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徐州市 2015 高考英语单项选择一轮回顾练习(7)及答案

2015 高考英语(附解析答案)
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Was the proposal passed at yesterday's meeting? —Yes, but some members at the committee expressed________. A.associations C.corporations 解析 B.authority D.reservations

考查名词词义辨析。association 社团;联盟;authority 权力;权威;corporation

公司;法人;reservation(保留)意见;异议。 答案 D 2.At the class meeting, some top students introduced several________to the study of English. A.approaches C.methods 解析 B.means D.ways

考查名词与介词的搭配。approach to sth/doing sth 做某事的方法;by means of/by

this means/by that means 通过某种方式; with the method of...用……的方法; way to do.../of doing 做……的方式或方法。 答案 A 3.I can ______ the house being untidy,but I hate it if it’s not clean. A.come up with C.turn to B.put up with D.stick to

解析 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我可以忍受房间乱点儿,但我讨厌它不干净。A.提出, 想出;B.忍受;C.求助于,转向;D.坚持,忠于。由句意可知此处应填“忍受”,故答案 为 B 项。 答案 B 4.When the headmaster spoke out his plan,the_____of the students in the class_____against it. A.majority; were C.most; did B.most; were D.majority; did

解析 考查固定搭配和主谓一致。the majority of“大多数的”,修饰可数名词复数作主语 时,谓语动词用复数。故选 A。 答案 A 5.________,I can see that those terrible events shaped me into the person I am today. A.Having looked back B.Looking back C.Being looking back

D.To be looking back 解析 考查非谓语动词用法。look back 与句子的谓语动词 see 同时发生,故应用现在分 词的一般式作状语,表时间。looking back 相当于 when I look back。 答案 B 6.These children had no idea________they should go,so they had to stop to ask the way. A.how B.that C.what D.where

解析 考查名词性从句。where 引导同位语从句,可根据后面的 so they had to stop to ask the way 判断。 答案 D 7.A lot of countries have gained excellent achievements in space technology,China,________. A.such as C.namely B.for example D.and so on

解析 句意:许多国家在太空技术方面取得了杰出的成就,比如说,中国。such as 列举 同类中的几个例子;for example 可列举一例;namely 把内容全部列举出来;and so on 表示“等等”。 答案 B 8.Don’t be too______about things you are not supposed to know. A.strange C.curious B.amusing D.conscious

解析 be curious about“对……感到好奇”。strange“奇怪(特)的”;amusing“好笑的,有趣 的”;conscious“注意到的,意识到的”。句意:别对你不该知道的事情过于好奇。 答案 C 9.________in the queue for half an hour,the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. A.Waiting C.Having waited B.To wait D.To have waited

解析 考查非谓语动词的用法。 根据 the old man 与 wait 之间的关系, 应该选择ing 形式, 再根据句意可知“他”是在主句谓语动词“realized”前就“等了(wait)半个小时了”, 有明显的 先后关系,故要用ing 形式的完成式。 答案 C 10.Running a company is not________a matter of hiring people —they also need to be trained. A.simply B.partly C.seriously D.equally

解析 句意:经营一家公司不仅仅就是雇人的事情——他们还需要被培训。A 项 simply 表示“仅仅,只不过”,符合句意。

答案 A 11.At the meeting they discussed three different______to the study of mathematics. A.approaches C.methods B.means D.ways

解析 句意:在会议上,他们讨论了三种不同的学习数学的方法。approach 指从事某事 的特别方法、途径,译作“(待人接物或思考问题的)方式、方法、态度”。approach 与介 词 to 搭配,其余三个词与介词 of 搭配。 答案 A 12.—Do you know Anna's telephone number? —________.As a matter of fact,I don't know any Anna,either. A.I think so C.I hope so B.I'm afraid not D.I'd rather not

解析 根据下文“...,I don't know any Anna,either.”可判断出应该选 B,I'm afraid not 我 恐怕不知道。 答案 B 13.Students are warned of not being too________about things they are not supposed to know. A.strange 解析 B.curious C.conscious D.amusing

考查形容词词义辨析。句意:学生们被警告不要对不应知道的事追根问底。 be

curious about 对……好奇,符合句意。strange 陌生的;conscious 有知觉的,有意识的; amusing 有乐趣的,好笑的。均不合句意。 答案 B 14.As I______the house,I noticed a light on upstairs. A.entered into C.appealed B.attached D.approached

解析 句意:当我接近房子时,我注意到楼上亮着灯。enter 后不必加 into,而 attach 表 示粘上,appeal 表示吸引、呼吁,均不合题意。 答案 D 15.—He managed to________at the last moment. —You mean he has a narrow escape? A.turn away C.turn out B.turn up D.turn in

解析 考查短语辨析。句意:——他在最后一刻设法避开了。——你是说他九死一生? turn away 避开;解雇;不准……入内;走开;转过脸;turn up 出现;开大;出现;turn out 生产;结果是;turn in 交上;归还。

答案 A。

【厦门外国语学校高三英语月考】 单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 21. — Michael was late for Mr. Smith’s oral class this morning. — _________? As far as I know, he never came late to class. A. How come B. So what C. Why not D. Guess what

22. Do you think there can be any funds __________ to assist teachers who want to attend the conference? A. effective B. acceptable C. competent D. available

23. What is the __________ of having the newly-built road reconstructed? I just can’t understand. A. need B. matter C. sense D. opinion

24. — I just don’t know how to use the word “otherwise”. — Well, I guess it will be of help if you __________ the dictionary. A. look up B. check in C. refer to D. search for

25. Lily strongly believed that she would ___________ lawyer after she graduated from university. A. turn B. become C. grow D. make

26. Miss Li _______ as a secretary for five years in the company, and now she is general manager of it. A. serves B. served C. has served D. had served

27. — I wonder __________ great fun it would be if the play were acted out in Minnan dialect. — Yeap! I just can’t wait to watch the performance! A. how B. what C. however

D. whatever

28. We have faith that the project, if __________ according to plan, will definitely work out well. A. carrying out C. carried out B .being carried out D. to be carried out win the

29. The baseball team has been doing well this season, so they championship. A. should B. might C. would D. could

30. — The terrible accident is under investigation. — Actually, quicker action _________ those workers trapped in the mine. A. might have saved C. should have saved B. must have saved D. could have saved

31. It is ___________ the customers’ needs that has made chain stores so popular in big cities in China. A. meeting B. met C. to have met D. being met

32. After graduation I’d like to find a job _________ I can use what I have learnt at school. A. whose B. which C. where D. that

33. The 3G cell-phone must be of great use to ______ wants to get the information through the Internet quickly. A. who B. whoever C. no matter who D. whom

34. At the foot of the Alps where there is a lake named Schwansee __________. A. the New Swan Stone Castle stands B. stands the New Swan Stone Castle C. does the New Swan Stone Castle stand D. there the New Swan Stone Castle stands 35. The government has taken some measures to solve the shortage of electricity, but it may be some time _________ the situation improves. A. since B. when C. unless 26—30 BBCAD

D. before 31—35 ACBBD

【参考答案】21—25 ADCCA

【四川省树德协进中学】 单项填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1.—When did you last see your first teacher? —On ______Thursday last July, at ______celebration of her 30th year of teaching. A. a; the B. a; a C. \; the D. \; a

2. _____sustainable development, measures are being drafted to control rising prices. A. For the sake of B. In favor of C. In case of D. In memory of

3. The policeman arrested the suspect in a nearby city after _____was about ten days. A. that B. it C. what D. which

4. The first prize winner_______, John was so disappointed that he felt unwilling to know the rest results. A. announcing B. announced C. was announced D. had been announced

5. Mr. Smith returned from China last week, taking ______vase. A. a Chinese old interesting pottery C. an pottery old interesting Chinese B. an old interesting pottery Chinese D. an interesting old Chinese pottery

6. There are a few spelling mistakes; _______, it’s quite a good essay. A. even so B. above all C. if so D. all in all

7. —I didn’t do well in the exam yesterday. Of course I _________ for it. —Oh, your poor thing! But I think you should learn a lesson. A. hadn’t prepared B. haven’t prepared C. didn’t prepare D. wouldn’t prepare

8. —Where did you get such a beautiful skirt? —It was at the department store ________we used to shop. A. that B. there C. where D. which

9. __________after the race that he didn’t know what to say before so many reporters. A. So excited the champion was C. So excited the champion felt B. So excited was the champion D. So excited felt the champion

10. According to the companies' websites, the number of active QQ users in China has reached 1 billion, while Qihoo 360 also claims _______ at least 300 million users

before June 2010. A. to have B. to have had C. having D. having had

11. —How do you like the curtains? —Well, I’m afraid they don’t ______ very well with the wallpaper. A. go B. match C. suit D. fit

12. Indian authorities have decided to remove the dry coconuts from trees near the building to ensure Mr Obama will not become the _________ of falling coconuts. A. witness B. victim C. criminal D. consultant

13. But for your timely warning, we _______into great trouble. A. would get B. must have got C. would have got D. could have got

14.Talking about his success, the famous scientist said, “I’ve been lucky _________there are many people who have helped me”. A. except that B. now that C. so that D. in that

15. —Do you think he will come to my birthday party? —____________. —That’s good. Everybody’s expecting him. A. You can count on it C. You can believe him A. leaving…unlocked C. left…unlocking B. I don’t know for sure D. It depends B. to leave…locked D. leaving…locking

16. He was so careless that he left _____the door ____.

17. He worked hard before the college entrance examination, and it _______. His dream to go to college came true. A. showed off B. paid off C. put off D. took off

18. The country life he was accustomed to ________a lot since 1998. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. had changed

19. ----Alice,turn off the light and lock the door before you leave. ----- ____________. A. Got it B. Made it C. Heard it D. Taken it

20. The Internet is a wonderful discovery, ________of great significance to people’s

lives. A. as is I think C. as I think 【参考答案】 B. which I think it is D. which I think is


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