. frank D. difficult 2.Find out the sentence which has the same meaning as the following one in the passage. In an unfortunate way , the mice and Dolly sheep had no choice but to die young. No one imagined that this would happen and so no one could prevent it. Sadly the same arbitrary fate affected other species, such as cloned mice. 3.Translate the following sentence into Chinese. Newpapers wrote of evil leaders hoping to clone themselves to attain their ambitions. 报纸报道说,有些邪恶头目希望克隆自己以现他们的野心。 4.What’s the writer’s attitude towards cloning? A. Positive B. Negative C.not clear

Step 4. Listening
Listen to the tape and complete the following sentences. 1.The fact is ____ that these are both examples of natural clones. 2.But at last the determination and patience of the paid off in 1996. scientists ________ 3.The fact ____ that she seemed to develop normally was very encouraging. 4.On the other hand, Dolly’s appearance raised a storm impact on the media and of objections and had a great ______ public imagination. forbade 5.Some began to reform their legal systems and _______ research into human cloning.

Step5: Quiz(当堂检测)
1.Words and expressions 1)自然克隆 natural clones 2)得到回报 paid off 3)自然发展 develop normally 4)产生巨大影响 had a great impact on 2.sentences 1)多莉羊的出现引起了一阵强烈的反对。 Dolly’s appearance raised a storm of objections 2)有些政府开始改革司法制度,禁止克隆人的研究。 Some began to reform their legal systems and forbade research into human cloning.

As we approach the 21st century, it is clearer than ever that science and technology are changing the way we live and work. The breakthroughs are helping to reveal the mysteries of life, holding out new hope for lifesaving cures to some of our most dreaded diseases. In 1997, the great news shocked the whole world that the British scientists created a lamb, named Dolly from a single cell. The cell had been taken from an adult sheep, which marks the first time an adult animal had been successfully cloned. But it soon caused worldwide concern. Cloning is especially controversial because it raises the prospect of "making" humans genetically identical to an existing man or woman. Some people claim attempting to use these cloning techniques to actually clone a human being, which is untested and unsafe and morally unacceptable. How to look upon this new technique? When it comes to a discovery like cloning, we must be cautious with our words and actions. First, great thanks should be given to its inventors. Meanwhile, great efforts should be made to place this technique under strict control. Especially we should adopt a document against human cloning since past experience tells us a new invention may cause troubles if it is misused. 1)The word “dreaded” in the first paragraph means________. A.popular B.worldwide C.fearful D.common 2)Find out the sentence which has the same meaning as the following one. When cloning is involved, we must pay attention to what we do and say. When it comes to a discovery like cloning, we must be cautious with our words and actions. 3)Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese. 细胞从一个成年羊身上提取,这标志着第一次成功地克隆了一只成年动物。

step6. Conclusion
What have you learned today?

Easy: Learn the new words and phrases by heart. Medium: Retell the passage. Hard: Have you ever seen the cartoon Big big wolf and pleant goat?

Look at the picture and write a short passage about your idea.

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